Sydney Forum 2012 : October 20/21

Since the collapse of the Inverell Forum a few years ago (2009), the Sydney Forum has emerged as the main gathering for the extreme right in Australia. For reasons which are unclear, this year’s Forum — scheduled to take place this weekend (October 20/21) — has been cancelled… kinda. That is, an official declaration has been made on the Forum’s website (and on other sites such as the world’s leading anti-Semitic/White supremacist website Stormfront) to that effect. On the other hand, it’s also stated that it, or something like it, will be going ahead… sorta.

According to Australia First Party leader Dr Jim Saleam: “The substitute speakers’ event is moving for October 20 – 21. On the Sunday, the event (as usual) will be held at 725 Princes Highway Tempe, commencing at 10am.”

The Tempe address serves both as Jim’s residence (and has since he bought it in 1983) and the headquarters of the Australia First Party. Previously, it was the headquarters of Jim’s former political vehicle National Action. His leadership of the group was terminated upon his imprisonment in April 1991 after being convicted for his involvement in an assault upon the home of a political opponent (Jim also has convictions for stealing, defacing walls, possession of a prohibited article, receiving and obtaining money by a false statement and more). In his absence Jim’s role as fuehrer was assumed by Adelaide resident (and Quadrant scribe) Michael (de) Brander: NA’s last push was into Melbourne, where in the late 1990s it finally dissolved.

Of course, the Tempe building is also notorious for having been the site of a murder, when on Hitler’s birthday, 1991, NA member Perry Whitehouse shot dead NA member Wayne ‘Bovver’ Smith. ASIO had bugged Jim’s house and recorded the following at the unhappy birthday party:

Smith : What’s it say?
Whitehouse : Ask him, mate. Just ask him. He’s…
Smith : You’re the one that’s fuckin’ sayin’ this.
Whitehouse : Just wait here. (Footsteps.) I’ll show what I got to say.
Smith : All right.

Music. Pause in conversation. Six sharp noises in succession. Distinct sound similar to a gun being fired. Crashing sounds. Music.

Whitehouse : That’s what I got to fuckin’ say, you fuckin’ cunt.

Another member, Gregory Jorgensen, then speaks. His words are inaudible.

Whitehouse : I just killed the prick. You wanna know. Yeah, you wanna fuckin’ know. What’ya wanna know… to kill you too… I just shot the fuckin’ prick. Right. I just shot the cunt. Wanna know.

Music stops.

Whitehouse : Because he’s a fuckin’ arsehole, that’s why I shot him. Right. Do you think I’m fuckin’ scared of fuckin’ goin’ to jail. I don’t give a fuck. I’m not scared. Right. I shot the cunt dead. That’s what it’s all about boy, that’s what it’s all about, right. You ain’t got the guts to fuckin’ face up to that, you’re fuckin’ weak as piss. Right, he’s fuckin’ dead. Now we gotta get rid of that body or I’m gonna get rid of the fuckin’ body, right.

A gasp is heard.

Whitehouse : Shut up, ya fuckin’ prick.

In any event, in a seeming attempt to drum up some much-needed publicity, Herr Doktor appends the following to his announcement on Stormfront:

“Here’s the chance for Antifa to really show how ‘hard’ they are. Last time [2010], they held a loud antifascist protest – 4 kilometres away in that marxist ghetto called Newtown. All Sydney area patriotic people are welcome.”


Along with The Usual Suspects (Gilroy, Saleam, Wilson) who’ve announced their intention to address the few score local drongos who bother to attend the event, the ‘Forum’ will also be spoken to by an apologist for the Assad regime and — perhaps most exciting of all — a German bizarr0 from the Neue Germania movement.

Sydney (Special Speakers’) Forum: October 20 -21

The first day is at the Rooty Hill School Of Arts, Rooty Hill Road South, Rooty Hill.

The venue is close to the shopping centre, three mins from the railway station and across the road from the Lone Pine Hotel.

Admission $20 ; kitchen (Tea / coffee $1)

The second day is at 725 Princes Highway, Tempe 2044

Admission: if you came on the first day – just two gold coins for the BBQ. Otherwise : $!0.

This event is a great chance to pick up on the sort of political information that makes you the informed nationalist. Australia First can also network with various groups and other concerned patriotic people.

You can bring a friend.

Your Speakers’ List

This event promises to be a nationalist ‘teach-in’ with a bit of dash and sparkle. Further speakers to be announced. We negotiated with the Syrian Consul General for the inside story on the so-called ‘civil war’ in that country and have an expert for you.

John Bates: Citizens’ Initiated Referendum: How It Works And How To Get It.

Vesna Tenodi: “Forbidden Art, Politicised Archaeology and Orwellian Politics in Australia”

Husein Maiase (of the Syrian Consulate): The War Against The Syrian People: The Truth

Anna Schlunke: The Steady State Economy Movement

Dr. John Wilson: On Common Law Rights And The Overturn Of Our Freedoms In The Legal System

Dr. Jim Saleam: The Golden Dawn And The Struggle Against The New World Order

Markus Harding: A Report From America On The Resistance To The Destruction Of American-European Culture

Sunday: Open Forum

Rex Gilroy: Australian Prehistory: New Discoveries And Perspectives

In summary, the chief difference between the Sydney Forum and the Not-Sydney Forum appears to be the non-attendance of a Yanqui kook from Alternative Right (which espouses a kinda fascism-for-yuppies) and the seeming withdrawal of Welf Herfurth from his usual role as MC. Welf’s withdrawal may (or may not) have something to do with the recent dissolution of Volksfront, in which Welf played an active role; as previously noted, VF’s seeming dissolution would appear to be related to the organisation’s close relationship with the mass murderer Wade Michael Page. In any case, VF’s legacy in Australia is carried on by Sydney bonehead and Penrith resident Chris Smith — Penrith also notable for being the site of Australia First’s magnificent victory at local council elections last month.

Speaking of The Golden Dawn And The Struggle Against The New World Order, I’m not sure what’s become of plans by local supporters of the Greek fascist party to establish an office in Melbourne, but it appears that supporters in New York and Montreal have been busy — as, of course, have been antifa. For his part, Dr Jim is a member of the august institution known as the ‘Academy of Social and Political Research’, which also includes a small number of German, Greek and Italian fascist intellectuals (and His Satanic Kiwi Majesty Kerry Bolton).

Also keeping busy are GD’s allies (in) the Greek police. Recently, the collusion between GD and Greek police has come to the attention of the BBC’s Paul Mason: Alarm at Greek police ‘collusion’ with far-right Golden Dawn. As for those opposed, some imprisoned anti-fascists wrote the following a few weeks ago:

…Amidst the ‘economic crisis’ more and more people are driven to poverty and destitution, social cannibalism is being rewarded as virtue, fascism is raising its head in our localities and neighbourhoods, the State’s offensive is being intensified at all levels; amidst this period, options that promote self-organization, solidarity, comradeship and direct action are those that can not only stand in the way of fear, which they try to impose on our lives, but as the prospect of a different social organization.

You need to deeply grasp what fascism is really about.
Fascism won’t simply die on its own; you need to trash it.

Mark White (madison) has an account of the 2009 Forum here; more blah on the 2011 Forum here; the 2010 Forum here; and here’s a song:

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  1. @ndy says:

    Huh. I missed this one.

    ‘Truthers are stranger than fiction’, writes David Penberthy’, (David Penberthy, Sunday Mail, September 22, 2012):

    “The Australian newspaper’s Christian Kerr wrote a good story earlier this month revealing that three years ago Lee Rhiannon attended a meeting with a prominent “truther” called John Bursill. The meeting was called the Sydney Forum and was a gathering of far-right activists organised by a lapsed Nazi called Jim Saleam, the former head of the cheerily named National Socialist Party.”

    Penberthy would appear to be referring to an article by Kerr titled ‘Rhiannon at rally with 9/11 conspiracy theorist’ (The Australian, September 17, 2012) in which he writes:

    “Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos last week revealed links between the senator and a former member of the Illawarra Greens, John Bursill.

    Mr Bursill, another Truth News contributor, addressed the 2009 meeting of the Sydney Forum, an annual gathering organised by Australia First leader Jim Saleam.

    Dr Saleam first won notoriety in the 1970s when he was photographed wearing a Nazi armband.

    Speakers at other Sydney Forum meetings have included the prominent Holocaust denier Frederick Toben.”

    In other words, David appears to have been a little bit confused.

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