NZ Police affidavit: Just gimme a Bl@ckmask

So yeah, the affidavit. It’s no longer available via the ‘New Zealand Civil Liberties Union’ site, but presumably those responsible, however briefly, for making it available online shouldn’t have too many difficulties doing so again if they wish. One noteworthy aspect of the affidavit — which consists, in large part, of a tediously long list of names, dates, places and records of conversations and movements — is to be found in the Introduction. This has already been mentioned previously in the NZ press, but I thought it might be worth drawing attention to anyway. Thus “The Herald on Sunday understands police first became concerned about alleged “terror-related” activities in the early part of 2004. It is understood that in one incident the National Party website was hacked into by a group calling itself “Bl@ckmask”…” (Stephen Cook, Terror charges Cullen’s job – law expert, November 11, 2007).


1. My full name is [ABC]. I am a Detective Sergeant currently working in the Special Investigation Group at Auckland Metro Crime Services.

2. My duties include the investigation of matters of national security and the monitoring of radical groups operating in New Zealand.


3. On the 12th and 13th of March 2004 the New Zealand National Party website was the subject of attacks, or ‘hacks’, via the internet. A ‘hack’ is an unauthorised access of any computer system. The offender(s) uploaded images and text to the website which were predominantly anti the National Party [among other things “Neo Capitalist, Multinational, Racist, Trash” next to a picture with a circled A on a black background].
3.1. An activist organisation by the name of Bl@ckmask claimed responsibility for the ‘hack’.
3.2. An activist named [XYZ] was the main suspect for the ‘hack’ based on him occupying the hotel where the hack was made from, however he was not charged.




And so on and so on… whatever. Anyway, here’s The (International) Noise Conspiracy:

And yeah, the whole thing seems to have been kicked off in March 2004 by the relatively insignificant act — for which nobody was ever prosecuted — of hacking into the National Party website. Fast forward three-and-a-half years and in:


566. I believe that the above mentioned persons (refer para’s 339 to 565) are part of a group of people who have been training in the Tuhoe Forest, Te Manawa o Tuhoe and Ruatoki Blocks of land and surrounding area wearing camouflage clothing and using military style semi automatic firearms, Molotov Cocktails and they are committing the offences of Participating in a Terrorist Group, Unlawful Possession of Firearms and Unlawful Possession of Restricted Weapons.

567. I believe that the last quasi military training camp occurred on the 14 and 15 September 2007 and that the next quasi military training camp has been scheduled for 12 and 13 October 2007.

568. Information to date suggests that the group intends to use the firearms to take control of an area of land. I believe that this land will most probably be in the Tuhoe area of New Zealand.

569. I believe on reasonable grounds that a search of the above addresses and vehicles (refer para’s 332 to 555) will locate evidence of Participating in a Terrorist Group, Unlawful Possession of Firearms and Unlawful Possession of Restricted Weapons.

570. I therefore seek the search warrants as outlined in paragraphs 339 to 565 which will obtain evidence relating to the offences of Participating in a Terrorist Group, Unlawful Possession of Firearms and Unlawful Possession of Restricted Weapons.

571. Participating in a Terrorist Group is an offence under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 and is punishable by a term of imprisonment; the Unlawful Possession of Firearms and the Unlawful Possession of Restricted Weapons are offences under the Arms Act 1983 and are also punishable by terms of imprisonment.

And here they are again. The (International) Noise Conspiracy I mean:

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