On the potential impact of benefit cuts, or: Time to cut down on the champagne and caviar?

Suspension of dole payments under review
Misha Schubert
The Age
March 15, 2008

Only a fraction of those punished were given help to pay essential bills, with 23,234 left to survive on their own with no benefits for the two months. Declaring himself alarmed at the “extraordinary spike”, Mr O’Connor said he was seeking advice on why it had happened and what impact it was having.

Lifestyles of the rich and anonymous
Anne Crawford
The Age
June 4, 2002

She grew up in a world of exclusive private schools, plummy English accents, yacht clubs and parties with guest lists of all the right people, household name tycoons, politicians and celebrities. She knew that as an adult she would be incredibly wealthy. Yet, when Deborah Bryant came into the family fortune, it plagued her. Being among Australia’s super rich was a burden – a burden few people would understand.

Now is the time for every dirty lousy tramp to arm himself with a revolver or a knife and lie in wait outside the palaces of the rich and shoot or stab them to death as they come out. ~ Lucy Parsons

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2 Responses to On the potential impact of benefit cuts, or: Time to cut down on the champagne and caviar?

  1. Andrew says:

    Always one of my favorites, that Parsons quote. She was quite old when she said that in public too, wasn’t she?

  2. @ndy says:

    Yeah. It’s what Lenin called an infantile disorder.

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