2012 Victorian local council election : far left and far right (results)

Updater (October 31) : Sue Bolton (Socialist Alliance) has been elected to Moreland Council. This means SA now has two councillors (the other being Sam Wainwright in Fremantle).

Update : Socialist Party says : “Thank you to the 150+ people who helped out on our 2012 election campaign! We managed to increase our vote dramatically and won 20% across Yarra. This means we got Stephen Jolly re-elected with the highest vote in the election, and just missed out on 2 more seats. ALP got just 24% and 3 of their candidates scraped in (1 of them by just 2 votes!). Further to this we won the vote in Langridge Ward, out polling both the Greens and the ALP! We will continue to work hard over the next 4 years and win more support for socialist ideas. If you want to get involved, join the Socialist Party!”

Melbourne remains Property of Robert Doyle and the public put Put Public First last, Uncle Joe’s ticket gaining 1059 votes (1.70%). In Maribyrnong, The Great White Hope was a fella by the name of John Carbonari. He rode a donkey into 5th place with 517 votes (5.34%). In Moreland‘s North East Ward, Socialist Alliance candidate Sue Bolton’s donkey has proven to be much faster than Carbonari’s, and from a dizzying array of 24 candidates it seems possible that Sue may be one of four catapulted into Moreland Council chambers. In the ding-dong battle for Mayor of Geelong, Sue Bull is… waiting. Finally, in the Yarra Soviet it seems Steve Jolly will remain so having secured 3515 votes (34.24%) but whether or not Anthony Main retains his seat is uncertain at this stage.

And here’s a video of some Lebanese politicians arguing with one another.

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