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Carry On DOCTOR Nelson : Handbags @ Dawn in Bradfield

See also : The Melbourne Cup field of the next Bradfield preselection, (former Bradfield Liberal Preselector) Irfan Yusuf, Crikey, February 18, 2009. A man named Brendan Nelson (did you know he is a DOCTOR?) has decided to retire from his … Continue reading

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Tom Switzer : Man of Letters

Having already discussed Tom ‘Man of the People‘ Switzer’s stellar performance on Q&A, it’s time to examine his contributions to Australian public discourse as a Man of Letters. To begin with, of his years spent toiling away for the neo-conservative … Continue reading

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Tom Switzer : Man of the People

Sweet Jesus. I’ve just had an adventure in televisual democracy. As part of “a cracking line up”, last night’s (final) episode of the ABC’s Q&A featured panelist Tom Switzer. Ostensibly an expert — of some kind — I’d never heard … Continue reading

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