“Go Nazis!”; or “Do you understand bloody English?”

Simon Christian, 21, an economics student at Deakin University, and the first of three members of the Ocean Grove Football Club facing charges over a racist assault on a Jewish man, Menachem Vorchheimer, on October 14 last year, pled guilty April 18 to ‘using insulting words in a public place’, and has been convicted and fined $1,000. Two other players are still to face court. Matthew Cuthbert, 23, played 12 matches for the club last year and averaged 11.4 possessions. He’s charged with intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, assault and using insulting words in a public place, and is due to face court on June 14. James Dalton, 28, played 19 games last year, and led the team in disposals (443 kicks, 192 handballs). Dalton was also Bellarine Football League’s 2006 best and fairest winner. He’s charged with one count of theft and is scheduled to appear in court on June 13 for a mention.

Ocean Grove Football Club has issued a statement on the ‘Vorchheimer Matter’:

    On the 8/3/07 the Club’s committee met in the light of police charges now laid against 3 of its players. The Club is currently considering all matters relating to the alleged offences. The Club advises that it will be making no further public comment in the matter until the court case for each player is completed.

A pity the club didn’t treat its players to a nice big cup of shut the fuck up six months ago eh?

See also : A Day At The Racists (October 18, 2006); The future of policing? (November 29, 2006); Racism and fascism, punks and police: here and there, now and then… (March 7, 2007).

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