Kyle Chapman ~versus~ Patrick O’Sullivan ~versus~ ZOG

Ding ding!

Over in New Zealand/Aotearoa Kyle Chapman, leader of the neo-Nazi skinhead group ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ (RWRNZ), is busy capitalising on the publicity surrounding the group’s latest propaganda campaign, one which centres on the distribution of flyers calling on members of the public to ‘Stop the Asian Invasion’ and to join RWRNZ.

Anti-Chinese leaflets spark fear and anger
Lincoln Tan
New Zealand Herald
May 11, 2011

Anti-Asian leaflets investigated
Radio New Zealand
May 11, 2011

Anti-Asian group says campaign is to recruit members
May 11, 2011

In other words, Kyle is continuing to engage in the same brand of political activism he was pursuing when he was a member of the New Zealand Hammerskins in the late 1980s and 1990s. Indeed, the two groups bare an uncanny resemblance to one another, both in terms of their political perspective but also size, shape and organisation. Of course, Kyle has played a leading role in other far right political formations in-between his leadership of these two gangs, most prominently the ‘New Zealand National Front’ (NZNF) (now under the leadership of Colin Ansell). Note that prior to RWRNZ Kyle, a Mormon, got married, and made a public break with his many years of fascist organising, promising his new wife to dedicate his life to religion not politics. The fact that Kyle was unable to keep his promise suggests that his attachment to fascist politics borders on the pathological.

Speaking of pathology…

Back in Melbourne Patrick O’Sullivan (above), the leader of an even tinier neo-Nazi religious cult known as Creativity, has once again had his indefatigable attempts to cover the suburbs of Melbourne with stickers promoting his wacky beliefs rewarded, this time by the ABC.

White supremacist stickers under investigation
Margaret Paul
May 11, 2011

Previously, local newspapers reported that the stickers had appeared on the entry to a Salvation Army office in Lilydale. In fact, Patrick has been putting stickers up around town for years, his commitment to doing so only interrupted by a short spell in prison (convicted in August 2002 of a “cowardly” and “violent” assault upon another bonehead in May 1999, Patrick was sentenced to 33 months). Given Torquay’s proximity to Geelong, a likely culprit might otherwise be Deakin University student Scott Harrison, another nutty ‘Reverend’ in the White supremacist cult: the fact that Scott belongs to a rival faction of Creatards, however, suggests this is unlikely.

In any case, congratulations to both Kyle and Patrick for subverting The Controlled Media. RAcial HOly WAr is surely just a t-shirt sale away…

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3 Responses to Kyle Chapman ~versus~ Patrick O’Sullivan ~versus~ ZOG

  1. Mark says:

    The politics of hatred are alive and well in NZ and I am reminded of the Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

    I would give Kyle The Auckland Islands to set up their separatist state.

    They can print their own money / collect their own taxes along with breeding with each other to create The Perfect Aryan ideal — although you would eventually wind up with a lot of inbred mongrels, like we saw in the film Deliverance.

    Sadly for Kyle and his ilk, they do not need to carry ‘The White Man’s Burden’ any longer as Britain lost her Empire after WWII and the White man is in a minority.

    Former, colonized nations are free to make their own mistakes and do not need the benefits that the White man would graciously bring to them.

    NZ will continue to be multicultural and the ‘browning’ of NZ will continue. The lot of us are descended from people in Africa, around 50-100,000 years ago — and these people were BLACK.

    Kyle has deep beliefs regarding eugenics which Michael Laws was espousing on Radio Live when he got all shrill about sterilizing the underclass.

    Chapman also has a criminal record for firebombing a Marae so I guess he has moved on from Maori bashing to Asian bashing along with abandoning his wife and child for The Cause.

    Sadly for Kyle & Co, one of Hitler’s Aryan ideals was the Persians (oops brown faces) but Adolph would have shot the lot of these English skinheads as he would consider them to be Untermenschen.

    Apart from being an incompetent military leader / gambler Adolph was a neurotic psychopath and there is evidence that he was gay during his early days in Munich before he ascended to power.

    The whole design of the SS uniforms was a homoerotic exercise mixed up with astrology, eugenics and destiny. Change your logos and the black uniforms, Kyle, as you “hate gays”.

    The National Front spokesperson in Wellington, Melanie Short, once said that they are now trying to “be more mainstream”, and they wish to intellectualize their emotions by making statements such as “Maoris are OK now, but do not marry one”.

    There is a dearth of intellectuals in their movement (although they revere folks like Spengler). My impression of these people is that you have a lot of white, lazy, poorly educated losers being controlled and manipulated by more “clever” losers, and driven by emotions NOT intellect.

    They blame the frustration and failures in their own lives on some minority like a Jew / brown / gay / Asian and then try to promote their own vision on how to fix it up.

    They come to attention when there are economic and / or social issues going on in the country where they can capitalize on the frustration and bitterness of marginalized people.

    Will we wind up with “Whites Only” signs up on the toilet blocks in the South Island?

  2. Right says:

    The politics of hate are indeed alive and well in NZ. RWR try to do something positive for the country and suddenly all these haters come out of the woodwork.

  3. Anon says:

    The not so Reverend Patrick now, it seems.

    “In regards to Patrick O’Sullivan
    I planned on informing patrick of this and just discipling him but with his recent actions, i have no other choice but to banish him from TCM.

    As many of you are aware Patrick does not have a good imagine and has caused a negative imagine towards TCM australia. This has gone on for years. I have defended him, went to bat for him and even lost potential members and allies in the proccess. In the past 2 months i have been talking to patrick to pick a new contact for australia as to clean up the imagine of TCM australia, he even agreed. So we picked someone i asked patrick to have him contact me for sometime yet didnt until recently. And boy did i find out more then what i was prepared to. We all know the lack of growth in australia and heard the rumours of things patrick has done to cause this. I still defended him over and over. So i blame myself for this going on too long. Bro Grant was chosen to be the new contact down there. When speaking with Bro Grant i asked him why he hasnt stepped up to become a minister and he was told by patrick that he didnt need to be because “he was the minister for australia” I informed him of the things patrick said about his wife (as he said he heard of slander from other people) but before this i was informed by sister andrea that patrick told her (and grant confirmed) that she could not be a member as we dont except women and that she could not read the NER because she wasnt a member. Now i have been accused of betraying patrick for simply taking his admin status away on the forum but isnt this betrayal to creativity. Yet i was still not going to kick him out i was simply going to suspend him then when i get on the internet this morning i find multiple messages from patrick calling me multiples names, telling me to die, etc.

    I considered patrick a friend for years but no friendship is worth the damage to creativity. Before even waiting for me to respond and giv an explanation he slandered me, called for my death and has been calling other members trying to perform a que to have me removed. Kinda defense there huh? That told me his guilt. This started out as a way to aid him and advance creativity australia. But patrick has shown how threatened he is by anyone else in australia. Because it isnt about TCM for him, it has become the patrick o’sullivan show, nothing more. he has deleted anyone on the forum from australia that he doesnt like, he constantly argues on the internet over stupid crap with pointless people, his form of activism is putting stickers on trash cans. He has lied about things sent to him, grantit he has sent me about 300$ in dontations in the past several years, ok i sent him (and still have the reciepts) over 50 books in total, tshirts, etc. I am in the hole financially towards the church because of the things i have sent. I could go on and on, i could also get very personal as well and bring up things worse then this. But his hindering of creativity and retarding progress in australia is enough, i will not lower myself to his level. PME Hale will be informed of all this as well soon as his writing privlages come back, he has given me all rights to run TCM as i see fit so for Pat to question my authority is mute. It is time for us to move forward, this was not an easy decision for me, course pat made it allot easier with his slander and treachery. Instead of maning up and taking responsibility, fixing the problem and moving on in a positive direction he has done the opposite. I now regret not listening and heeding the advice of our brothers and sisters over the years. But we will move forward. I know patrick will respond with slander, lies and try to undermind us. Do not let him pull you down simply ignore him like all the others he has accused doing the same things he does. I know i will take the brunch of all this even though most agree with this decision. TCM has been making great strides forward and this is just negative dead wieght that has been holding us back for too long. Please welcome Bro Grant as our new australian contact and lets aid him in growing and spreading creativity in australia. RAHOWA! MP Rev Logsdon”

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