The BNP’s German pals face their own troubles (Searchlight, March 2008)

GERMANY : The BNP’s German pals face their own troubles
Christian Dornbusch for Der Rechte Rand and Lina Bruch for Antifaschistisches Infoblatt
Searchlight, March 2008

GERMANY’S MAIN NAZI organisation, the National Democratic Party (NPD), set itself the objective for 2008 of entering both the Hessen and Niedersachsen regional parliaments. But despite an unprecedented campaign, especially in Niedersachsen, the party failed badly in both regions. The result was a serious setback for the NPD, which has seats in two east German regions but none in the west.

This was only the latest in a series of problems confronting the NPD. Since last summer the party has had to grapple with the so-called Autonomous Nationalists (ANs) who belong to the wider spectrum of militant nazism that goes under the name Freie Kameradschaften.

The ANs notably try to copy the radical left Autonomen, both in their dress style and by skirmishing with the police on demonstrations in an effort to look militant. This behaviour irritates the more sedate law-and-order enthusiasts of the NPD which declared in August 2007 that it did not want people who look like “left anarchists” and frighten the public on its demonstrations.

The NPD’s banishment of these pseudo-radicals sparked outrage, prompting the ANs and some groups of the wider Freie Kameradschaften to denounce the NPD as “bourgeois”. The NPD was so surprised at the ferocity of the response that parts of the party leadership tried to dampen the debate, afraid of endangering its relations with the Freie Kameradschaften, which provide it with much-needed muscle on the street. The dispute remains unresolved and there is a tense relationship between the NPD and the Freie Kameradschaften in many parts of the country.

The NPD is also suffering internal rows. One of the worst stems from a concert held after the nazi Day of Honour ceremony in Budapest on 10 February 2007 at which Norman Bordin, chairman of the NPD’s youth wing, the Junge Nationaldemokraten, in Bavaria, gave a Hitler salute on stage. When Bordin’s act was shown on German television, the party leadership was furious. According to NPD insiders, Udo Voigt, the party leader, drafted an emergency public declaration denouncing Hitler salutes and antisemitic views as not compatible with both the spirit and the letter of the party’s platform and warning that any violations would lead to disciplinary measures, including expulsion.

Although Holger Apfel, the NPD’s deputy leader, watered down the public statement, Klaus Beier, the NPD’s press officer, Frank Schwerdt, its legal spokesman, and Adreas Molau, its educational organiser, felt even that was too much, arguing that the party should only have issued an internal memo about “deviance”.

According to one report, Beier, Schwerdt and Molau commanded majority support on the NPD executive. This enraged Apfel, a moderniser who has been angry for some time about the executive’s soft line towards the nakedly nazi flank of the NPD and has called for drastic measures against “idiots” like Bordin engaging in so-called “NS nonsense”…

Locally, yuppie idiot Welf Herfurth, a former member of the NPD and a current leader of the Sydney-based New Right/National Anarchist groupuscule, is in the process of organising a number of other local fascists to join him on his regular tours of Asia. Otherwise, Herfurth continues to host Dr James Saleam’s annual Sydney Forum, which functions as an annual BBQ for the Australia First Party and assorted other riff-raff. In this capacity he has also attempted, unsuccessfully, to bring into the country other German imports, Udo Voigt (2003) and Gerd Finkenwirth (2005). Fortunately, Australia has some rather strict laws on the importation of toxic materials.

Of course, Herfurth, the amateur Holocaust denialist — along with professional Holocaust denialist Richard Krege — is also notorious for being too much of a Nazi even for Pauline Dancin’ Hanson, who cancelled her scheduled address at last year’s Inverell Forum on the basis of their well-groomed presence. Dr Helen Caldicott, on the other hand, thinks the Inverell Forum — the rural equivalent of Herfurth and Saleam’s Sydney Forum — to be just swell, and spoke there last weekend. While Herfurth didn’t address the masses this year, the New Reich/Notional Anarchists did have a presence, and other speakers included Andrew ‘There’s too many blackfellas’ Fraser and Greg ‘I agree’ Clancy.

See also : Nicht sanktionsfähig. “Die NPD führt das »Volksfront-Bündnis« mit den freien Kameradschaften zwar an, verfügt jedoch nicht über die Stärke, um ihr nicht genehme Kräfte aus der Bewegung zu drängen. Die Partei versuchte, den »NS Black Block« auszugrenzen, scheiterte jedoch an der Kritik aus der Kameradschaftsszene und musste sich schließlich vom eigenen Beschluss distanzieren” as they say. And ah, Anti-German Translation.

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5 Responses to The BNP’s German pals face their own troubles (Searchlight, March 2008)

  1. you dontno bee'n'pee says:

    why do you always associate the bnp with nazi’s, do you evan know what the nazi ideals were?, the main goal of the nazis was a a one world NAZI idealogy were only there ways and means were expressed!, were other cultures and people were considerd sub-human compared to nazi’s and they were there to be conquerd.
    have you ever been to a bnp meeting, read their manifesto? polices? i didnt think so you’ve only listend to the left-wing labour lies do you know how many criminal convictions and connections to commuinist’s our lovely goverment and the and the other snout filling partys have?

  2. you dontno bee'n'pee says:

    I would like to point out what is really going on if you are willling to read and investigate for yourself before judgement.
    The real nazi’s of today before any other being of coarse the size of its members and the way it has already demonstrated that they are willing to die and kill for there cause!. I am talking of course of Islam if you do your homework in the qu’ran it incites hatred against jews and basically anyone that dosent follow islam, SURA 9:29
    And if you would draw you attension to what sharia law really is about and not just hanging, amputation, and beheading. There is no such thing as human rights under islam it is considerd an insult to islam, were women who are raped have to have four male witness’s to the crime or they will be stoned to death for aldultery! were there is NO LEGAL AGE to have intercourse with a female, were the punishment for homosexuality is death and were witch craft is still a crime and punishable death.
    And then with have jihad which comes in many forms, how about not washing ubove the elbow? spreading diseases? no muslim who lived in britain before the war in iraq had a problem. and i dont evan have to mention the bombings (all over the world) there has been over 11,000 terrorist attacks carried out in the name of islam since sept 11.
    the original nazis search “Adolph Hitler Meets with Grand Mufti Amin Al Husseini”
    and goes away to set up a muslim SS group in the Balkans, And if your thinking it Hitler did not belive in christian belifes nor did he do what he did in the name of, and i know christians had the crusaders but we learnt from that thats how we have got or the wonders of the western world and how we live in freedom muslim countries arent in the humanitarian mess because they dont know any better. Its because they are following the Qu’ran and the life of mohammed the Hadith. Islam is a way of life that WILL destroy the western culture.
    If the western world becomes the only part of the world with multi-culturism and the rest of the world just stick to theres then it will be the end of the west. everything our forfathers fought for for hundreds of years would go down the drain and if it dose the will be no ruturn without serious action.
    watch Geert Widers “Fitna” the movie please open your eyes to the threat thats happinnig now to you and me and everyone you no and love

  3. KinkyBoy says:

    “why do you always associate the bnp with nazi’s, do you evan know what the nazi ideals were?, the main goal of the nazis was a a one world NAZI idealogy were only there ways and means were expressed!, were other cultures and people were considerd sub-human compared to nazi’s and they were there to be conquerd.”

    Welcome to Judaism.

  4. @ndy says:

    So. You think it has something to do with The Jew do you Kinky?

  5. zephyr says:

    I am getting sick of Al jazeera watchers talking about Palestinians and Israeli, siding with one or the other while the neo Nazis rebuild [their] genocidal hate club, an election here an election there, while the freaks on the right let the political right win towards the center, is anyone as disgusted about this as me?

    And can someone explain to me, what is a Nationalist, thats’ just a f**kin Nazi scumbag too cowardly and sleazy to call themselves that in an election?

    Can I suggest to the left as we have varying shades of redness yellowness and orangeness across the globe at the moment, could we smash some of the conservative Nazi power base with some out and out political changes like a democratic UN, participatory democracy, just as a sign from the left parties us progressive anarchists have to wait till we achieve autocracy?


    Or do we have to wander around painting placards pretending Marx was Christ risen for another century?

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