[For Dion] “I Love Trash”

    Dion: December 12, 2007: “As I stated on the [Bombshell] forum Andy, you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against.”

Russia police arrest skinheads in 20 murders probe
February 5, 2008

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Police in Moscow on Tuesday said they arrested four Russian teenagers linked to a skinhead gang that prosecutors accuse of murdering at least 20 foreigners. Attacks on dark-skinned foreigners have risen dramatically in Russia, especially on migrants from former Soviet states in Central Asia and the Caucasus attracted northward by an economy stronger than their own. “They were all arrested in the course of an investigation into a group of skinheads guilty of the murder of at least 20 non-Slavic people,” a spokesman at the Moscow Prosecutor General’s office said. Police have now arrested nine members of the group headed by a 17-year-old, the spokesman said. Last October Moscow’s deputy mayor warned the Russian capital stood on the brink of an explosion in racist skinhead violence directed at foreigners.

(Reporting by Tanya Ustinova, writing by James Kilner, editing by Matthew Jones)

Turkish national killed in Moscow
RIA Novosti
February 4, 2008

MOSCOW, February 4 (RIA Novosti) – A Turkish national has been stabbed to death by unknown assailants in southeast Moscow, a police source said on Monday. The body of the 27-year-old male, who worked as an electrician at a Moscow-based company, was found on Sunday evening in the doorway of an apartment house. Forensic experts said the man had died from multiple stab wounds. A criminal case has been opened. Routine attacks by skinheads and young gangs on foreigners and people with non-Slavic features have been reported across Russia in recent years. Earlier on Monday, four people in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, were detained on suspicion of murdering a Kyrgyz man, the fourth murder of a Kyrgyz national in Russia in the last month.

From Russia with hate: Jew attacks get more violent
Russia Today
February 2, 2008

An apparent drop in the number of attacks on Jews in Russia appears to be masking a more troubling trend – the incidents are getting more violent. The community has suffered three attacks in just two weeks. Young people protested in front of the Ulyanovsk Jewish cultural centre, a Holocaust memorial was desecrated in Volgograd, and in Nizhny Novgorod three young men broke into a synagogue shouting nationalist slogans. “The rise of ethnic nationalism endangers the very foundation of Russia, which is a multiethnic and multiconfessional country,” Andrey Zolotov from Russia’s Profile magazine says. Perhaps the most shocking and widely discussed act occurred two years ago, when a young man freely entered the doors of a synagogue in Moscow’s centre during an evening service. A few minutes later a bloody drama played out. Aleksander Koptsev stabbed nine Jews. The 20-year-old Muscovite was charged with attempted murder and fomentation of racial hatred. The verdict was 13 years behind bars – an outcome which did not satisfy the Jewish community. Statistics from the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia show that the number of anti-Semitic acts actually declined slightly last year. “Social situation and political situation in the country became much more stable. Stability in the country is the best weapon against xenophobia. So we hope as Russia becomes stronger xenophobia will become less,” Borukh Gorin from the Federation of Jewish Communities says. More than one per cent of Russian citizens are Jews.

A trashy video of some trashy antifa hooligans from trashy Russia.

Another trashy video of some trashy SHARPs, also from Russia. (Trashy.) And RASH trash.

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