Anders Breivik’s / Andrew Berwick’s Knights Templar Video Blah

Note : The video keeps being deleted and re-uploaded…

The counter-jihad movement, in the shape of the ‘Australian Defence League’ (and with the support of the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ and other patriots), is coming to Sydney on July 30. Breivik gives props both to the EDL (which spawned the ADL) and to the APP in his manifesto 2083: A European Declaration of Independence. He also appreciates:

Australian writer Keith Windschuttle[22], a former Marxist, is tired of that anti-Western slant that permeates academia: “For the past three decades and more, many of the leading opinion makers in our universities, the media and the arts have regarded Western culture as, at best, something to be ashamed of, or at worst, something to be opposed. The scientific knowledge that the West has produced is simply one of many “ways of knowing.”

“Cultural relativism claims there are no absolute standards for assessing human culture. Hence all cultures should be regarded as equal, though different.” “The plea for acceptance and open-mindedness does not extend to Western culture itself, whose history is regarded as little more than a crime against the rest of humanity. The West cannot judge other cultures but must condemn its own.”

He urges us to remember how unique some elements of our culture are: “The concepts of free enquiry and free expression and the right to criticise entrenched beliefs are things we take so much for granted they are almost part of the air we breathe. We need to recognise them as distinctly Western phenomena. They were never produced by Confucian or Hindu culture.” “But without this concept, the world would not be as it is today. There would have been no Copernicus, Galileo, Newton or Darwin.”

See also : Australia’s Islamophobes & right-wing ideologues praised in Breivik’s manifesto, Dr_Tad, left flank, July 25, 2011.

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6 Responses to Anders Breivik’s / Andrew Berwick’s Knights Templar Video Blah

  1. BY says:

    “The PCCTS, Knights Templar use hand embroidered epaulettes on our uniform with golden bullion threads on red velvet background (commander or purple velvet background (operative). A golden templar cross is embroidered in the middle of a frame. There is black fabric on the back with Velcro (hook and loop). One part of Velcro is sewn on the back of the patch and the other part is free.” (2083: A Declaration of European Independence, page 1078.)

    So don’t let me see any of you punks running around out there with those cheap ass machine embroidered epaulettes on your uniforms. You hear me?

  2. @ndy says:

    Aye aye Cap’n! Toot toot!

  3. inglourious_basterd says:

    Like, they really had velcro and velvet in Europe in the 12th Century?

    Velvet was invented by them Muslamics anyway. No self-respecting Herrenvolk should go near it.

    Velvet feels nice on the naughty bits though. That’s why these clowns would be wearing it.

  4. Spammy Troll says:

    Many argue that Mr. Breivik was in fact executing orders from Mossad…

    [And so on and so on and so on. Google “War in Europe: Part I – Cui bono?” to read nutzi murderer Varg Vikernes blah blah blah.]

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