BNP: Carry On Up the Khyber

Ah, it appears that Nick Griffin’s British National Party is in a spot of bother following the expulsion of two of its officials, ostensibly for conspiring against the Party leadership, in particular Duh Fuehrer Nick and two of his close allies, Mark Collett and Dave Hannam.

According to the BNP website: “This morning, Kenny Smith, Head of Administration and Sadie Graham, Group Development Officer, were expelled from the BNP for, amongst other things, creating and setting up a treasonous blogspot designed to attack and smear fellow party officials.”

Oh my.

Apparently, the expulsions are the result of investigations carried out by the “BNP Intelligence Department”.


Collett is a vulgar little fascist twat whose antics have been caught on film: Young, Nazi and Proud. Dave Hannam, on the other hand: “runs the disastrous Great White Records (GWR), the alleged musical wing of the BNP, which features such timeless classics as Paul Cromie on the mandolin (comparable, so we’ve been told, to George Formby on the banjo), and Colin Auty singing rubbishy racist songs about how much he likes to annoy MPs. Most of the songs on GWR’s mercifully short list seem to have been penned by Griffin himself, who would do better to stop writing talentless crap and start hassling the party’s treasurer to get the accounts in to the Electoral Commission, which has been waiting for them for over six months beyond the due date.

Rumour has it that GWR cost around £50,000 to set up and consumes around £1000/1200 per month in running costs. As it produces hardly any recordings, we can only assume that most of those costs cover rent and wages – something of a sinecure for Hannam at the expense of the membership.”

Speaking of which, in-between battling boofheads on bomsbshell about boycotting The Birmy,** I’ve been reading White Noise: inside the international nazi skinhead scene, edited by Nick Lowles and Steve Silver (Searchlight, 1998). A few tidbits:

    *”Donaldson and his followers were also discovering that being a well known nazi in London had its problems. Donaldson was attacked several times, which resulted in him leaving London towards the end of the year. One of the attacks came after a [bonehead] fanzine had referred to one of the organisations that made up the Anti-Fascist Action coalition, Red Action, as “Pink Action”. On his way home with a take-away meal one evening Donaldson was set about and left lying on the ground. Having several enemies he cried “who are you”, “Pink Action” came the reply.”

    *Following the “debacle” at Waterloo, in 1992 Combat-18 was formed: “Its leader was Paul Sargent, Charlie to his mates, a man with a long history in the right wing and an even longer criminal record. Sargent had become active in the late 1970s, where he mixed football violence and drug dealing with a skinhead adolescence. A close friend for much of this period was Chris “Chubby” Henderson, lead singer of the right-wing band Combat 84 and a prominent figure in the notorious football gang, the Chelsea Headhunters. An even closer friend was Gary Hitchcock, formerly manager of the skinhead band 4-skins, and another Chelsea “face”.”

    *Steve “Jonesy” Jones, the lead singer of English Rose (now the lead singer of Tattooed Mother Fuckers) also gets a guernsey; the band were one of a number to eventually turn against C18, partly by aligning themselves with the British franchise of the Hammerskins. On C18, Jonesy wrote “There’s no room within our ranks for such pathetic fools, nor for the people who believe their lies and support their actions against racial brothers”.

    *In October 1996, Wilf “The Beast” Browning went to Sweden. Three months later, his Swedish comrade Thomas Nakaba posted letter bombs to an English TV personality, AFA and the third to the guitarist for Squadron. “The bombs never reached their targets. The police had infiltrated C18 to its very highest level, with its leader, Charlie Sargeant, and possibly also his brother, Steve, tipping off police about the bombing campaign.”

** “Pat2” of South Brisbane (with woodz) writes on Monday December 10, 2007 @ 3:13 pm “Can you please document that [“i… want to punch you as well because you seem like such a nosey know-it-all cockhead”] on your blog with proper attribution so that when I actually do punch you in the face then you can act all smug about it and then properly reference that further blog post”.

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11 Responses to BNP: Carry On Up the Khyber

  1. Not as good as you... says:

    @ndy you are totally awesome.

  2. Joel says:

    Honestly, I am going to fucking kill you. I hope it was worth it.

  3. vents says:

    I would be interested to calculate the ratio of ‘Internet threats’ to ‘actual follow ups on those threats’. How can you be a hard cunt on the Internet? Is that supposed to be frightening? Why would you tell someone you are going to punch them in the face anyway? ‘Hey, buddy, I am going to punch you in the face when I see you!’ ‘Thanks for the heads up!’

    Anybody who tolerates racism is shit scared or they like it secretly. Anybody who threatens you for trying to shut down some Holocaust celebrators is definitely in the latter group.

  4. Not as good as you... says:

    Vents you are also awesome… although not quite as awesome as @ndy. But don’t feel bad on that score: @ndy is totally awesome.

  5. Lumpen says:

    Vents is awesome. As proven by Hard To Kill, out now on Obese Records and as heard on JJJ (today, by me while at work).

  6. vents says:

    Yeah, I’m alright aye.

  7. Adam says:

    Hey andy in light of this latest bullshit threat i thought you and “Joel” would enjoy this

  8. Lumpen says:

    I’m not so much awesome as I am fabulous. You, Dr Cam, are outstanding. There’s a technical difference there.

    Now here is some classic antifascist music that we can get ourselves pumped to while we ready our defenses. I’m going to layer three levels of tin foil around my noggin to protect me from sniper bullets.

  9. Lumpen says:

    Oh, and as for the threat to follow-up ratio, I think we’re looking at 1:1,000,000,000.

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