Free Speech is Awesome!

In an hilarious tribute to the Shoah, Hammerskin Jesse, of local band Deaths Head, has created two videos. The first is called Sheky’s Got the Blues

…and the second is called Sheky’s Got the Blues 2: Sheky and the Bonehead:

Note that Jesse also employs a really funny handle on YouTube: ‘genocidal88’.

Antifa, ha ha ha!

Tragically, Deaths Head no longer performs locally, but you can check out Jesse’s latest project Kilgore on myspace… well, you used to be able to. Unfortunately, it got shit-canned. As a matter of fact, so did the site belonging to Final War, the Nutzis from Orange County who recently graced the stage at Melbourne Croatia Social Club. On the bright side, you can still hear the boys Seig Heil for Rudolf Hess, Hail the New Dawn, and celebrate the Land of the White here.

Naturally, such outrageous attacks on freedom of speech have sparked an equally outraged reaction on the part of local free speech advocates, who’ve condemned those responsible for withdrawing hosting services to neo-Nazi propagandists, and compared them to the Nazi regime itself — the one responsible for the mass murder of Jews, Roma, Blacks and other people of color, Slavs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, people with mental and/or physical disabilities, homosexuals, and political opponents.

On the other hand, that was years ago, so who cares?

Thankfully, you can still find neo-Nazi string-pluckers and tub-thumpers such as Midtown Bootboys, Tattooed Motherfuckers (TMF) and Youngland on myspace, and let’s face it, anybody who objects to their presence is no better — and probably worse — than the Nazis.


As well as being available through local music distro Deadset Music, TMF is The Band Steve ‘Jonesy’ Jones of English Rose Built. Jonesy’s story is one of persistence over time, having been subjected to all kinds of vicious attacks by the freedom of speech loathing British political Establishment (almost certainly acting on behalf of ‘dirty Jews’, just as was alleged by one of the junior coaches at the Melbourne Knights upon being contacted with regards the 2007 ISD gig). For example:

1991 was a year with more than the usual share of nazi skinhead violence. After a concert on 23 November that year, held at the Buffs Club in Baldock in Hertfordshire, 11 Blood and Honour supporters were charged with violent disorder after they were involved in a vicious racist attack in nearby Buntingford.

As five Asian waiters left work in the early hours of the morning, a van pulled up beside them and a number of skinheads jumped out, attacking them with beer bottles. The van drove off and returned minutes later. The skinheads drove at the waiters, who had to leap out of the way to avoid being crushed. The skinheads then attacked them with baseball bats. One of those attacked ran to a nearby house but was caught and struck on the back of the head with a baseball bat and knocked unconscious. When he came to, he was being dragged by his feet into the road.

When the police searched the van they found weapons including CS gas, a machete, baseball bats, knuckle dusters, clubs and knives. There was also an assortment of national socialist literature in the vehicle including copies of Blood and Honour.

Many of the 11 arrested were prominent activists. There was “Big Nick” Marsh, Neil Parish and Paul Parish (Neil’s brother and a prominent BNP activist in Milton Keynes)… Steve Jones was lead singer of the band ‘English Rose’.

~ White Noise, Nick Lowles and Steve Silver, eds, Searchlight, 1998, p.24

In the split of the mid-1990s between Blood and Honour and C18/ISD Records (triggered in part by the Skrewydriver‘s death in 1993), Jonesy and English Rose went with members of the British Movement (BM), and then the British Hammerskins (BHS). Years later, Jonesy was still banging away on behalf of fascism, appearing with English Rose at the ninth annual ISD gig in 2002:

The major players in Blood and Honour hold membership of groups including the BNP, National Front, British Movement and the elite nazi group the League of St George. In addition to Bullman, Lane and Swinfen they include Simon Dutton, organiser of Blood and Honour in west London, and Billy Bartlett, leader of the band Celtic Warrior, who organises Blood and Honour in Wales and has previously safehoused German nazis. Steve “Jonesy” Jones from Leicestershire, who sings with English Rose, is a regular face at events…

More recently, Jonesy and English Rose have performed in Belgium for Blood & Honour Flanders in 2005, and again in 2006. But that was then and this is now and now he’s


Finally, word on the street is that freedom-loving locals have freely initiated a new freedom project in support of free speech. The tentative title for the new group is ‘Nazis Are People Too!’, and its inaugural meeting will be held sometime in January at: The Birmingham Hotel, 333 Smith Street, Fitzroy (corner of Johnston and Smith Streets). For more details, phone (03) 9417 2706 and ask for Gary. NB. No fukn gooknigger scum. Negroid girls take part at own risk. Token azn singers and singers with crossed out swastikas tattooed on their necks welcome.

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  1. Adam says:

    i know that it’s kinda piss weak but hey, i’m lazy and i don’t like nazi wankers so… after the croatian social club gig i went around myspace just linking from nazi band / individual nazi idiot for about an hour with a simple idea. if you’re clearly a nazi but are not propagating that bollox to others publicly i don’t care enough to complain (i figure free speech / thought and so on) but if you’re crapping on about jews and blacks and so on with that tired old bigoted crap i click the report abuse button (or if in the case of some nazi fucks where they had removed it just add the url on the next report). so anyway spending one very bored half hour i went around and for my complaint against final war (i prob wasnt the only one) i got this


    Thank you for reporting this profile. The profile in question is scheduled to be deleted.

    Thank you,”

    i complained about a dozen others all of which got removed instantly not sure why final war got extra consideration but hey gone is gone.

  2. @ndy says:

    Yeah… sweet. Every little thing to fuck ’em up helps I reckon. Neo-Nazi pages on myspace tend to go up and down like yo-yos… I suspect myspace have a policy whereby if they receive x number of complaints from ordinary schmucks, they pull. That, plus if they get word from recognised authorities. Also, check out antifa rebels:

    They help keep an eye on the scum and help make sure they know their place.

  3. jase says:

    you both need lives. and adam you have WAYYYY to [sic] much time on your hands you lame [?]

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