Right Wing Resistance New Zealand : They took our jobs!

Neo-Nazi Mormon Kyle Chapman‘s latest political project ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ has managed to get some moar media attention recently, following the group’s distribution of a They took our jobs! flyer around Christchurch (White supremacist flyers offend, Keith Lynch, The Press, January 12, 2011). The ‘offensive’ flyer employs familiar rhetoric (the country is being invaded by non-White immigrants who steal Kiwi jobs, lower living standards, spread infectious disease, imperil the maintenance of a White majority and so on and so forth) and irregular capitalisation.

Currently a student at the horribly multicultural Christchurch [?] University, Kyle’s battles with the non-White hordes threatening to swamp New Zealand/Aotearoa are the stuff of legend, exceeded only by his ongoing battles with literacy and basic logic. Prior to this latest propaganda coup, in December Kyle–whose commitment to fascist politics appears to exist in inverse proportion to his grasp of good spelling and grammar–played host to Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm.

Paul Fromm in New Zealand: Report From Kyle Chapman

Australia First received this report from Kyle Chapman, our Kiwi ally in the South Island.

We are very happy that Paul made it to New Zealand to speak to us humble folk. At short notice we obtained a venue and rallied some right-thinkers for Paul on Monday the 6th.

His speech was very thought provoking and it showed the many similarities between NZ and Canada. He spoke mainly on Free Speech and Immigration. – both very relevant subjects for us here in New Zealand.

We showed him around our broken city (still a lot of damage after earthquake) and he took in the views from the hills over Christchurch.

We arranged for phone calls with key people in the Nationalist movement so Paul could build a foundation for future contact.

Again it was a great experience to have a leading figure in our movement to come to New Zealand. Thanks to Genet for starting the process and for Australia First for getting him on this side of the world in the first place.

Thank You, Paul, for coming over!

The Boys’ next big bash will be on March 21; nominally ‘International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’, but adopted by Angry Aryans as ‘White Pride World Wide Day’ aka ‘People Of European Origin With Pale Complexions In Calgary And Christchurch Who Choose To Celebrate Their Wise Choice Of Parents By Waving Flags In Public Day’.


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  3. christopher morgan says:

    kyle chapman is nothing but a social coward who tries to portray foreigners as a threat to white new zealanders, as any other coward he picks on the weak and vulnerable in our country, there have been many others who have the same message of hate intolerance and paranoia, he seeks to aim his message at the young and impressionable people who he claims are being disenfranchised by immigration. this little man chooses to tell his followers how they should live and think about things he knows nothing about, maybe there are people out there who may one day victimize him as he tries to victimize others who are weaker than the mob he stands for. will he get some of his own, in my view he deserves it.

  4. Stingray says:

    nazi cunts FUCK OFF

  5. Shoeb Ambawala says:

    I can understand how the Asian community in New Zealand finds themselves threatened by Kyle Chapman’s “Stop the Asian Invasion” campaign. However, let’s think about this folks, this is an extremely disorganized movement. It started out with “Stop the Asian Invasion”. But Kyle is now only talking about Asians coming into the country from communist backgrounds. Seems like he himself is not very familiar with the English language. The word “Asian” can be related to a number of countries Kyle.

    To me this sounds like another social outcast who is unhappy with the way he has lived his life, and is trying to take his frustrations out on innocent people.

    My message to the “Asian” community in New Zealand: please do not be frightened by this recent event. Kyle Chapman does not make much sense and it is obvious that his voice is not representative of New Zealand.

    New Zealand is a nation that stands proud of its cultural diversity, it what brings us our ingenuity.

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