Urewera trial verdicts

The Activists Previously Known As The Urewera 20 17 16 4 (Emily Bailey, Tame Iti, Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara and Urs Signer) have been found guilty of firearms charges; the jury was unable to reach a verdict on charges they belonged to a criminal group.

Urewera raids verdict: hung jury (TVNZ)
Urewera trial: Verdicts reached (NZ Herald)
Verdicts (Aotearoa Indymedia)

I especially enjoyed reading this line in the TVNZ report:

“[The prosecution] said the accused were the ringleaders of the camps which were training and preparing people to go to war. The Crown said they were ready to kidnap, wound and injure, commit violent crimes and even kill.”

It prompted me to consider writing the New Zealand authorities alerting them to the existence of the New Zealand Army; word on the street is that Australia too possesses such institutions.

See also : OPERATION 8: Deep in the forest, an xclnt documentary film on the October 2007 raids, arrests, trials and their impacts | Noam Chomsky, The New War Against Terror, Counterpunch, October 24, 2001: “We certainly want to reduce the level of terror, certainly not escalate it. There is one easy way to do that and therefore it is never discussed. Namely stop participating in it.”

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