From Balwyn to Artarmon : A bad weekend for nazis in Sydney?


Tom Sewell’s ‘National Socialist Network’ held a gathering in Sydney this weekend, with approximately 60 or so members from Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania responding to the call.

Having assembled on Gadigal country on Invasion Day (January 26), the boys hopped on a train at Atarmon but were stopped by NSW police at North Sydney, removed and d0xxed. (While some wags have speculated that Tommeh! — noting the fuehrer’s previous boast that he was happy to hand over his members’ d0x to authorities in Victoria — is a federal informant, it’s far more likely that the simplest explanation is the right one: the boy from Balwyn is just a bit strategically inept.)

In any case, on International Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27), the boys then gathered at a scout hall in Turramurra North, where they were again subject to heavy manners by police.

Undeterred, today (January 28) Sewell & Co. tried to hold a picnic in a park — with by now predictable results.

See : ‘Unmask you’: Premier Chris Minns’ threat as Nazis gather in Sydney, Steve Zemek and Jessica Wang, news dot com dot au (NCA), January 28, 2024 | NSW premier warns ‘pathetic’ neo-Nazis they will be exposed after attempted rally in Sydney park, Royce Kurmelovs, The Guardian, January 28, 2024 | Latest ‘neo-Nazi demonstration’ sparks police operation as NSW Premier Chris Minns condemns group, Jesse Hyland, ABC, January 28, 2024.

No doubt more details regarding the composition of the little Nuremberg rally will be made public in future, but in the meantime, if I was to speculate on why the boys decided Sydney rather than Melbourne was the go this weekend, it’s because they may have decided that they’ve reached a limit in terms of recruitment in this city, and would very much like to revive things in the larger (see also : Neo-Nazi group ‘The Lads Society’ @ 34 Thomas Street, Ashfield, Sydney : Help shut it down!, November 19, 2018). Beyond that, some have asked why it appears that police in NSW appear to be rather less keen on nazi parades than their fellows in Victoria (who have a long record of facilitating such events). One partial explanation may be an understanding of the symbolism of a neo-Nazi assembly on the anniversary of the British Empire’s establishment of a penal colony in 1788, the potential mischief such a gathering may pose, and a desire to avoid it. Further, the powers granted by police to tell others to move on/bugger off under the terms of the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 are extensive.

More later.

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3 Responses to From Balwyn to Artarmon : A bad weekend for nazis in Sydney?

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  2. Connor says:

    So is Thomas sewer an undercover rat for the police/government or not?

  3. @ndy says:

    Dunno. While it’s something some of his fashy critics allege, and he’s boasted previously of naming names for the benefit of local authorities, I doubt it.

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