Right Wing Resistance, Ricky White, & slackbastard

A problem for the Australian antifa, and indeed for anti-fascist groups in Europe and the US, is that few people and organisations they oppose here have much to do with Nazism. ~ Chip Le Grand, Antifa Australia goes for the jugular, The Australian, December 9, 2017

On December 14, 2018, a judgement was delivered in the Supreme Court of NSW in the case of ‘State of New South Wales v White [2018] NSWSC 1943’. ‘White’ refers to Ricky White, who at one time was the 2IC of ‘Right Wing Resistance Australia’ (RWRAU), the Australian branch of a tiny neo-Nazi network established in Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2009 by veteran neo-Nazi activist Kyle Chapman.

The case, before The Honourable Justice Natalie Adams, was in response to an application to have White subject to a supervision order under the relevant sections of the Terrorism (High Risk Offenders) Act 2017 (NSW), and resulted in the following orders being issued by the court:

(1) Pursuant to ss 20, 25(1)(a) and 26(6) of the Terrorism (High Risk Offenders) Act 2017 (NSW), the defendant is to be supervised under an extended supervision order for a period of two years from the date of this order.

(2) Pursuant to s 29(1) of the Terrorism (High Risk Offenders) Act 2017 (NSW), the defendant is to comply with the conditions set out in the Schedule to this judgment for the duration of the extended supervision order.

(3) Access to the Court file in these proceedings is restricted such that access would only be permitted to a non-party with the leave of a Judge of this Court and with prior notice to the parties so as to allow them to be heard in respect of the application for access.

In addition to legal argument, the judgement contains reference to White’s background, activities as a member of RWRAU, and a brief account of the groupuscule’s origins, history and activities, furnished to the court by academic Professor Paul Spoonley, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University of New Zealand.

As noted above, access to Spoonley’s report is restricted.

I haven’t paid all that much attention to RWRAU, but did take note of White being charged with the arson of a church in September 2016 (of which he was later found guilty); the court d0x also reveal him to have had a previous conviction for ‘phone calls to the Sydney Jewish Museum in 2014 which involved anti-Semitic threats of extreme violence and sexual assault’. As a result, ‘he was arrested and charged on 4 April 2014 and was ultimately convicted of three counts of using a carriage service to menace/harass/offend and one count of using a carriage service to threaten serious harm. He was fined and placed under a 12 month recognizance.’

As for RWRAU, Justice Adams writes:

42 I have had regard to the report by Professor Paul Spoonley, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University of New Zealand. Professor Spoonley has expertise in race relations, right wing extremism, skinhead political movements, anti-Semitism and so forth. He provided the following information in relation to RWR.

43 Sometime in about 2008 or 2009, RWR emerged in New Zealand, bringing together various skinhead activities and white supremacist activists. It was created and named by activist Kyle Champan. In addition to aggressive opposition to cultural diversity and multiculturalism, advocacy for white pride and racial purity and the use of neo-Nazi imagery, Mr Chapman endeavoured to involve RWR in political events and campaigns (such as disrupting political meetings), to make the group visible (such as vigilante patrols in Christchurch) and to promote it through the use of social media. RWR was also made very recognisable due to the adoption of a black uniform, insignia on the lapels and black foraging caps reminiscent of Nazi German uniforms.

44 RWR was heavily reliant on the direction and initiative provided by Mr Chapman. He had actively engaged with the media, including social media. When Mr Chapman left, the visibility and degree of organisation meant that the activity of RWR has faded somewhat in the last few years. However, there are several individuals who keep elements of RWR alive in social media. One of those persons was the defendant who used the online pseudonym “slackbastard”.

45 RWR remained active both online and in relation to various activities through to 2016-17. During this year there were reports of violence involving RWR members in Brighton, Christchurch during a RWR annual “flag day” after the group had marched through the CBD and attended the Bridge of Remembrance in black clothing and boots, flying a Union Jack, the Cross of St George and a “white power” flag. [See : Man stabbed at Right Wing Resistance party in Christchurch, Sam Sherwood, stuff.co.nz, October 24, 2016.]

46 The Australian RWR was said to have much of the same ideology and politics as its New Zealand counterpart. Slogans used on websites hosted by the Australian RWR included “Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. White Countries for Everbody” and “anti-racism is a code word for anti-white”. One blog stated “Race: No Muslims, Blacks, Asians, Jews” and depicted neo-Nazi images.

47 I have had regard to this material and the material set out below. I am satisfied that the offender burnt down the church in Taree with the intention of advancing a political religious or ideological cause and intending the intimidation of the public or a section of it.

In which context, a few further remarks are in order.

The founder of RWR, Kyle Chapman, has a long and distinguished history of playing Nazi dress-ups, including with the New Zealand Hammerskins and New Zealand National Front, as well as the National(ist) Alliance, Survive Club, and a number of other crank projects. In fact, the first occasion upon which Chapman’s name appears on the blog is way back in June 2006, when he was touting the virtues of something called the ‘Phantom Recon Militia’.

Chapman’s dream of creating a neo-Nazi militia — complete with uniforms, ranks, and oaths of loyalty — eventually found its culmination in RWR (est. February 2009), and its associated project of establishing a compound or ‘Land Base’. One of RWR’s first public actions was a vigilante patrol in Christchurch; in 2011 in Wellington they held a flag parade; for ‘White Pride World Wide Day’ in 2013 RWR was joined by Australia First Party fuehrer Dr Jim Saleam. Otherwise, RWR carried on with the all the usual activities associated with being a very smol nazi groupuscule.

Like White, Chapman is also apparently responsible for setting fires: ‘In his younger days in Invercargill he admitted to a series of arsons between 1987 and 1992, including fire-bombing a marae.’

Fast-forward to early 2009, and on Stormfront Chapman announced the creation of ‘Right Wing Resistance’, and in October 2009 commenced publishing a blog of that name (now deleted). In 2013, on his personal blog, Chapman claimed that RWR was going very well.

In February 2015, Chapman, again on Stormfront, claimed that RWR was able and willing to provide ‘training’ for White supremacist recruits in order to travel to South Africa and, presumably, join the fight for a White South Africa. Perhaps not surprisingly, it appears as though this particular mission was not a great success. In any case, in 2015–2016 Chapman gradually stepped back from the group, publicly announced his resignation in September 2016, and another man — an elderly scrapworker called Vaughan Tocker — became the group’s leader and public face.

So far, so typical.

Of course, Chapman had wild ambitions. Thus, RWR was not only going to operate in Aotearoa/New Zealand, but become The World’s Leading White Supremacist Organisation.

Let’s see how that’s fared, shall we?

RWR Leaves Home

In 2012, a handful of neo-Nazis in Scotland joined RWR, following which franchises were established (or were claimed to have been established) in Australia, Canada, Sweden, the United States of America, and numerous other countries. Mostly, this consisted of outreach over teh intarwebs, the purchase of RWR merch, and posing for pictures while wearing said merch. Beyond that, RWR hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory.


Along with Sweden, RWR made very partial inroads into the neo-Nazi movement in Finland. Among those who reportedly joined the group was Mika Ranta, the founder of the racist street-gang the ‘Soldiers of Odin’ (SOO). The Melbourne franchise of SOO was kindly compared by The Age to the ‘Guardian Angels’ (New York). One of its members, Garry Mattsson, became one of the so-called ‘Milo Five’ (along with Neil Erikson, Garry Hume, Ricky Turner and Richard Whelan), and was later convicted of offences arising from the fussing and fighting outside of Melbourne Pavilion during the Melbourne leg of Milo Yiannopoulos‘s tour Down Under in December 2017. (Ranta himself has criminal convictions for racist violence.)


In March 2016, another bonehead, Gary Crane, was reported as being ‘the UK leader of the ultra-hardline worldwide Right Wing Resistance (RWR) movement’. Like other right-wing predators, Crane was especially-committed to recruiting vulnerable yoof, a project given the tabloid treatment in ‘Unmasked: Neo-Nazi racist brainwashing young Scots in bid to lure them into his sick gang of hate’ (Liam Turbett, The Daily Record, March 29, 2016). Included in the article are references to Peter Kramer (RWR Sweden) and diminutive nazi Shane Calvert (‘Diddyman’). According to Turbett, ‘Kramer is a senior member of the Swedish branch of the RWR. He has travelled to New Zealand to meet founding members of the organisation and travels Europe to attend demos dressed as an SS-style Nazi.’

A year later, in March 2017, Crane was sentenced to eight months in prison for his role in ‘violent disorder at last year’s ill-fated National Front demonstration in Dover … The jailing is a mortal blow to the Right Wing Resistance (RWR), a major international revolutionary National Socialist force. Or yet another tinpot gang of fascist uniform fetishists. You decide.’


As noted previously on the blog, RWR attracted a tiny following in Sweden. In February 2013, a 44yo member of the group was charged with displaying his SS tattoos at a National Democrats’ demonstration in Gothenburg in 2012. (The neo-Nazi had previous criminal convictions for bad behaviour.)


In February 2017, the ADL reported that a bonehead by the name of Benjamin McDowell got arrest:

On February 15, FBI agents arrested Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, 29, of Conway, South Carolina, alleging he purchased a gun from an undercover agent from the FBI posing as someone connected with a faction of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations. McDowell, a convicted felon not allowed to own guns, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm.


McDowell was previously associated with the Right-Wing Resistance, a racist skinhead crew which originated in New Zealand and spread to the United States in early 2015. In fact, in October 2015, one member welcomed him to the crew as the new Unit Leader for South Carolina. Right-Wing Resistance had also been part of the Black and Silver Solutions umbrella group.

Northern Ireland/The Six Counties & Wales

In NI, a single reference to RWR is made in a BBC summary of NI newspaper headlines in December 2017: ‘The [Ulster Gazette] also has a report on a Coalisland man jailed for four months for leaving an anti-Islamic leaflet in Armagh library. A court was told the name Right Wing Resistance was printed at the bottom of the leaflet.’

In Wales, Christopher Phillips gets a guernsey courtesy of Hope Not Hate in ‘Nazi Chris loves his guns and stuff’ (August 11, 2017), which includes a photo of Phillips posing with a gun.

The pic of Phillips posing in his living room with what looks like slightly more than just an air rifle is also interesting; Phillips claims it is for “hunting nigglets”.

In fact, Mr Phillips has an entire account on the Russian version of Facebook that is littered with pics of him with guns, making threats against black people, his wife with guns and even the pair of them out Nazi saluting, because despite being a gun-toting Nazi fanatic, he is just an old romantic at heart.

See also : Business owner’s disgust as sick stickers and posters plastered around Armagh (‘Councillor asked to bring ‘hate crime’ to attention of PSNI’), armaghi.com, June 21, 2017.

It’s almost as if there’s some kind of pattern developing here, isn’t there?


As noted, RWRAU set-up shop in Australia within a few years of its emergence in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Seemingly since its beginning, its chief propagandist has been a bonehead from Newcastle called ‘Sammy Binz’ (‘Sammy Chelsea’). Sammy has been quite prolific on teh webs, with a blog on wixsite, YouTube channel, Pinterest and VK account, and so on.

Above : Deputy Mayor of Casey Council Rosalie Crestani with Sammy Chelsea, fuehrer of RWRAU, at Reclaim Australia rally, Sydney, January 2017.

Most of RWRAU’s activity in Australia has consisted of distributing hate propaganda. But members of the group have attended and flown the flag at a small number of public protests, including ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies in Brisbane in 2015 and Sydney in 2017, and the ‘True Blue Crew’ rally in Melbourne later that year. Among those to have expressed support for the group is alleged terrorist Phillip Galea and another local bonehead, Aaron De Keulenaer.

Oh, and in 2016, in a video since deleted from her YouTube channel, Sammy paid a visit to the Clayton campus of Monash University.

OK, here we are, in Monash University. This is where, a girl with … [?], a Right Wing Resistance t-shirt, [with] ‘Auschwitz’ on her arm — uh-huh, a-ha … [?] gotta be careful. Monash University is home to slackbastard, who’s caused us white national-socialists quite a lot of grief over time. It’s also a hotbed of left-wing communists, and social-anarchists. And we are not gonna back down to this scum. And we are gonna have a little bit of fun, aren’t we? So, I’ve already started [puts RWR posters up] … So I better get moving, and get out of here before someone arrests me. The Nazi has entered the building! [puts RWR posters up] … This is bullshit what they teach the kids here. Like really. What is this. This is crap … [puts RWR posters up] Oh, looks like show’s over, Monash security is on its way. Look at that over there … We’ll risk one more, hey, and then we’ll get the Hell on out of here … That is how you piss off a whole University full of left-wing communist Marxist scum.

This one’s for you slackbastard.

Cheers Sammy.

Ethan Tilling

Above : Tilling (on far right) with chums from RWRAU.

Given the nature of the court proceedings, however, it’s somewhat surprising that the judgement seemingly contains no reference to the most widely-publicised media account involving RWRAU: the expedition to Ukraine of Ethan Tilling.

When Australian former Neo-Nazi and registered gun owner Ethan Tilling flew into Brisbane [in 2018], he was returning under the radar of Australian authorities with newfound combat experience from a brutal and forgotten war.

Mr Tilling, who was until recently a member of the Nazi group Right Wing Resistance, had spent the Australian spring in the bitter cold of Eastern Ukraine firing Kalashnikovs, rocket launchers and grenades at Russian-backed separatists …

See : From Neo-Nazi to militant: The foreign fighters in Ukraine who Australia’s laws won’t stop, Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Suzanne Dredge, and Michael Workman, ABC Investigations, May 7, 2018.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to take particular note of paragraph 44 of the judgement, viz:

RWR was heavily reliant on the direction and initiative provided by Mr Chapman. He had actively engaged with the media, including social media. When Mr Chapman left, the visibility and degree of organisation meant that the activity of RWR has faded somewhat in the last few years. However, there are several individuals who keep elements of RWR alive in social media. One of those persons was the defendant who used the online pseudonym “slackbastard”.

This would appear to claim (I cannot think of any other reasonable interpretation) that, as far as The Honourable Justice Natalie Adams is concerned, I am in fact Ricky White.

Bizarre, no?

See also : Deranged but Dangerous- Right Wing extremists in Aotearoa and the dangers they pose., leftwin, December 6, 2015 | The Ice Bloc blog has lots of interesting and useful disco on far-right politics in Aotearoa/New Zealand, as does the socialist organisation Fightback.

antifa notes (march 2, 2015) : Reclaim Australia (etc.)

To celebrate my return to Facebook I thought I may as well post some further notes on the Reclaim Australia rally along with a handful of other bits + pieces.

Reclaim Australia



Thus far, there are counter-rallies and actions being organised to oppose ‘Reclaim Australia’ (RA) in Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney. Some heart may be taken from the action in Newcastle, England on the weekend, which witnessed a large number of Novocastrians unite to express condemnation of the first PEGIDA rally to be held on English soil. (See : Britain’s first PEGIDA anti-Islamisation demonstration dwarfed by 2,000 counter-protesters in Newcastle, ABC, March 1, 2015.) Among those joining PEGIDA were the National Front, Golden Dawn and assorted other radical right-wing elements. Similar groups will be joining the RA rallies in Australia.


In Perth, the RA rally is scheduled to take place at Solidarity Park, a traditional rallying point for unions. Unions WA have been contacted to ascertain their views on the subject of anti-Muslim prejudice, racism and xenophobia. More news on this as it comes to hand.



As noted previously, RA propagandist Shermon Burgess has some interesting friends, among them a neo-Nazi groupuscule called ‘Nationalist Republican Guard’ (NRG — several members in photo above). Burgess gives NRG props for their assistance in the production of a number of YouTube vids promoting the RA; for their part, NRG acknowledges the inspiration and political leadership of one Adolf Hitler. Hurr hurr.


Australia First Party



As well as participating in RA, AFP held an anti-Muslim meeting in Penrith on February 28. Originally booked at a CWA building, the booking was cancelled after the nature of the event became clear to the Association: Australia First Party 0 /// Country Women’s Association NSW 1. The party attracts a range of oddball supporters, ranging from frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Semites to old skool labourists. The Stormfront poster and AFP supporter above extols the virtues of US neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer’s online campaign of harassment ‘Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch’ (directed at UK MP Luciana Berger) and ‘Operation: Filthy Chink Rat’ (directed at Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane). The site’s campaign against Australian Muslim Mariam Veiszadeh brought it a good deal moar attention (as intended) but also very many expressions of support for Veiszadeh via the Twitter hashtag #IStandWithMariam (see : I will not be silenced: Australian Muslim fights Twitter ‘troll army’, Hilary Whiteman, CNN, February 28, 2015).


AFP is fielding a handful of candidates in the NSW state election (March 28): Alex Norwick in Wyong, Tania Rollinson in Hawkesbury and Victor Waterson (below, far right) in Penrith. Perhaps the main point of interest will be in Penrith, where the party is attempting to ride the recent wave of local anti-Muslim agitation.


Squadron 88



Sydney-based neo-Nazis Squadron 88 (S88) have been stuffing letterboxes with poorly-composed racist tracts again, this time under the guise of side-project ‘Cultural Awareness’. Ho hum. The group has had a tempestuous relationship with their comrades in the AFP as this dummy spit by one member on Stormfront would suggest, accusing AFP of accusing the leader of S88 of being a police informant. Which way veteran neo-Nazi Ross ‘The Skull’ May (the group’s mascot) will jump is an interesting question.


Right Wing Resistance New Zealand


RWRNZ is Kyle ‘The Mormon’ Chapman’s latest vanity project. Since its establishment in 2009 the neo-Nazi group has been doing all the things you’d expect of such a group but its latest venture is bizarre, even for Chapman. Apparently, RWRNZ is intending to send some of its members to South Africa to receive (para-)military training(!):

For the serious of heart […] [w[]e are now recruiting those willing to train in South Africa. This is a country hostile toward whites. But it is also w[h]ere our movement has the most trained war veterans and the potential to train you to military standards. It is not very safe, so internet warriors need not apply. For those still in the dream that everything is ok, just look on and ignore this post. For those who are serious about this movement, and see that we are destined to fight one day. Then we offer you the chance to learn for [sic] great soldiers. You would have to pay your own way, [w]e can set up links and secured [sic] communications for those who are willing. Don[‘]t waste my time though, and don’t waste these guy[‘]s time. The fact we are doing this on FB is risky, but it is also a sign that in times of need, higher risk is taken.


Fortunately for them, RWRNZ is a neo-Nazi, Whites-only project, so unlikely to be accorded ‘terrorist’ status.

antifa notes (august 18, 2013) : special Australia First WikiLeaks Party edition

Oh dear.

I wasn’t going to write another post just yet but the decision by the WikiLeaks Party (WLP) to preference the Australia First Party ahead of the Greens in the NSW Senate contest [PDF] is I think noteworthy. So too the fact that the party has claimed that this was an administrative error, though the precise reasoning behind WLP preferencing The Nationals ahead of The Greens in WA — where such a preference may in fact prove influential on the final outcome — is a little harder to understand, especially given Scott Ludlam’s past role in supporting WikiLeaks.

Speaking of the election there’s an abundance of exciting parties on the fringes worthy of closer examination but, while we’re on the subject of Australia First, I’d like to give a special shout-out to Peter Watson, the party’s candidate in the Queensland Senate race. Peter has had a very exciting political career thus far, having first emerged as the leader (and presumably sole member) of the ‘Stalinist League of Australia’, in which capacity he starred in Crikey at the time of the 2007 federal election. Having zig-zagged his way thru numerous blogs, sites, and online identities — including a very brief stint as Labor’s candidate in the seat of Southern Downs in the 2012 Queensland state election — Comrade Watson has now plumped for Dr Jim‘s mob.

Viel Glück Peter!

Across the pond in Aotearoa/New Zealand … well, actually, all the way up in Sweden, to be precise … members of Mormon Kyle Chapman’s latest playgroup/terrorist cell a/k/a ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ (and er, Sweden) have been denounced on White supremacist forum Stormfront [http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t960496/] by fair dinkum fascists belonging to the Party of the Swedes as a bunch of drunken oafs. Well, Two Fat Swedes in particular have been denounced (is that a bunch?). As a final note, it appears that a Golden Dawn has broken in Melbourne a little sooner than expected: but more on that mob later. In the meantime, nazi scum on Stormfront — incidentally, one of the principal means AF uses to communicate with its supporters — have denounced a GD MP for not being White enough for their tastes…


See : US neonazis question Golden Dawn MP’s ‘race’, enetenglish, August 10, 2013.

random shite

Ah well. I’m too hot (and tired) to blog — or to do much of anything else, really — but there are a few things I oughta take note of before I forget ’em.

Party Li(n)es

First, I would’ve liked to have finished writing up my thoughts on the whole ‘Socialist Alternative ♥s Feminism/Feminism Is Middle-Class (unlike SAlt)’ thing. I would’ve also liked to have finished my working draft post, ‘Ten Reasons Why I’m Against Against Sexual Optimism’ . . . but I haven’t . . . and Bakunin knows when I will . . . Oh-Why-Is-It-So-Fucking-Hot . . . my bRanes is Melting.

Potty Mouths

Secondly, the potty-mouthed priest Reverend Monsignor Geoffrey Brown is at it again.

A CONTROVERSIAL Catholic priest due to join a church on the Gold Coast this week has turned his back on the posting.

Fr Geoff Baron, a former Melbourne priest who achieved internet infamy thanks to a foulmouthed clash with a group of teenage skateboarders, was to have joined the Southport Catholic Parish this week as an assistant pastor.

However, Fr Baron suddenly decided to quit his new post before he had even started.

Church officials said he had now taken a lengthy break and would visit friends around Australia.

Fr Baron became an internet “star” in 2007 when he was involved in an expletive-laden clash with skateboarders outside St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne.

One of the teens recorded the exchange and put it on YouTube…

Many people were appalled at his foul language, but he also attracted support from others praising him for standing up to the youths, who had allegedly caused damage to the heritage-listed cathedral precinct over an extended period…

Quite how his alleged supporters explain Geoff’s rather obscene references to teenage boys engaging in anal sex is another matter. It’s certainly true that a number of his supporters declared their approval of the cantankerous man of Christ in rather similar terms (i.e. obscene). In fact, I periodically receive requests from one such Christian soldier to remove his email address from one such previous expression of support republished on my blog. My standard reply has been, and remains, a polite request — never answered — as to the reasons why I should.

The World According to Kyle

Speaking of foul-mouthed creatures, the boneheads belonging to Kyle Chapman’s ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ are actually quite thoughtful. Below, the intellectuals attached to this elite unit explain the differences between Democracy and Fascism:

AFA Ireland 1 Niko Puhakka 0

Fourth Reichly, Finnish nazi MMA Niko Puhakka has been taken off the bill for an MMA tournament in Dublin, Ireland. His removal was apparently on account of the fact that he embraces racism and genocide — which is totally unfair and makes The Irish worse than The Nazis (whom Puhakka worships). Or something. Anyway, AFA Ireland appears to have played a major role in bringing the bonehead’s political commitments to the attention of both tournament organisers and the general public, so butthurt fans should fwd hatemail in their direction.

Speaking of crypto-nazis, the forces of International Jewry failed to prevent local NSBM band Sanguinary Misanthropia & The Spooky Kids from launching their new album, released on German label Supremacy Through Intelligence Intolerance, at The Gasometer on December 16, 2012.

Finally, a fourth anarchist has been jailed for refusing to testify before a Grand Jury in the United States and and Philip wrote another thing about Felicity.