National Socialist Black Metalhead Bumped Into Parliament (Heil Hitler! Heil !nataS)

Giorgos Germenis

I reckon this has gotta be a first.

Among the 21 Golden Dawn candidates bumped into the Greek Parliament Last Thursday is ‘Kaiadas’ (Giorgos Germenis when he’s at home), bass player for Naer Mataron.

Germenis’ success gots me thinking: could there be room for local NSBM practitioners in the Australian Parliament?

Probably not.*

Still, if not the national parliament, why not local council?

The nearest political equivalent to GD in Australia is the Australia First Party. Admittedly, members of AF are more likely to be found wearing cardigans than they are leather jackets, but they do have a yoof wing: the Eureka League. And OK, the yoof wing leader is a middle-aged fella named Brendan Gidley, and yes, in its previous incarnation (the Patriotik Yoof Laegue), its leader was another middle-aged bloke named John Drew…

But still.

AF had its own Golden moment back in November 2006, when Bruce Preece was elected to local council in Adelaide. Preece appears to have exited the party not long after being elected, and has had his own share of problems since, but his triumph does provide evidence that a White nationalist can indeed win an electoral contest. Further, Peter Schuback recently (April 28) came third of four candidates aiming for a seat in Division 8 of the Fraser Coast Region in Queensland, scoring 1,002 votes or 19.11%.

Sadly, Schuback seems more interested in truck-driving than guitar-shredding.

Who then might AF attract to join its NSBM division?

Gareth/Jack Sansom

One obvious potential candidate is Melbourne metalhead Gareth/Jack Sansom. Sansom (as ‘Hyperborean’) plays bass for Waffenbrüder; more often he can be found shouting for Perseverance. Perseverance released its album on Sansom’s neo-Nazi White Noise label, while Waffenbrüder released its album via Sansom’s local neo-Nazi distro War Doctrine.

According to the band (in an interview with a Greek nazi zine), the name Waffenbrüder “was chosen to convey our ultimate purpose; armed insurrection”. Personally, I don’t think that the boys’ phantasy of national socialist revolution should exclude Sansom from a place on, say, Boroondara Council, especially given that, in the case of GD, a desire to ethnically cleanse the country of non-Greeks doesn’t mean that they haven’t a rightful place in the nation’s parliament.

Or maybe that’s just me.


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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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45 Responses to National Socialist Black Metalhead Bumped Into Parliament (Heil Hitler! Heil !nataS)

  1. Dram-bui says:

    Hurray another dumb fascist poster band that didn’t get why Varg flipped his shit.

    You want “black”? Go shoot a copper in the face and brag to me about your darkness, fucking gooses.

  2. Ben C says:

    So how come they don’t call it White Metal? Talk about inconsistency.

    There are genuine black metal heads out there. Bands like Hirax, Znowhite, Entombed all had black metal guitarists or singers…. black [metal] power salutes to all of them!

  3. Anna says:

    Hi Andy!

    I love your posts and I support you outing fascists and neo-nazi dickheads – keep up the good work! Vomitor are playing a gig in Melbourne with the neo-Nazi bogans from Thrall in June. Funnily enough this show is put on by Coffin’s Slave (the parent company of Evil Invaders). I am sick of how all of these pseudo-fascist types try to rationalise their racism and close-mindedness by making lame public apologies trying to exonerate themselves. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. The fact is Vomitor=Nazis. Thrall and Coffin’s Slave are supporting Vomitor=Nazis. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. I am sure that these morons will try and make another pathetic apology or back flip and worm their way out of taking responsibility for their actions…

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  5. Hushy says:

    Anna what are you talking about? Now Thrall are bogan Nazis? What? How? Please tell me how you claim this to be true?

    Please email me your thoughts if you wish to talk further on this: info @ thecoffinsslave . com

  6. Matty says:

    Anna, you are so far off the mark with your comments it’s not funny. Your assumptions and conclusions are alarmist nonsense based on hearsay and they are severely damaging to the reputation of those you are falsely accusing of such things.

    I can say this with the utmost confidence as I know the gentleman and other staff/those who lend a hand behind the Coffins Slave label. Those involved are from a range of different ethnic backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes to life. None involved are ‘Nazis’ and if you personally knew or had any interaction with those involved you would see how ridiculous and misplaced your judgements are.

    As for Vomitor being “Nazis”, can you supply any solid evidence or reference any of their lyrics/interviews that proves this claim? Simply donning SS Helmets as an aesthetic does not equal a racist band, claiming so is as ludicrous as claiming that all ’60s/’70s Hells Angels were National Socialists. My old band Shackles (which has also been accused of being ‘closeted racist’ (explanation as to how that conclusion was reached is pending)) played with Vomitor over the years and there was never any sign of NS folk present nor did the attitudes from the members of this band point to it either. I assure you, you are chasing something that is simply not there and all you are achieving for us is defamation and inconvenience when it comes to getting people together for a drink and some bloody live music.

    Furthermore, I welcome any of you to approach me or get into contact with me to clarify any issues or if you’d like to discuss anything in particular. I don’t tolerate stupidity or bullies, so this is on the premise that I am approached with respect, which will be shown back to you in spades.

    – Matty

    [email protected]

  7. Bubbafett says:

    Long-time lurker of this site, always great for a chuckle! However I am quite puzzled as to why the band Thrall was mentioned as being ‘Neo-Nazi’ by the previous poster? I don’t personally know them nor like the band, but I don’t believe they have any interest in Teutonic carry-on. In fact, one of the members was in the politically left-leaning band ABC Weapons. So unless since the break up of that band he watched too many Discovery Channel documentaries and has since asked his barber for “a number one all over”, I think Anna is barking up the wrong tree. If Anna would like to come forward with any proof of these accusations I will happily admit being wrong.

  8. Barry says:

    Hi Anna,
    A few questions:
    a) Where did you get your indisputable factual evidence that Vomitor are CURRENTLY Nazis? URL plz. Because my last reading is that they are 75% never nazis, and 25% used to be a nazi but has now recanted.
    b) Do you have any friends who do or have done questionable things? Like drink drive, or smoke drugs, or have sex with people who are too drunk? Does that mean that you do questionable things also? Because if you know someone or do something near someone who does a questionable thing, by the fucking dumb arse logic you’re using above, YOU’RE ALSO DOING IT. This is a logical fallacy and you’re making a stupid argument that makes no sense.
    c) Do you believe that a band, that is, a bunch of musicians, has responsibility to vet every single individual bastard in every band on every bill that they play with to make sure that they don’t have any questionable beliefs? Or is it their responsibility to play fucking music?
    Your post is dumb and Andy should delete it because it is slanderous.

  9. @ndy says:

    In the meantime…

  10. Bubbafett says:

    Geez Andy, a bit off the mark with that Husker Du track, you should have gone with ‘New Day Rising’ instead. Still looking forward to Anna’s explanation, and it appears a few others are too.

  11. Rudy Eugene says:

    One of the guys from Thrall also played guitar in the band Whitehorse, which sounds reeeeeeally dodgy and has a bald guy on vocals.

  12. @ndy says:

    In reverse order:

    @Rudy Eugene: A bald guy on vocals eh? May as well have called themselves WHITEHITLER amirite?

    @Bubbafett: ‘New Day Rising’ ain’t on ‘Metal Circus’ tho’ bro.

    Re Thrall: I dunno why Anna reckons Thrall are neo-Nazi bogans and am in two minds about whether or not to allow the allegation to remain. That is, I’ve published over 16,000 comments on the blog and obviously with that amount of blah comes quite a bit of wtf? too. So…

    Sometimes, comments which appear here are read as tho’ they meet with my approval, which is not the case (or at least not in the sense that I concur with whatever opinions are expressed). Sometimes, I don’t publish comments, esp if they’re violently abusive (“DIE JEW DIE!”) or really slanderous (‘MisterX is a paedophile!’) or simply repetitive (‘Jews Jews JEWS JEWS JEWS!’). Sometimes I do publish stuff that’s pretty daft either ’cause it’s stoopid but in an amusing way (‘Yr toaster is monitoring yr thoughts!’) or to prove that, yes, some people really do express such opinions (‘Jews Jews JEWS JEWS JEWS!’).

    This can produce some interesting and unexpected results.

    For example, during the 2012 Queensland state election, (a tiny number of) the many hundreds of batshit comments made by ex-teenage fascist Peter Watson on my blog were drawn attn to by a journo at the ‘Courier Mail’. Peter’s online rants were of particular interest ’cause he’d been nominated as ALP candidate for the seat of Southern Downs. Although most of the following media commentary was pretty disjointed, what the media spectacle effectively meant was that Peter was disendorsed by Labor and I had the surreal experience of watching former premier Anna Bligh denounce Peter and all his works on national television.


    I assume readers use their bRanes when they read and if someone claims ‘X is Y’ but offers no evidence to support that contention they’ll dismiss it. In this case, someone has claimed ‘Thrall are neo-Nazi bogans’. The obv nxt q remains to be answered. My intention is to allow Anna’s comment re the band to remain in the expectation that some evidence will be offered (ie, Anna will read the response and offer some kinda explanation) but if not then maybe to remove it…

    One problem which emerged inre Vomitor (the band) and Evil Invaders (the gig) is people read my claim that ‘Vomitor is Bad! And they’re playing Evil Invaders!’ to mean ‘Evil Invaders are Nazis/racist!’, which is something I never claimed (and in any case simply doesn’t follow). Thus:

    Recent damaging allegations…
    Published on May 22nd, 2012

    In response to recent damaging allegations, we would like to state clearly and definitively that The Coffin’s Slave and the Evil Invaders Festival are NOT and have never in ANY way been RACIST.

    We are a very diverse team of people, from dedicated animal rights campaigners to passionate feminists.

    We are appalled by the behaviour of certain ‘activist’ groups, who, having made assumptions about performers based entirely on heresay, have then reported these assumptions on the internet and to the venue operators and other organisations. These unfounded claims have damaged the festival and have disappointed many ticket-holders. That said, we acknowledge that there certainly are bands on the Festival that will offend many people of various religious and political persuasions. The bands may very well offend each other! This is their right!

    However, it is a grave insult to the organisers and the bands to be slapped with a ‘racist’ label by extremely ill-informed moral crusaders.

    We’re going to keep this statement short but for those that have been referred to this site from other “blogs” please don’t pay attention to this internet graffiti, it’s simply not true in any way.

    Owner / Founder of Evil Invaders & The Coffin’s Slave

    TBH, I’m slightly surprised anyone paid much attn: my ref to Vomitor was, after all, at the bottom of a post about something else and, apart from a comment on Facebook and a couple on Twitter (inc one @usyd), that was it as far as my expressing an opinion was concerned. Obviously, others echoed my concerns.

    More later.

  13. @ndy says:


    There aren’t any fucking cows in Mongolia!

  14. Bubbafett says:

    Interesting logic, Andy. So really, baseless accusations can stay on the forum you moderate until any evidence proves either way? Sounds a bit like ‘guilty until proven innocent’, huh?

  15. @ndy says:

    Interesting logic, Andy. So really, baseless accusations can stay on the forum you moderate until any evidence proves either way? Sounds a bit like ‘guilty until proven innocent’, huh?

    To your ears, perhaps, but not to mine. If someone makes a claim — eg ‘Thrall are neo-Nazi bogans’ — a reasonable person might ask: ‘What evidence do you have to support that claim?’ Specifically, ‘What evidence do you have to support the claim that Thrall are neo-Nazi bogans?’ In this case, the question has been asked and it’s up to Anna to provide it. (Further, perhaps, to clarify what is meant by these terms, the meaning of which may be confused or unclear.)


    Yes, a failure to provide any such evidence may mean I remove the allegation: or it may not.

    First, in general, when I refer to Dear Reader, I mean someone who is reasonable and who will not conclude, simply because someone makes a claim on my blog, it’s therefore a fact. In other words, a) not to assume guilt until innocence is proven and b) to dispute such claims (and the facts which are alleged to support them) if they believe them to be false. By the same token, there are accusations or claims of all sorts on my blog, some of which may be considered as being controversial and some of which may not. For example, a few months ago somebody claimed in a comment on my blog that a certain individual was a paedophile: I didn’t publish the claim because it’s a very serious accusation and as far as I can tell the person nominated had never in fact been convicted of such a crime. In all instances, others are free to comment or to contact me to seek clarification.

    Secondly (in this particular instance), I’ve been in communication with one of the members of the band and, for the time being, they’re not demanding that Anna’s comment be removed precisely on the basis that it’s clear that it lacks support.

    Finally, note that I’ve had v irregular Internet access since May 21, which is why I’m only now publishing and responding to comments — a task which I’m still catching up on. Otherwise, and as the post titled ‘NB. Vomitor’ makers clear, I’ve been in communication with Hushy and one other person relevant to the discussion inre Vomitor.

  16. Michael Jackson says:

    Thrall & Whitehorse are some of the most left leaning bands. I can’t believe these allegations made. It is nothing better than salacious slander! I’m sure it’s damaging & hurtful to the people involved. You people are really grasping at the straws around the stake of your witch hunt.

  17. @ndy says:


    Calm down Michael.

    One person (Anna) reckons Thrall are ‘nazis’; I think Rudy was not being entirely serious in their comment about Whitehorse…


  18. @ndy says:

    Oh yeah…

    Matty wrote:

    As for Vomitor being “Nazis”, can you supply any solid evidence or reference any of their lyrics/interviews that proves this claim? Simply donning SS Helmets as an aesthetic does not equal a racist band, claiming so is as ludicrous as claiming that all ’60s/’70s Hells Angels were National Socialists. My old band Shackles (which has also been accused of being ‘closeted racist’ (explanation as to how that conclusion was reached is pending)) played with Vomitor over the years and there was never any sign of NS folk present nor did the attitudes from the members of this band point to it either. I assure you, you are chasing something that is simply not there and all you are achieving for us is defamation and inconvenience when it comes to getting people together for a drink and some bloody live music.

    Re Vomitor: um, well… the band has issued a statement which I’ve published. I was gonna leave it there but given yr comment was made the day after I posted it…

    Currently, Vomitor has three members: Anton Vomit, Hellkunt and Death Dealer (aka SS Death Dealer aka Hellbutcher aka Rob C). Based in Brisbane, two of the members played in the esoteric neo-Nazi band Spear of Longinus (Rob and a former drummer). The band belongs to a loose milieu of mid- to late ’90s h/m bands like (most notably) Deströyer 666 (which presumably explains why D666 has reacted badly to the band’s statement) and Gospel of the Horns; some members of these bands have in turn played/recorded with the handful of neo-Nazi bands of this and the following era (late ’90s thru to late 2000s). Thus:

    D666 released their CD Unleash the Wolves in 1997 through Daniel Janicka’s label ‘Modern Invasion’; on the inner sleeve the band thanks members of Fortress, Squadron and Ken McLellan from Brutal Attack, the long-running English neo-Nazi band — formerly known as Dead Paki In The Gutter — which toured Australia in 1996. During this tour, members of Brutal Attack, D666, Fortress and Squadron recorded a mini-CD together titled ‘Garrison’, which was released through Nordland Records (Nordland Records later mutated into Resistance Records: a cashcow for the National Alliance).

    Fortress lead singer Scott McGuinness has also recorded albums as Dissident (A Cog In The Wheel and Unity Drum as ‘Dissident II’), Axis (Agitate) and Exxtrem (with members of German band Noie Werte). Scott was the vocalist for several other projects, including Garrison and Raven’s Wing. As noted, Garrison was recorded with the assistance of D666 drummer Coz (aka Mark Howitzer) and touring English band Brutal Attack in 1996. (In a similar vein, members of touring Belgian band Kill Baby, Kill! recorded Garrison II with Deaths Head and Ravenous, released in 2008 on Strong Survive Records.) The Raven’s Wing album Through The Looking Glass was recorded for German label Destiny Records. Originally released in 1997, it was re-released by Rock-O-Rama in 2008, and featured the talents of ‘Aussie’ Nigel Brown, Keith (KK) Warslut of D666 and Coz (again on drums).

    Deaths Head, Ravenous and Vomitor played a White Christmas B&H gig in Brisbane in December 2000 (Blood and Honour zine, No.21).

    Apart from Spear of Longinus, few Australian metal acts have embraced NSBM. One-man band Arysk is another exception, as are (arguably) Abyssic Hate, Deströyer 666, Gospel of the Horns and Vomitor, although apart from some lyrical allusions and the collaboration of individual members in neo-Nazi recording projects–KK Warslut/D666 (Raven’s Wing), Ryan Marauder/Gospel of the Horns (Deaths Head) and Mark Howitzer/Gospel of the Horns (Garrison, Raven’s Wing)–none of the latter are self-proclaimed neo-Nazis. A few metal bands who are explicitly neo-Nazi in political orientation are Deaths Head and Ravenous.

    Anyway, here’s the account B&H published in their zine (No.21, p.27) of the Vomitor gig (which they deny ever having played):

    Hail comrades,
    Here’s a quick gig report, keep up the good work. It’s good to see B&H going from strength to strength.
    14/88 Andy.

    Brisbane B&H Gig, December 16th 2000
    Ravenous, Vomittor [sic] & Deaths Head
    Brisbane had it’s [sic] second annual Christmas gig, this year we attracted a crowd of about 50, which was good considering we have a small scene.
    Ravenous up first (only cause the band wanted to get pissed!)[:] played a good set complete with some tasty jokes in between songs that livened up the evening.
    Vomittor played next and I have to say that they improve every time I see them another tight set enjoyed by all.
    By this stage we’re making the fifth trip to the pub across the road and it[‘]s time for more beers and Death’s Head to [do] their set.
    As most of you know the band have been around for 18 months and don’t judge the tracks on the Southern Thunder compilation this band rocks. I have heard the full album that they have recorded and its [sic] kicks arse. Soon to be released so look out for it. They played a cracking set and fired up the troops. All in all a great gig thanks to the people who gave their time to volunteer to help out and make this the gig it was. So keep you calendars free for December next year Brissie will put on another gig well worth making the trip for just for the weather eh Harry!

    Finally, re: “Simply donning SS [h]elmets as an aesthetic does not equal a racist band, claiming so is as ludicrous as claiming that all ’60s/’70s Hells Angels were National Socialists.”

    Sure: wearing an SS helmet like Rob C done for many years is arguably just bad taste; so too, creating a stage persona named ‘SS Death Dealer’. Given this and the band’s other associations — now seemingly firmly in the past — such antics could, however, be read in other, ways less flattering. As for the Hells Angels, funnily enough they’ve become involved in fascist politics in both Spain and Germany, tho’ not without opposition. Thus in October last year the Angels arranged for a neo-Nazi gig at their bar (‘The Other Place’, 226 Pujades Street in Poble Nou) in Barcelona. It was attacked by antifa, at least one patron went for a ride in an amber lamps and one or two protesters got arrest when riot police arrived to protect the Angels’ property and to reinforce the nazis…


  19. Matty says:

    I find the Fantifa (Fascist Anti Fascists) to be just as cowardly and stupid as any Neo Nazi/bullying type of organization. I’ve heard enough stories about the Fantifa from fellow headbangers worldwide, to know that they’re just as volatile and capable of senseless violence as any other collective with whatever agenda they’ve outlined for themselves.

    Anyway, it seems as if you are not going to retract your accusations about Shackles. I find that petty as well as confusing. However, I’m content that those who apply common sense and logical reasoning can see through your painfully over simplified conclusions.

  20. @ndy says:


    I’ll reply when I’m able. Consider the possibility I have other priorities than responding to your comments in a manner you regard as being timely.

  21. @ndy says:



    Given that you’ve passed over in silence the fact that Vomitor played at a B&H gig I’ll assume that you’re now satisfied that there’s evidence that the band once supported neo-Nazism (and even if, as the band’s statement last week makes clear, this is no longer the case).


    By the same token, I gather that you may have considered the possibility that, in reality, being of Italian or Hispanic descent is no barrier to espousing neo-Nazism (or indeed prevented such persons from joining the actual Nazis).


    I obviously don’t care very much if the existence of antifa upsets you in some way. But feel free to be a little more specific regarding the dangers antifa pose to the future of heavy metal. Apart from the attack upon the gig in Barcelona referred to above (which I assume was oi! not metal) the only other relevant event I can think of is when (in October 2010) some sporting Polish antifa waylaid a Polish NSBM band named Tormentia: I understand that as a result the band missed out on playing its next gig.

  22. Dave says:

    Band/promoter doesn’t give a shit about the political views of others or doesn’t actively work to disassociate themselves from it = neo-Nazi.

    Good job guys. Now I know this isn’t the boat that Hushy or Matty Shackles are in since they HAVE actively avoided it but seriously this fucking logic is bullshit. I tolerate just about all kinds of bullshit views from all kinds of people, I might think they are a fucking idiot for thinking this, that and the other but I’m not some fucking twat that bothers to impose my views on others, I’d rather just ignore the shit and not get into a fight about it. That doesn’t make me a sexist, racist, or whatever. It just means you aren’t a fucking activist. Who gives a fuck if there’s some dirt on a band members past or they played at a gig with some dickheads or something petty like that? Even if a band is on a label run by some racist that doesn’t mean shit. Guilt by association is fucking idiotic and thus @ndy and so many of these posters are fucking idiots.

  23. Matty says:

    I obviously don’t care very much if the existence of antifa upsets you in some way. But feel free to be a little more specific regarding the dangers antifa pose to the future of heavy metal. Apart from the attack upon the gig in Barcelona referred to above (which I assume was oi! not metal) the only other relevant event I can think of is when (in October 2010) some sporting Polish antifa waylaid a Polish NSBM band named Tormentia: I understand that as a result the band missed out on playing its next gig.

    And what is your opinion on the manner in which Fantifa attacked these racist musicians loading up a van?

  24. @ndy says:


    I don’t understand why you think apathy and apoliticism is equivalent to support for neo-Nazism. Do you mean to suggest that not actively opposing such ideologies or movements is tantamount to encouraging their growth?


    I understand that Poland has a bit of history when it comes to this kinda thing. Also, that this history is ongoing. Thus:

    From our wild-east correspondent
    Schnews, No.816, May 25, 2012

    Rozbrat is a squatted social centre in Poznan (West Poland) occupied by anarchists for over 15 years, it is home to many initiatives and projects. On 13th May there was a DIY Art Festival taking place there. Since Rozbrat is a pretty popular place in Poznan (not only amongst activists, but also amongst more mainstream population looking for something different) the event was attended by many families. On the same day in the centre of city local fascists from Autonomous Nationalists (fascists who dress like anarchists) and other right wing groups of idiots were taking part in some sort of celebration of one of the national heroes, as usual trying to hi-jack events for their own ends.

    As if this was not enough our brave Polish ‘patriots’ decided to go to Rozbrat and attack the festival taking place there, even though it wasn’t particularly political and there were a lot of kids in attendance. Around 30 arrived outside the building, tried to set the gate on fire and began chucking rocks and flares inside squatted area. Leaders of the master race however didn’t expect the squatters to react so robustly to their ‘patriotic’ action. Fascists were chased away from the squat and in the resulting scuffle many of them sustained injuries, including their leader Maciej Witzberg who was hospitalised with stitches and fractures.

    Shotly after activists began a boycott of two pubs Witzburg is co-owner of. In Poznan the far right is not very strong when it comes to numbers, but clearly has money behind it and those two pubs definitely contribute to that. A Facebook profile of the action quickly got hundreds of ‘likes’ and local media also wrote about it. The boycott obviously had significant impact upon nazi business already, as Maciej Witzberg began issuing legal threats to everybody sharing it on their Facebook pages or distributing information about it publicly. That seemed to increase the numbers of people liking and sharing the profile even more! Obviously not content with bad publicity and possibly already facing pressure from business partners, Mr “I am only a Polish patriot” went to the local liberal newspaper (think The Grauniad with less typos) to tell “his side of the story”. In the interview he complained about “being persecuted for his beliefs”, compared boycott to actions of communist secret police and said he was at Rozbrat to protest their anti-patriotic activities and was assaulted for absolutely no reason. Clearly throwing bricks and flares at kids and their families had nothing to do with it!

    The boycott action continues and Poznan anti-fascists said they are not going to leave our poor “patriot” in peace.

    FB profile of the boycott action with more information about the fash in Poznan and their connections (in Polish)

  25. Matty says:

    Interesting reply, however you did not answer my question. How do you personally feel about the Fantifa physically schooling people for their cause?

  26. @ndy says:

    Yeah. But then I offered you an opportunity to elaborate upon the dangers antifa pose to the future of heavy metal which you didn’t exactly seize so I reckon we’re even.

    In any event, I’m not sure I should take yr q seriously. You constantly refer to ‘Fantifa’ (Fascist Anti Fascists). This fact suggests that, as far as yr concerned, there is actually no meaningful political distinction to be made b/w ‘fascists’ and ‘anti-fascists’. Rather, according to you, both ‘fascists’ and ‘anti-fascists’ are merely groups of cowardly, stupid and volatile individuals committed to senseless violence; individuals and groups whose ostensible political motivations are in fact merely an elaborate (or not-so-elaborate) justification for the pursuit of this violence: violence which is presumably on some other, presumably psychological level, in some deep sense satisfying to the individuals so engaged.

    That being the case, I think it would be more useful for you to outline what you think these terms — ‘fascist’ and ‘anti-fascist’ — mean and how they apply. Who, precisely, are the fascists and the anti-fascists in, say, contemporary Europe? That is, if when you use these terms they have any meaning outside of the ones you’ve provided above, it would be useful for you to outline these prior to a discussion of the anonymous Poles and their assault upon the members of Tormentia and, perhaps, another regarding the ethical foundations of (political) violence.

    In summary, are you interested in having a serious discussion, or not?

  27. @ndy says:

    PS. The actual blogpost refers to the Golden Dawn. Is this a fascist political party? What do you think of their ‘anti-fascist’ opposition?

  28. Matty says:

    A prick to the end it seems. At least you came through with somewhat of a retraction after publicly accusing strangers of being aligned with national socialism (all because you’re shithouse at dot to dots). No apologies for your constant disrespectful attitude though, which you’ve possessed since your first reply.

    Truth is, I would rather chew glass then get into a political discussion with you. I came here in an attempt to find out what your problem is. And it seems you’re simply an agitator, nothing more. Your opinions on what’s what I could not care less for.

    Your stance on Fantifa was questioned to see if you condone that kind of violence. Your silence speaks clear and loud for you.

    Peace out.

  29. @ndy says:

    I’ll take that as a ‘no’.

  30. @ndy says:


    “Simply donning SS helmets as an aesthetic does not equal a racist band…”

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  32. AFA_TAS says:

    Nazi metaller Gareth Jack Sansom has reappeared in Hobart, where he has undertaken his hilarious career as fantasy writer. He has also left some contact details, in case some maverick publisher spots his bestsellers in the making…

  33. Gareth Sansom says:

    .. both novels are still readily available via Barnes and Noble, among other sellers:

    https :// www . barnesandnoble . com / w / alluvion-gareth-jack-sansom / 1127211664
    https :// www . barnesandnoble . com / w / bipolar-express-gareth-jack-sansom / 1127210861

  34. no coherence, no cohesion: a dadaist's approach to essay writing. says:

    1 your June 1, 2012 reply had been the missing piece in the puzzle until now unless i’m experiencing confabulation. 2 Fuck thrall – em and tom are dumb 3 in Whitehorse, Peter seems cool but he seriously needs to kick out Sean hinds for his fashy crap and his girlfriend kama waij is an idiot. 4 Gareth, in your photo shoot, did you intentionally ask your band mates to stand in the background so no-one notices how physically inferior you are when they make a purchase? why aren’t you wearing a sleeveless t-shirt like your buddies? And you look like Ben Shapiro, a Jewish American lawyer that’s on the right, except your nose is much bigger than his. you should get a dna test but you’re clearly incapable of comprehending science – stick to writing fantasy novels, you delusional parasite. 5 poor arsehole and the sniffles – I blame the education system for their blinkers. 6 in late 2001 or early 2002, Geoff Corbett who works at mater hospital in brisvegas, was in the abc news for working with young people as a drug and alcohol counsellor, and sings in six ft hick punched a woman a few times in the head in a quiet side street, outside the espy. the woman was half his size and build and had done a ton of work for the anarchist black cross. Geoff spat on me before he attacked the woman. during the last two songs, he shouted to the woman, ‘shut up you dreadlock lesbian!’ unfortunately, he wasn’t aware that the woman was not a lesbian. In 2003, mayhem’s drummer Jan axel blomberg physically assaulted a female sound engineer, who was half his size and build, after a show in melbs, because he didn’t like her dreadlocks. he had attempted to pull her by her hair but had to let go after she pulled his greasy hair. she told me this months later. Love your work, especially your critiques of safran’s book and goad’s, but you are unproductive. And unpleasant.

  35. @ndy says:

    @no coherence, no cohesion: a dadaist’s approach to essay writing.

    Your comment was marked as spam. Otherwise: OK?

  36. No coherence, no cohesion says:

    correction: the mayhem gig happened in Sept 2002.

  37. Gareth Sansom says:

    Hi @no coherence. No, I daresay it was a cool day and I was more comfortable In a shirt (..?). No idea what shoot you’re talking about specifically. Yes, I’m not six feet tall and no, I don’t believe that makes me Jewish and I’m not sure if you’re arguing that’s a bad thing (..?). I would love to let you elaborate more on comprehending science. Delusional to degree, but gainfully and happily employed the past ten years or so. The next book is well underway; thanks for the encouragement.

  38. no cohesion, no.coherence says:

    As for shane warne, well, I’m not sure if dfat is aware of the constant allegations made against the thai police. on a lighter note, a person that I know served tables in a restaurant and Shane warne and his mates showed up, so she took their orders but, as soon as she was a few metres away, Shane warne used the n-word to describe her to his friends. she was only 14 years old at the time. however, he said nothing about the food – he did enjoy a good curry and a few beers. correction: mayhem played in 2002.

  39. @ndy says:

    @No coherence, no cohesion [et al]

    A number of yr comments have been marked as spam, but I don’t think I’ve missed anything of substance.

    Yrs unproductively & unpleasantly,


  40. no coherence, no cohesion says:

    thanks, Andy, my internet connection keeps failing. Gareth, please learn that ‘dare’ and ‘say’ are two words. And, in the photo, you’re wearing a bulky leather jacket to hide your weak physique.

  41. Gareth Sansom says:

    @No coherence, no; daresay is definitely valid. As a bloke approaching middle age I’m quite comfortable with my health, and have more important things to focus on these days than looking like a condom stuffed with walnuts if that’s the criticism. Thanks for the reply.

  42. no coherence, no cohesion says:

    i stand corrected. what is the past simple of daresay, and do you use it? why or why not? do you refer to rob fassbender as a condom full of walnuts or should that be valknuts? while I’m at it, could you please ask him why one of his racist mates cowardly punched a little Asian at the urgrund show at the zoo, forcing the gig to be shut down? it’s his band. maybe sean, whose name means God is gracious, hinds knows since he’s in the band. more importantly, what is your reason for sharing your thoughts on this blog? instead of spoon-feeding you scientific knowledge in order to justify my claim that you have the intelligence of an animal, such as the frill-necked lizard – you have a similar gait to such a reptile – that missed out on the evolutionary gift of frontal lobes, my challenge to you is to critique Charles Darwin’s magnum opus and to also critique adolf’s my struggle. if you do accept this challenge, then please provide compelling arguments with substantive evidence. for the sake of brevity and because your name means gentle, I don’t expect an essay. apart from this, do you or any of your friends know why Mr edwards’ first name is traditionally a girl’s name? why wasn’t he named Sisera? too sissy perhaps. furthermore, please continue making music that’s the sountrack to a b-grade action movie of the 1980s – it’s comical. Awaiting your response, Gentle.

  43. Gareth Sansom says:

    @No coherence, I could only hope to achieve the quality of an 80’s action film soundtrack (quite a high bar, let’s be real). I’m replying out of boredom and links sent, but not nearly at a level approaching what’s needed to follow your train of thought. Though a metal show at a zoo does sound like a fun time, and I’ve genuinely never thought about my gait.. all the best.

  44. no coherence, no cohesion says:

    I was referring to the brisvegas music venue called The Zoo. Just remember you can always get rid of the silly death’s head tattoo that’s on your forearm.

  45. Gareth Sansom says:

    @No coherence, I’m an ageing man well outside of any public self-promotion these days. It is a crisp tattoo, but not worth the time and energy to remove it if that was ever wanted. Have a good Easter and stay safe.

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