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According to reports in The Australian (Jewish groups want hate crimes squad, Richard Kerbaj, March 11, 2008; Police target Jewish attacks, Richard Kerbaj, March 13, 2008), Victoria Police has bowed to pressure from Jewish lobbyists and agreed to devote more resources to investigating anti-Semitic attacks. Naturally, this fact has sparked outrage on the part of local anti-Semites on Stormfront.

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Re: Jewish groups want hate crimes squad

The Victorian Police need an Einsatzgruppen Unit not a Mossad Unit.

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It Always Comes Back To ‘The Jewish Question’

How dare the Goyim.Look at what we’ve done for them.

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Re: Jewish groups want hate crimes squad

Jews are the biggest shylock criminals of them all, they should arrest themselves for ‘hate crimes’ to the gentiles.

Et cetera.

Stormfront itself has a rather chequered history, at least recently. Formerly moderated by Emma Peterson, she and her partner David Innes were kicked off the Forum (July 2007) following a falling out with its owner, former Ku Klux Klown and KKKonvikted KKKriminal (he tried to launch a coup!) Don Black. Following their departure, the reins were passed on to a teenaged Novocastrian, Rhys McLean. Rhys resigned from the position following his exposure (January 10, 2008) in an article in The Daily Telegraph. Now the position of Moderator is being fulfilled by Paul Innes, David Innes’ beanie-wearing brother. How long his tenure will last is anyone’s guess.

Other key members of the SFDU Forum who have left the ship over recent weeks and months are:

At this stage, it appears that Nathan (‘nafe’) remains on stage, but despite the continued presence of Nathan and others (such as Martin Fletcher, the Administrator of Downunder Newslinks, and ‘Reverend’ Patrick O’Sullivan) the number of SFDU members appears to have decreased significantly in recent times, with an equally significant number leaving it for the Australia New Nation Forum, expertly-administered by the useful Kiwi idiot Alex Fogerty. On the sunny side, former resident Nazi Dävid Palmer (Imperial Wizard of the Australian Ku Klux Klan, National Socialist Defence of Australian People) has been ably replaced by Carl D. Thompson, an odd fellow who boasts a love for Hitler, a desire to assault teenagers, and is a member of both SFDU and ANN.

The public exposure of a number of these individuals has largely been carried out by Australasian anti-racist network FightDemBack!. So too, the creation of chronic dysfunction within associated groups. For example, the WPCA is, sadly, no longer with us, but while it lasted it comprised members of Jack Van Tongeren’s Australian Nationalists Movement (“Simple! Erect! Severe! Austere! Sublime!”), the World Church of the Creator, the Imperial Klans of Australia, the New Zealand National Front, the National Socialist Party of Australia and assorted other “Patriots”. It also left behind a really neat archive of nutty materials.

    Note that Java Jack’s ANM was founded on Hitler’s birthday (April 20), 1985; whereas Dr James Saleam‘s National Action was founded on Anzac Day, 1982.

One of the better things about the WPCA was its republishing The Nationalist, a madcap look at the madcap world of the far right. On the subject of Welf Herfurth, for example, reviewing the state-of-play in 2001, an ‘anonymous’ thinker writes:

Mr. Wolf played at being the hard bastard and informed and sabotaged his way “into the scene” with all the grace of a bull in a china shop. Needless to say, you could fit his fan club into a phone box and still have room for The Mormon Tabernacle Choir! The sooner he f**ks off back to dear ol’ Deutschland and cops his lumps from some former colleagues in the Nationalist Movement the better for us real people in Oz!

Oh yeah, a later addition to the WPCA mob was the Australian Patriots, who surely had one of the best call-to-arms produced by the WPCA, viz: “Death to tree hugging greenie, homo, bleeding heart, commie, socio-parasitic, democratic, race-mixing, cosmopolitan, globalist, pseudo-intellectual, pinko, trendy yuppie scum!”


Anyway, on a still slightly cr|ack|ed, but more serious note, the following is an extract from Jack Van Tongeren’s autobiography, detailing events 20 years ago in Perth, and the manner in which he and his comrades succeeded in destroying a student-based anti-racist campaign that emerged in response to the ANM. Aside from the local Asian community and anti-racist activists, the main victim of the ANM was David Locke. Accused of being an informer, in 1989, ANM member Wayne Robert Napier used a concrete pole to beat Locke to death.


However, towards the end of 1988 we began to have problems with the posters being painted over. This had been going on for a month or two and, unlike earlier campaigns by the enemy to counter our posters, this one was continuing and it was far better organized. We had tracked down one team operating from a house in Victoria Park, not far from our Victoria Park staging point. This took a fair bit of patient waiting at certain signs we knew would eventually be painted over. It also involved tapping into the services of a bunch of street kids staying at a nearby foster home. They staked out the whole general area of Victoria Park where the posters were being painted over. They reported to us the description of people they saw doing the painting and they gave us a description of a number of the vehicles including the registration numbers of the vehicles these people were using in their painting operations.

This information was vital in tracking down the address from where they operated from. Through certain well placed people in various positions in the system we were able to pinpoint the exact house where the nest of Commos operated from. A bit more personal surveillance on foot, where we sneaked into the place and actually listened into them talking about their plans and operations against our posters fully verified all our intelligence. We now knew one place to strike at. But we had to strike at the main organizer first.

Tracking down the main organizer of the painting up campaign was a more difficult task. Initial intelligence told us about the home address of a certain Jew who was the main organizer of a lot of the typical Commo street actions, like demonstrations in support of the ANC etc. We kept a careful eye on his house for a while, and followed his movements. In due course he led us to the place where the main organizer met the people in the teams who painted over the posters. So far so good.

The next step was to infiltrate the whole Commo organization to find out everything we could about them and the enemy in general. We wanted to know enough to be able to effectively neutralize the whole organization in one quick series of strikes. The actual infiltration was done by John Bain and Peter Rhodes. Both of them were totally unknown to the enemy. We supplied Peter with enough background information for him to pass himself off as a “lefty” leaning anti-Australian. We also supplied Peter with a good enough story to as to how he learned about where to contact them.

John and I had actually already done an earlier reconnaissance on the Commo Headquarters. We had seriously thought about breaking into the place, stealing their records, then burning the place, to cover up the stolen records and generally destroy the enemy’s ability to counter our poster campaign. We decided against it because the building was also occupied by a number of other businesses who were quite innocent of the enemy in their midst, and did not deserve to suffer in case the whole damn building burnt down. There was every chance the old building would burn down. Anyway we knew a fair bit about the place where Peter would meet the main organizer.

We were quite well aware that the Commos in general do not get all that much real support from people. They are hard put trying to merely maintain the bit of support they already have. We expected that they would be suspicious of new people joining up with them with the express intention of painting over ANM posters. We were quite prepared to take our time and play whatever game that was necessary to properly infiltrate them, then destroy their ability to counter our posters. The overall plan was to knock them out of action just before the new 1989 poster campaign began. In due course we did pretty well do just that.

I rehearsed with Peter just where to meet the Commos and where I would be hiding and observing his movements by telescope, just in case he got into trouble. I also showed him where the rendezvous spot would be if he did not do any good and had to leave soon, as well as the rendezvous spot to meet him just before the last train left Perth Railway station.

The first attempt to meet the main organizer was not successful, however, he knew where to meet a certain Nick the next night. This Nick fellow seemed to know more about painting over ANM posters than anybody else. There was a coffee shop in the same building as the Commo Headquarters; this was on William Street, just north of the Perth railway station.

So far our special surveillance team was performing well. Now they got top priority to support Peter, then later on John Bain to infiltrate the Commos. If need be we could specially poster up certain areas so that when the Commos were actually painting over them we could observe them and our people with them. In due course we did just that. We were quite well aware that even when the entire Commo organization was actually destroyed, another could well take its place and thus it was most important to learn about the internal operations, strengths and weaknesses of such organizations and groups so that we could smash up any further opposition far sooner and far more effectively. Luckily the special surveillance team was kept secret from most of the members and activists. Their identities remained secret, even after the mass arrests, when they quietly went underground again when we gave them the word to do so from the jails. History is full of dramatic twists and turns of fate and fortune, for the Goddess of Fortune is a fickle bitch indeed, uniquely feminine in testing for strength and determination and only rewarding the strong with success. And always in any sort of conflict, the old saying in the Infantry is so true: “Time spent on reconnaissance is time never wasted.”

John and I would meet up with the various people involved in the operation at different times at different locations to receive information and pass on instructions. We needed a false address for Peter and John Bain to operate from and if necessary, entertain the main Commo organizer so that Peter and John were not the only people listening in to him. In due course we did just that.

The next afternoon we took Peter into town. We parked at the first rendezvous place, then we observed him by telescope as he made his way into the coffee shop. When he actually met Nick he quietly gave us the signal. So far so good. For the rest of us our job that night was to simply wait and watch. Peter’s job was to win the confidence of the enemy. That was all he had to do this night. The time came and went for the early rendezvous, then he quietly gave us the signal that all was going well. Not long after that he went upstairs into the Commo Headquarters. So far so good. This would mean a midnight rendezvous at the Perth railway station.

Come midnight and there was Peter wandering around the near deserted Perth railway station. I quietly called out to him from the shadows and we slunk away from the place without being seen. On the way back to the Headquarters we had an immediate debrief. Long ago in action in Vietnam I had learned that the sooner the debrief the better. It is amazing just how much you can easily forget in a very short time, while trivial details you only remember for a short time can sometimes prove to be very important in the grander intelligence gathering operation. I had already prepared my own set of points to be answered. These were all written down. I got Peter to fill in the answers as we talked about them. This was very important. There were also other points that he remembered as well, that proved to be significant in the grander scheme of the developing radical propaganda campaign. There were other aspects about the enemy that we simply had no idea of.

One of them was just how pathetically badly organized they really were. Their general level of morale was very low. Their tenacity of purpose was near non-existent, and their discipline and planning was something out of a Monty Python movie. Their overall efficiency in relation to the amount of money and material they received was what you would expect from a bunch of rank amateurs. Their method of putting up their own posters was just plain primitive. It was little wonder that they put so few of their own posters up and that those posters simply fell off in the first lot of rain. We estimated that just one of our poster teams could put up in one all night poster run, the entire output of the entire Commo opposition for a whole month. However, in two areas they were reasonably efficient. One was the way that they had some people who kept an eye out for recently postered up areas and passed that information on to the Commo Headquarters. The other was the way that they simply spray painted over our posters rather than trying to scrape them off. They also received money from the Multicultural office for the paint. Thus they were tapped into a pretty formidable source of money.

Another aspect about their operations was this. They were only reacting to our operations. They had no sense whatsoever of ever taking the initiative and then embarking on a new campaign of their own. They had a total lack of imagination here. Because of this our special surveillance team could easily set trails for them to follow, for them to be jumped on later. They had no overall long term objectives of their own. They were committing the most cardinal mistake of any combatant in any conflict situation. They were ignoring the most basic rule of conflict: HE WHO MERELY DEFENDS WILL ULTIMATELY LOSE.

We now channelled the enemy into painting over our posters in certain areas where we had the support of gangs of street kids who then supplied us with information on the movements, actions, methods of operation, numbers involved, vehicles and vehicle registration numbers. Bit by bit the special surveillance team was putting the picture together. In one incident where the street kids were waiting for the Commos to turn up to paint over the posters, things got a bit nasty. The street kids decided to get a bit violent and physically stop them from painting over our posters. One of the kids actually had an axe in his hand when he came running out towards the Commos. The Commos then promptly took to their heels and ran. This particular incident was the cause of another somewhat amusing incident later on during the undercover operation. Mind you things often got rough for our people out on the streets as well. Our people often encountered physical violence out on the streets as we postered up. Early in 1987 a group of Skinheads were attacked by a large screaming mob of Asians wielding machetes and a Samurai sword. The Skinheads were outnumbered by about 20 to 3, so about all they could do was flee. The mob of Asians then broke into the Skinheads house and ransacked the place, chopping the television in two and smashing up other furniture as well.

The next lot of sessions Peter spent with Nick he found out more about the Commos. He also managed to get John Bain introduced to them and accepted by them as another anti?Australian Commo, hell bent on painting over ANM posters. So the next logical step for them was to go painting over our posters with the Commos. Well there was no great problem here. The special surveillance team simply postered up some sections of town that were ridiculously close to the Commo Headquarters. This was done so that even these slack characters had no excuse to not bother about painting them over. It was only a few minutes drive away from the coffee shop where they would be actually talking about the new batch of ANM posters which they could not have avoided seeing on their way to the coffee shop. Peter and John made it their business to get Nick, themselves, and the rest of them out painting over ANM posters. This they did; quite convincingly.

The next step was a bit more difficult. By this stage Nick was freely talking to Peter and John about more and more of their operations and a lot of other subjects as well. It was somewhere along the line here that Peter and John found out about Nick being a drug pusher who also had an illegal handgun in his house. Having handguns in the house should be everyone’s basic right as far as Nationalists are concerned, the only thing that concerned us here was that we would not be able to confront Nick in his house without risking getting a bullet through our heads. He had to be confronted away from his house. The more our people found out about Nick the lower our opinion became of him. He being a Commo of course, that did not surprise us one bit.

We next set up a bogus address for Peter and John to bring Nick back to after a painting out session, when they had completely won over the confidence of Nick. This they did one night. In the meantime Peter was actually caught by the Police in the act of painting over our posters. This was quite bizarre, when you consider that the same Peter came close to getting caught by the Police when he was out plastering up posters with our teams earlier on, before he was selected for the undercover operation against the Commos. Luckily he was not charged that night. Anyway it all looked pretty convincing to Nick. The story that Peter and John told the Commos was that they had only recently arrived from Queensland, and as such they were staying at a caravan park. That caravan park, of course, just happened to be in Kelmscott, not too far away from our Headquarters. This was very convenient.

In all intelligence gathering operations, patience, persistence and a certain degree of intuition is essential. In due course Nick was lured to the caravan park one night and spent the greater part of the night telling Peter and John just about everything he should never have told them. We were getting a clearer and clearer picture of the nature of the radical Commo opposition ? the only opposition that could become a real threat to our street campaign if it was ever utilized effectively. At this point in time the special surveillance team were seeking out the personal background information of Nick himself. We had to find out his strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to most effectively neutralize his activities against us. We would only get one chance at this, and it had to be good. In all political activities effects and results are what counts…

In due course the special surveillance team uncovered the personal background and address of Nick. His name was [NS]. His whole character and general makeup was so typical of the sort of low down characters who are actively destroying Australia. He was a typical upper middle class pampered brat, who had never suffered or known privation or struggled against a hostile environment. Until he started to actively paint over ANM posters, he was the typical lazy long haired selfish, inconsiderate bum who hardly ever did any productive work, but instead just lay around in bed until midday before going off to get bombed on drugs again. He was also a drug pusher to boot. This was also verified by some of the children he sold hard drugs to. The whole general setup also utterly sickened us all for another very good reason.

The money for our street campaign came mostly from the hard up struggling workers, who really could not afford the money that they so generously, so faithfully donated, week in, week out, month in, month out, year in, year out. These open faced good hearted Aussies are the muscle and bone and sinew of our Aussie Nation. They are already being bled white by the Zionist parasites running the banks and multinationals, now another parasite was trying to prevent them achieving natural justice. This selfish pampered brat was deliberately going out of his way to make their hard lives even harder. The rank injustice of it all galled us all. It was not enough for this selfish overgrown pampered brat to poison the children of good hearted Aussies with hard drugs, he had to go out of his way to prevent those children from having any sort of chance for a decent future. It was our hard honest labour versus his wanton destruction. Our people, through their hard honest toil produced the wealth, while parasites like [NS] only destroy and steal, and sicken.

We now knew pretty well all that we needed to know about the Commos painting over our posters. The next step was to neutralize their activities, and do this at the very time that our new 1989 campaign began. This would give us a clear run on the streets again. So we waited while 1988 ended and 1989 began. Peter and John kept in pretty regular contact with Nick during this time. We also let the nest of Commos in Victoria Park have a pretty easy run while they dropped their guard. We now knew that we would only have to strike against Nick and the nest of Commos in Victoria Park to effectively neutralize the opposition to the poster campaign.

Meanwhile we printed up the next lot of posters for 1989 (2742 AR). We also prepared for the 1989 State Election campaign, where I would be contesting the seat of Helena. This was deliberately done because it was the electorate of Gordon Hill, the Minister for Ethnic Affairs. He was one of our committed enemies. The election would certainly cause a controversy.

Early in 1989 we struck at the Commos and effectively neutralized their campaign to counter the ANM posters.

The plan was this: First off the special surveillance team postered up the general area around [NS’s] house and the surrounding suburb of Kardinya. Then we rehearsed the operation with John Bain. As well as this we got hold of some artificial blood from an amusement shop. This was to be used on John Bain to make him look all bloodied up after I had gone through the motions of giving him a good and proper hiding.

The actual operation would be in two quick actions, within days of each other. The first action would be to physically catch [NS] in the act of painting over our posters, then give him a good and proper hiding so that he would not feel like painting over posters again. Within days of this we would fire bomb the car of the main organizer of the Victoria Park Commo nest. The delay between the two actions was so that the second group would have learned about what had happened to [NS] when he got caught painting out posters. That way when the fire bomb was hurled, they would all know exactly why this happened. Just in case they did not already know, we had some street kids to quietly tell them why.

These two actions were all that was required to neutralize the anti?ANM poster campaign. All the rest of the various people were far too disorganized to be any real threat to our poster campaign. As well as this when word got to them about what had happened to [NS] and the nest in Victoria Park, they would have second thoughts about going out onto the streets themselves. The Commo opposition are NOT brave or determined, and certainly not totally committed.

On a warm summer night early in 1989 we assembled the team together. They were John Bain, John Van [Blitterswyk], Chris [Bartle], Russell Willey, Justin and myself.

The first action [January 13, 1989] was carried out in this manner. John Bain rang up Nick and told him about the posters plastered up around Kardinya. Then he talked Nick into going out and painting over the ANM posters. He said that he would be dropping into Nick’s house with the paint to do so. Talking Nick into going out painting out the posters was somewhat difficult for John for the simple reason that Nick was engaging in his usual favourite pastime ? getting bombed out of his evil selfish little brain on acid. Politics always came a very lousy second to the general drug scene as far as Nick was concerned. We had two cars, which were in CB radio contact with each other. We drove up to Nick’s place and dropped John Bain off.

One car was parked only a 100 metres away from Nick’s house and carefully watched John go into Nick’s house then watched and waited for John and Nick to walk out together to go painting over our posters. The other car was parked a few streets away. We had to wait around for about an hour before John and Nick came walking out, then we followed them in the cars, taking it in turn, so that the same car would not be seen all the time. We managed this by keeping in contact with the CB radios. There was already one unforseen factor we now had to contend with. Nick had his dog with him. That dog could well get savage, and would have to be dealt with. I told Chris to take a stick along with him to wallop the dog with, should the need arise. John Bain was doing his job well. We silently followed their progress as they painted out the posters along the main road leading into the main Kardinya shopping centre. John was luring Nick right into the shadows behind the shopping centre. We then parked the cars in the car park, put on our balaclavas, then quietly followed them on foot. Sure enough, when we caught up with the two of them behind the shopping centre, the dog stood snarling between them and us. It was my job to make a dive at John Bain and tackle him to the ground, however, the snarling dog stood between John Bain and I. So up came Chris with his stick and gave poor old Fido a good hard wallop. Being a typical cowardly Commo dog, old Fido gave a heart rending howl and ran away.

Then it was on.

I tackled John Bain and brought him to the ground, just out of hearing distance from the rest of them who tackled the real target ? Nick. The first part of the action was for me to go through a pretty convincing show of bashing John Bain to the ground. This I did. Then while the two of us were out of hearing distance, I handed him the artificial blood, which he then splashed all over his face and on his shirt as well. This being done, we carried out the next step; John Bain broke away and ran. This was done with plenty of noise, so that Nick could actually see what had happened. This now left me free to join the rest, and have a few harsh words with Nick. Of course, all that John Bain did was hide in the shadows and watch proceedings, just in case he had to team up with Nick again and show Nick his “bloodied up” face.

While I was on my way to join the rest with Nick, Chris lost his cool a bit and bonked Nick on the head with the same stick that he walloped the dog with, in an effort to shut him up. Then John did manage to shut him up. By this stage Nick had copped quite a few blows and was thoroughly frightened, then Russell Willey did an utterly stupid thing. He dragged out a hunting knife, which he took along with him against our instructions, and threatened Nick with it. I promptly told him to put the knife away and stop being stupid. It was then that we told Nick that he copped the hiding because he was painting over ANM posters, and he could expect further hidings should he go out painting over any more posters. As it turned out that one good hiding put an end to Nick painting over ANM posters. Somewhere along the line while we were telling Nick what was what, we were suddenly caught in the headlights of a car, and the driver obviously saw what was going on. So we all had to clear out in a big hurry.

Somehow, in that mad rush to get back to the cars and get away, John and I were left behind in the Kardinya shopping centre when they drove off. This was real nice for John and I, because by this stage the Police would have been told about what had happened. As if that was not bad enough, John and I then lost contact with each other. Then sure enough, along came the police car cruising around looking for us. Oh hell! Both John and I were wearing the same clothes that we were seen in; the balaclavas we had already hidden. John slipped out of the shopping centre and walked far enough away from the scene to catch a taxi, then head home. Meanwhile I hid in the shadows while the police car cruised around, torchlights flashing around looking for us. I then noticed another car cruising slowly around. I reasoned that it could well be Chris’s car returning to the scene when they realized that John and I were missing. It was. I leaped out of the shadows in front of his car, jumped into his car and drove off, just moments ahead of the police car. Then we had to look for John.

That proved to be both time consuming and potentially dangerous, for now the Police were out looking for us, in the shopping centre and now the nearby streets. So we cruised around looking for him. We even followed a police van back to the Fremantle Police Station just to make sure that John was not in the back of that police van. After an hour of this we reasoned that John must have made it back to his home by taxi. Later on that night we did confirm this and were very relieved to discover this.

So much for the first action.

The second action was a lot easier. Chris took John Bain and another young activist around to the Commo nest in Victoria Park at night. They did one last reconnaissance of the place to make sure that the particular car was parked out in front of the place. It was. Chris then parked his own car in the shadows in a nearby street. The other two then slipped through the shadows to the house, lit the molotov cocktail and hurled it at the car. Once again the old familiar “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…. WHOOMP!” reverberated around the still air of the warm summer night, and another bunch of anti?Australian Commo scumbags got the message loud and clear to let Aussie Patriots carry out their work unhindered. The team cruised past the burning car to make sure that the target had been lit, then headed back to the Headquarters for the debrief.

The streets of Perth were now clear for the 1989 poster campaign and State Election.

~ Jack Van Tongeren, The A.N.M. Story: The Pre-Revolutionary Years: 1970–1989, Chapter 25: Strike Back, 1991

After being found guilty of various crimes associated with his campaign to foment a race war in WA, and following a three-month long trial in August–October 1990, the following sentences were handed out to Java Jack & Co.:

    Jack van Tongeren – 19 years & 9 months
    John van Blitterswyck – 15 years & 9 months
    Wayne van Blitterswyck – 11 years & 9 months
    Chris Bartle – 8 years & 9 months
    John Bain – 6 years
    Mark Ferguson – 3 years
    Judi Lyons – 3 years probation

Of course, it wasn’t long after his release (September 2002) that Jack got himself into trouble again, partly as a result of meddling kids. Thus it was in 2004 that Jim Kelly reported on ‘Mad Jack’ (Sunday Times, August 1, 2004):

CONVICTED race-hate terrorist Jack van Tongeren – wanted by police – yesterday broke his silence to claim he feared for his life. The Australian Nationalists Movement leader remained in hiding yesterday but contacted Channel 7 by phone to deny any involvement with recent racist campaigns targeting Asian and Jewish communities.

Reading a prepared statement, he said “monstrous” allegations were being made against him as an excuse for police to kill him. “Making this statement puts my own liberty and life in danger,” he said. “This present media hype is a police and media massive beat-up to engineer an excuse for ASIO to jail Australian Nationalists Workers Union members and kill me by using the ASIO Bill. There never was and never is any so-called paramilitary (unit). Those who know me well know than I am not a violent man.”

Attorney-General Jim McGinty yesterday said police had evidence linking Mr van Tongeren with the recent race attacks, including the firebombing of Chinese restaurants in February. Police charged four men aged between 17 and 21 with the attacks but at the time ruled out any link with Mr van Tongeren’s ultra right-wing movement.

“It now appears there may have been more to that story,” Mr McGinty said yesterday. “The trouble with Jack is that he manages to get people to do the stupidest things.”

Mr van Tongeren remained in hiding yesterday after it was revealed that police wanted to talk to him about a loosely planned terror campaign targeting Perth’s Asian community and public figures. Mr McGinty cut short a ministerial trip to Adelaide this week and flew back to Perth after police warned him about an alleged ANM plan to harm him.

Officers involved in the hunt for Mr van Tongeren raided a house in Gingin on Thursday and questioned his close associate Judith Lyons.

A gang response taskforce is also trying to locate a former ANM deputy and a present senior member. Yesterday, referring to the Gingin raid, Mr van Tongeren said: “Our once great Australia is fast becoming a Stalinist police state where an innocent defenceless woman just selling books is dragged away by shotgun-wielding guards. What is going on? Where are the death threats here? And yes, I called for those MPs committing treason against Australia to face a proper trial. But again, where are the death threats here?”

The threat against the Attorney-General was allegedly part of a wider ANM plot which was to culminate in the firebombing of Asian restaurants – a trademark of the organisation’s 1980s race-hate campaign.

Two years ago The Sunday Times revealed details of a threatening letter sent to Mr McGinty by former van Tongeren confidant Chris Bartle who warned that Mr van Tongeren was a trained gunman who knew Mr McGinty’s address and weak points.

The letter was sent shortly before Mr van Tongeren was released from prison after serving 12 years for masterminding the racist attacks two decades ago. “Jack van Tongeren was trained to shoot in the Royal Australian Army, he has been in actual combat, he has been shot at, he has used his rifle to kill the enemy he was ordered to kill,” Mr Bartle told Mr McGinty in the letter. “You must make certain that he does not feel threatened or give him any reason to go underground and declare war against you and your government.”

In reality, those responsible for the renewed acts of vandalism which occurred after Jack’s release were juvenile delinquents and members of the ‘White Devils’ gang, a number of whom (Damon Paul Blaxall, Daniel Tyrone Klavins, Frank James Lemin, Shannon Mark Post and Ben Weerheym), were later (December 2005) convicted of these crimes. Facing charges in relation to the antics of the young Vandals, Jack himself went on the lam in February 2006, only to be recaptured in April. As a result of apparent ill-health, both mental and physical, and a guilty plea tendered to the court in November 2006, Jack was released back into the public domain — on condition he leave WA. Eventually Jack found his way to Inverloch, where his paintings won approval at the local art show (Race hate fanatic tracked to sleepy town, Geoff Wilkinson, Herald Sun, March 30, 2007). For more on Jack, see the FDB! archive of articles, especially Notorious anti-Asian hate movement bites the dust, Cam Smith, Crikey, May 28, 2007.

Finally, note that there’s been a minor resurgence of neo-Nazi activism in Perth, both political and musical. On the political side of things, more later; recently, The Homicides gladly shared a stage with Murray Holmes (ex-Quick & The Dead, Skrewdriver), who’d previously travelled to Melbourne (last year) to perform at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club with a handful of other neo-Nazi bands. Curiously, The Homicides are planning a split release later this year with Sydney’s T.H.U.G., the vocalist for which (Chumley) and drummer (Simon) played in another seminal Australian RAC band called White Lightning (est.1988). T.H.U.G. still perform the White Lightning song ‘We Rule’, which was the title of their only official release (subsequently re-recorded and released as ‘Destiny’ on French RAC label Rebelles Européens (1987–1994) in 1990, RE332190). Although apparently collapsing in 1994, in 1995 Rebelles Européens made a short-lived recovery assisted by an Australian label, White League. White League released a handful of CD recordings before it too dissolved. In the meantime, T.H.U.G. will be playing with Sham 69 (minus Jimmy Pursey) Sin City and Toe to Toe @ The Corner on ANZAC Day (April 25).

Simon, Out of Order (Dutch RAC zine), 2000:

What is your best memory of White Lightning?

Best memory was playing a gig in Melbourne, in some pub, can’t remember which, full swing into it and about 30 Maoris drinking in the front bar… I’m sure you can picture what happened. Bedlam. We managed to protect all our gear however. Mic stands make magnificent clubs.

Chumley, The Stormtroop (Australian RAC zine), 1988:

Do you have any opinion on the current crisis in the West Bank between the Jews and the Palestinians?

As everyone can see the ever troublesome Jews are up to their old tricks by causing mass disorder. So we think that the Palestinians should wipe the Jews out and take back Palestine, then we should go in and wipe the Arabs off the face of the Earth.

What do you think of the Australian Nationalists Movement?

It makes a lot of sense.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. vents says:

    Fear of ZOG

    Fear of ZOG!!!

  2. @ndy says:

    Exodus! 20! 1! 7! Hutt hutt hutt!

    1 And ZOG spoke all these words:

    2 “I am the LORD your ZOG, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

    3 “You shall have no other gods before me.

    4 “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your ZOG, am a jealous ZOG, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand {generations} of those who love me and keep my commandments.

    7 “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your ZOG, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

  3. TOXIC SHOCK says:

    I didn’t realise that Chipmunks also have racial hatred. They must really hate those brown ones.

    I’m guessing there will be a few goose stepping morons at the Corner, what will they make of Toe To Toe singing ‘Build it up, I’ll tear it down’:

    Hatred defined with closed minds
    advancement of thought left to die
    your prejudice, your pride, left to die
    prehistoric thought leave it behind

    Build it up, I’ll tear it down

    So what will you do when the minority’s you
    will you reap what you sow when hatred comes through
    don’t subscribe to the phobic lie
    hatred of some one you can define

    You’re sexist, racist and homophobic

    You hate, you hate
    what you can’t commemorate
    your pride, your pride
    all thought been cast aside

    Division, division
    that’s not how I’m living
    weak minds, weak minds
    just a waste of time

  4. Yeah that is very funny @ndy, now do the same with some verse from the Qu’ran. Here, let me start you off –

    Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176:
    Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar:
    Allah’s Apostle said, “You (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, ‘O ‘Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.’ ”

  5. @ndy says:

    The Misery of Islam

    We recently received this manuscript “The Misery of Islam” with the note: “Dear friends. I know that you will appreciate this text. I trust you to do what you see fit, please excuse my English, publish it warts and all as you say in your language…” It was sent from a still Muslim country.

    When I was lying in my warm, damp bed these questions did not interest me one jot and at such a time it did not matter to me whether God really existed or whether He was nothing but a personification of the mighty ones of this world, invented for the greater glory of spiritual values and the easier spoliation of the lower orders, the pattern of earthly things being transferred from the sky. All I wanted to know was whether or not I was going to live through to the morning. In face of death, I felt that religion, faith, belief were feeble, childish things of which the best that could be said was that they provided a kind of recreation for healthy, successful people…
    The Blind Owl, Sadegh Hedayat.

    God gives nuts to the toothless.
    Spanish proverb

    (Corrected Edition) First published by Fast Camel Press, Feb. 1989
    This edition published by The Friends of Omar Khayyam Press, © Feb. 1989

    Strange, is it not that of the myriads who
    Before us pass’d the door of Darkness through
    Not one returns to tell us of the Road,
    Which to discover we must travel too.
    Rubáiyát, Omar Khayyám

    Enter and learn the story of the rulers,
    They rested a little in the shadow of my towers
    And then they passed.
    They were dispersed like those shadows
    When the sun goes down;
    They were driven like straws
    Before the wind of death.
    Inscription at the City of Brass

    Go and tell my friends that I have set off for the high seas
    And that my boat is dashed to pieces;
    It is in the religion of the gibbet that I shall die; Mecca
    And Medina no longer mean anything to me.
    Al-Halladj (858-929 AD)

    The challenge of our times -for us proletarians who live in countries where Islam is part and parcel of the status quo-, is to criticize this “religion of the desert”, not for God’s sake but for our very own. So that we don’t have to worry anymore about anyone coming back from the dead to tell us if there is life after death. It seems more human to find out whether there is life before death (1).

    The ruling classes in countries in which Islam still holds sway have enforced a silence on Islamic matters, to the extent that even a simple critique cannot be allowed, because those who rule in the various feudo-bureaucratic dictatorships, use Islam to maintain their hideous grip on the wretched populations. Here we can see a similarity with Eastern bloc countries where truth and freedom of expression are muzzled, stalinism and Islam have a lot in common. Recently the Salman Rushdie affair has brought up to the surface a wealth of materials for analysis. One minute the President of Iran, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that the death order would be rescinded if Mr Rushdie apologised, a few hours later the Ayatollah-in-Chief Khomeini declared that even if Mr Rushdie repented it was the duty of every Muslim to put him to death. Iran today is a tweedeldum and tweedeldee country. The rulers of that devastated part of the world constantly need an external enemy in order to keep the minds of its people away from the mounting daily miseries at home. Mr Rushdie’s book was a Godsend opportunity to unite the flocks. But for how long (2)?

    The Muslim world from Morocco to Indonesia passing through Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Irak, straight over to Pakistan and down to Nigeria etc… is a real cauldron of misery and possible change. Different forces are at work to make this world collapse. First, the dispossessed no longer want to suffer Allah’s “Law” or those who squander the wealth which is the fruit of their exploitation and who are imposing harsher and harsher conditions (3).

    The reason for this pamphlet is quite simple, to make sure that past (4) and present struggles against bloody rulers in Islamic countries are not forgotten. Often it is only in books, pamphlets, posters, newspapers or radio from abroad that we manage to know what goes on elsewhere, or when we meet someone who has been involved directly in some actions, because most often “our” press reports nothing but trivia. For example for the last five years or more they have been showing the same pictures of Allah’s Deputy on Earth, the one and only Khomeini. If they announced that he had gone to meet his maker, things might take a different turn in Iran. I heard that a few people in London have been saying that he was dead for many years, but no one in the media has taken up this story. Journalists are a sorry lot, the more satellite dishes you have, the less news you get. Or you’ll get news in the sky when you die. The decomposition of the Press in the completion of media alienation is in full swing, this being the sub-title of a book recently published in Paris, called The Crude Lie (5).

    It is with sorrow and pleasure that we can remember the riots of Cairo (1st January 1977) or the ones in Tunis (26th January 1978), or the uprisinqs which made those in power tremble in Algeria (from the 10th March to the 24th April 1980), and more recently in that same poor country people took to the streets against the dreaded regime, more than five hundred people were killed by the Algerian army and police. There was widespread torture of those arrested. These uprisings are like a fire that will not go out, just as everywhere else since the conditions in which almost everyone is forced to live under, ensure that the flames of discontent will not die, proletarian revolution is like Mount Etna, it erupts, and Allah and those in power can do nothing to prevent it. No wonder Mohammed the Holy Profit declared that anarchy, “fawda” that is to say sedition was even graver than assassination. This saying was quickly inscribed into the Koran in order to make sure that those who had power would retain it for ever. Many specialists of Islam cannot criticize this, maybe they are too hypnotized by it.

    The essence of Islam is resignation, submission to the order of things, and the will of God, the temporal and spiritual powers are one, as we said earlier there is a similarity between stalinism and Islam, no wonder there is trouble in the Eastern bloc countries. People have had enough of the Kremlin Big Brother telling them what to think and do. The Islamic religion is part and parcel of the State, and the same with stalinism. In Christian countries, the bourgeoisies which rose out of the feudal dark ages could not afford such luxuries such as an all powerful Church which went hand in glove with the State. From then on the bourgeois made sure only the commodity would rule and it would be the next God to be worshipped. What we have today proves it. Nothing is sacred, only things with price tags. In other words the society of the spectacle, having reached its integrated spectacular stage as Guy Debord recently wrote in his Commentaries (6).

    I am certain that a wider critique will continue to move from country to country, because what is said here many feel deeply in their hearts and they whisper truths about the misery inflicted upon them by those who live well. As in the time of the Old Man of the Mountain, no one is safe in power. This is why I hasten to pen this little treatise on Islam. It has taken 148 years for an ex-Muslim to jump into L. Feuerbach’s shoes. A few years ago I had the chance to read his Essence of Christianity when I was abroad. Among all the titles I literally devoured, since you could not find anything critical under Pahlavi, ironically you can find even less under the Khomeinists. Only the Koran seems to be allowed. It is like having an iron mask on one’s head. It is truly barbarous. Therefore it is not Allah which knows and sees everything -that Cosmic Voyeur-, since ‘he’ does not exist, but well and truly those eyes and ears of the police aided by their sordid informers who always want to know if anyone knows more than they do about the rule of their masters, that is to say the whole of the misery which rests on economic and religious alienation, in order to persecute those who fight back. All this reminds us of the Spanish Inquisition. The Islamic “revolutionary” guards and the different kinds of police in countries where Islam prevails are what George Orwell called the “thought police” in his 1984.

    The critique of Islam necessitates taking apart everything that this legislation stands for. And because: the signs of the decay of this religion are all but apparent. Islam offers nothing but the acceptance of the status quo, that “Heavenly Body” resembles a capsizing ship. Islam is archaic, reactionary in all aspects. The respect for those in power is enshrined in the Koran, as of property, as of the family (7), and the Koran is the infallible word of God. All this to ensure that “the exploitation of one class by another is the basis of civilization” as Engels remarked in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State. Indeed Mohammed himself must have been rich since he could afford more than one wife (8). Mohammed started with the idea of giving to the poor, but once in power -as did Luther and Lenin-, quickly forgot to continue on this golden path. Later he reinforced his power and that of Islam by building mosques in towns “where the basis of Islamic communal prayer” could take place. The Bedouin tribes were truly dispersed and weakened by these new developments. Mohammed scorns the Bedouins in the Koran. The 10 commandments, the Talmud, the Koran are laws. The lawgivers are the ruling class.

    Once this goddamn pamphlet starts to circulate from dawn till dusk the wheel of change will never stop spinning, just as Khomeini’s cassettes kept arriving from outside Paris when he was in exile on a main street, so other gestures of protest, critique and anger will keep contradicting those who believe that “God is that which does not pass away”, that is to say traditions. The various ruling classes in Muslim countries are besieged on two fronts:

    The bourgeoisie, by the rapid improvements of all instruments of production, by the immensely facilitated means of communication, draws all, even the most barbarian nations into civilization. The cheap prices of its commodities are the heavy artillery with which it batters down all Chinese walls, with which it forces the barbarian’s intensely obstinate hatred of foreigners to capitulate. It compels all nations, on pain of extinction to adopt the bourgeois mode of production; it compels them to introduce what it calls civilisation into their midst, ie. to become bourgeois themselves. In other words, it creates a world after its own image (Communist Manifesto).

    No wonder some already speak of the petrobourgeosie. So Ibn Saud, probably never realised what he was getting into when he boarded that US warship to meet the New Deal, ie. Roosevelt way back in 1945. Frank even allowed him to bring a few sheep for his meals! Roosevelt knew all the way what quagmire Ibn Saud was plunging into, ie. the capitalist mode of production. The other front is proletarians who are fed up!

    So Mohammed once said :”Whoever monopolizeth is a sinner”, it obviously did not apply to him, no more than it applies to all those who exploit us. Those who stole and who were caught had their hands cut off, and often their heads, Mohammed the Holy Profit ordered this. It went down in the Koran for future generations. After all Mohammed had God’s word. I hear that the present Chancellor of the Exchequer in Britain is taxing those who live in sin. It is really disgusting.

    Speak not of fate: Ah! change the theme,
    And talk of odours, talk of wine,
    Talk of the flow’rs that round us bloom:
    ‘Tis a cloud, ’tis all a dream.

    Pour us wine to make us generous
    And carelessly happy in the old way
    Ibn Kolthúm (6th century) (9)

    About this table
    Sat hawkeyed kings
    With many one eyed kings
    To bear them company;
    But now all sit in the dark and none are able
    To see.
    The Thousand and One Nights

    A critique of Islam is but a necessary contribution to a new world with no commodity, no State and the rest that stands in our way. The tongue of the hidden has started to speak, the Pax Islamica is dissolving like a piece of ice in the midday Mecca sun! Islam is “the arbitrary having broken loose” as Hegel once pointed out. The second part of this document will follow shortly…

    Down with the spectacular-commodity economy!
    Down with Allah!
    Down with the Koran!
    Down with all the marxist-leninists who don’t criticize religion (Islam in particular)!
    Long live all those who fight tyrannies in Muslim countries!
    Long live all those who are fighting the other ruling classes elsewhere!
    Written in a still Muslim country on February 18th, 1989, by Al-Djouhall

    In the hour of adversity be not without hope
    For crystal rain falls from black clouds

    Fingering thieves

    IRANIAN authorities are using a new machine for cutting off thieves’ fingers in accordance with Islamic law, the Tehran newspaper Kayhan reported yesterday.

    A member of the Supreme Judicial Council also said recently that Iran had invented an electric machine for cutting off hands.

    The Guardian (8.2.85)


    (1) (…) “The basis of irreligious criticism is: Man makes religion, religion does not make man. In other words, religion is the self-consciousness and self feeling of man who has either not vet found himself or has already lost himself again. (…) “Religion” is the fantastic realisation of the human essence because the human essence has no true reality. The struggle against religion is the spiritual aroma. Religious distress is at the same time the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of the heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusions about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions. The critique of religion is therefore in embryo the criticism of the vale of woe, the halo of which is religion. (…) Religion is the illusory sun which revolves round man as long as he does not revolve round himself. (…)
    K. Marx, Contribution to the critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, 1844.

    (2) Mr Rushdie should have never apologised to the ayatollahs. He forgot what Junius once said:”The liberty of the Press is the palladium of all the civil, political and religious rights of an Englishman.” Still it was a brave attempt to criticize Islam. As Lord Acton once taught us: “Nothing is safe that does not show it can bear discussion and publicity.”

    (3) (…) “On the 21st of June 1981, the youth from the popular districts of Casablanca rose up. By means of the general strike decreed by the CDT (Democratic Confederation of Labour), ten of thousands of young Casablancans, each in their district, occupied the streets, looted and committed arson and finally flushed out the forces of law and order for a period of several hours. Afterwards, thousands of policemen, of “merdas” (turds) (name given by the people to the auxiliary forces) and soldiers supported by light and armoured cars undertook to reduce the riot in an unequal combat. They did it in the sole manner that befits them: the pure and simple assassination of all those who dared to shout that they were fed up with being hungry. “If they haven’t got any bread in their stomachs, we will fill them with bayonets”. These words by a manufacturer from Lyons on the eve of the Canute insurrection surely were the intimate thoughts of those who on the 20th of June, gave the order to fire on the children of the Beb Msik quarries, of Derb as-Sultan, Sbata, Derb al-Fida, etc. “Sixty dead killed by confounding objects”, the Ministry of the Interior lies outrageously, the people itself, knows that it has been mourning more than 600 dead, killed by bullets and buried clandestinely in pauper’s graves. (…) In this year 1981, the droughts added to five years of war and of economic crisis, (which have already bled white Morocco’s economy) and placed the poorest zones in the countryside on the edge of famine. The most varied and tho most dreadful rumours began to circulate in the souks and from there to the popular districts; tongues unleashed themselves and people began to express out loud their worries and discontent. The powers that be just as quickly mobilised their police forces and their ulemas (the body of professional theologians, expounders of “The Law”, in a Mohammedan country), “in order to explain to those seeing the origins of their distress driving round in Mercedes and building sumptuous villas, that God had so wished up and that one cannot rebel against God’s will, for he punishes those who have strayed from his religion and from the precepts of his Prophet. There are for sure numerous faithful in the mosques, but the preachings of the appointed imams h3ve few listeners (…)”. In Casablanca steeped in blood, Sou’al no 1, Paris 1981.

    These riots took place at the same time as the British proletarian carnival and yet not a word was spoken about them in the so-called “free” press.

    (4) My aim is to bring back the memory of all the past struggles against the dead hand of Islam. Like for example the Qarmatian movement which was a revolutionary movement which swept through the Muslim world from the 9th to the 12th centuries AD. This movement organised itself on the bases of a system of communism into which initiation was necessary. They challenged the power of the caliph of Baghdad. In 931 AD the Qarmatians sacked Mecca and took the Black Stone of the Ka’ba to Mu’aminiyah for thirty years. Their only mistake was not to have destroyed it. In Khurasan, in Syria and in Yemen, they formed lasting hotbeds of discontent The Qarmatians also introduced Greek philosophy and by so doing helped many minds to free themselves from the clutches of Islam. Pythagoras, Empedocles and Plato and the masters of Hermetism were presented as divine prophets. Other sources were also brought in, notably from Persia and India.

    Al-Halladj whom we mentioned to start with was a remarkable man, he set up in his own home a model of the Ka’ba and said: “The important thing is to proceed seven times around the Ka’ba of one’s heart”, those in power therefore accused him of being a Qarmati rebel who wished to destroy the Ka’ba of Mecca. A1-Halladj was mocking the ludicrous spectacle of having to run seven times round the black cube. In fact he was helping to demystify the whole Islamic death machine which rested in the hands of those who ruled. “Thus for having rejected the discipline of the arcana with which his predecessors and his contemporary shrouded themselves, far having indulged without restraint to the call of God’s love, for having revealed that the union of love with God was possible, for having sung this union up to crying out in a moment of ecstasy: “I am God” (ana al-haqq), he provoked a “crisis of consciousness” in the Muslim Community. Al-Halladj was flagellated, mutilated, hung upon a gibbet and finally decapitated, his body was burnt and his ashes thrown into the Tigris. Those who ruled at the time of Al-Halladj did not forgive him for bringing god down to earth. There are many similarities between Al-Halladj’s “programme” and Thomas Münzer’s who “demanded the immediate establishment of the kingdom of God, of the prophesied millenium, by restoring the Church to its original condition and abolishing all the institutions that conflicted with this allegedly early-Christian, but, in fact, very novel church. By the kingdom of God Münzer understood a society in which there would be no class foreign to the members” of society” (cf The Peasant Wars, F. Engels, 1850). The Anabaptists and Münzer were a direct threat to the Princes of Germany, the Pope, and to Luther and they paid with their lives.

    For Münzer Christ was a mere man. Luther had started his career on the side of the insurgents but soon found out that they went too far for his thick head, years later Lenin would follow the same path. Don’t follow leaders….

    (5) Le Mensonge Cru, Mezioud Ouldamer & Remy Ricordeau. (Editions Siham, Paris, 1988)

    (6) Commentaires sur la Société du Spectacle, Guy Debord. (Editions G. Lebovici, Paris, 1988). Some idiots in London writing in Marxism Today about May 1968, came up with the conclusion that the dream was over, really! It seems rather that their nightmare is continuing. As usual stalinists enjoy spreading confusion.

    (7) The following should please all those who have an interest in keeping private property, the family in other words the State going: “The Old Testament contains a certain number of traces which seems to indicate that among the ancestors of historical Israel the matriarchate was in force -that is a child was considered to belong, not to the father’s clan or family, but that of the mother. In these primitive times the father was not definitively known. Polyandry prevailed -ie., a woman was visited by various men. Strabo (Geographia, XVI) mentions as prevalent among the Arabian peoples akin to Israel. Under such conditions only the mother knows her child, and therefore it is she who gave it its name. This practice lasted in Israel far down into the historical period, although the reason for it had long disappeared and was forgotten (…) A further surviving trace of an earlier matriarchate is seen in the fact that the tent belonged to the woman (…) Among the Arabs when a woman had grown tired of a man she simply reversed her tent -ie-, she turned the door to the other side. When the man returned and found the tent thus reversed he knew that she wished to have nothing further to do with him. (…) Finally, there is another piece which is not without value. There is reason to suppose that the word for “class” mishpachach is connected with shipcha; in the ‘Old Testament’, shiphchach means a female slave, or even a concubine, but under the matriarchate, it had meant the matriarchate wife. In the nomadic period the mishpachach seems to have been the ultimate social unit! In the settled period “the Israelite family has now passed from the earlier stage of the matriarchate (…) to that of the patriarchate -the wife is her husband’s property. To have many wives, therefore, means to be rich!! In Israel the main purpose of marriage was the procreation of children. (…) The wife is of secondary importance. All that we hear of her makes it impossible for us to forget for an instant that her husband is her lord and master.”
    A History of the Hebrew Civilization, A. Berthelot (Payot, Paris 1926)

    (8) Another case of primitive accumulation!

    (9) “The ancient poetry of Arabia, immediately before the advent of Mohammed, is the most delightful wild flower of literature the Eastern world can show…” Notes to The Anthology of World Poetry (1929)

    Scanning, proofreading and HTML by Jack Campin. The only changes knowingly made to the original are turning the footnotes into endnotes and adding divider lines. I’ve no idea who Al-Djouhall was, have never heard of either of the publishers from elsewhere, and can’t even recall where I got the pamphlet. And I don’t know what the Arabic or Persian text in the colophon says.

  6. Ewok Hugo says:

    That’s an impressive story you thought up there, Andy.

  7. Ewok Hugo says:

    I’m saying: to think up a story like that in half an hour is amazing!

  8. Darrin Hodges says:

    That’s a nice copy ‘n’ paste @ndy and somewhat interesting, but you still haven’t matched what you posted previously in terms of parodying scripture.

    If you are having trouble finding material in Islam, here is some more text for you to work with –

    ‘The Last Hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: `Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him’; but the tree Gharkad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”
    [ Sahih Muslim, Book 40, Number 6985 ]

  9. Peter Watson says:

    My god the nazis are so stupid. Darrn Hidgoes is one of them.


  10. Changeling says:

    That was a fascinating read, @ndy. A reminder for us to realise The Adversary is *intelligent* even though it frequently utilises the plainly stupid as a front.

    Yes – many people fear the non-existent ZOG – a bit like my old sparring buddy and antisemitic nemesis, Leon Carter (CIArter).
    That fear frequently drove him to drop his rationalist humanitarian leftist facade and transmute into the frothing antisemite that it took me far longer than it should have to realise he was.

    He has a jolly good scream in the thread at http://melbourne.indymedia.org/news/2006/08/119198_comment.php
    My contributions begin with the comment “Reality Check” – be sure to check out Moses’ secret 11th commandment to the Jews! 🙂

    Another scream occurs at http://melbourne.indymedia.org/news/2006/07/115993_comment.php

    Aaaah! I used to have such a cathartic time memetically destroying antisemites back then… … …


  11. Ultimate Hater says:

    The best part about stupid people is they think that ‘cut and paste’ is a derogatory term when it is probably considered a form of referencing and actually more legitimate than making shit up off the head…

    …actually that is a very average facet about stupid people.

  12. Just Curious says:

    Uh, I believe Darrin was referring to the contempt SB shows for Christians, while muslims get off on some verbose PC garbage, I mean, cut and paste.

    @ndy – why do you ridicule those who are critical of Israel and Jews? Surely someone who is left wing would recognise the shameful atrocities against the Palestinians? Or do you conveniently ignore this fact due to the funding your buddies at FDB recieve? Let me guess – you’re not privy to their funding? Whatever!

    Either way, someone as intelligent as yourself would no doubt come across information regarding international financiers, and yet, no doubt you ridicule this as more conspiracy theories by right wing neo-nazis. Communists accept this and have no love for zionism. Why have you made a deal with the devil and choose to ridicule any attempts by right wingers to expose this information through pejoratives like ZOG? What sort of “Red” anarchist are you anyway?

  13. KinkyBoy says:

    How can you Memetically destroy an “Anti-semite” when “Jewish” identity as “Chosen” is a lie and a fraud ?
    The “Jew Hater” points it out as being probably true, and you don’t like it.

    Wank on Water for me JewBoy, or do something special for us Goyim us that proves you to be extwa speShul. We Goyim are green with envy that we’re the UnChosen and we hate you for it. Oh G_d have mercy on the miserable and soulless, OnToloGicaLly UnexCePtionAl Goyim. Woe is us and BooHoo that we’re not “JOO”.

    Lies and Money, that all you’ve got, and some don’t even have coin.

    Some of us have read your irrational “religion of race” and in a word it is pathetic. It must annoy the Jews greatly that God continues to allow vicious “Anti-semites” to be born that don’t play by Kosher rules. Rules that demand we Kiss your sorry Narcissistic Quoits.

    The religion of the Jews is Prejudice in its concentrated form, yet the hypocritical Kike has the gall to accuse us of it.

  14. Jim QLD says:

    JVT on WPCA? Come on. Proof please. What was his user name? Show us all a single post from JVT. Show the world how FDB and Andy collected this information.

    Hell you guys truly have no idea. As I said proof please.

    I note with much amusement the pro Jewish stance you are taking lately. What no Anarchists left alive in Palestine? Clearly your support of the only truly racist state in the world Israel is a contradiction at FDB. I suppose someone must pay the bills for you lot.

    Statically it shows that Israel has over played its hand and the thinking people of the world of all nationalities know that something is rotten in the Jewish State. Hell even the non-political Jews are now speaking out. Will the Jews who question the powers that be get a specific page at FDB? Will a task force be set up to investigate the rapes currently going on in Australia of Anglo women by non whites? Goggle fake hate crimes. Guess who seems to be behind an awful lot. Yes Jewish communities.

  15. Jim QLD says:

    I guess you failed to say that WPCA also had the terrorist group Fight Dem Back as members of the forum. It would seem that the only reason the WPCA forum was shut down was because so many of your mates Andy had joined and were faking the Nazi. Yes folks faking hate crimes and playing the bad Nazi is what these guys do best. Search Lights number one strategy. They figure WPCA wasn’t hard core enough they had to join and play the part of the hate filled Nazi. Oh and still do on SF and other forums around the world. How many of your mates here have accounts at SF and ANN? A lot.

    By your assessment Andy if supporters of ANM posting on the WPCA forum makes them members of the ANM what does that say about your supporters? If we use the same yardstick at FDB and at slackbastard it would mean these groups are choco block full of Terrorist?

  16. @ndy says:

    The interwebs is awesome!

    First, ‘The Misery of Islam’ is a Situationist-inspired critique of Islamic society and religion, authored pseudonymously and first published in 1989. It’s been circulated in one form or another for the 20 years since, most recently online.

    The point of my re-publishing it as a comment is to draw attention to what I think is actually a coherent — as opposed to batshit — critique of Islam. More generally, and as I’ve written several times previously, I think Knabb’s essay on ‘The Realization and Suppression of Religion’ (1977), which is a response to the original Situationist critique, is germane. Beyond which point, I’m neither a Jew nor a Christian nor a Muslim, but an atheist.

    Secondly, I don’t ridicule those who are critical of Israel and Jews; in this post I ridicule conspiracist phantasies of ZOG. There is a difference, but one obviously which escapes some, especially racist nutters. Thus “Out on the furthest conspiracist limb are race hate groups and neo-Nazis who are obsessed with the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) – an idea that is the modern incarnation of the infamous Protocols” (Chip Berlet). Such thinking and such propaganda extends right back to the Tsarist regime of late nineteenth century Russia and beyond; ZOG is a contemporary crystallisation of this anti-Semitic (Judeophobic if you prefer) prejudice. It’s this I’m ridiculing.

    Thirdly, I don’t recall writing that “JVT” was “on WPCA”. Rather, “…the WPCA is, sadly, no longer with us, but while it lasted it comprised members of Jack Van Tongeren’s Australian Nationalists Movement (”Simple! Erect! Severe! Austere! Sublime!”), the World Church of the Creator, the Imperial Klans of Australia, the New Zealand National Front, the National Socialist Party of Australia and assorted other “Patriots”.” Anyone who wants to can simply refer to the Internet archive for confirmation.

    Finally, check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

  17. Tony Whitemore says:

    “Secondly, I don’t ridicule those who are critical of Israel and Jews; in this post I ridicule conspiracist phantasies of ZOG.”

    Sorry Andy, you support the Jewish community – you support Israel.

  18. @ndy says:


    I barrack for Collingwood.

  19. @ndy says:

    ‘The Misery of Islam’ continued

    Epic voter turnout thwarted enemies’ psyops: Leader
    Tehran Times

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a message on Saturday lauded the “epic” voter turnout in Friday’s parliamentary elections which turned the psychological warfare by the enemy “into a bubble”.

    Following is part of the Leader’s message:

    The exultant nation of Iran, your epic turnout defeated the enemies’ craft and cunning and turned their psychological warfare, meant to depress voter turn-out, into an empty bubble.

    By holding about 30 free elections in less than 30 years, the Islamic Republic has shown that it is the most honest democratic system in modern world, thus anti-religious democracies and individual and factional autocracies will be gradually questioned by the sagacious individuals of the international community.

    Amid all propaganda about fake conflicts between democracy and Islam, your Islamic and democratic system has challenged all anti-religious and anti-human examples.

    Your vigilance undermined all evil craft and cunning like issuing sanctions resolution, boycotting the vote, inviting foreign onlookers to interfere in people’s lives, horrifying people of the enemy’s military invasion, accusing Iran of holding unfair elections and propaganda about people’s indifference especially evil predictions about neglecting the elections by the youth.

  20. Just Curious says:

    Funnily enough, I’ve never seen one article you’ve published that is critical of the Zionist treatment of Palestinians, or the Jewish community’s racist policies towards the Palestinians. Yet, on the same hand you ridicule Rihab Charida for speaking at one of the few forums which will give her people a voice. If you so despise the New Right and the Sydney Forum, give Rihab an opportunity to spread her message on your very own website, so that she doesn’t need to resort to fascist forums as you call them!

    Have the audacity to speak the truth on issues you know are crimes against humanity, even if they don’t sit well with your own agenda. It is surely easy to sit at the keyboard poking fun at ZOG conspirators than recognising your own hypocrisy!

    However, based on your alliances with FDB, it’s no doubt something that you could never do. As I said previously – A Red Anarchist- I think not!

  21. @ndy says:

    The most recent post on this blog in reference to events in Israel/Palestine occurred ten days ago, on March 7, 2008: For reasons of state #6,322. It takes note of and makes reference to the murder of an Israeli soldier by ‘Gaza militants’ — possibly Islamic Jihad — the siege in Gaza and associated humanitarian crisis, the reference made by an Israeli Minister to genocide in Gaza and a link to and some statistics compiled by B’Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

    On Rihab’s address to the Sydney Forum, I didn’t ridicule her, nor does Rihab need to resort to addressing fascist forums in order to speak of the situation in Palestine, as she would be the first to tell you. Again, anyone who wants to know more can read Rihab’s own comments. Anyone interested in reading more about Israel/Palestine conflicts can also refer to some of the references I previously provided:

    Anti-Zionist Jews…


    Anarchists Against the Wall : http://www.awalls.org/

    Electronic Intifada : http://electronicintifada.net/

    See also : a message from the iron sheik
    Published by @ndy March 27th, 2006 in Music, Anti-fascism

  22. Just Curious says:

    So your focus on one dead soldier is more relevant than hundreds of murdered Palestinians by the Israeli militants? Isn’t it bigoted to assume that the value of life differs dependent upon the religion of the person? I say this, because you haven’t exactly had equal coverage – have you? Apologies if I am incorrect!

    Instead, I will remind you that the far right fascists are also quick to point out Anti-Zionist Jews, as the conference in Iran illustrates. However, you have yet to write about the relevance of Jewish influence in America and it’s dominating force for the continued presence on the War in Iraq (see AIPAC), and to reiterate the influence of International Financiers which is well known in MSM. The Bilderberg group for example. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/3773019.stm

    Yet, no doubt, it is easier to ignore these issues and conveniently describe them as “ZOG”. No doubt, I too will get the label of a neo-nazi anti-semitic conspiracist phantasite of ZOG for the mere mention of these facts.

    In this post titled “Fear of ZOG” you discuss the news article where the Jewish community are given their own crime squad. First of all, you fail to address the hypocrisy of a group singled out for protection, when surely ALL communities in Australia deserve protection from Hate Crimes. Secondly, you also fail to point out the hypocrisy in the statistics for the increase in hate crimes being collected by the Jewish community who no doubt has a conflict of interest in these matters. No other minority group – including homosexuals – would be allowed to collect their own statistics to present to the police force and demand their own hate squad! Utter Hypocrisy!

    I don’t expect that you will not to have a political opinion, and share your own personal political agenda (after all, it’s YOUR blog!), but your failure to recognise your own hypocrisy in labelling anyone with an inkling of Negative Jewish Influence a ZOG phantasite is likely due to the fact that to admit anything less would leave a bitter taste in your mercenary mouth.

  23. vents says:

    the petrobourgeoisie!!

  24. @ndy says:

    So your focus on one dead soldier is more relevant than hundreds of murdered Palestinians by the Israeli militants? Isn’t it bigoted to assume that the value of life differs dependent upon the religion of the person? I say this, because you haven’t exactly had equal coverage – have you? Apologies if I am incorrect!

    No. Your argument doesn’t follow. An absence of basic logic, however, does characterise your commentary. In any case, my comment was made in response to your prior claim. You wrote: “I’ve never seen one article you’ve published that is critical of the Zionist treatment of Palestinians”. Your myopia may be a fact, but this doesn’t mean that I haven’t, in fact, referred to this conflict, most recently on March 7.

    Regarding the establishment of a specialist Victoria police unit to examine anti-Semitic incidents, there’s a number of questions. First, what is the actual frequency and intensity of anti-Semitic attacks? Secondly, has there, in fact, been a recent spike in such incidents? Thirdly, if there has been such a rapid escalation, is this sufficiently serious to justify the expenditure of further police resources responding to the problem? Et cetera. It should also be noted that I don’t discuss the articles as such, but rather use them as a springboard into a discussion of locally organised anti-Semitism, recent and not-so-recent.

    In and of itself, the establishment of such a unit does not have the implications you assert. Police routinely assemble specialist taskforces. Victoria Police has an Aboriginal Advisory Unit, a Family Violence Unit, a Multicultural Advisory Unit, and otherwise is designed to be flexible enough to respond to the demands of Government and occasionally public (as circumstances permit) for specialist policing. That the ADC compiles statistics regarding alleged anti-Semitic crimes is not an instance of hypocrisy, but rather an example of the kind of routine work that almost all political lobbies engage in, whatever their social base or political interest. To assert that no other group would be “allowed” to engage in the kinds of activities almost all such groups do, continually, suggests that you’re hardly serious.

    See also :
    Police to have more hate crime training: commissioner, ABC, February 16, 2008
    An introduction to Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Hate Crimes

    Over the last twelve months the Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project have worked extensively to address the problems with Surry Hills LAC. We have:

    * trained more than 60 Police officers from the Surry Hills LAC on identifying and responding to homophobic violence
    * worked with the City of Sydney to help develop the Oxford St Safety Strategy that committed the Police to conduct more high visibility policing on the Oxford St strip
    * actively participated in the Police Accountability Teams (PACT) meetings, raising concerns about police practices that have been brought to us by GLBT community members.
    * worked to improve police intelligence on homophobic violence by setting up systems for sharing reports made to the AVP with the Surry Hills Command.
    * advocated for increased resources for the GLLO program at Surry Hills including making representations to the Police Minister and Commissioner of Police.

    Despite these efforts, like many members of the community we continue to have concerns about the Police response to homophobic violence. We share the feeling in the community that enough is enough.

  25. Martin says:

    A lot of names mentioned in this article, I bet it makes you feel real tough Andy…

  26. @ndy says:

    Please explain?

  27. Just Curious says:

    There is a big difference between police getting training for homophobic hate crimes to a special homophobic hate crimes squad, unlike the Jewish example here.

    The second article you provided does not suggest that the gay community provided the police force with their own statistics, unlike the Jewish example here.

    These details are relevant and open for examination when you refer to any criticism of the Jewish pressure in the article as “fear of ZOG”. Again, you have placed any criticism of the Jewish community concomitantly with Nazism and conspiracy perjoratives. Perhaps there is something you’re not telling us?

    You’ve dodged the question again and again and seemingly yet again. What of your failure to comment on the Jewish influence in “staying the course” in Iraq? You have failed on over 3 instances of my queries to address this issue.

    I assume as an Anarchist you are totally against the invasion of Iraq? So, please provide me with links on your blog where you have openly condemned the Israelis or American Jewry for their atrocities, and I will happily consume humble pie.

    Again, one is left with only one conclusion – that you are the “notional anarchist” you continually describe on this blog.

  28. @ndy says:

    Just Tedious:

    The examples I provide are intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive. Thus both the NSW and Victoria Police not only provide training to police on the subject of the law and hate crimes, but have established Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers (GLLOs) as part of their institutional framework. These and similar initiatives — such as police participation in Mardi Gras — represent a significant shift in the policing of homosexuals and homosexuality, especially given the fact that it was only a few decades ago that police were actually arresting gays and lesbians for activities that were then regarded as sexual crimes.

    With regards surveys of homosexuality and crime, gay and lesbian groups have been engaged in such studies for, literally, decades. A recent example is that compiled by Stephen Tomsen and Kevin Markwell on behalf of Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, When the Glitter Settles: Safety and Hostility at and around Gay and Lesbian Public Events (2007). Similar such reports may be found here.

    Some other sources include:

    ‘You Shouldn’t Have to Hide to be Safe : A Report on Homophobic Hostilities and Violence Against Gay Men and Lesbians in New South Wales’, December 2003, “The most comprehensive study into homophobic abuse in NSW since the 1995 NSW Police report ‘Out of the Blue’.” [PDF]

    In any case, it’s evident that what’s happened over the last few decades is that concern over crimes against homosexuals and police brutality towards same has been mainstreamed; the reports which were once solely produced by gay and lesbian rights lobbies are now either the results of official governmental investigations or of collaborations between academia (especially in the areas of sexuality and criminology), government and community.

    With regards the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, I’ve made a few remarks (for example, the second casualty of war, April 24, 2006) but I think the conflict can be summarised as follows:

    A few more points:

    I don’t ‘refer to any criticism of Jewish pressure in the article as “fear of ZOG”’; fear of ZOG belongs on the far right, as the quotes from SF would tend to suggest, and so too Chip Berlet’s article;
    I don’t believe that any criticism of the actions of some parts of the Jewish community is equivalent to “Nazism”, nor can anything I’ve written plausibly be interpreted as such;
    I’m happy to criticise Israeli state policy with regards Palestine;
    I don’t know what you mean by “American Jewry” and its atrocities — as far as I’m aware, “American Jewry” consists of a diverse range of peoples (about 7,000,000), institutions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours;
    I don’t accept that “American Jewry” is responsible for setting US foreign policy in the Middle East;
    I think a more interesting account of the war in Iraq and the situation of the US state and politics more generally may be found in the work of the Retort collective:

    AFFLICTED POWERS: The State, the Spectacle and September 11
    New Left Review, 27, May-June 2004

  29. It’s interesting to note that @ndy still has not parodied Islamic scripture in the same way he did with Christian scripture in the original post. What’s wrong? Imam got your tongue?

  30. 8 In Dr. Jim and his brethren were signs to those who enquire! When they said, ‘Surely, Dr. Jim and his brother are dearer to our father than we, a band although we be; verily, our father is in obvious error.’

    9 ‘Slay Jim, or cast him in some land; that your father’s face may be free for you, and ye may be, after he is gone, a people who do right.’

    10 Darrin from amongst them spake, ‘Slay not James, but throw him into the bottom of the pit; some of the travellers may pick him up, if so ye do.’

    11 Said they, ‘O Darrin, can you do us a deal on some slap and tickle?’

    13 Said he, ‘12 inch black dildos, 50% off!’

  31. juancastro says:

    Maybe because Muslims are the victim of overwhelming, society-wide, racism at the moment, and contributing to this racism is not the act of somebody with a brain.

    Using satire to undermine authority only works when you’re not further contributing to tyranny and racism.

  32. KinkyBoy says:

    Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy…


    …FightDemBack sounds like a Zionist organisation whinging about the persecutions inflicted upon them by the indigenous Arab partisans.


  33. Just Tedious says:

    @ndy, if you want to leave your pobox details I can send you some DVDs in the mail. In the meantime:

    The Israel National News – “The War is for Us” (not to be confused with the U.S)

    In some circles Bush and his senior aides stand accused of having been duped into attacking Saddam Hussein by a group of Jewish advisers whose ultimate loyalties are said to lie with Israel instead of the United States. The claim that an influential Jewish cabal is behind the war, made in recent weeks by some mainstream politicians and columnists, has prompted countercharges of anti-Semitism by prominent Jewish organizations.

    Key people in Bush administration are on record as strong supporters of Israel and of regime change in Iraq. These administration figures and others are promoters of Israel’s right wing Likud party in Israel. The events of 9/11 provided these hawks with the “Pearl Harbor” that allowed them to implement their long standing demand for regime change in Iraq.

    The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.

    Iraq under Saddam Hussein did not pose a threat to the United States but it did to Israel, which is one reason why Washington invaded the Arab country, according to a speech made by a member of a top-level White House intelligence group.

    The threat of a missile attack on Israel was one reason justifying a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, Gen. Tommy Franks said. “We did not want to subject ourselves and Israel to the potential consequence of a long-range missile being fired into Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.”

    Along with keeping Saddam Hussein and his regime from slipping out of Iraq to Syria – or weapons being smuggled in for Iraqi fighters – the purpose of the allied attacks is to ensure Iraq cannot launch ballistic missiles at Israel, Pentagon and U.S. Central Command, officials said. “Our goal is to make sure (Iraq) is not in a position to threaten Israel”, U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks said.

    A stronger Israel is very much embedded in the rationale for war with Iraq. It is a part of the argument that dare not speak its name, a fantasy quietly cherished by the neoconservative faction in the Bush administration and by many leaders of the American Jewish community.

    Iraq: A War for Israel
    http://www . ihr.org/leaflets/iraqwar.shtml

  34. Archbishop of Bugger All says:

    Jeeeshush, several villages are missing their idiots, aren’t they, Andy?!

    And always the same idiots too.

  35. juancastro says:

    You could construct an equally compelling (*snort*) narrative about the Jews in the Democrat party being too liberal and thereby destroying American Morality by legalising abortion and black rights, and spending too much on overseas aid. Notice that there are Jews on both sides? (Both sides of the same coin, but that’s another issue.)

    Racist conspiracy theories don’t warrant time or energy. Capitalism is the reason these wars ARE in fact connected to Israel, not some International Illuminati of Jewry. Anyway you’re not going to be convinced.

    I’m over and out of this thread.

  36. @ndy says:

    Just Tedious:

    The first article, by Ariel Naton Pasko (This War is for Us, March 26, 2003), views the world and world events through the eyes of a Jewish fundamentalist: The Jew of KinkyBoy’s Nightmares. It’s just plain nutty (and wrong: Hussein had no Weapons of Mass Destruction; his regime had no relations with Al-Qaeda, etc.).

    The second article is by James Rosen (‘Divisions Deep Over Claims Of Jewish Influence’, Sacramento Bee, April 6, 2003), and the source is ‘The Barnes Review’. It notes that there’s been speculation regarding the degree of influence that Jewish organisations such as AIPAC and Jewish individuals such as Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz have over US foreign policy in the Middle East.

    For the record, I don’t doubt that AIPAC attempts to influence US foreign policy to assume its own interests: this is its function. Nor do I doubt that individuals such as Pearle and Wolfowitz have played a leading role in other aspects of the struggle for ideological and political hegemony among US political elites. These efforts have met with some success, obviously.

    Article #3 — ‘Invading Iraq: Converging u.s. and Israeli Agendas’ — is by some bloke called Ronald Bleier, and the source is ‘Demographic, Environmental, and Security Issues Project’. It also dates from April 2003. “The purpose of DESIP is to emphasize the connection between rising population pressures, environmental degradation and political and violent conflict”; in other words, a bunch of neo-Malthusians.

    Article #4 is ‘White Man’s Burden’ by Ari Shavit, Haaretz, April 4, 2003. It provides a very brief outline of the influence of the “neo-con” lobby on Washington foreign policy in the Middle East, in particular the decision to invade Iraq.

    The fifth article doesn’t appear to be available at IPS, but it’s referred to in an Asia Times article: Iraq was invaded ‘to protect Israel’ – US official, Emad Mekay (May 31, 2004). The remarks in question were made by Philip Zelikow. He denies having said such things. “The ‘unstated threat’ was the ‘threat against Israel’, Zelikow told an audience at the University of Virginia in September 2002. ‘The American government,’ he added, ‘doesn’t want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell.’” Supposedly, according to Mekay, “The statements are the first to surface from a source closely linked to the Bush administration acknowledging that the war, which has so far [May 2004] cost the lives of nearly 600 US troops and thousands of Iraqis, was motivated by Washington’s desire to defend the Jewish state.”

    How much credence one gives such statements — assuming they’re accurate — is another question, of course.

    Number 666:

    Gen. Tommy Franks: Threat on Israel justified pre-emption

    08/10/04 “JTA” — The threat of a missile attack on Israel was one reason justifying a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, Gen. Tommy Franks said.

    Franks, who retired from the U.S. military last year after leading the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, said he supported the Bush administration policy of pre-emption. “The reason we could not afford to give up time is because we wanted the water infrastructure to remain in place,” Franks said Monday at the National Press Club. “We wanted the oil infrastructure in Iraq to remain in place. We did not want to subject ourselves and Israel to the potential consequence of a long-range missile being fired into Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.”

    Franks also said Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians fuels anti-U.S. resentment in the Middle East.

    And? So Franks continues to maintain the lie that “the world” — in this case Israel — was in imminent danger of attack by Iraq prior to the US-led invasion. It’s hardly a very convincing reason, given that even the US Government has been forced to concede that Iraq did not, in fact, have any weapons of mass destruction. (There’s also the small matter of this action being unlawful — that is, criminal — under international law, but that’s a minor matter for criminals.)

    Lucky No.7 is ‘Battle near Syrian border designed to protect Israel’ by Lisa Hoffman, also dated April 11, 2003. A reference to border skirmishes and the need to prevent the launching of missiles at Israel (a la 1991) rather than an account of the role of The Jew in US Politics.

    The second-last reference you provide dates, like the others, from 2003/4: ‘How Israel Is Wrapped Up in Iraq’, Joe Klein, Time, February 10, 2003.

    I’m not gonna bother with the arguments of the scum at the IHR.

    As I see it: like most everything else, including historic moments such as the US Government’s decision to invade Iraq, the reasons for historical events are overdetermined; that is, the subject of multiple causes. Thus, I’ve no doubt that the work of AIPAC, as well as PNAC, and the ‘pro-Israel’, neo-conservative lobby, as well as the prominent positioning of influential members of these projects and lobbies within the US Administration, played a role in this process. How decisive is another question. Thus, there’s also a need to account for all the other possible factors at play. For example: the need to reassert US military pre-dominance and to expel the spectacular effects of the image of the WTC being destroyed; oil; the general dominance of military neo-liberalism; notions of ‘permanent war’ in which The Adventures of The House of Bush in Iraq should be viewed not as a departure from but rather as being the logical enactment of a general disposition towards a world at (permanent) war…

    We know that Saddam Hussein is determined to keep his weapons of mass destruction; he’s determined to make more. Given Saddam Hussein’s history of aggression… given what we know of his terrorist associations and given his determination to exact revenge on those who oppose him, should we take the risk that he will not some day use these weapons at a time and the place and in the manner of his choosing at a time when the world is in a much weaker position to respond? The United States will not and cannot run that risk to the American people. Leaving Saddam Hussein in possession of weapons of mass destruction for a few more months or years is not an option, not in a post-September 11 world.

    ~ Secretary of State Colin Powell to the U.N. Security Council on February 5, 2003

  37. Just Curious says:

    juancastro – yes, it is much easier to write off what i’m suggesting as more conspiracy illuminati crap. That was my entire point. At least @ndy had the decency to address each article in kind.

    @ndy, in your own words “The examples I provide are intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive”.

    The fact remains, you will continue to flippantly disregard the issues to suit your own agenda, as I will willingly accept these issues to suit mine. Who though is correct? You have however, failed to have a balanced response to these issues on your blog – by not including any of them whatsoever. I’m still not convinced that you are not an agent provocateur who is simply trying to take young kids interested in Anarchism to your “synthesis” of Pro-Zionist Anti-Fascism.

    All that being said, for poor quality vids on YouTube:

    The money masters which describes the Rockfellas [sic] and Rothschild wealth from a factual historical perspective.
    [The Money Masters – How Bankers Gained Control of America]

    [Loose Change 9/11]:

    Although, potentially you’ve already seen and dismissed both as ZOG conspiracies of the far right. 🙂

  38. Archbishop of Bugger All says:

    Tony Whitemore
    Mar 17th, 2008 at 2:37 pm – “Sorry Andy, you support the Jewish community – you support Israel.”

    What a load of ignorant rot.

    Many Jews and non-Jews support the Jewish community – but not automatically Israel as well.

    I should know. You don’t, clearly. Get out and about a bit more, is my advice to you, Tony.

  39. Jim QLD says:

    So Andy when is FDB going to out the Bnai Brith guys over at the Jewish Task Force Forum? It would seem that you all know each other. They speak rather highly of you guys over there. Here is the link. Enjoy, I will.

    http://jtf . org/forum_english/index.php?board=45.0

    Fear of Zog hey? I bet you leave this one alone.

  40. @ndy says:

    Huh? The Bnai Brith guys? We all know each other? Wha-? As far as I can tell, the JTF is, not to put too fine a point on it, fucking nuts. “The Jewish Task Force (JTF.org) is an organization of right wing Jews and righteous gentiles who follow the teachings of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.” Um, not much in common there I’m afraid Mister Perren.

    Talk about chutzpah.

    See also : Esther Zandberg, Tough love, Haaretz, March 20, 2008.

  41. Dr. Cam says:

    We are left wing Jews and righteous gentiles who follow the teachings of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.

    It’s not rocket science, Jim.

  42. Jim QLD says:

    So when do you guys go after them? It’s not rocket science. In the end this proves that you guys are the ones who fear ZOG. Call Greg Roberts and get him on it ASAP. Australia’s only Anti Racist group seems a little racist and hypocritical at the moment. I await your next move. But I will call it now to save the worry. Checkmate.

  43. I don’t fear ZOG, because I know that if they ever turned on me I still have the backing of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

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