Dr James Saleam is Winning! in Cook

Huh. Following the distribution of ‘racist’ pamphlets in Warwick, Queensland — credited to but apparently not authorised by the Australia First Party (Shock at race-hate pamphlet, November 25, 2011) — comes this (December 2, 2011) article from local newspaper the Daily News, in which party fuehrer Dr Jim claims, inter alia, to be heading for success in the Federal electorate of Cook, currently held by Tory party hack Scott Morrison.

You may remember Scott Morrison for the extreme care he has for Australian Tax Dollars — especially when being wasted on transporting grieving relatives to Sydney for the funerals of asylum seekers drowned off the coast of Christmas Island in December 2010. “At least 30 asylum seekers, including 13 men, nine women, four children and four babies, perished when their wooden fishing boat was buffeted by high seas and smashed on rocks as it approached the island.” (See also : Flogging dead refugees / live Muslims = smart politics?, February 17, 2011.)

In terms of hostility to refugees, then, the contest for the seat of Cook looks set to be a race to the bottom.

As for Australia First, Dr Jim has contested elections on a number of previous occasions, as has his party. Thus far, their only successful candidate has been in Adelaide. They call him Bruce Preece but five days after his election to local council he resigned from the party. In late 2010, Bruce was accused of being a bully; in March of the same year Bruce was “ordered by the council to attend anger management classes after the LGA panel found he had wrongly accused a resident of parking illegally in front of his Prospect home in January. The councillor had called the resident a “smartass’’ and a “d———’‘, the panel found.”

Tsk tsk.

In addition to standing for Cook, Dr Jim also stands convicted of fraud and organising a violent assault upon the house of an ANC representative.

At the time of the assault (1989), Dr Jim was the fuehrer of another White nationalist party called National Action, a fascist groupuscule with a bloody record. In 1991 its HQ — which now also serves as HQ for Australia First — witnessed the fratricidal murder of Wayne ‘Bovver’ Smith by Perry Whitehouse. NA also specialised in harassing opponents. Further, “National Action’s leadership … developed a preoccupation with retaliating against media comment. Despite National Action’s initial acceptance that the media were likely to be prejudiced against the organisation, it embarked on making a number of complaints to the Australian Press Council” (Troy Whitford, A political history of National Action: Its fears, ideas, tactics and conflicts, Rural Society, Vol.20, No.2, April 2011), a tradition which has been maintained by Dr. Jim.

Australia First leader sure of election win
Daily News
December 2, 2011

MEET Dr Jim Saleam … chairman of the Australia First party and lobbying for a “white Australia”.

Founded in 1996 by Graeme Campbell, Australia First was expelled from politics for it’s right-wing ideologies [?!?].

But, as of June this year, it is back, and with Dr Jim Saleam at the helm, Australia First will be running for the parliamentary seat of Cook in next year’s election.

Australia First has been criticised for its vision, which is to abolish multiculturalism and bring back a “white Australia”.

The former Maryborough man denied having anything to do with the recent racial pamphlets distributed throughout Warwick despite his logo plastered across the newsletter, but said he would deliver flyers next Australia Day of similar flavour, as he did this year.

“It’s time to scrap the relationship with refugees because refugees around the world are limitless and they should all forcibly be returned to their country of origin,” Dr Saleam said.

“Multiculturalism has a lot to answer for – we don’t want a community, we want a nation.”

Dr Saleam said he was confident he would win the seat of Cook in 2013, but with an alleged criminal record, will have to jump a few hurdles.

Despite proclaiming his innocence, Dr Saleam was jailed for four years for his involvement with an attempted assassination of the African National Congress representative, Eddie Funde, and fraud.

He holds a grudge against the New South Wales police department for his sentencing and claimed they “are one of the most corrupt organisations there was”.

“I want their blood and I don’t let my matters rest,” Dr Saleam said.

When the Daily News asked if he considered himself a racist, he said “even if I was a racist it doesn’t alter the truth”.

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31 Responses to Dr James Saleam is Winning! in Cook

  1. peter chen says:

    … though, the article’s right: he’s ineligible to serve in parliament because the max. penalty of his crimes was longer than 2 years. I wonder what the loop hole they are referring to is?

  2. Denys Finney says:

    Love the term “fascist groupuscule” good article thanks for posting.

  3. andre says:

    yeah ok, jimmy, you tried to assassinate a politician and you want to win a seat in parliament, sure thing.

    does is strike you as odd that they always deny sending out the leaflets?

  4. @ndy says:

    @Peter: Really? I’m not sure about that. Jim’s sentence has been served and while it exceeded one year, the disqualification seems not to apply to those who’ve done their time.



    Any person who:

    (i) is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or

    (ii) is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer…

    This is also what Ian Holland states in his 2003 paper on ‘Crime and Candidacy’.

    @Denys: I first encountered the term ‘groupuscule’ inre histories of the (European) left, eg Richard Gombin. It’s used more generally in the literature on both left and right.

    @andre: No, not really. It’s quite likely AF didn’t authorise the distro, which was apparently an issue of AF member Peter Watson’s neo-Nazi zine The Spearhead. Peter once called himself the ‘Stalinist League of Australia’ (which Joe Hildebrand still links to on his blog) but is now ‘New National Action’.

  5. Paul Justo says:

    Interesting that Peter’s one page Spearhead flyer lifts material from the newsletter of a Toowoomba socialist. The publisher of ‘Workers Advocate’ has been informed.

  6. Shamus says:

    But in all reality, what threat does Saleam or his party pose anybody? The guy is just a political dreamer. The biggest joke is that he’s descended from Lebanese, or so I’m led to believe. Really, this is the sum total of his existence. The guy has never held down a job, and has spent his entirety at the doorway of the absolute fringes. We should be more worried about what major parties are doing to wreck our way life. Saleam is completely inviable, even in the context of so-called White Nationalists. If he won a seat it’d be a dunny seat.

  7. @ndy says:

    Yeah, Saleam’s ancestry is a matter of some dispute. That is, he claims to be of Greek descent, while others claim — and the available documentation tends to support this contention — that Dr Jim is indeed of Lebanese descent. As such, he would seem an unlikely champion for a return to a White Australia. (In the minds of most White nationalists to have ‘Lebanese’ blood coursing through your veins disqualifies you from claiming Whiteness.) It’s also for this reason that neo-Nazis like Peter Campbell (who blogs as ‘Whitelaw Towers’) and other former (and current) enemies of Saleam’s on the far right refer to him as ‘Jamahl’; by the same token, the former leader of the Australian Nationalists Movement, Jack van Tongeren, was of Indonesian descent, and hence earned the nickname ‘Java Jack’.

    They’re a weird mob.

    Or to put it another way:

    “Saleam [Saa-leem],” I say, “isn’t a very European-sounding name.”

    “It’s pronounced Saleam [Sail-’em],” he says, correcting me. “Saleam.”

    He then leads me through an elaborate family history and says that his grandfather’s family was Greek and that Greece was then part of the Ottoman Empire, but also a part of Europe. The family were bureaucrats, he says, and lived for a time in Constantinople but ended up as public servants for the Empire in Syria and what is now modern-day Lebanon. “It is a very convoluted family history and I understand that my grandfather was adopted by a merchant who cared for him as a child because his parents had died. They died of smallpox or one of the epidemics that ravaged the Turkish Empire.”

    His grandfather, George Saleam, ran away from the merchant at the age of 16 and boarded a ship bound for Australia. He ended up in Maryborough, Queensland. “All I know is that when my grandfather applied for citizenship, he was classed as a white person,” Saleam emphasises. Ordinarily, these matters would be of little consequence, but for a man preaching racial purity, and for his followers, they are important.

    Did growing up with the name Saleam — I mispronounce it Saaleem again — present any problems in Maryborough? “It’s Saleam [Sail-’em]!” he corrects, and says he was never taunted about his name or his “European” origins.


    “Jimmy, Greek?” says Dr Michael Monsour, who owns a large medical practice in Maryborough. “Greek! Ha! Ha! Jimmy was a Leb, just like us.” The Mounsours and Saleams came to Maryborough around the same time, in the late 19th century, and their families have been friends for more than 100 years, “given the shared history”.

    Saleam’s grandfather, George, landed in Maryborough without a cent but was a hard worker and a shrewd businessman. He set up a drapery business, invested his savings in real estate, bought the picture theatre and, by the time he died, owned dozens of properties in the district and was one of its wealthiest citizens. “The Saleams owned half of Maryborough’s main street,” says Monsour, “and we owned the other half.”

    But the early part of the last century was an uneasy time for people like the Monsours and the Saleams, living in the shadow of the White Australia policy. Lebanese were not legally able to own property. They were, in fact, illegal immigrants and classified as Asiatics, along with Japanese, Chinese and Indians, according to Marilyn Lake, professor of history at La Trobe University. The border had to be drawn somewhere; the Greeks were in and the Turks and Syrians (and the Lebanese — Lebanon was then part of Syria) were out. It was a common practice for Lebanese to claim they had come from Greece for fear they might lose their properties.

    “Maybe that’s where Jimmy got the Greek fantasy from,” says Monsour.

    Saleam sends me documents regarding his grandfather’s application for naturalisation, claiming it proves his case. It doesn’t. The pertinent part of the document says George was of good character, “not coloured, and is a native of Constantinople, but as his parents removed to Syria while he was an infant, he has always claimed Syria as his native country”.

    Saleam has made many bitter enemies in the labyrinthine world of far-right politics, and they provided Good Weekend with countless documents they say are from the National Archives of Australia and claim they prove his grandfather was born in Lebanon.

    But the most compelling evidence comes from the people of Maryborough — the Saleams’ family solicitor, old school teachers and other Lebanese in town — who all believed the Saleams were Lebanese. “That’s the crazy thing about all Jim’s Nazi goings on,” says Monsour. “If Hitler was about today, Jim’d be lined up against a wall and shot — he’s certainly no Aryan.”

    On the other hand, Jim’s a veteran fascist who’s dedicated most of his adult life to promoting White nationalism. Further, his narcissism has been supplemented by a sizeable inheritance, so there’s no reason to believe he won’t continue phantasising about becoming Fuehrer until he’s dead.

    As for threats, again, yeah: Saleam’s party has bugger-all chance of success at the ballot and despite Dr Jim’s claim about winning the seat of Cook, it knows it too. That’s why it’s developed a broader strategy based upon the German model. In this context it can wield some wider, if still marginal, influence. Further, like other marginal political parties, its membership (of which there are something like 5 or perhaps 600) as well as its leadership live in hope of being able to capitalise upon future economic, political and social crises in order to extend its political influence. The Cronulla riot — which Dr Jim termed a White Civil Uprising — was once such moment, albeit one which his party failed to take advantage of.

    KRudd (February 2009):

    Social-democratic governments across the world must rise to the further challenge of developing a practical policy response to the crisis that rebuilds shattered economic growth, while also devising a new regulatory regime for the financial markets of the future. This is our immediate challenge. But if we fail, there is a grave danger that new political voices of the extreme Left and the nationalist Right will begin to achieve a legitimacy hitherto denied them. Again, history is replete with the most disturbing of precedents.


    “The guy is a voyeur of violence,” says one former member of National Action. “He would send his thugs out to do his dirty work and wait for them to report back. He got off on directing the violence but was never involved.”

    None of the above is to suggest that the major parties are to be ignored!

  8. olga vomit says:

    Oh deary me you got your asylum seekers mixed up with your illegal immigrant/third world invaders there oh dear oh dear. Yes you see even the UN have admonished silly Australia for getting suckered by the illegals declaring last year that “60% of so called asylum seekers arent bona fide”. Coming from the UN thats a big call. Then there was the (hidden from public view) Labor government commissioned report on Afghani “asylum seekers” that found the oh so tragic sympathy inducing “asylum seekers” are in fact economic migrants hoping to get to Australia so they can avail themselves of the many benefits this country is keen to lump on them. Oh lets not forget that other little publicised report that revealed 80% of “asylum seekers” are still on benefits after having been in this country a full five years (not of course including the time theyve spent visiting loved ones in the old so called “hell hole” they had to flee). But we dont need to get caught up in the small but tricky details of the third world invasion of this country and the subsequent hollowing out that that entails now do we. Bring on the White genocide l say.

  9. @ndy says:

    G’day olga,

    I’m unaware of the UN ‘admonish[ing] silly Australia for getting suckered by the illegals declaring last year that “60% of so called asylum seekers arent bona fide”’.

    Where and when did this happen?

    It would also be useful if you could provide sources for the other two reports you cite.

    That aside, you seem to be suggesting that many asylum seekers are not of good character or are an economic liability and therefore should be denied asylum.

    Surely on this basis Dr Jim should be returned to Lebanon rather than be elected to Federal Parliament?

  10. olga vomit says:

    l dunno dr jim. He isnt relevant anyway. The UN high up who admonished the Aussie government for being naive was described as Pacific or Asian division UN refugee director. Hot stuff. it is unfortunate l didnt keep the article. l should have – for a high up UN official to admit many “asylum seekers” arent genuine is rare indeed.

    The Australian government commissioned the report on Afghan “refugees” in late 2010. The report was kept under wraps and eventually came to light via an FOI request in early 2011. Here is a link to the SMH article:


    l will endeavour to dig up the report about “asylum seekers” being welded to welfare.

    l dont live in fairy land. Bad things happen here on planet earth – and we all die. Every one of us. We all get sick and we all of us endure unpleasantness at various times. The modern pc version of life on earth tends to ignore lifes negative aspects but FLIES DO EXIST. Its not that l would rather face lifes less attractive side because lm into punishment – rather if we start censoring the stuff that doesnt agree with us who knows how far we’ll go and theres the risk our perspective will become a little “wobbly”. We need the facts and then we can begin to form opinions, if we feel so inclined. There are a great many NGOs whose sole existence is linked to “refugees” – its an industry. Many of these groups receive government funding in one form or another. They are uncaccountable. They play on the publics emotions. Some of the “refugees” fell in the water and drowned. Thats our fault. If we are White we are even more at fault. The only way we can atone is by allowing twelve gazillion “asylum seekers” into our country. If we dare to question whether or not the “refugees” are legitimate we are White ogres and must be put down.

    Surprise surprise – being from a non White country does not automatically confer sainthood – according to a story in the Australian this morning in India children are still sacrificed to some useless harvest god.

    A lot of these “asylum seekers” lie. Whats the big deal about sending them back to their third world shitholes? The big deal is we want them here and breeding so that the song about “coffee coloured people by the score” (the one all the old hippes hum themselves top sleep by) will be the new reality – and the nasty Whites will vanish for all time. l am definitely a new age dreamer – l feel all of you. Well l especially feel the non White yous – you are dear to my anti White racist heart.

  11. @ndy says:

    Dr Jim not relevant? You have read the title of the post? And its contents?

    As for the SMH article it’s a bit unclear. It cites a report by Wise Strategic Communication (an Afghan-based PR company), based on “50 interviews and 10 focus groups in Hazara enclaves in four Afghan provinces last year”.

    Hardly comprehensive.

    Further, the lead reads “ECONOMIC deprivation rather than the fear of persecution is driving Afghan Hazaras to risk their lives to come to Australia” but the body of the article provides little to support the contention. Further, the fact that “many respondents believed the risks of drowning and being ripped off by people smugglers were outweighed by the prospect of being accepted by Australia as refugees” suggests that to dismiss Afghan Hazaras as mere ‘economic migrants’ is mistaken. Finally, it hardly makes sense to rely on a single report by some weirdo PR company to characterise the nature of Australia’s refugee program.

    Moar later maybe.

  12. olga vomit says:

    Just utter the magic word combination “asylum seeker” – and everyones eyes glaze over. l have been using it to great affect meself. A look of slight dismay at first from the target but it doesnt take the victim all that long to make a few mental adjustments – “he is obviously White but he could be from some far off albino hill tribe – better not question JUST ACCEPT”. (Btw Andy you are most welcome to borrow my taxpayer funded people mover any time.) Despite the look of rusticity these illegals are polished performers, of course it helps a lot that we really want to believe in them. Dr Jim isnt relevant – he keeps talking about White supremacism when the real issue is White survival – he is trapped in some other age. l guess he isnt alone in that.

  13. @ndy says:

    You remind me of Shonkadelic.

  14. olga vomit says:

    Thanks babe. No worries about it we White Native Australians just manage to get over the bar according to the UN Department of Economic and Social Afairs 2004 definition of Native Peoples. Now dont get too excited because they will only very reluctantly recognise our happy group – but recognise they will. To deny White Native Australias recognition as a Native People because we have been here odd 230 years is problematic for those UN one worlders – so they will recognise even if it takes a fair amount of arm wrestling. We will take our grievances to every international body we can find – including the Kazook patent office if theres anyone in attendance. The third world invaders/colonisers will be stopped. Andy will lead us. We will call him Top White Dog or TD for short. lf that witch hunter Salem wants to get on board – no worries cause we dont discriminate. Togever we will tackle the White Genocide. l love you Andy.

    “Indigenous communities, peoples and nations are those which, having a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing on those territories, or parts of them. They form at present non-dominant sectors of society and are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories, and their ethnic identity, as the basis of their continued existence as peoples, in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal system.
    “This historical continuity may consist of the continuation, for an extended period reaching into the present of one or more of the following factors:
    a) Occupation of ancestral lands, or at least of part of them;
    b) Common ancestry with the original occupants of these lands;
    c) Culture in general, or in specific manifestations (such as religion, living under a tribal system, membership of an indigenous community, dress, means of livelihood, lifestyle, etc.);
    d) Language (whether used as the only language, as mother-tongue, as the habitual means of communication at home or in the family, or as the main, preferred, habitual, general or normal language);
    e) Residence on certain parts of the country, or in certain regions of the world;
    f) Other relevant factors.
    “On an individual basis, an indigenous person is one who belongs to these indigenous populations through self-identification as indigenous (group consciousness) and is recognized and accepted by these populations as one of its members (acceptance by the group).
    “This preserves for these communities the sovereign right and power to decide who belongs to them, without external interference”.

  15. olga vomit says:

    Its hard to explain how such a thing could be but welfare payments seem to have a mesmerising tantalising attraction for those humble “asylum seekers”. lts like magnetism or some other weird powerful force! Maybe it has something to do with the moon god!

    l mangled the figures when l mentioned 80 per cent earlier – but memory is a faulty device.


  16. Aussie says:

    White survival? Is your skin colour changing? By your skin colour I mean the white that you are implying is better than not white. You are white, you are going to stay white, if other human beings choose for their children to have brown skin that is up to them, surprise surprise, their life decisions aren’t your business. What happens in the world is only to be stopped if it is causing harm which is an individual choice, not the choice you made it seems. The word ‘control’ comes to mind.

  17. Aussie says:

    Cool, more facts and figures. Aren’t they great little helpers when arguing a ignorant, extremely narrow outlook on life. Now tell why those facts and figures are that way with facts. Isn’t that the important part?

  18. olga vomit says:

    Aussi Aussi oi oi eh? He he l think l know where youre coming from. The word out there in the third world is come to oz cause the natives are useless gullible guilt laden White suckers – no longer certain about their identity, past present or future. Most of the useless Whites subscribe to the Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association newsletter and are so dispirited they are SUICIDAL. White suicide is all the rage in oz.
    There is no place in Australias future for Whites.

  19. olga vomit says:

    Calling out for the end of Whiteness is seen as a good thing. lf one wishes to celebrate Whiteness one is branded a criminal outcast. It is clear beyond any doubt that there is no future for Whites, here or in any other previous White majority country . Either one accepts this or one doesnt. Most Whites seem to accept it, hence the huge numbers of non Whites flooding into Australia. Anyone who questions the White extinction/genocide is shouted down, branded racist and harassed into silence. That is then explained as some kind of fairness doctrine action. You hate your Whiteness, Aussi, and thats a good thing. lt means you dont rock the boat and cause problems – thats good Aussi.

  20. @ndy says:

    You’ve made your vomitous point olga.

  21. Aussie says:

    Hmmm, I don’t think you understand me, actually I know you don’t. Anyway, I’ll try and keep it short.

    Are we talking about whites or Australians? They aren’t the same thing you know. Considering some of the attributes of Australians, “racist” Australians, it’s probably a good thing that they don’t know who they are any more, it gives opportunity for a more practical way of being. As for SUICIDE, that big scary word, once again I would probably recommend you look into the facts that cause the situation, it’s a complicated topic. At the core of suicide is thought. There is a situation and then there is your thoughts on it. You could learn something about it and help people if you wanted to. Either way people aren’t suicidal because of problems out there, they are suicidal because they have psychological issues. In other words they are their own worst enemy. You could delete their apparent problem and they would find another.

    The rest of what you said I’m not really going to bother with, I will just say this. I love my whiteness and if tomorrow I am black I will love my blackness.

  22. olgas puppy says:

    Aussi aussi your new age digi logic is enuff to scramble the brain of this poor ageing punk rocker. You advocate a form of social engineering like you actually know whats good for us. White extinction isnt good for us. lt might be good for you because magically you will transform yourself into a self loving black so as to escape the pograms once the Whites are a minority – but the rest of us stuck with our White skin dont relish the extermination that no doubt lies in store for us in the blended (read non White) multiculti state.
    It was better here thirty years ago before they shoved diversity down our throats. We had this thing called “social cohesion”. Now it turns out Whites arent even a race. Well what the fuck are we? hairy starfish?
    Fuck the multiculture.

  23. Aussie says:

    Olga, it is confusing because I see what your view is with white extinction and I am not saying you are wrong or right, I have no idea what might happen, nor have I even attempted to consider the issue. I choose to focus on issues that exist rather than future possibilities that result in fear (fear of loss of whitness). What I do think is if you see an issue there are plenty of things you could do to be ‘for’ the white race without being ‘against’ other races, you are approving of being ‘against’ other races, which is commonly known as racism, to be ‘for’ your race.

    “You advocate a form of social engineering like you actually know whats good for us.”

    I didn’t say I know what is best for anyone, but to have an opinion it would be silly to disagree with myself. I don’t really deal with issues of the world much, I prefer to deal with things I am sure of through my own experience. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to learn new stuff, or have an opinion, after all thats why I am here. My theory is that it is much better to deal with sanity first, then the issue. Simply because sane people deal with the issue much more effectively, well actually, only a sane person can deal with it effectively. What you refer to as ‘new age’ I refer to as; a person who was at the peak of insanity (psychologically), realised it, didn’t want to feel anxious, stressed, depressed, unhappy etc anymore, looked for answers, and found spiritual teachings to be extremely effective. So in other words insanity gave reason for sanity more than ever before. Who is to say this won’t happen to everyone, after all this ‘new age’ thing is pretty big. Psychologically speaking it isn’t really a secret the world has a few issues now more than ever. So who knows maybe I do have some answers? It wouldn’t be wise to disregard the idea completely.

    We are all human beings. You don’t know how or why we are here. Separating people by race, colour or creed does not only sound limiting, it is limiting by its very nature. Kinda like a perspective. If something is limiting, why encourage its importance? Makes ya think, eh?

  24. @ndy says:


    olga is trolling.

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  26. Aussie says:

    Well, he succeeded lol. Either way, I hope he listened.

  27. Saleam looks queer says:

    You read any of Saleam’s stuff? He is just another Arts Student wanker who never grew up!

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  29. Shockadelic says:

    Aussie: “White survival? Is your skin colour changing?”

    Will you grow a brain.
    “White” isn’t just about skin colour.
    Not that anyone should want *any* human morphology to disappear off the face of the Earth.
    (We also have green, blue and grey eyes, and blond and red hair, which are rare or non-existent in other peoples.)
    “White” is shorthand for the peoples and cultures of European ancestry/history.
    It’s not the square in the paint catalog.

    “Our” skin colour, and lots more, will change, as more “other” types and fewer European types migrate here.
    Only 1 in 4 immigrants today is “White”.

    “other human beings choose for their children to have brown skin that is up to them, surprise surprise, their life decisions aren’t your business.”

    No they are, because they’re *leaving* their brown ancestral populations and *entering* ours, changing it forever, while theirs stays they same.

    You can be Brown with your Brown people, and your Brown culture, in your Brown homeland, with your Brown history.
    We aren’t stopping you from doing that.

    “Are we talking about whites or Australians? They aren’t the same thing you know.”

    Well, thanks Mr Learned.
    Did you know peoples can belong to more than one category?
    And categories within categories?
    What’s happening in Australia is happening to all White peoples, as Olga pointed out.

    “I choose to focus on issues that exist rather than future possibilities that result in fear”

    The future results from the present, and this is happening in the present.

    “there are plenty of things you could do to be ‘for’ the white race without being ‘against’ other races”

    You can’t be “for” your people and ignore their incremental replacement by other peoples.
    Can Tibetans just be “for” Tibetans and ignore those pesky Chinese?
    No need to be “against” the Chinese, you’re still “Tibetan” aren’t you?

    “We are all human beings.”

    But we don’t *live* as a species, so it’s irrelevant.
    We live as ethnicities, communities, nations, peoples.
    Thousands of them. And Type-603 can only exist if it is *not* Type-413, Type-987, Type-246, etc.

    “Separating people by race, colour or creed does not only sound limiting, it is limiting by its very nature.”

    So your minorities shouldn’t define themselves either?
    All peoples define and label *themselves*, not just others.
    Your comments don’t just support White or Australian genocide/extinction.
    They support the extinction of ALL distinct peoples!

    “I don’t really deal with issues of the world much, I prefer to deal with things I am sure of through my own experience”

    Then please refrain from engaging in political discussions.
    Politics is about more than just *you*. It’s about entire societies.

  30. Eric says:

    Hey Shonky.
    I just took a brief look at your blog. Wow, what a boring pile of shit. Maybe you should comment on there and be the first to do so, you fuckin’ Bozo.

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