antifa notes (august 17, 2011)

In Australia, Martin Brennan, former leader of the ‘Australian’ Defence League, has finally been Returned to Sender, leaving his tiny clutch of followers angry and upset. Some of them may (again) be holding a rally in Brisbane Sydney on September 3 in solidarity with members of the E E EDL as they fail, with Martin Brennan in tow, to march through Tower Hamlets in London. The ADL’s last rally produced an ‘Open Letter to Friends and Comrades on the Struggle against Racism amongst the Class’. Also, Chris Smith’s ‘Anti Antifa Australia’ blog got closed by WordPress after being TOSed, and promptly re-appeared elsewhere on the site. In Ireland [u]nemployed dad-of-eight Michael Quinn is the proud head of Ireland’s leading ‘white nationalist’ party – ‘Democratic Right Movement’ (DRM) and added he would have “no problem” with an Anders Breivik style-massacre in the Dail.


‘Right-Wing Extremism in Serbia is the title of an interview (August 8, 2011) by Lenka Kantnerova with Turkish academic Birgül Demirtaş Coşkun. In Germany, tricksiness in the shape of ‘Secret anti-racist shirts covertly distributed to neo-Nazis’; on August 6, a slightly moar direct approach at a protest against a nutzi gig in Denmark resulted in three arrests. Police were able to prevent the 250 people who gathered in opposition from overly disturbing the Aryan music-lovers [video], while ensuring their dogs got something to eat. HATE, My Life in the British Far Right is a new book by UK scribbler Matthew Collins. Collins is interviewed by The Independent here. “But what do you do when you realise that the hatred, patriotism and violence haunting you – from the playground to the pub to the ballot box – stem from your own demons? The answer: you switch sides.”

In the United States, Krista Faye McCary, the wife of Jeff Hall (the nutzi what in May 2011 was shot dead by his son), has pleaded guilty to child abuse and was sentenced to four months in jail and four years probation. David Lynch of neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘American Front’ is another dead nutzi whose murderer, unlike Hall’s, has yet to be found. Oddly, one of the suspects, Charles Demar, is interviewed in the latest episode of SBS’s Dateline on ‘America’s Nazi Backlash’ (August 14, 2011) which “investigates how economic uncertainty in the US is leading to an increase in the popularity of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups”.


Otherwise Iconoclast, a doco on ‘American Front’ co-founder (inter alia) Boyd Rice, is screening later this month as part of transcendental fascist philosophe (and filmmaker) Richard Wolstencroft‘s film festival (‘MUFF’). Speaking of bad taste, from Italy some fascist Eurodisco:

And finally–of course–some Cabaret!

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    @ndy, do you or anyone else have a copy of that “America’s Nazi Backlash” doco???

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    sweet, thanks @ndy

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