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  1. David says:

    It’s quite unbelievable that someone here has the gall to talk about others being stupid and trolls. Look, only a troll would call someone else a troll, and a person could only consider them self intelligent if using the word while quoting others. Or, are you 5?

    The next point. I think the worst crime of this site is to misrepresent itself – like the worst comments on You Tube, 99% of comments that receive lots of thumbs up are one-liners, rarely saying something intelligent or worthwhile. If it were intelligent or worthwhile it should fill out more of those 500 characters available, just a bit more at least.

    “The enemies of humans should be killed”, 3.5 billion thumbs up – yet that same person’s very next line could be, “But not until you have all eaten and sucked from my scat pile”. Quite a few thumbs down.

    Anarchy and apathy? I have no idea if this site is popular – I bounced here when reading about, “the Aussie fascist who killed a fascist over differing opinions of fascism, in Bulgaria”.

    But I’ve noticed from IMDB (movie boards), to You Tube, to here, there really needs to be a huge filter that allows us to visit or [sic] “Kiddie’s sites”, or “Adult’s sites”. And I am not talking about sex nor pornography!

    Now, I am not (too) prejudiced, an adult of any age can be as or more infantile than any… well, infant – and hopefully they would realise that their mentality leads them to “keep it separated” and stick to the scat that they like. Now, read on and see if you are adult enough to imagine what side of the filter this site deserves, or at least what I am suggesting.

    Anarchy has a history. A rich history. If not for Anarchists and their more natural, (HISTORICAL, factual, happened, go study, read or at least UNDERSTAND something worthwhile), allies – Socialists and Communists – there would be FAR less languages you would be allowed to speak or would even hear (of), and basically far less of every type of diversity of, well, everything, human at least. Your life would probably be pre-determined and everything you would do, you would have to do, and you would, even without Big Brother watching. But no, the real meaning of Anarchy, her allies Socialism and Communism, (in an organised sense and not), and what they achieved, are points sorely lost on this website. Why not try this is a moniker for the site, ‘Apathy for idiots’. That way you wouldn’t mislead people 🙂

    Maybe I will read more, hoping for a vast improvement. Remember, I am absolutely not a Communist, nor Socialist, but the article throwing mud in the face of, (already weak, almost dead), tiny groups of moral, politicised people is a kind of last straw. Online as in life: nothing good, nor funny comes of stupider people – like the people or person behind this site, trying to take the piss out of smarter people. Why is the world in a mess? Because moronic lowlifes don’t show respect for the greater intelligence and understanding of others, and THAT defies any age barrier.

    More important than anything, nothing on this site even comes close to being funny.

    PS. I bet you are not aware of whether the Anarchists turned their guns on The Commies or vice-versa, during the Spanish Civil War. However, any fracture in the past should NOT dictate relations between Anarchists and “the Left” these days.

  2. David says:

    OOOPS. I forgot to add that I am no Anarchist either. I am a would be leader of any club so advanced, therefore naturally, I hate clubs. However, respect where it is due, especially to ideas. Purporting to have a clue, but not really having one, is a dream you should always wake up from. Have you already checked out Maddox? Although he doesn’t seem to have the inclination nor balls for anything political.

  3. David says:

    OH. Sarcasm on top of sarcasm, on top of even more. That doesn’t subvert fascism!

    And so far from being funny, child. Look at the way I am not a fascist, a bad guy, nor arrogant. I stayed, and kept reading to find something decent, interesting, funny. When you are THIS bad, you should be happy that people write ANYTHING, that they engage with you. Doubt it though. Arrogance is a bitch to crack.

    Last thing: you didn’t write anything about censoring criticism, I fit into your “rules”. Lettuce wait and see the worth!

  4. @ndy says:

    G’day David,

    In answer to your questions:

    I am not 5. The world is in a mess for lots of different reasons. I have not checked out Maddox, whoever and whatever Maddox is.

  5. inglourious_basterd says:

    Might be a new psychotropic drug @ndy. Most pharmaceuticals with Xs in them are (*conspiracy theory music stage left)

    Maybe your new buddy Dave can enlighten us?

  6. Piltdown says:

    Evade no-one Dave,
    Clever words put them to shame,
    Say something next time.

  7. Colin Scott JD LLM says:

    So you don’t like people trolling your blog, but you find it acceptable to “troll” people’s shops with cheap and badly designed posters? Hypocrite.

  8. Colin Scott JD LLM says:

    I guessed you’d struggle to justify your own hypocrisy.

  9. Fascist Troll says:

    @ndy , you have spoiled my fun by not posting my annoying comments . If you aren’t going to post my comments , you could at least try to expose me . I’ll give you and your antifa mates a clue . I’ve just moved down here from good old redneck QLD . My bomber jacket has some Hammers on it . I’m a total prick , but myself and my friends think I’m funny . I know this is childish once again , but it would be awesome to have some antis rock up at my place , once they stepped onto my land , we could have such lovely games . And if they defeated me , I would grant them an exclusive Hobgoblin wish . If you ignore me , I will have to go onto annoying Cam , and he’s not as elusive as you , which makes it less fun .

    Remember , if you ignore me , I will chuck a hissy fit and stomp my feet and scream .
    Fascist love from the Fascist Hobgoblin .

  10. Wendy says:

    wow, how entertaining us human beings can be at times, I am embarassed, proud, crying, laughing, (smoking & drinking) loving every wee piece of the drama unfolding, most of you have a brain, some of you seem to be trying to find one, bravo for trying, it shows that you also have the knowledge, & PERCEPTION TO STILL LEARN, bravo again, I am not one to kiss & tell, but, I learn something every day that I thought I already knew, some topic, some fact, some news, some rubbish, but again, some thing, I look forward to more of ****** & ****** comments, no names from me, I don’t want to play favorites, otherwise I might be forced to *$#@!*)”?!!!.

  11. @ndy says:

    Dear *****,

    Thank you for your [email protected]#$%^& contribution to the already *&^%$ [email protected] #$%^ **********. I hope that %$#@! smiles upon &&& when [email protected]#$ laughing spreads *&^ %$#@!.

  12. Aussie says:

    And Colin Scott I struggle to know if JD LLM at the end of your name means anything important?

  13. Ziggy Heil says:

    Check out this NZ nazi …

    Wot a dork !

  14. Yesterday 21/10/2011 I watched the police beat innocent people here in Melbourne CBD. It broke my heart and sickened me to see police smiling while they were manhandling and hurting peaceful people.

    Don’t bring your peace around here, we carry the piece around here. [?]

    Their power was great and there [?] energy was dark.

    Today I produced this song to express myself and transmute their evil empire fire. This world wide occupy movement is the voice of the PEOPLE.

  15. Ty de jersey says:

    boyz im sic of seeing wats goin on dis is our country lets protect itstralia

  16. the waffan ss says:

    Hay your a true faggit. and a dip shit. get it right dump cunt. hes a ledgend fuck wit. my kids and there kids and so on are going to no what ian stood for. and there gonna fuck cunts like you up right at the beginning the 1st day you hit school. fuck heads like you. you were the cunt shittin your self. ian would have been laughin his ass off mother fucker. so you go back to your little office read little books and my kids will c your kids later[.]

  17. @ndy says:

    G’day the waffan ss,

    Leaving aside your barely literate attempts at insult, I take it you mean to inform me that the good fascist Ian Stuart lives on in your heart and that you will endeavour to ensure that your unfortunate children are also inculcated with Nazi values.

    If you had less contempt for literacy you might one day realise just how pathetic your ambitions truly are.

  18. Tenacious dg says:

    You haven’t read Maddox before? (Real name is George Ouzounian.)
    He’s fairly apolitcal, but as a writer of satire he’s second to none. For example, here’s his take on Christopher Reeves.

  19. anonymous says:

    Melissa Hack is innocent!!!!!!

  20. @ndy says:

    Melissa Hack is innocent until proven guilty. In future, please comment on the relevant posts.

  21. John Singleton says:

    Everything that you write on this website is irrelevant as you remain ANONYMOUS. Typical coward.

  22. sojourner says:

    tks for the blog. APP ay? How many more fascist fucks r there in this cuntry? Abbott and Gillard are bad enough let alone these retards floating about. Funny thing is, I wonder how many of the dickweeds would’ve survived under Adolf…I recall that he GASSED those he considered too retarded to live before moving onto his main hate. But then the literacy displayed by these cretins suggests that reading is hard so history is history…lol.
    Another mob of fuckwits floating about are the National Anarchists. Kiddies these people are neo-nazi breakaways from the BNP. So if they appear before u, put your DMs straight in their gonads and STOMP, STOMP, STOMP.
    Keep up the good work u slack bastard.

  23. Michael says:

    Who the fuck do you think you are? You call yourself a fucking soldier, you are a fucking low life TARGET.

    You have no fucking right to celebrate the Cronulla riots. All it has done is increase the odds of a terrorist attack in Australia. There are people fighting and dying in uniform who are taking orders and are soldiers.

    Get the fuck out of my country.

    I live in Australia, am not white and was not born in an Australian civilian hospital.

    Do you believe in Santa? What about God? What about mind control? What about ASIO?

    You are fucking filth.

    Are you a terrorist?

    You are not Australian.

  24. Dee Jay says:

    Anarchist my ass! All I see here is a bunch of lazy assed pricks complaining about every fucker! You don’t make the rules! A bunch of uniformed trend following sad asses! Cheer up fuckheads! If ya don’t like the west go live in Somalia! Get off your ass get a job cont[r]ibute! I’m so pissed off I’m going to [F]ootscray to belt some scummy crust cunt now! So rich kids stop trying to be poor!

  25. @ndy says:


    Wha-? I don’t recall ever having described myself as a “soldier” — I’m not. Nor do I remember ever having celebrated the Cronulla riots. Otherwise: no, I don’t believe in Santa or God: I’m an adult atheist. “What about mind control? What about ASIO?” Yes, ASIO exists; mind control… depends what you mean.

    And no, I’m not a terrorist, tho’ I am an Australian citizen.

    @Dee Jay:


    Is there any particular reason you felt compelled to write silly things on my blog? Also:

  26. Calamity says:

    Gracious, you’ve got some interesting friends @ndy.

  27. alex says:

    Delete my posts please!!! I have asked quite a few times already!!

  28. @ndy says:

    I’m happy to consider it alex but could you please provide me with a reason as to why I should?

  29. Fatemah says:

    I was reading ‘The International Campaign Against Anarchist Terrorism, 1880-1930s’ by Richard Bach Jensen, Posted on December 31, 2009.
    In one of the footnotes, he mentioned that he has a forthcoming book ‘The International Campaign against Anarchist Terrorism’. I wonder if it was released. Where to find it?
    I couldn’t find it in the University of Toronto library or in Amazon

    Please let me know

  30. @ndy,

    Mate. Focus on the main prize.
    Pauline Hanson has announced she is considering
    standing for the seat of Hunter (NSW) centred
    on Newcastle and Hunter Valley.
    She part owns a pub at Maitland.
    When you are done exchanging pleasantries with
    the trolls, you might want to pay attention to the
    real anti-fa world.

    [email protected]

  31. Bruce Campbell says:

    Hi Slackbastard,

    Here is an article written in response to the SAlties holding a talk on the IWW, where they laid claim that they are the rightful inheritors of the IWW and also totally deny that the IWW exists today and has been continuous in Oz since 1907. Use it how ya like.



    A Curious Tale From Melbourne

    For some reason, the Melbourne branch of the Socialist Alternative, which is one of the many small state socialist parties in Australia, recently chose to hold a public meeting on the IWW entitled ‘The IWW – A Revolutionary Legacy’.
    The Socialist Alternative, or ‘SAlties’, as they are also referred to in accordance with the tradition of Australian informality, are a state socialist party formed after its founding members were expelled from the former International Socialist Organisation (ISO) in 1995. Describing itself as a “propaganda group”, the SAlties attempt to relate to its audience primarily on the level of ideas, rather than seeing itself as a party that can be capable of leading mass struggles – their page on Wiki says this.

    The SAltie’s principle activity is promoting its own existence. How they do this is by gate crashing rallies and the like which they have played no part in organising (the SAlt generally refuse to work with non SAltie individuals – and especially other state-socialist groups) and then seek to get in the background of mainstream media photos whilst holding up their posters which typically say things like “ Solve (insert cause here) by installing our particular brand of state socialism ruled by us”.

    If your ‘spidey-senses’ are already tingling that the statists are yet again out to co-opt the amazing history of the IWW and put their own statist spin on it – you are bang on the money. Essentially the talk was a regurgitation of a deliberately poorly researched piece of pro-statist – pro Socialist Alternative of course – propaganda written in 2012 by one of the SAlt’s young vanguard ‘firebrands’ Daniel Lopez, who is at some Melbourne university writing an honours thesis on Georg Lukács

    But back to the ‘public meeting’. The poster of the event includes such statist-desperation-we-must-even-deny-that-the-IWW-still-exists-today stinkers as “In Australia the IWW or wobblies stood for revolution”, “They were an organisation whose spirit and courage we can admire today” and “And what can we learn from the history of this organisation for the struggle against capitalism today”. So basically, the whole pitch of the poster on face value is that the IWW does not even exist these days!

    Worse than seeking to misrepresent that the IWW does not even exist today, the poster also includes the following – “But where did they go wrong”. Taking an educated stab in the dark, you may guess that the SAltie’s answer to this question – asked by the SAlties – is that the IWW went ‘wrong’ where they failed to adopt and rigidly follow the SAlties own particular brand of state socialism. Hey surprise surprise, this happens to be exactly the answer that the SAlties arrive at!

    Being 3500km away from Melbourne, I unfortunately was not able to attend the SAlties’ public meeting, but thanks to the CIA sponsored (jokes?!) medium of FaceyBook I was able to enquire wit the event organisers about just what they were up to. Of course, other IWW across Australia had also seen the posters up in Melbourne and the FB event on line, and where wondering what the SAlties were up to.

    Pre contact with the SAlties, the consensus was that the SAlties were out to claim that they were the rightful ‘inheritors’ of the IWW or that the aim was to simply dis the IWW. Getting into the conversation with the SAlties, the fact was that the SAlties were out to do both! The SAlties were in fact carrying out the sad tradition founded way back in the 1920s by the (Leninist / Stalinist) Communist Party of Australia (and internationally) of claiming that their state-socialist party the natural progression from the IWW. The SAlties were also out to dis the IWW in ignoring its existence.

    The SAlties were generally happy to continue with flippant comments denying that the IWW even existed today, which is strange as – not surprisingly for state-socialists – they choose to ignore the facts that the IWW has had a continuum of membership on both sides of Australia since its founding in Oz in 1907, that today in Australia IWW Branches exist in most capital cities and even some regional centres – and of course, that the IWW internationally has many thousands of members all around the world!

    Given this ostrich head in the sand behaviour form the SAlties, a bit of the good ole IWW tradition of ‘taking the piss’ (ie parodying) of the SAlties’s IWW talk was called for. One of the non-existent present day IWW members posted up on the SAltie’s IWW event page a poster of an 1st April 2020 parody event entitled “The Socialist Alteration – A History of Hipster Activism”. This parody poster essentially was way too silly to be in anyway taken as serious, but flipped the situation around, with the SAlt now being referred to in the past tense and the question being asked ‘Where did the SAlties go wrong”.

    The immediate response from the SAlties in was a cry of ‘What petty sectarianism’ – and the SAlties holding a public meeting where they talk about the IWW wholy in the past tense is not sectarian?! This moved on to comments from SAltie members like “Class conscious workers like the true IWW would turn in their graves at this” and a general hubbub of outrage that someone would dare poke fun at the mighty mighy SAlt.

    Once this had somewhat quelled, IWWs explained to the SAlties that that it is in fact quite sectarian to hold a ‘critical’ public meeting on another group without any consultation or inviting any representation from that group was itself by definition sectarian. The reply was – from Lopez, the author of the 2012 propaganda piece totally silent on the IWW past 1920, was – “IWW today are a (small) handful of anarchists who kinda fancy the working class”. At last, some recognition from the SAlties that the IWW exist today!

    It transpires in Lopez’s article, and in Lopez’s speech on the IWW at the public meeting, that the SAlt were going to totally ignore the fact that due to the success of the IWW in defeating the Australian Government’s World War 1 era attempt to introduce conscription, after which the key members of the Australian IWW were either jailed or summarily deported and that the IWW was declared an illegal organisation from 1917 to 1934. Lopes also totally ignored that a similar government crackdown in America also occurred – the American crackdown was more brutal, with IWW being lynched and killed by the bosses’s mobs.

    Instead, the SAlties were going to mislead their audience with a fabrication that the IWW’s failure to move to the SAlites own brand state-socialism was what caused the ‘end’ of the IWW. Given that Lopez is at uni writing a honours thesis, one would of course expect a scholarly approach to the facts, but of course we all know that the facts get put aside in the statist’s clamour for power. An old country saying that comes to mind – ‘Never get between the pig and the swill’.

    So what was the point of the SAlties holding this talk? The SAlties were claiming that they wished to provide a rational factual account of the activities of the IWW between 1905 to 1917, so as to both learn, and to also draw inspiration from the IWW. Where the SAlties were going to present all the facts in an objective manner and make it clear that the IWW was still a worldwide union this would not pose an issue for the IWW, even if we were not invited to co speak.

    Of course, the SAlties had a much different motive – namely to dupe those who are sympathetic to the IWW but have not yet joined up to instead join them. SAlt obviously sees the standing of the IWW and the appeal of anarchism / libertine socialism to young people interested in radical politics as a major threat to the growth of its organisation. So, instead of being honest and letting their own state-socialist ideas be the attractant for their membership growth (and if these ideas are so great the SAlt should proudly promote these) the SAlt have chosen to seek to trick IWW minded people into thinking that the SAlt ‘is the IWW’ of today.

    An important point: Similarly to the IWW, the SAlt believes in a mass mobilisation of people (SAlt of course use the term ‘working class’) against capitalism.

    The difference lies in that one a mass mobilisation of people against capitalism occurs, the SAlt wish to install themselves as the one political party in charge of everything – the dictatorship of the proletariat. Funnily enough, like all state-socialist parties awaiting the revolution, they have already divided up all the Cabinet Ministries amongst themselves in preparation for when they seize power from the people. This is a key point that people considering joining a state-socialist party need to recognise – state-socialist parties aim at creating a one party totalitarian state ruled by their party.

    So why did the SAlties even bother to tangle with the IWW? Aside from their fear of a growing IWW and the usual desire of state-socialists to hoover up as many members as possible either through promises of cabinet ministries post the revolution or through straight out duping, the SAlt may have been experiencing a surge of blood due to the even smaller state-socialist party the Revolutionary Socialist Party recently merging with the SAlt. Of course SAlt and the RSP have framed this merger as an example of revolutionary brotherhood, however the RSP was a small small party membership wise and was likely to have been suffering a significant burden in just maintaining a party structure.
    Emboldened by this merger, the SAlt and the other larger state-socialist party in Australia, the Socialist Alliance, are apparently trying to figure out how they can get around their ideological points of difference – or perhaps who gets what Cabinet Ministry post the revolution – and potentially merge. Certainly during the contact with SAlt via the discussion on their misrepresentation of the IWW, many SAlties raised the concept of ‘left unity’. Other individual SAlties have also posted up “Why I joined the SAlt’ pro joining the SAlt propaganda on the Australian IWW FB page. As ever SAlt are sniffing around the edges.

    Whilst I certainly do not speak for the Australian IWW, I do wish to point out to SAlt, and the other state-socialist parties in Oz, that the notion of the IWW merging with any state-socialist party is not only ridiculous, it is totally against the principles of the IWW. The IWW is an industrial union, not a political party – from the IWW constitution: “To the end of promoting industrial unity and of securing necessary discipline within the organisation, the IWW refuses all alliances, direct or indirect, with any political parties or anti-political sects”.

    On the impact of the IWW’s independence from the ‘Australian Left’, this does not mean the IWW cannot participate in a Left Unity’ grouping, certainly the IWW and individual Wobs are free to work with other groups. In fact, IWW activists are currently working on most of the social justice issues in Australia. Due to the fact that we don’t exist to self-promote, you may not know a wob is right next to you. Say hi – we don’t bite. Just don’t try to take the IWW over or get upset when we politely say ‘piss off’ to any invitation for us to merge or be engulfed more so your state-socialists party.

  32. Eric says:

    Hey @ndy, can you please put a link to the podcast of your radio show on your website?

  33. @ndy says:

    The SUWA Show 26.04.2013

    Cam & Andy talk to Belinda Hawkins about her book covering the Jock Palfreeman case, Every Parent’s Nightmare. Also discussed: why speakers are pulling out of the Historical Materialism Conference and Clive Palmer (as played by Ben Pobjie).

  34. stoj says:

    Chris O’Halloran RIP Mate, Thinking of You
    Cheers Mate

  35. Cat McDonald says:

    Hi Guys,

    I thought you might be interested in an exhibition that is happening between July 4th and July 7th @ Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery (11 Sun Crescent, Sunshine – Vic).


    The exhibition contains works by Jas H Duke and Chris Mann (among others). Some rare examples of concrete poetry and poetic objects.

    Gallery hours are Thurs-Sat 1-6pm & Sun 1-4pm.

  36. Mojo says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a fairly new member of S.Alt. Their ideology doesn’t dovetail too well with mine, but I knew that I was operating from an anarchist-leaning framework while they were in favour of Leninism. One comrade I spoke to on my second day informed me that “we [S.Alt] believe state socialism is a contradiction in terms.” I didn’t know too much about them but that statement still sent my bullshit detector honking, squeaking, vibrating across the workbench and billowing thick smoke.

    Another night I was at one of their Marxism discussion groups. The chosen topic within my circle was the state. At the end, the discussion leader said that S.Alt’s policy was to “Smash the State.” I remember instantly piping up and saying, “But don’t Marxists want to take power of the state in the Revolution and not abolish it?” He said, “Oh yeah, we want to smash the state, but we will erect a worker’s state in its place.” I relented there, but I remember thinking afterwards that they, in reality, had no desire whatever to “smash the state;” that is a libertarian socialist principle (Lenin snatched the slogan from the anarchist movement while they weren’t looking to give his bullshit sales pitch a populist agenda); in reality, they wanted to smash the GOVERNMENT. That is, they want to smash the current crop of bourgeois elites that populate the state, and they want to fundamentally overhaul the institutions that comprise the state, removing ones they consider redundant and adding and strengthening others. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a big change, even a revolutionary change one might say (as opposed to creeping reformism), but a change for the better? Me no think so.


  37. Mojo says:


    While the context is much different than Russia—we’re a first world Caucasian [?] country with an advanced working class, high standard of living, and virtually no feudalist institutions—the history of Leninism still carries important lessons for anybody who calls themselves a radical leftist.

    I want to say that I do agree with S.Alt’s goals, just not their vision. By goals I mean those states of affairs we want to achieve within capitalism, goals which are mid-term reasonable (legalising gay marriage, ending inhumane treatment of refugees, scaling back the war on drugs, vastly raising mining and corporate taxes, putting a stop to all this ridiculous deficit hysteria, and so on). But their vision is ultimately for a Marxist-Leninist revolution. Such a revolution can only, I think, lead Australia down a path of tyranny and oppression, as Bakunin wisely observed with his “Red Bureaucracy” comments around half a century before Russia 1917.

    We have to at least pretend we care about what history has told us. While Marx said many things worth paying attention to, one quote of his has always stuck in my mind [badly paraphrased here]: “If you want to ascertain the true character of a man[sic], pay attention not to what he[sic] says, but what he[sic] does.” What a person does speaks 1000x louder than anything else. Every time I express my misgivings about the Bolsheviks or Lenin—or even say out loud that I accept Emma Goldman’s account of her time in Russia—I am calmly assuaged by a comrade that one S.Alt tome or another has all the answers—usually State and Revolution by The Man Himself, or some uber-verbose, substantively vacuous polemic by a self-appointed die-hard apologist. The underlying assumption here is that because Lenin said some purportedly wonderful things in his pamphlets, he was the greatest thing since sliced Menshevik. Does this prove anything? It says something remarkable about S.Alt’s collective attitude. Their position on one of Marx’s best pieces of advice is, “Nah, our bubble is fine the way it is thanks; we are proud to ignore history and never modify our pronouncements in the face of evidence.”


  38. tarzannie says:

    …is email chummy.fleming[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au still OK or not?

  39. craig says:

    Once where finished with the antibogan filth your next comrade

  40. @ndy says:

    G’day craig,

    A few things:

    1) It’s spelled “we’re” not “where” and “you’re” not “your”;
    2) I’m not sure what you mean with regards “the antibogan filth” but it appears that the antibogan blog is now no longer public;
    3) Who’s “we”?



  41. craig says:

    You are more civilized then the antibogan,but they went too far.We aren’t a group more of a coalition.

  42. @ndy says:

    OK, so some kinda coalition, which includes yourself, is going to … do what, exactly? Do you want me to stop blogging? It seems so. Why?

  43. JACK SMITH says:

    @NDY have you actually revised the Holocaust “tm” you know I mean the alleged one that the Jews winge on about , not the one that killed 10 million Europeans in Russia let by mostly Jews , have you ever actually looked at the facts like how there is no evidence to support the theory that there ever was zkylon b in any of the alleged muderous gas chambers ect , or is that you dont want to recognise the fact that it never happened because of how good it is for your people? and you want to keep the lie alive?

  44. @ndy says:

    Hi Jack,

    I’ve done some reading on the subject of the Holocaust (aka Shoah), though not for some time. Most recently I began but haven’t finished reading Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry (2000). Before that, a few years ago I read Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s book Hitler’s Willing Executioners (1996) — which pays particular attention to the activities of the murder squads in Eastern Europe — a critique of the book by Christopher Hitchens, and I still have a copy of his (Goldhagen’s) book A Moral Reckoning (2002) about the relationship between the Nazi regime and the Catholic Church sitting unread on my shelf. Otherwise:

    1) Holocaust studies is a genre. Locally, you can study Holocaust and genocide at the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilization at Monash University. Melbourne also has a Holocaust museum. In this context, I have a copy of Ben Kiernan’s Blood & Soil: A world history of extermination form Sparta to Darfur (2008) on my shelf but I use it mostly for reference.

    2) I’m not aware of my having previously denied genocide or mass murder but a few years ago I did dedicate some time to examining Chomsky’s record on Cambodia. Mind you, this was done at the prompting of one of Them (aka Bob from Brockley).

  45. craig says:

    Andy you asked why I don’t like this page.Personally I don’t have a problem with your blogging but when you name people for ever regardless of there current life situations in fact it’s like giving someone a permanent criminal record.It is a act like barcoding someone that is what I have a problem with.This new age of government intrusion into our lives and people like you that add to there records.

  46. @ndy says:


    Yeah kinda: I asked you why you seemed to want me to stop blogging, not why you don’t like my blog. That said, I name lots of people on my blog, obviously, for lots of different reasons. Most of those I name are public figures: activists, politicians, writers etc. But I assume you’re referring to the fact that in many of my posts I write about the far right in Australia (and elsewhere) and in doing so I also name a number of its members. So for example, I haven’t posted much this month but I did make one post on November 19 in which I named three individuals: Kyle Chapman, Bradley Trappitt and Welf Herfurth. I don’t know precisely what the ‘life situations’ are of these men but I think gently mocking them and noting the fact that Bradley now apparently considers himself an ‘anarchist’ (sic) is hardly tantamount to to giving them a ‘permanent criminal record’ or putting a barcode on them. The fact that Kyle and Bradley (I don’t know about Welf) have criminal records is hardly my problem, is it? Or maybe your concern is to do with someone or something else? You’re free to comment, so it’s up to you to clarify if you want to …

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