Australian Defence League leader arrested for immigration offences


Martin Brennan, the English leader of the ‘Australian Defence League’, appears to have been arrested and placed in detention @ Maribyrnong Detention Centre. Brennan claims he was arrested on July 19 for over-staying his visa, which expired on March 17, 2010. The arrest comes ahead of a rally in Sydney–organised by the ADL and members of the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’–to protest the Islamisation of Australia.

The irony of his arrest for being an ‘illegal non-citizen’ is lost on his handful of Australian followers.

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20 Responses to Australian Defence League leader arrested for immigration offences

  1. Pete J Pete says:

    His bizarrely ironic facebook post can be found here

    CHORTLE !!!

  2. inglourious_basterd says:

    Oh frabjous day calloo callay…

    And grim faced men with dark suits will be having quiet chats to him as well…

  3. @ndy says:

    Yeah well he reckons he’s already been questioned about his involvement in the ADL. Apart from that, whether he’s allowed to stay in the country or is deported back to England is unclear at this stage, as is the nature of his visa status. Given that he works as a brickie and spent some time in rural Victoria before coming to Melbourne, it seems possible he entered the country on on a skilled worker visa (495 or 496). His complaints about problems with changing his address would suggest that he may have not fulfilled the relevant criteria. Or maybe he’s here on a working holiday? Who knows…

  4. (A)dam says:

    I should be surprised, but yet I’m not.

  5. @ndy says:

    The levels of delusion being exhibited by and on behalf of Martin suggests that the ADL may well have jumped the shark on this one. Apparently, the whinging pommy bastard is not simply one of thousands of Englishmen who overstay their visas but a political martyr, one whose arrest is going to trigger a popular uprising and topple the Gillard government.

    To be honest–and wearing an over-sized Akubra and a t-shirt with the words ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ emblazoned across the front–I’d just like to take a moment to pull the ute over to the side of the road, wind down the window, and state loudly to a startled pedestrian that:

    “I’m sick to bloody death of my hard-earned taxes being spent on providing free luxury accommodation and Internet access to ungrateful, job-stealing, law-breaking, trouble-making, funny-sounding foreigners! We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come!”

    And so on and so forth.

  6. (A)dam says:

    I had a cunt of a day, read this this morning and it kept me giggling all through the day, please let it come out tomorrow morning that he converts to islam while locked up … i could do with the pick me up.

  7. Derek says:

    The ironing is delicious.

  8. @ndy says:

    Ironing is for women.

  9. Derek says:

    “All I can say is, when the women are bitching about equal rights and all, I have to say; in this utopia of women being equal to men, who makes the sandwiches?” A. Bolt, 2007.

  10. Anonymouse says:

    “MARTIN BRENNAN….. (not so Australian) LEADER OF THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE LEAGUE” is sexist too.

  11. Will says:

    The immigants! I knew it was the immigants! Even when it was the bears, I knew it was the immigants!

  12. Fess says:

    The dickhead says in his statement that he received the paperwork, but didn’t fill it in & return it, well boohoo you can whinge to your mum who will be the only one to meet you at the airport when you get shanghied back to pomgolia, you wanker LOL PMSFL

  13. @ndy says:


    We have received advice from the Department of Immigration regarding Mr Brennan’s case. They advise that people who are in Australia on a temporary visa are expected to abide by their visa conditions, including departing Australia before their visa expires and ensuring they remain in contact with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. This includes advising the Department of a change in their circumstances including changes to their residential and postal address.

    People who fail to do so and are found to be unlawful non-citizens are liable to be detained and removed from Australia as soon as possible. People must meet the criteria of the visa for which they apply. For instance, spouse visa applicants need to meet all general requirements (including character, security and health) and also prove a genuine, exclusive and ongoing relationship. In considering further visa applications, a person’s immigration history is carefully considered.

    All people in immigration detention are treated with dignity and respect. They receive medical treatment and health services commensurate with that available to the Australian community and the Department’s duty of care.

    Furthermore people in immigration detention are provided with nutritious and culturally appropriate meals. Where a person’s medical or dietary needs require special food, this is provided. Snack food is also available for purchase using a points system through the canteen in each detention facility.


    Lorena Alcorta

    Office Manager

    Office of Wyatt Roy MP

    Member for Longman

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  15. Derek says:

    See, that’s where he’s got them; he’s a racist arsehole, the only culturally appropriate foods for him are sausages, sausage rolls, all other pastried meats and anything bland made from root vegetables.

  16. Neddy says:

    I wonder if there are any Islamic visa breachers in the centre at the moment. They could get together perhaps?

  17. Aussie says:

    Sorry Derek, Marty is not an arsehole as unlike Marty, arseholes are useful and have a purpose in life. On second thought, with his brain farts, Marty must be an arsehole?

  18. Derek says:

    Aussie, you’re right. My lovely little areshole does more for me than Martin ever has, and asks for very little in return; just somewhere warm to sleep and lots of toilet paper to eat.

  19. @ndy says:

    Look, I just don’t like the fact that some people think they have a right to jump the queue. Why should people who do the right thing and fill out their forms properly be shoved aside by those like Martin who refuse to obey the rules?

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