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Update (March 23, 2012) : ‘TOGETHER they bring home more than $200,000 of ratepayers’ money every year, but the husband of fugitive councillor Hajnal Black says they’re under “extreme finical (sic) pressure”.’ Pretty sure this means Rupert Murdoch is part of the conspiracy to prevent the Blacks from having children amirite? Also, she got arrest.

Apparently, bankrupt/millionaire Logan City councillor Hajnal Black is (was) missing, on-the-run from authorities who have issued a warrant for her arrest following some unsatisfactory legal encounters.

The lady’s not for turning (up to court).

I first became aware of Ms. Black last year, when she was one of several Tories to rally in defence of chocolatier Max Brenner. At the time, the Israeli-owned chain was subject to boycott rallies, organised by Palestine solidarity activists, (partly) intended to generate publicity for the global Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Hajnal joined a range of others, including members of the ADL, APDM and APP, to counter-protest outside the chain. On October 25, Logan Council “declared the Green’s BDS policy as racist & discriminatory”.

Other fun facts include:

• In response to the question “If we changed the name of Logan Hospital to honour the Queen for her service to Australia in this, her Diamond Jubilee year, which of the following names would you prefer?” — posed by her husband Sean (who adds: “I have prepared a press release on this passion of mine in my notes section”) — Hajnal votes in favour of ‘Queen of Queensland Hosptial’ [sic]. (Sean recently described The Queen as a “woman of most astounding brilliance and resilience”.)

• According to Marissa Calligeros (Hajnal under fire: Mickel hits back, The Brisbane Times, March 22, 2012):

Mrs Black is well connected in conservative political circles, winning LNP preselection for the federal seat of Wright in 2010 before it was revoked because she failed to disclose the investigation into her behaviour as power of attorney.

Federal Senator Barnaby Joyce was MC at the Blacks’ wedding in 2010, which was also attended by mining magnate and LNP donor Clive Palmer, opposition state MP Fiona Simpson and Senator Ron Boswell.

• Boswell rhymes with Roswell.

• Clive Palmer has recently disclosed that The Greens are conspiring with the CIA to destroy the Australian coal industry. Further, “He said a plan by Greenpeace to launch legal action against future coal mining projects was funded by the US-based Rockefeller Foundation, which he claimed was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency”.

• In July 2011, Hajnal shared a stage with Christopher Walter Monckton (3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley) on his rabble-rousing tour of Australia denouncing The Climate Change Myth. (His Lordship’s tour was reportedly bankrolled by fellow billionaire Gina Rinehart.) Previously, in May 2011, Christopher rather controversially remarked upon the striking resemblance between Adolf Hitler and Ross Garnaut. For her part, Hajnal reckons that The Greens want to gas her to death because of her opposition to The Carbon Tax:

…they are so desperate to ram their hurtful tax through that whenever I make a comment and point out the science and point out the facts and I attach reports, they come back with ‘you guys should be gassed’ — these are the types of comments they make — ‘you should be tattooed’… knowing full well that my grandfather was a Holocaust survivor and this is the length and breadth and the way that these Greens will do whatever they can to ram their agenda through…

Hajnal later adds that, unless The Green Tidal Wave is stopped, Australia is in grave danger of becoming a Communist country.

Curiously, erstwhile political opponent Paul Howes has also identified this danger, arguing that the Greens are indeed an unlovely bunch of watermelons. In ‘Beware the Greens’ (The Sunday Telegraph, July 18, 2010) Howes wrote: “The Green’s [sic] have been using the slogan “The future is Green” but if Rhiannon is successful, truth in advertising laws may require them to amend it to “The future is red”.”

But as in the case of Clive Palmer and the CIA, all is not as straightforward as it may first appear. Thus the following, shocking confession:

From card-carrying Communist to staunch anti-Communist in the space of three hours? ORLLY? (Deep entrism, anyone?)

As noted previously, the multi-billionaire amateur Marxologist Palmer argued in relation to the KRudd Government’s Resource Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Profit Tax (a tax which Howes, on behalf of the AWU/ALP, was highly vocal in supporting): “I think it comes from Das Kapital in 1868. The super tax comes about by Marx and Engels and their famous work which inspired the Russian Revolution.”

Oh, you want more?

• The CIA invented feminism in order to destroy Western Civilization: a plot, like that to destroy the Australian coal industry, also underwritten by The Rockefeller Foundation. FACT.

• Rock and/or roll was invented by members of the shadowy ‘Frankfurt School’; The Rockefellers hired MC Adorno when he came to America in 1938 for precisely this reason. FACT.

• WWIII is being set up by the British Empire, and if you don’t think the British Empire is the enemy, you don’t understand the CECs of the situation.

In summary, then:

It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.

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3 Responses to Hajnal Black, Fidel Castro, CIA, Freemasons, Paul Howes, Illuminati, Clive Palmer, Frankfurt School, Rockefellers

  1. Paul Justo says:

    Howes is a fuckin’ imbecile pure and simple, it says something for the ALP when the likes of him and Peter Watson can rise to prominence. If the Communist Party of Warwick’s Gen Sec hadn’t been so batshit crazy and left a trail of shite all over the internet he might have risen to be one of Howe’s peers. Of course he knows Lee’s background so he runs to the Telegraph to spill his guts, reminds me of Leon running to the Nazi Hearst press with his own gibberish.

  2. @ndy says:

    Christian Kerr did an awesome hatchet job on Rhiannon this past January, describing how back in 1970 as a 19-year-old student Rhiannon met with a Russian spy, on board a Russian ship, to talk about Russian world domination, opposition to Zionism, and ah, other stuff like, totally a secret…

    Secret past of Greens senator Lee Rhiannon
    Christian Kerr
    The Australian
    January 28, 2012

    Philip Mendes sticks his oar in (Letters, January 30, 2012).

    Comrade Rhiannon responds here: Did I meet Hillary Bray on a Russian cruise ship? (February 6, 2012).

    As a matter of fact, Kerr has written numerous articles highlighting Rhiannon’s secret life and the impact her meddling will have on the Greens’ unhappy electoral prospects. (I reckon he should go Adam Bandt next.) In any event, Kerr has superb instincts inre leftist trainspotting, for example describing FDB! thusly: “As I suspected. Student Trots who are either too young or or too dumb to know where the road to the gulag starts giving free publicity to scumbags. You poor, thick kids” (March 15, 2007).


    Pretty sure these guys are Maoists:

  3. Paul Justo says:

    Well the old FDB! was hard core anti-Stalin, you know the old litany that Stalin = state capitalism = imperialism.

    But fuck it, the Cubans have invited an ex-Hitler Youth member to tell them to their faces that Marxism is fucked.

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