Sam Duncan, The Daily Mail & Anti-Semitism

After having exposed keyboard warriors Luke Hollowood and Ryan Anderson, Crikey’s Cam Wilson has done it again, this time zeroing in on semi-pro anti-Semite and The Daily Mail contributor Sam Duncan.

See : Daily Mail reporter secretly ran a popular racist, anti-Semitic Twitter account, Crikey, April 26, 2023.

The Daily Mail has a chequered history on the question of fascism, with its co-founder Harold Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere openly recruiting for the British Union of Fascists (BUF) in the 1930s. Of late its online version has been subsisting on a steady diet of plagiarism and prejudice, with only rare Ws for the good guys.

Sam Duncam, better known as ‘Based Patrick’ (@patrickbasedmn), was a prolific twit whose profile received a massive boost after the platform was purchased by Emerald Mine Guy.

Cam writes:

[Sam Duncan’s] account regularly tweeted racist, anti-Semitic, anti-immigration and anti-vaccine content to its 32,000 followers. This includes criticising people for their “Naziphobia” and commending countries for expelling Muslims and Jewish residents.

It has collaborated with a group called Anti-White Watch, which was called a “sinister new effort from white nationalists to co-opt the language of social justice”. One of its posts was even featured in an investigation revealing a Fox News producer’s history of liking racist and sexist tweets. The account was deleted last week after Crikey sent a request for comment.

‘AnonCommieStan’ provides a few more details about Sam’s online twattery, which otherwise includes: positive references to Tom Sewell & Co.’s presence at Posie Parker’s rally outside parliament; agreement with Andy Ngo about anTEEfa; the dangers of non-violence; unfavourably comparing the physiques of CARF supporters to those of NSN members; crowing about owning libs and indulging in anti-feminist, white supremacist and anti-Semitic stoopid.

TLDR : Sam ‘Leftoids hate that we’re better looking, funnier and more interesting than them.’ Duncan is a nazi shitpoaster.

More broadly, while Sam Duncan, Luke Hollowood, Ryan Anderson, David Hiscox, David Hilton et. al. share much in common politically, they have other common attributes, being mostly tertiary-educated, well-travelled members of the multi-cultural/multi-ethnic/multi-racial lower-middle class. Thus, while anti-Semitism, misogyny and vulgar, ‘semi-ironic’ racism is more often than not (and quite happily) assigned to working-class meatheads by churnalists and crackademics, angry petit bourgeois boys such as these rarely get the credit they (well and truly) deserve.

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