Anarchist statement on New Right (cont.)


Since publishing the statement last week (October 21), both the Melbourne Anarchist Club and now Jura Books have added their names. You can read the statement here and also (with one spelling error) on @-Infos.

In this context, also of note is the latest scribbling by the New Right’s Führer Welf Herfurth, titled ‘The Strategy of Tension’ (October 25, 2007). In it, among other things, Welf disavows the label ‘neo-Nazi’ and identifies ‘Communists’ as the groupuscule’s main enemies, barrier to popular acceptance and the ushering in of a New Dawn for Australia (and er, New Zealand). Mixing banality with gibberish, the main point is that Welf is encouraging his followers to attend left-wing meetings (“…it is advisable that nationalists go out and attend as many political meetings as possible: lectures on Lenin, Trotsky, Chavez, etc., delivered by Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Resistance”).


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