Hanson to share stage with Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis @ Inverell Forum

    Behind bars is where many [Jewish] controlled media stooges should be. First on the list, scumbag red scum with a price on his head GREG ROBERTS!

    Ben Weerheym, February 13, 2007

    Above : Having danced with the B-grade stars on television — and successfully avoided being swamped by Asians or infected by disease-ridden Africans — Pauline is now determined to practice her goosestep. It’s a Middle Eastern tradition, apparently.

    Please explain?

Hanson will share stage with Holocaust denier
Greg Roberts
The Australian
February 15, 2007

ONE Nation founder Pauline Hanson plans to share a platform with a prominent denier of the Holocaust and a well-known neo-Nazi activist.

Ms Hanson will be a special guest next month [March 16–19] at the Inverell Forum [est. 1988], an annual talkfest in the NSW country town that has long been associated with right-wing extremist groups.

Ms Hanson announced in December that she hoped to resurrect her political career by standing as a candidate in this year’s federal election.

She will share the Inverell platform with Richard Krege, an Air Services Australia engineer who recently attended the Holocaust Conference in Tehran. The Iranian government-sponsored conference attempted to disprove the accepted historic fact that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

Mr Krege is regarded by fellow Holocaust deniers as an expert on the notorious Treblinka concentration camp, in Poland. Although 800,000 Jews and others died there, he claims just 5000 perished of disease and none were killed.

The Inverell Forum website said the gathering would discuss the “current Zionist propaganda campaign designed to condition the public to accept the inevitable first attack on Iran”.

Ms Hanson will also share the platform with Welf Herfurth, a long-time activist with Germany’s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party [est. 1964] before he moved to Sydney.

[NB. Herfurth moved to Australia in 1987. He was also (allegedly) at one time the vice-president of the New South Wales state branch (under David Oldfield) of ONP; he was certainly president of ONP’s Riverstone branch, making Hanson and Herfurth old kameraden.]

Mr Herfurth will address the forum on “what other nationalists outside Germany can learn from the NPD’s practical approach to politics and creating a parallel society”.

Other speakers at the forum include James Cook University academic Bob Carter, a leading global warming sceptic.

Ms Hanson could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The forum will hear how “recent events in Australia have galvanised her once more into taking up the cudgel for patriotic Australia”.

Ms Hanson served a term in federal parliament when she was elected as the MP for Oxley in 1996.

Herr Herfurth truly is a busy little neo-Nazi bee. In addition to functioning as the NPD’s de facto Ambassador to Australia, Welf also enjoys the roles of “co-founder” / “Chairman” (alongside of Dr. James Saleam), of the annual Australia First Party conference the Sydney Forum, and organiser with the neo-Nazi amateur muzak organisation Blood & Honour (banned in Germany since 2000), most recently making the trip down from Sydney to Melbourne last September to enjoy the sights and sounds of neo-Nazi bands Bail Up!, Blood Red Eagle and Ultraviolence at The Birmingham Hotel.* NB. Word on the street is that the drummer for Bail Up! also drums for another local ‘skinhead’ band… although this could, of course, be BS.

    Above : Frederick Töben (Adelaide Institute) and Welf Herfurth (ex-One Nation, Australia First Party) annexe Sydney using the MaGiCaL pOwErS invested in Horst Mahler‘s flag and on behalf of the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, January 27, 2005.

Welf’s strategy for implanting an ‘Australian’ version of contemporary German neo-fascism is based on creating a kind of fascist counter-culture, one rooted in various marginal subcultures (such as that cobbled together by boneheads), but seeking to extend far beyond such groups — whose main function, in any case, is to act as cannon fodder for their middle-class, white-collar, and therefore more ‘respectable’ leaders — into some notion of the ‘mainstream’. In doing so, parties such as the NPD claim to be moving ‘beyond left and right’; but then again, that’s not the only thing they claim, and in reality the party is simply another neo-Nazi grouping, the largest in Germany.

One important aspect of the NPD’s political practice is the attempt to establish ‘foreigner-free’ or ‘no-go’ zones in small country towns, urban areas, and rural communities, a practice much remarked-upon at the time of last year’s World Cup, and mirrored in attempts by Australia First and their allies on Stormfront to eliminate blacks from towns — such as Tamworth and Toowoomba — and in their support for the ‘White uprising’ in Cronulla in December 2005. Sutherland Shire, it is argued, is a bastion of White Australia, and should remain that way; so too, rural Australia, which occupies a privileged position in the AFP’s racist phantasies as the embodiment of the true, White Australia of the past.

Another important, indeed crucial, aspect of the NPD’s strategy is to target yoof, especially through the establishment of ‘cultural communities’ centred on music. In this endeavour, in Australia and elsewhere, the NPD, AFP, and similar political formations have been aided greatly by the promotion of a kind of witless ‘patriotism’ by right-wing elements, one which seeks to supplant more critical voices within local punk and metal mileus with a form of fascist politic which masquerades as ‘working class’. And while the corporate assault on punk is massive and ongoing, some at least continue to resist the impositions of the state and the market on DIY culture, and thus continue to keep reactionary forces from completely destroying their autonomy.

    * The Birmingham Hotel is located at 333 Smith Street, on the intersection of Johnston Street and Smith Street (03 9417 2706). The license is held by Eighth Thelos // W. Simeoni Nominee, and the venue is managed by a bloke named Gary, who has a long history of booking neo-Nazi bands to perform at his venue. Despite numerous appeals, and a racial assault on a lone woman on the night of the gig, Yarra Council has yet to take any action regarding the existence of a neo-Nazi venue smack-bang in the middle of “multi-cultural” Fitzroy; presumably preferring to leave it up to members of the general community to close it down…

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19 Responses to Hanson to share stage with Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis @ Inverell Forum

  1. Darrin Hodges says:

    “Pauline is now determined to practice her goosestep. It’s a Middle Eastern tradition, apparently.”

    That’s truer than you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d51poygEXYU

  2. @ndy says:


    The Mufti was a Top Bloke.

    As Secretary of the Sutherland Shire branch of Australia First, and (until a few months ago, former) promoter of the Protocols, your point is…?

  3. Darrin Hodges says:

    I was wrong, simple as that.

  4. @ndy says:

    You WISH it were that simple Darrin: it’s not.

    An anti-Semite who admires, though has marginal disagreements, with Nazi politics — “I’m more interested in the purer form of [presumably, Italian] fascism… and while I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘worship Hitler’ thing, his comments on multiculturalism and politics in general are still just as relevant today as they were 70-odd years ago” — and then, in the space of 24 hours — with absolutely NO apologies and ZERO attempt at explanation — declares ‘all that’ to be suddenly passé, JUST A FEW MONTHS PRIOR TO LAUNCHING AN ELECTION CAMPAIGN… lacks, shall we say, CREDIBILITY?

    So, lemme put it to you straight: I don’t believe you’ve had anything like a ‘change of heart’ with regards The Jooos. Instead, you’ve come to the extremely-belated realisation that a far-right ‘nationalist’ party that targets The Jooos burdens itself with a (perhaps unnecessary?) political liability. Solution? ‘I was wrong, simple as that’.

    You must think the public is composed entirely of simpletons.

    You’re wrong.

    Simple as that.

  5. Darrin Hodges says:

    That’s what you want to believe. Just to be clear, when is it a good time for one to change their minds? You know, so in the future, I can change my mind at a time that is more convenient to you.

    I have no problem apologising to any Jewish person who was offended by my comments, in person if required, it’s not difficult when one understands they were wrong.

    24 hours? Where does that come from?

    This validation thing still sucks.

  6. @ndy says:

    What I want to believe is that you’re actually a somewhat compassionate and semi-intelligent person, Darrin; thus far, all indications are to the contrary.

    The point is not whether or not you’re capable of ‘changing your mind’ — everyone, outside of the most fanatical adherents of an idea or ideology, are obviously capable of that — but the *reasons* for the putative change. A rather sudden change of heart on your part on such a crucial, and — until very, very recently, passionately-argued — issue, suggests one of two things: 1) you’re possessed of an inherently unstable ideology; 2) you’re being disingenuous.

    Neither is particularly flattering.

    As for apologies or acts of contrition: a more useful offer would be to explain your thinking. That is, why it is that until — when? January? — you maintained that The Jooos were engaged in a vast conspiracy aimed at (maintaining their) world domination, and then, “with absolutely NO apologies and ZERO attempt at explanation”, they suddenly become an innocuous presence? (That’s where “24 hours” come froms — it’s a saying, yeah?)

    Oh yeah, the validation thing may still suck, but not as much as Australia First, which sucks dry gravel through a paper straw.

    Cheers and beers,


  7. weez says:

    I, for one am glad that Salami and Welfie are getting behind the Narcissistic Personality Disorder helpline funding campaign with their ‘NPD’ banner and creative photo staging.

    Help stamp out NPD and the grandiose delusions it causes poor disenfranchised megalomaniac nazis everywhere.

    Won’t you give generously?

  8. Darrin Hodges says:

    My explanation is that I had come to the conclusion that it’s a crock. I took on board certain ideas simply because it was the accepted dogma. However, over time, I found myself actually starting to believe.

    The Internet is a useful tool, but it also has the power to suck one into a virtual world, a virtual reality. I felt this happening to me so I started, slowly, to draw away from it.

    The likes of Stormfront.org are mostly full of wankers and keyboard kommandos. (There are a few exceptions that I hope don’t get sucked into the BS.) I found myself being surrounded by loons of all stripes, criminal neo-Nazis, wannabe-fuehrers, people writing hagiographies of Saddam, assorted moonbats, SF users making statements like ‘i hope your sister gets rooted by them’ as some sort of punishment for having non-white friends — that’s what they do in parts of Pakistan, gang rape a female relative for the sins of the brother (there aren’t many degrees of seperation here is there?) — cheering on that Marxist filth George Galloway just because he said some naughty things about Jews on TV, etc, etc.

    Most of them, both on Stormfront and RL, are for the most part content to sit around and wait for The Great White Messiah to fly out of the sky on his fiery chariot, smite the enemy with the breath from his nostrils, and save their sorry white arses. I sometimes get the distinct feeling that they do not actually want to succeed, but merely want to remain as large figures in a very small peer group. They do not seem to realize, or do not want to realize, that the ideology they cling to is quite reactionary.

  9. Ben says:

    I’m not surprised that Hanson is associating with a Nazi. This isn’t the first time either.
    Pauline Hanson is a danger to Australia. She deliberately feeds the hate and ignorance that is in some people. She also plays on the fears of any others. Most of what she says is based on myth and she applies it in such a way that it works to excite some and further raise the levels of paranoia in others. I heard that she had a Ku Klux Klan member in her ranks as well as the One Nation Party having an association with another. The longer that she is around to point the finger and blame the more chance there is for another Cronulla styled riot.

  10. Bert says:


  11. Raquel Milica says:


    im a student at a school. and i came across this while researching holocaust deniers.

    well some of you have a point in some way. i agree with ben. pauline hanson is a danger to australia. i knew it. there was something i didn’t like about her. i never liked her since i was 5. never did. now im surprised that she’s hanging with the neo-nazis and the holocaust deniers. trust me, when she dies, there’s gna be hell out loose with the jews and herself in heaven. I RECKON THAT SO. anyways, i made a profile out of stormfront.org and i was sooo horrified that the people can be so racist. whats the f*ck’s going on with their minds?! trust me i think they got brain washed.

    but damn, holocaust is true. my great grandma’s sisters married jewish guys and they had jewish children and they died in the auschwitz camp. i get sooo angry thinking how could they be so stupid denying holocaust when it ACTUALLY happened, ACTUALLY had evidence. GOSH!

    get over your selves peoples. and cut each other some slack, they have the right to their own opinion.


  12. @ndy says:


    To the best of my recollection, Hanson withdrew from the conference, I think partly as a result of not wanting to be associated with straightforward neo-Nazis like Welf. Further, I’m not aware of her having actually engaged in ‘Holocaust denial’.

  13. Raquel Milica says:

    Well,, thankss (;

    hmm. it makes sense. she didnt want to be labelled as neo-nazi anyways.
    me either. i have no idea what made her want to be associated with welf.

  14. Rex Sam says:

    RE: Ben Oct 27th, 2007 at 8:32 pm:

    The person you’re referring to is Peter Coleman, right? None other than the Grand Dragon for the Klan in Australia. Well she did distance herself from him when it was brought to attention via the media. Strangely enough she didn’t seem to have a problem with him prior to that. Ha, and didn’t they get security assistance from NA fuehrer Michael Brander. So it comes as no surprise to me that Hanson has associated with extremist people like Richard Krege and Dr Fredrick Toben.

    Ben, you’re partially on track with your prediction. I don’t know if we’ll see another Cronulla type riot as a result of her divisive policies and xenophobic prejudice and attitudes. I do believe that there will be more racist bashings and killings. There have been some recently and a Chinese doctor who’s name escapes me was killed during a ‘Curry Bashing’ attack. I will lay partial blame at her feet for that. There have been other racist stabbings and a couple of other deaths. Yeah she did start a lot of this evil behaviour. She was the one blaming Muslims for Christmas carols being taken out of schools and shopping malls and so on. The Muslims had nothing to do it but that didn’t matter to her and her One Nation cronies. Just blame the Muslims for that anyway and blame the Asians and Africans for those dirty diseases. That’s what they did. Now we’ve got these young rat bags and scum bags going around bashing Indians and Asians because they’re from Asia and the Middle East.

    This sickens me to the stomach.

  15. Clark Kent says:

    Come On People what are we talking about here , Who are the So called “Jews ” ? there was no such word 200 years ago .. Like there was no state of Is-ra-el in 1915 so it would be impossible for the Anzacs to have been fighting for Israel as the Forged Aus Post Stamp depicts , Surely now the Anzacs would never be involved with such an illegal state as Israel never !

    Pauline Hanson if not for the Traitor Dog Tony Abbott would have gone a lot further than she did , and I am positive she has more loyalty than half the parties put together , Especially our Jewsuit war criminal government we have now .

    But are the wolves in sheep clothing any better ? I think not the Fabien Society is riddled with Traitors and Criminals that like the Jewish invented Communism which runs China , they are after nothing short of total control , Basically if you are not a jew you are cattle { Goy } and put on earth to serve the so called Jew this is the only reason you are allowed to exist , according to the jewish Talmud .

    Benjamin Freedman and Isaac Isaacs were two very well respected men , they were Jewish and both Zionists until they disagreed with the Palestine Plan from Israel , they then were called Anti- Semites , the speech of Benjamin Freedman is a Great and should be listened to by anyone who is not yet brainwashed .

    They could also check out why Judea declared War on Germany in 1933 ? And why it is just impossible that Hitler killed 6,000,000 jews , talk about a Holohoax , but that’s the So Called Jews all over liars from the start just like their father Lucifer … Breaking News ISIS is Jewish ! Baghdadi is a Jew with Israeli Parents , this is Called a Zionist Psy-op or another False Flag event . Check the Freemasons The Goat Riding Phallic worshipping Traitor So Called Jewish Maniacs

  16. nevk21 says:

    Well said Clark Kent and absolutely correct.

  17. Clark Kent says:

    Thanks Nev I have been practicing telling the truth for about 5 years now, and I love it! It is my job and moral obligation to stand up and not be walked over by anyone claiming Authority, or let our forefathers’ good work come undone {freedom}, for the sake of Traitors and Pedophiles that are running our country at the moment.

  18. nevk21 says:

    The internet has certainly changed access to the truth much easier. I really get motivated when I see comments like yours exposing the BS and disappointed when I see a girl like Raquel (comments above) who I am sure is a really nice person but has been led down the garden path by the propaganda, political correctness and lies. The Zionist/right wing Jews have a lot to answer for. What they did in Russia with the Bolsheviks and Mao in China and last year in Gaza (amongst all the other shit), 450 dead children and the spineless politicians in OZ shut their mouth for fear of upsetting the Jewish bankers who are their masters! There is an agenda to destroy the family unit and divide our society and exposing these bastards is critical. If you get a chance check out larryhannigan . com. (if you haven’t already). Larry has been researching for 35 years and exposes the Corporate Australian Government fraud and his video past, present and future made in 1986 (Larry is way ahead of his time) under the video tab exposes the Fabian’s and Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome in OZ plus much more. If you look under his newsletter tab on the home page there is a wealth of information in his newsletters. The website is a rabbit hole of link to link exposing the BS in OZ and I find Larry a very reliable source. Keep up the good work Clark, super stuff, ha!

  19. Clark Kent says:

    Don’t worry Nev it motivates me when I see comments like yours too, it is great to see others on the same path and I certainly share your passion in regard to Palestinians in particular children ! when will it end ! there is a guy Brendon O’Connell that got 3 years for telling off a Jew ? it is a massive story hidden as usual. He exposed Israeli spies here in Australia [Shock Horror] and paid for it, but like me he won’t give up, I will die before I bow to them. Check out his work if you can isolatebutpreserve. And also you are right about Larry’s website and him he is the real deal and his site is great, how does he feel after 35 years ? I know how I feel after 5 ! Still it’s great to be a part of this and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Truth Freedom and Justice !

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