antifa notes (october 31, 2012) : little tommy robinson edition


Poor little Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), leader of the drunken mob known as the English Defence League, is currently being held captive by the British state. According to the E E EDL, Tommy is a POLITICAL PRISONER. In reality, the silly git is facing charges of entering the US on a false passport. Tommy’s trans-Atlantic journey was made in order to attend a gathering of wingnuts in New York in September otherwise known as the first SION (Stop Islamization of Nations) ‘World Freedom Congress’.

(Also speaking at the conference was Q Society Deputy President/VP Major Projects & Fundraising/WA Coordinator Debbie Robinson. Notorious anti-Muslim hack Robert Spencer — whom Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik hailed as the bestest Islamic scholar ever — serves as the Society’s VP for Islamic Scripture & History; the Society is organising a tour Down Under by right-wing bizarro Geert Wilders early next year.)

Briefly associated with the fluffy fascists of the British Freedom Party, Tommy was also one of over 50 crusaders arrested recently on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance, reportedly while on their way to a mosque.

Cheeky little monkey.

The EDL’s most recent forays onto the streets have been unsuccessful affairs, with numerous arrests for public drunkenness, racism and violence, and the organisation being forced to contend with various splits, dwindling numbers, a criminal leadership and allegations of… well, being muppets, basically. Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! as Malatesta might say.

As for the A A ADL, a handful of anti-Muslamic bigots continue to twitter away online, but since the deportation of their English leader — an illegal immigrant — following several abortive attempts to rally (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane), the League of Whingers has largely disappeared, in Melbourne the anti-Muslamic stoopid being carried forward by nazi opportunists in Nationalist Alternative.

Golden Dawn

The corporate/state media has slowly begun to report on the long-standing collaboration between Greek police and the fascist Golden Dawn party. The following video provides a useful account of both this and the anti-fascist response. The author notes that As the self-powered hatred escalates, and the moral, spiritual, political and social tumble has no end, the social reflex was to create an anti-fascist defence. Many people self-identify as, or are, anti-fascists; but the burden has fallen on anarchist organisations.

Hollywood Nazis

My Favourite Hollywood Nazi, Bill White, is in heaps of trouble. Again. The former fuehrer of the now-defunct American National Socialist Workers’ Party (ANSWP), Bill is now a POLITICAL PRISONER.


According to AP:

CHICAGO (AP) – A white supremacist solicited violence against a juror by posting the man’s address, phone number and other personal details on his extremist website, an appellate court ruled on Friday, overturning a lower court’s decision to toss the neo-Nazi’s conviction on the grounds that his posts were protected by the First Amendment.

Apparently, if you’re a neo-Nazi loudmouth with a stoopid audience and you threaten jurors — you can be locked up.

Poor old Bill.

Also doing it rough is the 12yo son of National Socialist Movement nazi Jeff Hall. The boy is accused of shooting his father dead. Press-Enterprise Crime Reporter John Asbury is livetweeting the boy’s trial which commenced today.


In 2011, Canuckistanian band Propagandhi toured Australia. I saw them play at The Corner. Some angwy boneheads did not.

Touring continues while the band struggle to figure out what label home will fit. While on tour, the boneheads return: in Australia, 16 Nazis try to get into a Propagandhi show in Melbourne. “But it’s 16 guys against a room full of 500 people; they’re not gonna stand a chance,” says Hannah. “Plus, all they want to do is throw a bottle at you.” It ends anticlimactically, proving the bonehead turmoil is a thing of the past.

Sydney Forum

The Sydney (Speakers’) Forum, organised by Golden Dawn’s kameraden Down Under, done come and gone. Token liberal Anna Schlunke — Co-Director of the NSW Chapter of the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy — spoke at the event and reckons the fascists nice people at the Forum were very polite. You can hear an interview she done with John Safran and Father Bob about her experience at the Forum if you wanna here [mp3].

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird – Embrace the… by Ricky_Banlieue

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