2012 Queensland State Election

For 120 years Labor has been the force of fairness, equality and reform in Australia.


Unusually, newly-elected Campbell Newman “pledged last night his new, overwhelmingly powerful government would conduct itself with humility, grace and dignity” rather than pride, awkwardness and degradation.

In other news, the Socialist Alliance candidate in Dalrymple, Jason Briskey, seems to have narrowly beaten some bloke called Christopher Williamson — about whom I can find no other information — and thus avoided last place. In Sandgate, Mike Crook, despite riding into battle on a donkey, appears unable to have avoided Williamson’s fate, Christian fundamentalism proving to be twice as popular a doctrine among the people of northern Brisbane as eco-socialism (maybe the Red Eureka Tendency is right?). Finally, in Southgate, Comrade Liam Flenady — whose attachment to SA is strangely absent on the QEC site results — also failed to set the night on fire.

On the other side of the equation, the six candidates for One Nation failed to generate much enthusiasm, the party’s place being supplanted by The Mad Hatter (whose son got bumped into Parliament in Dalrymple). Despite its pithy appeal, “Our own obtuse governments are commercial sluts!” proved not to be a winning slogan. In Ashgrove, NELSON, Ian may have got as many as 50 votes; in Gympie, FERRARO, Santo polled a respectable 1%; CHIDGEY, David may have obtained as much as 1.5 or even 2% of the vote in Capalaba; in Logan, AGGETT, Troy was badly out-polled by the Pauline-Hanson-Plus-Hat brigade, a situation repeated in both Cook (EVANS, James) and Beaudesert (State President SAVAGE, Jim).

Late Breaking News

Bob Briton, formerly of The Communists (nee Communist Alliance) stood for the seat of Port Adelaide in February. He got 292 votes (1.5%), crushing both One Nation (269) and Democratic Labor (151) under his progressive jackboot. Previously, Bob was the Communist candidate for the seat of Lee in March 2010. On that occasion he got 608 votes (2.9%).

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5 Responses to 2012 Queensland State Election

  1. Aussie says:

    Lots of entertainment on the tv for that one, apparently Bob Katter had an ad that was rejected by channel 7 as it was offensive to gays, or more likely that it was just bad news for channel 7. A bit of a shame for those voting on maturity levels.

    Voting is for sheeple that think they should choose sides when none of the parties stand for what they do.

  2. Berlusconi Youth says:

    Comrade Bastard, I can’t find the S.A. attachment for any of the gang of three; it seems the Socialist Alliance aren’t registered as a party in Queensland.


    I applaud the fact they haven’t given themselves over to electoralism like those petty bourgeois reformists in the Daylight Saving for South East Queensland Party.

    And let’s keep an eye on South Brisbane. With 69.07% of votes counted, FLENADY, Liam is just 10 votes behind that ultra-left infantilist “Informal” who is frankly trouncing the other two.

  3. @ndy says:

    Yr right — I only noticed Liam. And yes, hopefully FLENADY can catch up with Mr. FORMAL.

  4. dj says:

    The brown paper bag industry is currently increasing production levels in preparation for the new Campbell government. Good times!

  5. @ndy says:

    Don’t you worry about that.

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