Blood & Honour in Belgium… and Australia

While local (neo-Nazi) boneheads are preparing to gather in Melbourne on September 23rd to celebrate Ian Stuart‘s death — an event organised by Blood and Honour Australia, including such notables as Australia First‘s Welf Herfurth* and Cronulla videographer James Newman — in Belgium the International Herald Tribune (September 8, 2006) reports that:

The Belgian police said they seized more than 100 weapons and detained two new suspects Friday in an investigation into a neo-Nazi network that they assert involves soldiers and might have been capable of mounting terror attacks…

They also said they had seized illegal weapons during the raids, a homemade bomb, land mine detonators, large quantities of ammunition and neo-Nazi propaganda…

The raids brought to public attention an undercover two-year investigation of a soldier who prosecutors said had brought together a group of far-right sympathizers to spread neo-Nazi ideology.

(A process which — according to a report issued earlier this year by the Southern Poverty Law Centre — has been repeated within the US armed forces and — according to members of Scumfront Down Under — is also a strategy being pursued by local, Australian neo-Nazis.)

In addition, The Jerusalem Post (September 8, 2006) reports that:

Police said the suspects may have been members of the Flanders branch of the international neo-Nazi network Blood and Honour, and said the raids foiled a violent plot that was in the making. The ringleader, a soldier, is thought to have been planning to move the plot into action.

A story which is reinforced by another provided by Blokwatch.

Earlier, in May, one courageous Belgian bonehead shot to death two people: a two year-old (white) child and her (pregnant, black) nanny.

Perth-based racist David Innes, meanwhile, while having his website kicked from neo-Nazi pillar to neo-Nazi post, is happily having his racist outporings hosted by LoudCity: proving that some businesses (like DreamHost) will do absolutely anything for money.

* Welf Herfurth (currently a prominent member of James Saleam’s Australia First party) is one of Blood & Honour‘s main organisers in Australia, and has a long history, both here and in his previous home, Germany, of neo-Nazi militancy. When not discussing his exciting travels in Asia, Herfurth can be found working in close collaboration with Saleam, acting as MC at the fascist Sydney Forum (this year hosted by Sydney’s Estonian community — of which more later). Unfortunately for Herfurth, he was unable to extend a personal welcome to Gerd Finkenwirth of the German neo-Nazi National Democratic Party in 2005 as the Australian Government denied Finkenwirth a visa.

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  1. Peter says:

    First of all, thanks for linking to blog item I wrote

    when way-back in May a 2yo toddler (one I knew) was shot and killed when I was having breakfast. A very traumatic and surreal experience.

    Blood and Honour Belgium ( is not yet outlawed in Belgium, as local law allows only to outlaw individuals, not organisations advocating hate-speech. Steps have been taken to correct this. Their server is located in the US, where the First Amendment protects them.

    Like mentioned by several sources, B&H Flanders (North Belgium, Dutch speaking) had visible links with the outlawed \”Vlaams Blok\”

  2. @ndy says:

    Cheers Peter,

    1) It’s always a tragedy when racial hatred is left unchecked. And the moral calibre of the people involved in groups like Blood & Honour — whether in Australia, Belgium, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Poland or the United States — is left to be demonstrated again… and again… and again.

    Even on two-year-old children.

    On the other hand, such groups explicitly locate themselves in the very worst of political traditions: as is well known, Hitler, their ‘hero’, and his Nazi regime, consciously and deliberately set out to commit genocide against the Jewish population of Europe. Apparently, some 1.5 million of the regime’s (Jewish) victims were children.

    Boneheads in Russia also regularly target children for murder. The elderly, too, are targets. As one of the boneheads responsible for one of the murders said at the time, the lives of such people — our brothers and sisters — are regarded as lower than cockroaches.

    Nic Miller, of redwatchnz, even stooped to harassing an elderly Jewish extermination camp survivor.

    2) On B&H’s Internet presence, Redwatch Poland — and the sites of other violent, racist/fascist groups — also had its server located in the good ol’ U S of A… (y’know, the country (read: state) that’s leading the fight against ‘terrorism’? Ha bloody ha). First, thru DreamHost — to their everlasting shame — and then thru another: I didn’t write about it at the time, ‘cos is was down quick-smart after it was put up.

    Both sites were eventually pulled, not thru making any kind of moral appeal or political claim — the companies responsible demonstrably care only about making money, not people — but thru the intervention of the FBI, in conjunction with Polish authorities.

    As far as I can discern, this was done informally, that is, not thru the courts, but thru direct negotiations with management. As I see it, the companies concerned, like their claims to be champions of free speech (ha bloody ha), tends, like all things solid, to melt into air when confronted with the possibility of legal proceedings being initiated. Further, it does little for a company’s public image to be associated with the facilitation of the issuing of threats by violent neo-Nazi networks, especially when such threats are directed against people whose only crime is to be black, Jewish, gay, lesbian, and/or a member of an ethnic or anarchist/leftist political minority.

    It’s certainly done nothing for DreamHost’s.

    Anyways, thanks for dropping by.

    And fuck racism.



  3. weez says:

    Oh, the bravery of Blood & Honor. Clearly, the nanny and her heavily armed 2-year-old charge were positioning themselves to take over Belgium. What pride the nazi skinheads must have in their conquering hero.

    May this baby killer have a long, long hellish life… at hard labour, in prison. Every time this boy closes his eyes, I hope he sees the blood spatters of a defenceless baby through his rifle sights.

    This is why we fight fascism.

  4. k one says:

    The dude who shot the little girl and her nanny in antwerp was not a skinhead but a gothic style.
    He’s just a sick and crazy asshole!

  5. Jim QLD says:

    Truth does not sit right with any of these wankers. That’s why they fight Fascism. They can make up as much rubbish as they want and people will believe it. 60 plus years of brainwashing will do that. Let’s see if these cretins can tackle something that is truly Racist and Fascist: Israel.

    Having never read this piece of rubbish before, I was astounded at the amount of information that is total BS. I did say astounded not surprised.

    Poor old Weez still can’t tell the difference between a Fascist and a National Socialist. Some expert. I truly don’t think Australia has too many Fascists Weez, except the ones at Bnai Brith and in the Australia Parliament. Oh and of course at FDB.

  6. @ndy says:

    Bathtub full of power tools.

  7. Tony says:

    Andy, do you support the fa[s]cist organisation B’nai B’rith, or not?

  8. rshole says:

    see hammerskins blog.A 2 year old hasn’t the mentality to distinguish between races.Maybe a 2year old should control the world,it couldn’t do much worst

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