White Pride Christchurch Wide

Pot-bellied Mormon Kyle Chapman led some 100 or so neo-Nazis and White nationalist liquorice all-sorts (mostly boneheads) in a march in Christchurch on Saturday, March 24 as part of ‘White Pride World Wide Day’ celebrations. Much smaller groups assembled in Canada for the occasion tho’ nowhere else it seems. Stuff:

More than 100 Right-wing supremacists, bearing the message “White pride worldwide”, marched through Riccarton at the weekend.

Kyle Chapman, who fronts the group Right Wing Resistance, said it was the “most successful” Right-wing protest staged in New Zealand.

“It was very successful because of the amount of people we had, the sunshine and the lack of drama and disruption from Left-wing activists,” he said.

Most of the group were wearing matching black T-shirts, camouflage pants and black boots.

Some carried signs that read, “It’s alright to be white”, as they walked down Deans Ave on Saturday.

Chapman said the march attracted about 115 people.

For the past four years Right Wing Resistance has lead an opposition rally as close as possible to Racial Harmony Day, which was on March 21.

Chapman said the group publicly oppose the day because “it’s a load of crap”.

Riccarton seems like a neat place for a ‘White Pride’ march. Last September, 20-year-old bonehead Jared Levi Peck was sentenced to two years and four months jail for a series of racially-motivated assaults; for his part, 17-year-old co-offender Michael Holme got six months home detention, while on March 5, 2012 another man, 25-year-old David Alan Dooley, was found guilty of assault charges and is awaiting sentencing. And while the police/state hatesss the nasssty Tūhoe & Co, Chapman’s kameraden in the Survive Club are free to play wargames to their hearts’ content.


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