‘Murder accused has star status’ (Er… Marnie? Um…)

I wasn’t going to post anything until Monday but

Murder accused has star status
Marnie O’Neill
The Daily Telegraph
January 20, 2008

JOCK Palfreeman, the Sydney man accused of murdering a university student in Bulgaria last month, is enjoying cult-like status on the Internet.

Palfreeman, 21, who bears a striking resemblance to actor Matt Damon, is now the subject of at least four websites and is receiving movie-star attention.

Although two of the sites have been dedicated to his alleged victim, Andrei Monov, 20, they have been flooded with messages of support for Palfreeman, an old boy of St Ignatius’ College.

Three of the four sites – The Trial Against Mr Jock Palfreeman – Guilty Or Not?, In Loving Memory Of Andrey (sic) Monov and the 356-member Jock Palfreeman Is Not Guilty – are powered by Facebook.

The fourth, slackbastard, is run by Palfreeman’s close friends.

Palfreeman has insisted he stabbed Monov, and wounded another man, in self-defence after coming to the aid of a Gypsy who was allegedly being beaten up by the victim and his group.

A few points:

My blog is not run by Palfreeman’s close friends. In fact, I’ve never actually met Jock, and I only came to hear of him as a result of the case.
andreymonov.com is not on Facebook. (It also happens to be in Bulgarian.)
While it’s true that Jock is the subject of a number of posts — the slightly unfortunately titled Happy New Year, Suckers! // Justice 4 Jock (January 1) and Palfreeman not scared, did duty (says Mister Miranda) (January 7) — he’s not the subject of my blog.
I hope Jock is a fan of Matt Damon.

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8 Responses to ‘Murder accused has star status’ (Er… Marnie? Um…)

  1. Ultimate Hater says:

    Marnie O’Neill you are stupid.

    Three years as an undergraduate for a journalism degree and a post at The Daily Telegraph and you can’t even get something as basic as what this site is about, right? That is really fucking pathetic.

    I have no vested interest in this site nor do I know Jock, I’d better mention that in case you get confused, and I am purely writing in the hopes that you read this Marnie because you are a fucking moron. I am really quite surprised at just how fucking shit a “journalist” can be, did you even go to uni? I knew Murdoch’s standards were low but fuck…

    Maybe I will do three years, get a job with Rupert and do a report on how the Tasmanian Cadbury factory produce economically efficient automobiles.

  2. Dr. Cam says:

    You think you’ve made it because your blog got mentioned on Page 27 of the Sunday Tele, huh.


    Get back to me when you’re on the front page of the Sunbury Telegraph.

  3. Pete says:

    There are very few journalists that have written non-sensationalist, factual articles, so Marnie O’Neill is in good company…

  4. friend says:

    my previous post didn’t make it, so i will write 1 more
    so i told you to not write when you don’t know facts, but you just love writing stupid lies!!!
    “In Loving Memory Of Andrey Monov” is a group on FACEBOOK and it was created much before the groups for Jock!!! Check it if you want!!!
    http://www.andreymonov.com is not on facebook and also was created before the groups for Jock on facebook!!!
    should i said it again???
    and stop being such a “smart” guy! it doesn’t work!!!

  5. @ndy says:


    excuse me? ok, so there’s a group on facebook called ‘In Loving Memory Of Andrey Monov’: —


    — and it was established prior to ‘Jock Palfreeman Is Not Guilty’.


    that doesn’t mean i love writing stupid lies.

    i think maybe something is being lost in translation. at least, i hope so.

    on facebook:

    With friends like these …

    “Facebook has 59 million users – and 2 million new ones join each week. But you won’t catch Tom Hodgkinson volunteering his personal information – not now that he knows the politics of the people behind the social networking site”

    * Tom Hodgkinson
    * The Guardian,
    * Monday January 14 2008


  6. drugar says:

    The thing is that jock’s friends were not told of his arrest as he wasn’t given his right for a phone call, whereas andrei’s knew he was dead as they were attacking jock and saw him hit the cement. the bulgarian beaten to death in studentskigrad wasn’t helped by anyone, and when someone like jock goes to help you stupid bulgarians put him in goal, talk about ironic, свъбода за джок.

  7. Luke says:

    Firstly, in defense of ‘Marnie O’Neill’, please remember that their article featured in the ‘Daily Telegraph’, which we all know is a tabloid and prone to sensationalism. Which is why none of the facts of the court case was in their article. Their aim would have been to create a story without doing the research of a ‘real’ journalist like the ones at SMH and The Age.

    I am also a journalism student and I am researching the case to write a story. My aim to to try and get the story to as many publications as possible so that Jock is not forgotten and left to rot in jail. You can visit my site at http://www.thediaryofaboredman.weebly.com, please feel free to leave any information you feel could be useful and I will respond to as many people as possible.

    Nothing has been posted yet, but unlike ‘Marnie O’Neill’ I do not intend to rush this story and get my facts wrong.

    Action needs to be taken and we need to do all we can to get him free.

  8. @ndy says:

    Yeah. It’s not a big deal really; I just thought it was a little odd as I never received an email from Marnie asking me nothing ’bout no-one. The movie-star angle is a little odd too, but I guess if Jock’s alleged resemblance to Matt Damon (I hadn’t noticed it ’til then) means a few moar punters pay attention to his case, so be it. Beyond that, I dunno how extensive the coverage of Jock’s case has been in the virtual pages of the Tele, but I s’pose it’d be worthwhile looking at their other coverage as well, esp at the time of his initial arrest…

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