‘First they came for the anarchists…’ : Solidemo @ US Consulate, Melbourne, Friday, November 16

Update (November 16) : Between 50–70 people (slightly more than I expected) attended the rally on Friday, which began around 3 and finished after 5. Some people spoke and some people played music. A man from the Australian Federal Police took everybody’s photograph and many people signed cards for Matt and KteeO. More later.

Update (November 5) : Leah-Lynn Plante and Portland’s Anarchist Grand Jury Resistors, Rose Lichter-Marck, Vice, November 4, 2012.

Update (October 31) : Another Anarchist Subpoenaed to Grand Jury, as Leah Lynn Plante Denied Support, Will Potter, October 30, 2012.

In the Pacific Northwest of the United States three anarchists — Katherine ‘KteeO’ Olejnik, Leah Plante and Matt Duran — have been brought before a Grand Jury. The trio have refused to testify and been imprisoned as a result, Matt from September 13 and Kteeo from September 27 (Leah, who was imprisoned on October 11, was released last week). Their incarceration will likely continue until the Grand Jury dissolves (perhaps another 18 months).

Will Potter writes:

When FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force agents raided multiple activist homes in the Northwest last week [July 25], they were in search of “anti-government or anarchist literature.”

The raids were part of a multi-state operation that targeted activists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. At least three people were served subpoenas to appear before a federal grand jury on August 2nd in Seattle.

In addition to anarchist literature, the warrants also authorize agents to seize flags, flag-making material, cell phones, hard drives, address books, and black clothing.

The week of November–12 November 19 will see solidarity actions with the Grand Jury Resisters in the US and elsewhere. In Melbourne, a rally [Facebook] has been organised to take place on Friday (Friday) November 16 outside the US Consulate (Level 6, 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne) at 3pm. Supporters are asked to wear black and to bring their favourite ‘anti-government or anarchist literature’.

See : Support Grand Jury Resisters & Committee Against Political Repression for moar infos.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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16 Responses to ‘First they came for the anarchists…’ : Solidemo @ US Consulate, Melbourne, Friday, November 16

  1. sl says:

    I get your logic – theres this thing called the STATE. If youre a rightwinger and you dont agree with the STATE and you get locked up by it – no bad.
    If youre an anarchist or some kind of leftwinger and you get locked up by the STATE – thats bad. l understand where youre coming from theres just one tiny problem – if the STATE locks up rightwingers and leftwingers what exactly is the STATE and who controls it?

  2. @ndy says:

    “I get your logic –”

    Actually, I’m not sure that you do. What’s my logic?

    “theres this thing called the STATE.”

    Yeeesss… What that THING is is an interesting question.

    “If youre a rightwinger and you dont agree with the STATE and you get locked up by it – no bad.”

    Er, if you say so.

    “If youre an anarchist or some kind of leftwinger and you get locked up by the STATE – thats bad.’

    Well y’know, anarchists and leftists get locked up by the STATE for all sorts of REASONS. And yeah, most people don’t ENJOY being STUCK in PRISON. But this case has particular features which make it somewhat unusual.

    “l understand where youre coming from”

    See above.

    “theres just one tiny problem – if the STATE locks up rightwingers and leftwingers what exactly is the STATE and who controls it?”

    Seriously? You want me to elaborate a theory of the STATE?

  3. sl says:

    Youre extremely cautious reply suggests you suspect l set a rhetorical trap for you to fall into.
    Possibly it is a trap. Let me make it really simple for you – when people like Tommy Robinson et al are arrested on trumped up charges youre okay about it. Obviously Tommy and the other rightwinger you mentioned dont get any of your sympathy or righteous indignation when they are railroaded by the STATE. When its one of your compatriots railroaded by the same kind of STATE apparatus you scream like a stuck pig. Fair enough – those anarchists are your brethren however the one big fat common denominator here is the STATE. The STATE doesnt like your people and the STATE doesnt like the rightwingers. The STATE stomps on your people just as it stomps on the rightwingers. But you never talk about the STATE. You never seek to identify and call out the people and powers that lie behind and control the STATE. All you do is attack rightwingers – who dont have any power. l have made this point before and all you do is ignore this. You dont have any fight left in you – you may as well give it up and go and work for those who control us.

  4. @ndy says:

    Oh right.

    You’re the guy who reckons it’s The Jews what done it.

    Re Tommy Robinson. He’s been charged with using a false passport to gain entry to the US. I dunno if he’s guilty or not: that will presumably be decided in court. When you refer to “the other rightwinger” I assume you mean Bill White, and are actually referring to a previous post. In Bill’s case, he’s been found guilty of threatening a juror, and this act has been found by a court not to be protected speech. Thus:

    The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago concluded that the posts by William A. White – who gained notoriety in 2008 for seeming to invite the assassination of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama on the same website – were not subject to the shield that the U.S. Constitution extends to most speech.

    Even though White didn’t explicitly instruct anyone to attack the juror when he posted the data on the website, the appellate judges said White’s loyal readers would have known that was just what he meant in the context of other threats, including against Obama.

    The juror White singled out served as the foreman in a 2005 trial that convicted another white supremacist of soliciting the murder of a federal judge in Chicago.

    In its unanimous 30-page ruling, the three-judge panel agreed that the First Amendment “protects even speech that is loathsome.” But the judges said “criminal solicitations are simply not protected.”

    Obviously, I don’t care much for either Tommy The Anti-Muslim Bigot or Bill The Nazi Wanker, but I don’t agree the charges the pair currently face are ‘trumped-up’. Certainly, I have little sympathy for either party.

    This fact seems to upset you.

    You also seem to be struck by the fact that there’s this thing called the STATE, that it does stuff, and that part of this stuff includes stuff like legal prosecutions.

    I don’t think this fact is really all that remarkable. Neither is the fact that I’ve been writing about the state and many other things for some years now. That my views contradict rather than confirm your own thesis — that The Jew is the monstrous force responsible for all the stuff the STATE does — may make you cry tears of frustration, but if you’re that upset I suggest you treat yourself to a teaspoon of concrete.

  5. sl says:

    there are hipster nationalists all around you. they dont buy your fossilised dogma. your problem is you cant see them because they dont look like tommy robinson or george lincoln rockwell. andy looks permanently backwards and scapegoats everyone who doesnt conform to his anachronistic world view. n-am mate.
    lets see you focus on our oppressors lol. it aint gonna happen because youre one of them!
    l bet you madonna breastfeeds you while she reads you your daily dose of talmudd.

  6. @ndy says:


    Richard Coughlin on Little Tommy. Nail, head.

    Song For Madonna To Sing:

    House of Pain vs Klezmer – Mashup by FAROFF from trashyour.tv on Vimeo.

  7. sl says:

    Andy Bio:
    Pretend Tree Friend.
    Workin for the STATE since 78 mate.
    Wants to tweak a few of the STATES settings, get some of our people in there – but is mostly content with our rulers and the general direction we are heading – wouldnt dream of criticising our rulers or crossing them!
    When youve drained one breast let mummy know and she’ll flip you over to the other breast, Andy darling. Mm yum yum geriatric talmudd flavoured breast milk slobber slobber

  8. Derek's Reptile Friend, Secret Repitle Overlord Derek says:

    I want to thank SL for taking the heat off us.

  9. Derek's Reptile Friend, Secret Reptile Overlord Derek says:

    I want to thank SL for taking the heat off us.

    (post corrected for spelling)

  10. Athenry says:

    “Despite my mental health issues, I never once considered cooperation and never would. It goes against everything I believe in.” – Leah Lynn Plante.


    Is the Melbourne rally still in support of Leah Plante?

  11. @ndy says:

    Dunno… I guess. Maybe. It’s a bit unclear what’s going on in her case… but I imagine the rally will be attended by folks w a variety of views on her status.

  12. Victor Whitelaw says:


    Just for your information and to hopefully prevent you from any further unnecessary anxiety, ‘@ndy’ and his fellow useful idiots have no desire or need to understand who or what the STATE actually is because their dogma emanates from a Secular Religion. They are ‘True Believers’ who just ‘KNOW they are right’ and for whom pesky details and facts such as Scientific Data, Historical Information and even The Evidence of Their Own Eyes are merely annoying irritants to be ignored or condemned as ‘Counter-Revolutionary’ or ‘Reactionary’ heresy. I have personally tried (God knows I tried) to open meaningful dialogue with @ndy with the view to perhaps a greater understanding of what he really was about and what he actually wanted but ultimately, and perhaps inevitably, it became clear that he is intrinsically dishonest about his true agenda and more focused on his contrived image as a political critic and ‘satirist’.

    It is only after studying him over a reasonable period of time that his glaring ideological inconsistencies, hypocrisies and twisted logic become fully apparent to the casual observer. Ultimately, he must, like all of us, be judged by his actions and not merely by his rhetoric. Talk is cheap and it comes no cheaper, or disingenuous, than the turgidly pleonastic drivel of Leftist dogma that is ALL about words and nothing else.

    It is my experience that those who consistently invoke such noble concepts as ‘altruism’, ‘compassion’, ‘egalitarianism’, ‘fair play’, ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Social Justice’ are the most viciously ruthless in suppressing the rights of others who see the World differently to freedom of association and expression. @ndy is a case in point.

    As my comrades and I discovered in our clashes with @ndy’s old crew, the ‘Fight Dem Back’ criminal gang, one will find that today’s ‘Leftists’ are quite authoritarian, ‘cooperative’ and ‘helpful’ when it comes to assisting the authorities with their enquiries yet they, apparently, see no contradiction to their claimed political ethos or hypocrisy in these actions. In a more honest age and society they would be immediately tagged as collaborators by one and all and utterly discredited but we do indeed live in ‘interesting’ times.

    Marxism, and @ndy’s peculiar version of it is no exception, is simply a viciously hateful political cult of anger and envy based on the demonization of the normative elements in traditional White European society, the creation and mythologising of a Pseudo-Historical ‘Consensus Reality’ that perpetuates the Anti-White, Anti-Hetero, Anti-Christian narratives. Conversely, all other Ethno-States, Races, Cultures and Religions that are essentially not White (or actively Anti-White) are to be admired, lauded, fawned over with hand wringing concern by dumb White academics and do-gooders and guaranteed ultimate protection from interference. First World, Non-White Nations such as Israel, Japan, Singapore and South Korea are never ‘shamed’ by the P.C. Controlled Media or bullied by the United Nations and the so-called ‘International Community’ to accept a never ending flood of ‘refugees’ despite their affluence and infrastructure. These places are never attacked by the Leftist Loons for being ‘Racist’ or ‘Fascist’ despite their overt National pride and Racial identity.

    The natural, organic and hierarchical model of healthy, normal Human Society with a strong Ethno-Cultural-Geographic sense of identity has been largely supplanted by a Corporatised Global ‘State’ of No Fixed Address. This Brave New Generic World is ironically (perhaps) obsequiously served and worshipped by the likes of @ndy under the pretence that all the square pegs CAN be hammered into those round holes in a program of Global Assimilation. But the real agenda has always been simply the elimination of Whites and THEIR identity.

    Let’s be totally serious now, expect no honesty, no objectivity, let alone shrill condemnation of unfair or criminal treatment of Nationalists or Race Realists from the likes of @ndy. The Normal people, the Ordinary people, the Conservative people, the Traditionalist people are just ‘The Enemy’ to @ndy. Their aspirations, their beliefs, their ideals, their lifestyles are pure anathema to @ndy. Any who oppose or resist the Trotskyist-based (but now universally accepted by the Greater Left) ‘Revolution without end’ are just The Enemy, nothing more and nothing less and must be eliminated by ANY means necessary. The end justifies the means entirely. ANY means.

    So far as their professed ‘ideology’ goes, the more iconoclastic, the more critical, the weirder and the creepier the better for @ndy. This is, in the fevered minds of the sad micro-cephaloids who form the ranks of the Loony Left, ‘Progressive’. One feels somewhat compelled to enquire precisely where we are to ‘progress’ TO of course but there can be no logical answer because their plan is not based on any logic whatsoever and it is a journey without destination.

    In the cult of the Nation Wreckers and Culture Destroyers one of the major mantras is ‘If it’s White and it works, then destroy it’. Another is ‘If it causes chaos and confusion, then implement it’.

    @ndy and the rest of the generic ‘Left’ not only do NOT truly oppose ‘The State’ they actually augment its operational effectiveness in suppressing genuine resistance, particularly from White Nationalists and others aware of the Khazaric agenda, by serving as auxiliary elements of The State’s apparatus. They are indentured and ‘embedded’ units in its logistic infrastructure.

    Like the Negroids and other wretched primitives they admire, promote and advocate, the Leftists have extremely poor impulse control and an infantile predilection for instant gratification of the most basest instincts. To paraphrase the late, great Dr. William Luther Pierce, they are spiritually retarded creatures of stunted character locked into a chronic state of emotional arrested development like a baby stimulating its own genitals and playing with its own faeces as it explores the boundaries of its new world. Sadly, the Leftists have never ‘moved on’ from this primitive developmental phase and matured into responsible adults who understand that playing with poopy is not healthy (militant Homo activists would claim otherwise) they have no innate rights or privileges to be spoon fed ad infinitum by a nanny welfare state, hence their addiction to scatological ‘humour’ and Hollywood masturbatory fantasies and an inability to cope with the harsh realities of life as it is rather than what they WANT it to be.

    @ndy’s Anarchic ‘shining future’ and Brave New World will not be one of nanotechnology and ‘flying cars’ but instead hemp lampshades and (Paris style) BURNING cars. Anarchy (read: Communism Lite) is ALL about DE-Construction (Destruction) and revenge on the achievers by driving everyone back to the Stone Age. One example of a short odds bet for the World’s smallest book would have to be The Big Red Book Of Anarchist Architects, Designers and Engineers. Their true specialities include sloganeering, tee-shirts, political petitions, graffiti vandalism, intimidation via boycotting campaigns against legitimate businesses and stalking and provocation of those who resist the criminal cults of Globalism and Multiculturalism.

  13. @ndy says:

    G’day Peter,

    Cool rant. It’s been a long time between drinks. Love to chat but I’ve got a long list of nations to destroy and cultures to wreck (or was that the other way around?).



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  15. Felix Wilde says:


    “First World, Non-White Nations such as Israel … are never … bullied by the United Nations”

    Even if the rest of your post didn’t scream “paranoid denialist fascist fantasy”, which it does, this just shows unforgivable willful ignorance. Israel has been the target of criticism by both the UNHCR and UNCHR more than any other country.

    I know your lot likes to pretend they criticise the state rather than deify it, but you haven’t fooled anyone in the past seventy years; what makes you think that’ll change?

    Thanks for playing anyway, scumnuts!

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