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Ah well. I’m too hot (and tired) to blog — or to do much of anything else, really — but there are a few things I oughta take note of before I forget ’em.

Party Li(n)es

First, I would’ve liked to have finished writing up my thoughts on the whole ‘Socialist Alternative ♥s Feminism/Feminism Is Middle-Class (unlike SAlt)’ thing. I would’ve also liked to have finished my working draft post, ‘Ten Reasons Why I’m Against Against Sexual Optimism’ . . . but I haven’t . . . and Bakunin knows when I will . . . Oh-Why-Is-It-So-Fucking-Hot . . . my bRanes is Melting.

Potty Mouths

Secondly, the potty-mouthed priest Reverend Monsignor Geoffrey Brown is at it again.

A CONTROVERSIAL Catholic priest due to join a church on the Gold Coast this week has turned his back on the posting.

Fr Geoff Baron, a former Melbourne priest who achieved internet infamy thanks to a foulmouthed clash with a group of teenage skateboarders, was to have joined the Southport Catholic Parish this week as an assistant pastor.

However, Fr Baron suddenly decided to quit his new post before he had even started.

Church officials said he had now taken a lengthy break and would visit friends around Australia.

Fr Baron became an internet “star” in 2007 when he was involved in an expletive-laden clash with skateboarders outside St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne.

One of the teens recorded the exchange and put it on YouTube…

Many people were appalled at his foul language, but he also attracted support from others praising him for standing up to the youths, who had allegedly caused damage to the heritage-listed cathedral precinct over an extended period…

Quite how his alleged supporters explain Geoff’s rather obscene references to teenage boys engaging in anal sex is another matter. It’s certainly true that a number of his supporters declared their approval of the cantankerous man of Christ in rather similar terms (i.e. obscene). In fact, I periodically receive requests from one such Christian soldier to remove his email address from one such previous expression of support republished on my blog. My standard reply has been, and remains, a polite request — never answered — as to the reasons why I should.

The World According to Kyle

Speaking of foul-mouthed creatures, the boneheads belonging to Kyle Chapman’s ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ are actually quite thoughtful. Below, the intellectuals attached to this elite unit explain the differences between Democracy and Fascism:

AFA Ireland 1 Niko Puhakka 0

Fourth Reichly, Finnish nazi MMA Niko Puhakka has been taken off the bill for an MMA tournament in Dublin, Ireland. His removal was apparently on account of the fact that he embraces racism and genocide — which is totally unfair and makes The Irish worse than The Nazis (whom Puhakka worships). Or something. Anyway, AFA Ireland appears to have played a major role in bringing the bonehead’s political commitments to the attention of both tournament organisers and the general public, so butthurt fans should fwd hatemail in their direction.

Speaking of crypto-nazis, the forces of International Jewry failed to prevent local NSBM band Sanguinary Misanthropia & The Spooky Kids from launching their new album, released on German label Supremacy Through Intelligence Intolerance, at The Gasometer on December 16, 2012.

Finally, a fourth anarchist has been jailed for refusing to testify before a Grand Jury in the United States and and Philip wrote another thing about Felicity.

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  1. The Desire Called Marx says:

    Have you been following the plight of the man known only as “Comrade Delta”, Herr Bastard?

  2. @ndy says:

    Yeah, a bit. Interesting in light of the shite under Party Li(n)es.


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