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From the Department of Whatever Happened To That Bloke From Alice Springs What Was Selling Silly Tee Shirts comes:

Man pleads guilty to ‘White Power’ T-shirts
Eric Tlozek
October 12, 2009

A man has pleaded guilty to offensive behaviour for displaying “white power” merchandise in Alice Springs.

The man cannot be named because the Alice Springs Magistrates Court has allowed an application suppressing his identity.

His defence counsel, Dara Read, submitted an affidavit saying the man had received threats since being publicly outed as the person responsible for the merchandise.

The man admitted having T-shirts and baseball caps made with the slogan “White Power Alice Springs” and displaying them for sale in the main street last month.

He also admitted removing his personalised car number plates because he feared reprisals if spotted.

He falsely claimed the number plates had been stolen.

Magistrate John Birch adjourned the case for sentencing on October 14.

‘White power’ T-shirt seller sentenced
Eric Tlozek
October 15, 2009

An Alice Springs man who offered “white power” merchandise for sale has been ordered to complete 120 hours of community work.

The man cannot be named because the Alice Springs Magistrates Court has suppressed his identity.

He pleaded guilty to offensive behaviour for having t-shirts and hats made with the slogan “white power Alice Springs” and offering them for sale from his car last month.

The man, fearing attacks, then removed his personalised number plates and falsely reported them stolen.

For that he was fined $1,500 and ordered to pay $2,100 restitution for wasting police time.

Magistrate John Birch says the man received a lighter sentence for offensive behaviour because he had pleaded guilty and was obviously remorseful.

This obviously comes as a blow to The White Man & His Eternal Struggle To Keep Australia Clean. For every cloud there’s a silver lining, however, and White Racial Patriots can still find a whole range of White Power and neo-Nazi music, clothing, key rings and other kitsch from the proudly Australian online retailer 9percent productions. I think my personal favourite is Grinded Nig’s album Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads: ha ha ha! But for the true patriot, albums by Australian boys Axis, Deaths Head, Fortress, Kilgore, Open Season, Ravenous and White Devils are essential purchases.

In even better news, Open Season will be playing on the Gold Coast next year, just a few days prior to Hitler’s birthday!

Perhaps the bestest news for White Australia, however, is the decision by KRudd to keep Tamil trash out of the country — a decision which, just like the sadly-abandoned White Australia policy, enjoys bi-partisan support from the Liberal Party.


(See : Tamil boat people fleeing ‘genocide’, Tom Allard, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 15, 2009: “Distraught Sri Lankan asylum seekers said they were fleeing ”genocide” against ethnic Tamils in their country, and expressed shock that the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, had personally intervened to interrupt their journey to Australian shores…”)

Of course, students from the Indian sub-continent — well, their $ anyway — are still welcome. Very welcome. Especially as patriots in Melbourne and Sydney are doing their best to make sure the foreigners know their place in Australia’s racial hierarchy.

Finally, while I’m not given to allowing emotion to override reason when it comes to determining Government policy, working families should spare a thought for KRudd and his multi-millionaire wife when the pair attend church every Sunday, and a wry smile crosses their faces as they listen to what some dead Jew supposedly said 2000 years ago:

    And they brought to him young children on his TV screen, that he might rebuke them for their emotional appeals. And the loyal Labor apparatchiks also rebuked them that brought him such images. 14 Whom when Jesus saw, he was much dis-pleased and saith to them: Don’t suffer the little children to come unto me, forbid them: for we won’t allow such in the kingdom of Australia. 15 Amen I say to you, whosoever shall keep Australia’s borders protected shall receive the kingdom of God – especially from little brown-skinned children fleeing war and persecution. 16 And embracing his Army, his Navy and his Air Force, and further boosting their budgets, he told them to to tell the world: Fuck Off, We’re Full.

At least, I think that’s what he said…

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