Brisbane ‘Ban the Burqa’ ADL/APDM Rally : August 6

Update : The RSP and SA also have accounts: Anti-racist rally confronts bigots, Owain Jones, Direct Action | Anti-racists confront far right rally, Jim McIlroy, Green Left Weekly.

Ah, apparently some Brisbane-based dingbats held a rally yesterday @ King George Square in central Brisbane, demanding that somebody–anybody–‘ban the burqa’.

The rally was organised by the ‘Australian Defence League’ (the leader of which, the Englishman Martin Brennan, is currently being held in detention @ Maribyrnong for immigration offences) and some weird new mob called the ‘Australian Patriots Defence Movement’, which claims as its inspiration a string of violent armed robberies by a gang of burqa-clad ladies police have dubbed The Burqa Gang an episode of the Australian version of the US TV show 60 Minutes.

Given these origins you might think the Movement campaigns against tabloid journalism, but no.

Rather, in addition to wanting to stop women from lawfully wearing burqas, the APDM wants: to ensure (redundantly) that food authorities continue to label products as being halal/kosher and that traitors and preachers of sedition are suitably punished; a flat tax; currency reform and; a ‘return’ (sic) to constitutional law.

They also have matching t-shirts.

Curiously, the APDM accuses the Australian Defence League (“2009”) of having attempted to “sabotage” their rally; a further product of the endless bickering among local ‘patriots’.

In any event, perhaps 20 or so individuals attended the APDM/ADL rally, which was met by a larger counter-rally composed of something like 60 or so people unamused by the antics of the ‘Australian Patriots Defence League Movement’.

A fuller account of the rally by a special correspondent:


In the lead-up to the rally, one of the organisers, Wyatt Wharton, stressed that there was to be no racism, no swearing and no threats of violence. It became obvious very early on that he had little or no control; the APDM Facebook page was littered with threats against those who went to counter-protest.

The APDM site stated:

“The Board [!] of APDM clearly states that the [r]ally [p]lanned and organi[s]ed by the APDM to Ban the Burqa will be going ahead with an estimated 300 to 500 people (supporters) attending.

Members of the [p]ress and the [e]lectronic [m]edia have been invited to attend.”

Both of these statements were well wide of the mark. There was no mainstream media in attendance. Presumably they knew the rally was destined to fail.

Fail it did.


When I arrived at midday, there was a maximum of 25-30 APDM supporters, and this included some of their partners and children (resplendent in their little ‘Ban the Burqa’ shirts!).

The antifa numbered at least twice this, and their presence seemed to confuse and anger the fascists. I don’t think many of the fascists had ever been to a rally, and they seemed somewhat shocked that the counter-protesters weren’t going to simply sit down and listen. In fact, the antifa out-yelled them to the point that the APDM speaker could not be heard, and once their tiny PA system died, their anger began to rise.

Two of the fascists were dressed in hi-vis work gear, and stood silently, glaring at the crowd. Eventually, they couldn’t suppress their anger any longer and attempted to start a fight with a male protester. As the police intervened, a female protester, having expressed her anger at this attempt to incite violence, was told by one of the hi-vis gentleman “F*ck off you filthy c*nt”.

A short while later, one of them again started on another protester, saying something like “I hope when the Muslims come, they burn down your f*cking house with you and your family in it”. The crowd went wild, and the police yet again intervened.

At this stage, two organisers, Wharton and [?], stepped in and spoke to the pair, and they vanished. I didn’t sight them for the rest of the rally.

Not that it changed the mood.

Another of the organisers, Darren Bailey-Morris, took over the insulting and threatening behavior. He paced up and down in front of the antifa with a book, apparently one written by a Muslim girl that had suffered sexual assault. He’d point at the book, screaming “Pee-dophile, Pee-dophile”! (I don’t know what it is about the right-wing obsession with paedophilia–and their inability to both spell and pronounce it.)

Predictably this became “You are all scum, you support pee-dophiles!” and so on and so on… it became tedious quickly. Australian flags were also being waved/worn by the fascists, and the insults continued to fly.

Bailey-Morris is a vile creature, and everyone got a good look at the type of person he is. While a woman on a megaphone was yelling at him, he put his face up close to it. When she pushed him back with it, he took a dive, but not before raising his fist to her. He then ran straight over to the police and complained. Having witnessed the altercation, they ignored him. Later, while waving The Pee-dophile Book in another woman’s face, he became enraged when she took it from him and threw it over the crowd. I didn’t catch his response, but the look of hatred on his face spoke volumes. In another incident, when a young male protester put a sticker on Bailey-Morris’s back, the crowd laughed, and Bailey-Morris responded by saying “You touch me again and I’ll kill you. I’ll be looking for you mate, I’ll be looking for you”.

After a while, a replacement PA was sourced and the APDM circus started up again. It didn’t last long as the antifa simply became louder, and then we got to see the truly ugly side, the true APDM.

By this stage APDM leaders Wharton and [?] were visibly tired, and seemed defeated. They tried to read prepared scripts, but soon gave up. Bailey-Morris, however, wasn’t going to give up so easily. Having gotten hold of the microphone and decided that he wasn’t going to stick to the ostensible purpose of the rally, he started screeching racist, misogynist and homophobic bile. One young male protester was a particular subject of Bailey-Morris’ (and a few others) vitriol, who called him names (‘Tinkerbell’) and made (limp-wristed) hand gestures at him, leaving little doubt that a bit of gay-bashing was on the agenda. He also commented that most of the women in the antifa crowd were lesbians, and When The Muslims Come, they’ll come for the lesbians first! If it wasn’t so serious, it could be written off as bad, bad comedy…

An older Aboriginal male politely asked BM what the APDM’s stance on indigenous equality was. Although initially ignoring him, Bailey-Morris grew increasingly annoyed as the man in question persisted with his polite request.

And so it began.

“Mate, go buy some socks and then come back and talk”.

Over and over and over…

Eventually this became “That’s the problem with you lot, always playing on your colour”. Finally, this pearl: “Mate, my best friend is an Aborigine…”

By this stage there were ‘spot-fires’ breaking out in the crowd and the police formed a line between us and the fascists, which remained in place ’til near the end of the rally. At this point, Wharton gave a rambling monologue about something or other that could barely be heard above the din… thankfully. He looked almost relieved when the police wound up the rally an hour early, but it angered some of the others. They started to thrust fingers at the crowd, screaming abuse.

At 2 o’clock, Wharton again attempted to wrap things up. The antifa started yelling “Go home racists, go home” and unbelievably Wharton’s colleague grabbed the microphone and screamed “I’m not going home, I’m going to the pub!”

This brought many laughs from his fascist comrades and they all started stating how they too were going to the pub. It was rather sad to watch this small group of misfits, pathetic in defeat, and to realise that the only thing that made them happy was the thought of drowning their sorrows in alcohol.

Someone probably got glassed last night!


I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the end of the APDM. Such a pitiful display of public hatred, receiving so little support, and so strong an opposition, means it’s undoubtedly back to the drawing board. The looks of amazement on the faces of the passing backpackers/foreign tourists said so much. The Ugly Australian in all its ‘glory’…

In any case, as a group the the APDM are certainly nothing even resembling a threat. But on an individual basis, there are some fairly nasty minds involved who will happily scream their venomous bigotry for all the world to see.


Irrational popular tendencies do sometimes call for discretion. But powerful though they may be, they are not irresistible forces. They contain their own contradictions. Clinging to some absolute authority is not necessarily a sign of faith in authority; it may be a desperate attempt to overcome one’s increasing doubts (the convulsive tightening of a slipping grip). People who join gangs or reactionary groups, or who get caught up in religious cults or patriotic hysteria, are also seeking a sense of liberation, connection, purpose, participation, empowerment. As Reich himself showed, fascism gives a particularly vigorous and dramatic expression to these basic aspirations, which is why it often has a deeper appeal than the vacillations, compromises and hypocrisies of liberalism and leftism.

In the long run the only way to defeat reaction is to present more forthright expressions of these aspirations, and more authentic opportunities to fulfill them. When basic issues are forced into the open, irrationalities that flourished under the cover of psychological repression tend to be weakened, like disease germs exposed to sunlight and fresh air. In any case, even if we don’t prevail, there is at least some satisfaction in fighting for what we really believe, rather than being defeated in a posture of hesitancy and hypocrisy.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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74 Responses to Brisbane ‘Ban the Burqa’ ADL/APDM Rally : August 6

  1. Doug says:

    Foot Soldier.
    That particular German guy didn’t really understand Race, a lot of people think he did but he didn’t.
    He had his men do some research into the subject and we’d have to assume that they made discoveries and came to some conclusions but they were the wrong ones.
    He probably had half the story, what are Aryans credited with?
    Creating Caste based societies in which they always form the Elite.
    What Hitler didn’t realise, or chose to ignore was that there’s a symbiotic relationship between “Aryans” and “Jews”, everywhere “Aryans” go the Jews go with them.
    It’s not parasite and host, it’s two complementary species of Parasite who leech off the rest of us.
    I guarantee that when the Aryans were in India and China 10,000 years ago there were Jews there with them.

  2. @ndy says:

    “The trouble with this mob is that the conveyors of their message are inarticulate, reactionary bogans.”

    Yeah I guess… Then again, Pauline wasn’t exactly a wordsmith, and she made it onto Dancing with the Stars, so maybe Darren can eventually appear on The Renovators or somesuch?

  3. Doug says:

    How very droll.
    Well I’ve knocked off work early…perks of being an Anarch…as opposed to an Anarchist, most of whom are probably just getting up…*Zing!*
    As Joe Toscano says, “It’s about Liberty but it’s also about cash”…moving on.
    I know a lot of wannabe Fascists like this blog and I’ve spent most of the morning cogitating on a way to point out something really obvious about Fascism…but screw it, I’m going to make you think instead.

    Lets look at the Memes that The Man puts out around Whiteness vis his institutional Anti Racism, that for the novice is the type usually practiced by White Baby Boomers and their students.
    Let’s assume that these Memes are all “what you see is what you get” and nobody is deliberately trying to incorporate them into something like “Active Measures”…they always are BTW, but that’s another story.

    1.”Whites are are mixed Race mongrels”, also expressed as “There’s no such thing as a (Pure) White Race” and tied to ending “Anglo Saxon domination”.
    Well yeah, Anglo-Saxon is a racial mixture…but hang on a minute, why would an Anglo Saxon say that? Answer, they wouldn’t. Think about it. I’ll throw you another bone, despite appearances the entities who make up “The Man” aren’t traitors.
    2. “Redneck, Bogan Racists” or similar attempts to tie Whiteness to low status, and ill breeding.
    Why would someone who came from that same genetic background say such hateful things? Well they wouldn’t, would they?
    3. “Diversity is strength”.
    Yeah, no doubt.But it’s top down implementation more in the nature of a competitive advantage for some people, so why would anyone force diversity on their “own population” unless they were competing against them? They wouldn’t, it doesn’t happen anywhere else.

    There’s three Memes for the young Fascists to think about, we all agree that all this rhetoric is tied to ending Anglo Saxon domination right?
    Here’s another head scratcher, “Why would the likes of Bob Menzies, Harold Holt or Gough Whitlam want to end “Anglo Saxon” domination?”
    @ndy, watch what happens, maybe someone will get it but we’re going to see a lot of “2+2 =5” type answers.
    This is why it’s impossible to explain Race and Whiteness to most “White Nationalists”.

  4. maninblack says:

    I just have a couple of questions for the socialists.

    If you are anti racist, and you want the same rights for all, will you be supporting the call by the hardline Muslim community to segregate itself from mainstream Australia, which is what they are asking for when they have the audacity to even ask the Attorney General for Sharia law? Yes, they are asking on state and federal levels. To myself and most Australians, this seems like it is a huge step backwards for our country, no matter what your view is. It can only segregate our communities, our cities, and our country.
    Remember, it wasn’t so long ago when indigenous Australians could not even get a beer in a pub after a hard day’s work, and times have changed significantly for all, for the better.
    Also, women’s rights have come a long way, and it seems to me that it will also put them back a long way as well.
    Do we want to go forwards, or backwards as a nation?
    I really would like to know as I have been discussing this matter with some colleagues of mine.
    I am not writing this just to stir up a hornet’s nest, on the contrary, I think these are valid questions that deserve enlightenment. Perhaps you could provide me with a link or website that may be able to clear up these questions I have about your position.


  5. Aussie says:

    Man in black: I asked the council at least 50 times for a basket ball hoop when i was younger (to replace the broken one), and never got one. Point being, because someone asks, doesn’t mean they will get.

    You are worried about one of the many possibilities in the future, so are a lot of people, is it really a possibility? or is it fear?. Are all the Muslims coming to get you, has this happened to you? Or are you spending your days worrying they will? That isn’t a step forward. Steps forward happen when people rise above worries and fear. When guys started saying we are not better than females they became bigger people not lesser, there was a time when men would have been worried because they thought they were better, superior and women are incapable, and you will find some people are still stuck in those old fashioned values. Do you spend your days worrying about rapists? Why just sharia law?

    So in the same way, if people want to move forward, they need to become bigger than they are at this point in time, Watch out for the fear, it is very convincing!

    Although this comes across a little reactive, it’s not, it’s the truth, and the only way I can say it. Sorry if I offend. It’s not bad and it’s not good, it’s just unconscious.

  6. maninblack says:

    Thank you, I just thought I’d better clear up the fact that I do not fear many things, I just like to question things, as I feel it is an important process in my life, and to have extra knowledge on any given subject cannot be harmful, only enlightening.
    I know that some people do have many fears about many subjects, and that cannot be a healthy position to live in.
    On the particular subject of sharia law in our country, I feel I need to know more, to identify my position on the matter, without fear or prejudice. As you will be well aware by your comment, there are masses of sites on the net that try to spread fear, amongst other irrational ideals, which I do not agree with.
    I always try to live by the code “Violence is the last word of the uneducated, also the first”, so try to understand my point of view, I am trying to get more acquainted with several subjects, not just this one. There are many that deserve more attention, agreed.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to at least try to answer, but I guess I’ll just have to keep searching, and find my own conclusions, cheers!

  7. lumpnboy says:

    The ADL put in a submission to the current ‘Inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia’ being undertaken by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration – and as nutty an example of nuttery you are unlikely to find anywhere outside of a packet of racially-unmixed nuts:

  8. @ndy says:

    This is a point where the words of the Lord Jesus Christ have bearing.

    (Hope this assists you in your planning.)

  9. Aussie says:

    No worries mate, questions are good, but who has the answers? People don’t have the answers to your questions, because they are in the future, which means they are a thought, which means they can only be a guess or opinion and quiet possibly a story, a really scary one. You know what I mean?

  10. Doug says:

    It’s not nutty, meaning it’s “sane” but it sure is dumb.
    The document refers to something along the lines of what I call “Mencius’ parable of the Horse”:

    Let’s say you have a Horse, but you decide that you really want a BMW.
    You don’t start modifying Old Dobbin and gradually try to turn him into a car.
    You can’t glue an M3 badge to his butt, fix custom Mag wheels to his hooves then ride him around until you gather enough BMW parts to finish the job.
    What you have to do is sell the horse and turn his stable into a garage.
    It doesn’t matter how you mix up the percentages, a vehicle that is 90% Horse and 10% car is going to be as just useless as something that’s 50% Horse and 50% car.
    You’re going to look like a total dickhead to your friends and neighbours unless you either put Dobbin back the way he was in the first place or sell him and buy a BMW.

    As I said before, a closed society that’s multiracial isn’t going to work.
    The state is going to have to take a stand at some point and either sell the horse or put him back the way he was.
    Look at Russia. Apart from capitulation Putin only has two options.
    The Russian nationalists are screaming that the millions of Caucasians flooding into the country are going to wipe them out and the Caucasians are screaming that the nationalists want to genocide them.
    At some point the balance is going to tip one way or the other and Putin (or whoever) isn’t going to be able to sit on the fence.
    If the nationalists are the bigger threat to the system then he’s not going to get any rest until he puts the country back the way it was because being White people the “Ultras” will not stop until every Caucasian is gone and there are blonde kids singing the National anthem in waving fields of grain.
    If the migrants start to overwhelm the system then he’s going to have to start fighting nationalists and wipe them and all their blonde kids off the map, because being Caucasians the migrants simply cannot take any threat lying down, every fight is a fight to the death.

    But as I said the ADL are dumb and likely now under the thrall of this mysterious “businessman” mentioned above. I think we can all pretty much imagine what sort of an entrepreneur might take an interest in an Islamophobic group.

  11. Foot Soldier says:

    The Jews originally came from what is now Iraq five thousand years ago.

    The White Europeans came from the former USSR around the Georgian area (where Stalin was born).

    The Jews migrated to Palestine and then to Egypt (read the Bible).

    A large number of Jews eventually migrated to Europe, mainly Eastern Europe.

    They mixed with the White Europeans. Most Jews are basically White Europeans but are genetically different to a certain extent from the White European race. Shock horror, I personally consider most Jews to be White.

    Oh by the way, I am not a Hitlerite.

    I’m a Strasserite. Have been for a few years now. Before that, I was a Stalinist. The type of National Socialism that I support is closely related to National Bolshevism. And before you even think about it, I’m a renegade bonehead before you accuse me of being in bed with SCHS or VF. They would never let me in even if I tried. I’m a proud Strasserite, HAIL AUSTRALIA! HAIL SOCIALISM!

  12. Doug says:

    @Foot Soldier.
    Thus we have the irrefutable evidence that “Fascism” and “Nazism” don’t equate with being pro White on any level, you’re no more pro White than the ADL/APDM/APP.
    Glad we’ve been able to put this to bed once and for all.
    Strasserite…whatever next.

  13. Foot Soldier says:

    I am pro White.

    National Socialism is about White People having their own nation-states. Nations that are welfare states that look after everyone. The sick, poor, unemployed, students and other people who need state help. Nations where workers are not exploited by greedy bosses trying to make a profit by ripping off their workers. Nations where people are safe and secure. Free education and health care for all. Where people who create the wealth run the economy and country. That is true racial socialism. Socialism without Marxism.

  14. @ndy says:


    On the particular subject of sharia law in our country, I feel I need to know more, to identify my position on the matter, without fear or prejudice. As you will be well aware by your comment, there are masses of sites on the net that try to spread fear, amongst other irrational ideals, which I do not agree with.

    Here’s a fun game you can play:

  15. Aussie says:

    Doug, Option B is, whatever happens to skin colour happens, deal with it, when it happens.

  16. Doug says:

    Option B?
    I’m not talking about skin colour, I’m talking about my ethnic group, White Australians.
    Everyone knows who I’m talking about.
    Nothing will happen to skin colour within my ethnic group, White people have White babies.
    People with Brown babies aren’t White, what do I keep saying?
    Looks like us but has no loyalty to us.
    Anti Whites seem to like taunting pro Whites with images of “mixed race” couples, but that’s just another contradiction on their side.
    They say there is no such thing as White people but always want to show us pictures of “Black on White love” to insinuate that once “White girls have Black, they never go back”.
    You can’t have interracial porn without people from two different Races can you?
    Silly when you look at it that way isn’t it?
    I look at such pairings as just another non White couple, doesn’t bother me in the slightest, White Australians have babies who look like their parents and grandparents, end of story.

    This whole “Race Mixing” meme is so flawed that normal healthy people just laugh it off, it’s the genocidal sickos at the top of White countries who are promoting it and they’re anything but healthy or normal.

  17. Doug says:

    Foot Soldier,
    You still end up with the same problem, Genocide.
    The problem of the horse wouldn’t go away because you’d have a significant element of society feeling angry and guilty about what happened to the non Whites and agitating against the National Socialists.
    White people would still be White and they’d still be obsessed with purity and righting the wrongs of the past.
    You can’t take a segmented view of history as the basis of an ideology, history is a continuum. It’s something that most so called “WN” cannot understand.
    The White Australia policy led to multiculturalism, multiculturalism is leading to ethnocentrism, ethnocentrism will lead to world centrism and then to cosmocentrism and…then who knows what.
    We’re already in the first stages of transition from a closed society to an open one, an open society will lead to White ethnocentrism.
    White people aren’t bad, we’re not warlike, genocidal or overly hostile to other races, those are traits of our “Lords and Masters” and it’s they who create the negative stereotypes of Whiteness.
    White ethnocentrism will be good for the planet in the long run and no one will weep over the Parasitic ruling caste that’s holding down not only our ethnic group, but all ethnic groups, there’ll be no Horse/BMW in an open, World Centric society.

  18. Aussie says:

    Dude, if most white australians make babies with people that aren’t white australians then that will be their individual choice. Whatever happens after that happens, and it makes no difference because the same number of people are alive and the same number are born. Do you know anyone who was born chinese and said “Fuck, I wish I was a white australian”? Normal healthy people don’t think or care about shit like that, they just enjoy their life.

  19. @ndy says:

    I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but the commentary is departing pretty wildly from the subject of the blogpost.


  20. Foot Soldier says:

    Genocide is a tricky thing.

    Mass immigration of non-whites is contributing to the death of the white race.

    Coupled with that, the falling rates of birth amongst white people.

    Whites will become a minority in most Western countries by the end of the 21st Century.

    [By] the looks of things, it will happen.

    That is the whole point of muticulturalism/racialism.

    Doug, I disagree with you on the White Australia Policy. It did not lead to multiculturalism/racialism. The White Australia Policy worked well and achieved what it was meant to in the first place. When it was implemented in 1901, Australia was 98% White. By 1945, we were 99% White. The only reason it was abolished in 1966 was because of pressure from the so called “progressives” in the Labor and Liberal parties. There was no demand amongst Australians for its abolishment. Multiculturalism was imposed from the top not from the bottom. It became government policy under the Whitlam government.

    In 2011, Australia is 86.3% White. Asians make up over 10% of the population. As time goes on, we are becoming more Asianised.

    The powers [that] be are trying to fool people into thinking that boat people are the real issue. THEY ARE NOT! Illegal immigration is not a serious problem, YET!

    By far, the biggest and the most important issue is legal immigration in particular immigration from the Third World.

    The stuff going on about boat arrivals is just a mere distraction from the real issues.

    Race mixing is not a new issue. Race mixing in Australia has been going on since 1788.

    The result? A large half caste and quarter caste population of part natives. A population (they are not a race themselves) of people who are confused about their racial and cultural identity. That is a result of over 200 years of race mixing. 44 years after natives and part natives were given their equal rights, they are still struggling with living in a White Western nation.

    The left would have you believe that you can take one person from one race and raise them as if they were from another. Well, have a look at the blacks! The Stolen Generation? One hand clapping for the left! @ndy, you must be proud of yourself!

  21. Doug says:

    “Police Chief: It’s been a terrible blow to my life looking like Mussolini, you know. Especially when I was a kid, you know, I was about seven, right, and I was down the Youth Club, you know, dancing away, right, like in the ‘sixties, doing the Twist you know. And, em, there was this girl, right, and she comes up to me, and she goes, “‘Ere! Are you Mussolini?” I said, “Emmm… Yeah.” She says, “I thought you was dead.” I says, “No, it was just me day off, you know.” So she pulled me over the dance floor and butted me in the face! I said, “What’s that for?” She said, “That’s for the invasion of Crete!””

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