More Nazi schmazi

Udo Voigt of the German NPD has gotten his big ugly head in the news again, this time for talking shit about Auschwitz. “Six million cannot be right. At most, 340,000 people could have died in Auschwitz,” he said in an interview with Iranian journalists (in an article in The Telegraph). Voigt is a good mate of local fascist dingbat Welf Herfurth (a close political ally, in turn, of Dr. James Saleam), the co-founder and host (with Saleam) of the annual fascist gathering the Sydney Forum, and member of both the Australia First Party and Blood & Honour Australia. Most recently, Herfurth is responsible for establishing a group in Sydney called the New Right, who call themselves ‘national anarchists’.

Herfurth was unable to extend a personal welcome to Voigt when he was invited to address the Sydney Forum in 2003 because the Australian Government denied him a visa. The denial of a visa to Voigt was on the basis of ‘Public Interest Criterion 4003′, which states: “The applicant is determined by the Foreign Minister, or a person authorised by the Foreign Minister, to be a person whose presence in Australia – (a) is, or would be, prejudicial to relations between Australia and a foreign country, or, (b) may be directly or indirectly associated with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”. Note that since 2006, part (a) has been changed to refusal where a person’s presence would be “contrary to Australia’s foreign policy interests”.

In other schnews, the SPLC has published a new issue of its quarterly Intelligence Report, No.128, Winter 2007. (You can also read the SPLC blog here.) It contains a brief report on the Russian neo-Nazi execution video briefly available on YouTube and currently in circulation on a number of fascist and neo-Nazi websites. “The video is hard to watch. Just three minutes long, “Operation of the National-Socialist Party of Russia to Arrest and Execute Two Colonists From Dagestan and Tajikistan” opens to the sound of machine-gun fire. Then comes horrifying footage of the grisly execution of two bound and gagged men under a swastika flag. One man is beheaded, and the second is shot in the head.” Naturally, Russian Government officials deny the authenticity of the tape, but few who watch it can do so easily. The only real question is who produced it, when, where and why. The answers to these questions, unfortunately, probably won’t be known for a very long time.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. Proletariat Freedom Fighter says:

    Bloody Nazis. National Socialism should be illegal. Well it is in Germany these days. Good on Germany for doing that. Keep up the good work comrades.

  2. Mick says:

    If you hate nazi’s, why don’t you assassinate them?

  3. Jim QLD says:

    “If you hate nazi’s, why don’t you assassinate them?”

    Because you guys are nothing but pissants behind a PC. Simple just like @ndy.

    When it comes down to actually fronting any National Socialist not some 1939 “Nazi” in a wheel chair you left wing Fascist[s] go to water. Please bring on your anarchist revolution so the true Patriots of Australia can rid this country of spoilt little metro dipsticks. You guys start it and we will finish it. You don’t stand a chance.

    For god[‘]s sake what is the hold up? Anarchy ASAP.

  4. @ndy says:

    Sorry Jim, crossed wires. I think you’ll find Mick’s on your side.

    Earlier, you confessed to not really knowing much about anarchism. As such, I think you’ll discover that over the years anarchists have developed a number of strategies to combat fascist tyranny.

  5. Jim QLD says:

    Thanks @ndy I understand Mick may well be on my side? But you don’t even know what side I come from. I was just making a statement using his quote. No crossed wires here.

  6. Jim QLD says:

    “I think you’ll discover that over the years anarchists have developed a number of strategies to combat fascist tyranny.”

    So you are now going to combat FDB!? I think you will find more fascists there than at Stormfront.

    You seem like a smart person @ndy this must come as a shock?

    Originally Posted by BANA

    “I’m all for a debate on the ancient Imperial Roman style of fascism. I personally don’t see any racism tied to that particular form. Especially since the Roman Empire was multicultural (and allowed its subjects to worship their own native gods).

    But modern day (NAZI style) fascism is so inexorably linked to racial hatred, it cannot be debated as a legitimate political system.”

    So Fascism controlled by the left or FDB is good as long as it’s not from us the average taxpayer?

    How stupid is this BANA guy? Yeah the Romans let you pay homage to your god because they let you. Is that the type of Anarchism you support? Free speech as long as they agree with you? I would have thought the Romans had more in common with the Western Governments of today. Give them bread and honey type politics. Sounds like Capitalism to me.

  7. @ndy says:

    Are you lonesome tonight
    Do you miss me tonight
    Are you sorry we drifted apart

    Does your memory stray
    To a bright summer day
    When I kissed you
    And called you sweetheart

    Do the chairs in your parlor
    Seem empty and bare
    Do you gaze at your doorstep
    And picture me there

    Is your heart filled with pain
    Shall I come back again
    Tell me dear
    Are you lonesome tonight


    Do the chairs in your parlor
    Seem empty and bare
    Do you gaze at your doorstep
    And picture me there

    Is your heart filled with pain
    Shall I come back again
    Tell me dear
    Are you lonesome tonight

  8. Jim QLD[ says:

    Typical comment from someone who once again shows the world that Anarchists and Left Wing Bigots like FDB! just try to humo[u]r their way out of the serious issues.

    No I’m not lonely at all. Are you? I reckon it would be very lonely locked away hiding from everyone. Do you want me to come and visit?

    I thought you might be different from all [the] other childish FDB! core members. What a surprise you are just the same.

    I can’t wait till all the other little kids get up and comment. I’m sure I will be blown away with plenty of intelligent comments.

  9. vents says:

    Jim I don’t know you but can I ask: are you a Nazi? And do you believe that people should be able to celebrate the Holocaust in public without any opposition whatsoever? What about if I celebrated the death of your mother from cancer? Is that free-speech and am I entitled to it? Would you want to give me a hiding?

  10. Adam says:

    “Yeah the Romans let you pay homage to your god because they let you. Is that the type of Anarchism you support?”

    i’m not sure that even someone that has looked into anarchism to even the superficial level of “bumper sticker” slogans (i.e. no gods, no masters) could think this has anything to do with anarchism instead of the exact opposite but hey you’re an idiot … and i suppose if you were capable of seeing even the most obvious points of reality then you wouldn’t be such a dipshit nazi prick

  11. Proletariat Freedom Fighter says:

    I did kill Nazis back in the war. I was in the Australian Imperial Army from 39 to 45. I served in France, Greece, North Africa and in Italy by the end of the war. I also served in Spain from 36 to 39.

    I killed hundreds of fucking Germans. The memories are still with me. I get nightmares. I hate all Germans. They are racist fuckwits.

    Ha Andy, did you ever fight in a war? No you didn’t.

  12. Adam says:

    “I hate all Germans. They are racist fuckwits” … LOL … ANYONE?

  13. @ndy says:

    Well I’ll be buggered.

    I killed Nazis back in the war too!

    In fact, I also served in the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF) from 1939 to 1945!

    Well, off and on…

    Thus, I served in France, but not as a member of the AIF — it never entered the country. Rather, I happened to be in Paris when the Germans invaded (enthusiastically attending to the sexual needs of numerous young mademoiselles), having found myself in that ‘City of Romance’ after fleeing Spain following Franco’s victory. Oddly enough, the 2nd AIF were absent from that conflict too, so I had to content myself fighting with a number of columns of the CNT-FAI.

    Of course, following militarisation, I joined a small guerilla unit.

    Naturally, as part of my battle against the damned Bosch (as the Germans were known in those days), I fought in Greece, Italy and Africa, usually as part of a small commando unit attached to one of the Divisions. In Greece and the Middle East, I fought with the 6th Division: I was even one of the famous Rats at the notorious Siege of Tobruk (March 31 — November 27, 1941) where I fought with the 9th, naturally.

    As has been noted elsewhere, we Rats achieved a remarkable success in holding off the German offensive. One German POW said: “I cannot understand you Australians. In Poland, France, and Belgium, once the tanks got through the soldiers took it for granted that they were beaten. But you are like demons. The tanks break through and your infantry still keep fighting.” Rommel wrote of seeing “a batch of some fifty or sixty Australian prisoners … marched off close behind us—immensely big and powerful men, who without question represented an elite formation of the British Empire, a fact that was also evident in battle.”

    As in France and Spain, the working class soldiers who composed the 9th Division were motivated not only by a sense of comradeship, but a fanatical hatred of fascism, and it breaks the heart of an old digger such as myself to see all the young fellas being prepared to kiss Nazi arse at a pub like The Birmingham Hotel. Like young Roddy said:

    Keep on keeping on against the Bonehead scum that stand for nothing but cowardice.
    When you think of the Australian blood given in the fight against Fascism in WW2 it must have old soldiers turning in their graves at the site of Neo Nazi scum playing gigs in your town.
    Always stand firm against this threat.

    Now, you might be wondering at this stage how old I am. Well, having celebrated my 18th birthday in Barcelona in July 1936 was some party I can tell you! Meaning, of course, that I was born in 1918; in other words I am now almost 90 years old! Even more remarkably, perhaps, I do enjoy blogging, assuming the identity of a much younger person. Why, I even use terms like ‘f***wit’ (which I hear is quite the fashion among young people these days).

    Speaking of which:

    Peter, you’re a fuckwit.

  14. Adam says:

    Lol yes andy you slack old bastard it is quite the fashion, i referred to my own brother in such a way but a few days ago.

  15. Proletariat Freedom Fighter says:

    My name is Peter Symon not the other one. I am the General Secretary of the CPA.

  16. @ndy says:

    Yes dear, of course you are.

  17. Proletariat Freedom Fighter says:

    I’m 83 years old you idiot. I was born in 1924.


    We have been aware for some time that other groups have infiltrated our Australia First Party. These people are using the name Australia First Party, without authority, in an attempt to undermine the good name of the Party founded by Graeme Campbell and others in 1996.

    There has been a long-term plan to take over, change, or destroy, the Party in its present form. While we have been aware for some time, assessing the situation has been difficult and we thank dedicated members for their help. The full story cannot be made public at this time as we have been threatened with legal action. Some memberships have been terminated.

    Graeme Campbell sacrificed to put the Australia First Party on the map and those of us who have worked hard for his vision will keep working as we are not prepared to see it destroyed by people who have a passion to control or destroy the name and party “Australia First”.

    This style of undermining occurred with One Nation – when similar troublemakers involved set out to destroy the work of Pauline Hanson and other genuine Nationalists.

    In Sydney, a Party has been registered with the NSW Electoral Commission, despite our objection to the NSW Electoral Commission in writing. Our National Council was prepared to support the establishment of a “Council Party” and passed a Constitution [?] complying with the requirements of the Constitution and rules of our Party. However, the NSW Electoral Commission allowed the registration of a party called the “Australia First (Council Elections) Party” – to be known as the “Australia First Party”. They also allowed them to change the registration details every time an error was discovered in the application. They then backdated the approval to enable the party to participate in the 2008 New South Wales Local Government elections. We have enclosed the letter we received from Colin Barry from the NSW Electoral Commission, following our objection, which clearly shows that there was nothing we could do to stop this from happening.

    In addition, someone has registered the name “Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated” with ASIC despite the requirement that any name registered must not cause confusion with other similar names. As the name of our Party, “Australia First Party Incorporated” was already registered with ASIC; clearly ASIC offers no protection for the names registered with it.

    Another Party has also been established by ex members, called the “Australian Protectionist Party”. This name has also been registered in NSW with ASIC. They are using our mailing list to contact our members and we can only advise that you have nothing to do with any of them.

    Those people involved, were not prepared to work within the Australia First Party “Eight Core Policies” and the Party Constitution, which as members we must all adhere to. Those of us who wish to “protect our sovereignty (national, constitutional and personal)” as expressed in our AFP Constitution support the Constitutional Monarchy and the security that it has provided for us since Federation.

    There have been pamphlets distributed over a period of time, which have been racially offensive and radically extreme, contravening Government laws. Some of these (ex)members obviously believe in attracting media at any cost, even if undesirable. The National Council of Australia First apologises to those people who may have been offended by the information and content of these flyers. While Australians are very concerned about high immigration, and Australia First has always been very vocal on this issue, it is not our way to personally insult immigrants. Our fight is with the politicians who are responsible for these policies.

    It is important to remember that all Membership Forms and money must be sent to the postal address, P.O. Box 6358. Shepparton. 3632. A receipt and Membership Card will be issued and your name placed on the database as a paid up Member – with legitimate voting rights. Under the Constitution of the AFP no other person, committee, or group, is authorised to receive your membership form or your subscription money.

    Over recent times, membership forms with unauthorised postal addresses have been distributed and the unauthorised Melbourne website, owned by a former member, is offering a membership form that is almost identical to our legitimate form – but it does not have the Shepparton address on the top. Instead it has another address, where fees and donations have been sent. If you have any doubts about any mail you receive, please forward the contents to Shepparton. We have already received copies of letters and fraudulent membership forms of this kind – one even advocating members take action that is illegal.

    We have been advised that money donated and membership forms for the Party have never been received by the National Office. If you have sent your membership forms and money to an address other than Shepparton, please advise us so that we can ensure that you are registered as a paid up member for the current year. If you are able to give financial support at this time, we can put it to good use distributing leaflets and it will be gratefully received.

    It is important to note that the only official authorized Australia First website, – is now totally independent of all other web sites, and no other website is authorized to be linked to our Australia First Party website.

  19. Adam says:

    hey andy if peter gets to make shit up can i make shit up? if so i wanna be a hot 17 year old woman 🙂 … it is the net after all 🙂

  20. Adam says:

    Oh and i wanna be able to juggle … actually no i wanna be the world’s foremost chainsaw juggler, on a uni-cycle on a tight rope over a lava pit with fire proof crocodiles

  21. Proletariat Freedom Fighter says:

    I am really Peter Symon of the Communist Party of Australia. Before the 8th Party National Congress in 1996, the CPA was known as the Socialist Party of Australia. The SPA was formed in the 1970’s when some others and I left the old CPA.

    If you still don’t think I am real, then go to the CPA web site and find out for your self.

  22. @ndy says:


    Thanks for the update.


    Hot 17 year-old chainsaw juggling uni-cycle riding over lava pits full of fireproof crocodiles anti-fascist ladies unite and take over!

  23. Adam says:

    yay w00t i always wanted to be able to juggle 🙂 … watson shut the fuck up you turd , i don’t know or care if some old fuck exists cause even if he does you’re just impersonating him and you’re a … what was it oh yes … FUCK WIT

    Your leaving? Yes yes yes yes yes. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [etcetera].

    Up yours anarchists. We winnnnnn.










    the nerd conspiracy thing gave away the 1% chance of anyone believing it wasn’t you

    sorry to hear about the break andy … your blog keeps me entertained / informed regularly … then again hopefully by the time you start again the squat i’m moving into will have power 🙂

    catch you around mate


  24. christine says:

    You never posted my peaceful comments.


  25. @ndy says:

    Dear christine,

    1) It’s spelled “speech”.
    2) I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.



  26. Adam says:

    nah i like it the other way andy reminds me of peaches … i haven’t had one in ages

  27. Mick Reyfield says:

    Look, Andy, you are a fraud, we have been through this before. The phony membership to Marx[ist] organisations, bias[ed] support [for] nationalistic [?] Israel while support[ing] multiculturalism in Australia, opinions that change overnight. You are the one who needs a life.

    Keep your crap off of [FDB!].

  28. @ndy says:

    You’re an odd fellow Mick.

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