Darrin Hodges… Again. And for the last time.

One of the few good things about the neo-Nazi porn salesman Darrin Hodges — apart from his handsome face: yeah, that’s him up there — is his conviction that he’s quite a clever fellow. The fact that he’s actually quite a daft bugger makes his pathetic attempts at critique all the more amusing. Thus, Hodges writes:

Friday, September 08, 2006

Andrew Morgan of Melbourne, aka ‘@ndy'[,] is a liar.

Yes, I’m sure you would all be surprised at the fact that [a] fightdemback.com forum member could be a liar, but I’m afraid it’s true. You see, in his blog… Andrew does in fact tell a porky:

Seriously though: I can only assume that your reference to my “brother” is a result of something Ben Weerheym claimed on his now deleted blog ‘Leftywatch’. To cut a long story short: any and all information regarding my “brother” was provided to Ben by aketus, posing as ‘cricket guy 88′ (or something similar). The story aketus relayed to Ben revolved around my having a non-existent brother, who was described as being both an ex-bikie, an ex-con, and as having a great deal of love for his family. Anyway, the ‘evidence’ for this “brother” was to be based on the non-existent minutes taken at a non-existent meeting of a non-existent group, the ‘Geelong Anarchist Group’… or ‘GAG’ for short.

Well, it’s not quite true[.] [S]ee, way back in January 2005, Andrew posted this on his older blog:

Looking after my brother Jamie’s house this last week-and-a-half, I (re-)discovered an Australian rock classic: Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs! To be precise, Mug’s Game, from which the following, achingly [ha!] accurate lines are drawn…

But wait, [there’s] more, the trusty blog search also reveals an extra nugget of information:

Looking after my brother Jamie’s house in Mitcham this last week-and-a-half, I (re-)discovered an Australian rock classic: Dave’s Warner’s From the Suburbs! To be precise, Mug’s Game… [snip]

[So] he looked after the non-existent house of his non-existent brother?

[H]mmm, pants on fire.

Honestly, Darrin, you’re a very silly man. I mean, gee whiz, has it ever occurred to you that I have a family? Brothers? Sisters even? Shit, the way you blokes carry on about decreasing fertility rates among whites, you’d reckon mum ‘n’ dad deserved a medal, not harassment!

So, for the benefit of stupid buggers like Darrin: the fairy tale revolves not around the fact that — eeek! who woulda thunk it! — I have family, but that I have a brother as described. Of course, the supposed fact that I have a brother named Jamie who lives in Mitcham is not especially relevant… is it? Well, unless Darrin believes that this may constitute a possible means through which to embarrass or intimidate me.

Which is a very dangerous assumption: at best.

Still, when all’s said and done, it’s like what Jewish singer-songwriter Lou Reed‘s painter friend Donald said:

Stick a fork in their ass and turn them over, they’re done.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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12 Responses to Darrin Hodges… Again. And for the last time.

  1. “a non-existent group, the ‘Geelong Anarchist Group’… or ‘GAG’ for short.”

    Bullshitting to make yourself seem witty? Nah mate, you failed, it was “Geelong Anarchist Association” ie: GAA.

    I’m coming to Melbourne soon, I might check out the Barricade bookshop to see if your [wimpy] arse is there. Not too many Morgans in the Torquay area mate, not too many in Melbourne either[.]

    [S]ee ya later, red scum[.]

  2. aketus says:

    Hey Andy, why is Ben correcting you over the name of a group that wasn’t real, not to mention invented only to make him look stupid?

    Ben, your definition of ‘failed’ must be different to mine.
    Andy got the name wrong.
    You believed the GAA existed.

    Gee, it’s a tough one, who’s stupider??

    I look forward to your visit to Melbourne. I just hope that you actually can find it – your geography being what it is and all.

  3. @ndy says:

    “Why is Ben correcting you over the name of a group that wasn’t real, not to mention invented only to make him look stupid?”

    Because he not only looks stoopid, he is stoopid.

    And ill-informed.

    But trying to educate Ben about anything is nigh on impossible: one might as well wipe up the sea with a sponge.

    “The wise understand by themselves; fools follow the reports of others.”

  4. Charles Martel says:


    Do you realize just how much pain and suffering you could be given through a defamation lawsuit???

    I’m serious. Defaming and damaging a person’s reputation can be a VERRRY costly exercise…

    Calling Darrin Hodges a ‘Neo Nazi porn salesman’ is about as defamatory as it gets.

    He is NOT a “porn salesman” he is an IT consultant who happens to have a number of customers, one of which is an adult website.


    “NEO NAZI”? He is on record as rejecting such ideas, and distances himself from Stormfront and White pride groups.

    So… if he decides to SUE you… I hope your pockets are REALLLLLLLLLLLLY DEEP.

  5. @ndy says:

    Dear Charles,

    First, congratulations on winning the Battle of Tours! I’m not sure what’s prompted you to return and to assume the role of legal advisor, but you know best.

    On defamation, thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I think you have a firmer grasp on the use of heavy cavalry than you do the legal intricacies associated with defamation laws in Australia.

    Darrin’s views have evolved somewhat over the last few years. Thus while Mister Hodges may have once been of the opinion that “I’m more interested in the purer form of fascism… and while I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘worship Hitler’ thing, his comments on multiculturalism and politics in general are still just as relevant today as they were 70-odd years ago”, I doubt he would be as clumsy in the present. Further, while he may have opted to replace ‘The Jew’ with ‘The Muslim’ as Public Enemy #1, his commitment to racial politics and a White Australia remains intact.

    As for Stormfront, Darrin initially denied his membership of the forum when asked. He then admitted it, declared that he was leaving the forum, returned, and then left again. His membership of Australia First has been terminated (I assume), and he has since joined the Australian Protectionist Party.

    By the way, I hope my pockets are REALLLLLLLLLLLLY DEEP too, and I reckon that if I really really really REALLLLLLLLLLLLY wish for it, it’ll come true!

  6. Jim QLD says:

    His pockets are not deep and his legal advice is Darp what a joke.

    Please tell me how long do you think you can survive when your Anarchist Dream of Australia comes to fruition? I give you about 48hrs without Government protection. Others less. Luckily under current Australian law I would never dare think of breaching it.

    I pray @ndy you succeed. Imagine total Anarchy no law but the law of man. The Left and the Right would have to sort it our somehow. My god I may just have to try and not enjoy it. I think I now understand the fascination you have for this Anarchist lifestyle. How do I join? If I could prove that I was willing to accept no laws and no regulations will you take me under your wing? It would be handy for me to get closer. Could I just do what ever I wanted without any consequence? Please send me a membership form ASAP. Viva the revolution.

  7. @ndy says:

    Dear Jim,

    On defamation, I asked a retired barrister for his advice.

    On anarchy, you are mistaking the absence of rulers for chaos. In other words, confusing the popular misconception for the political philosophy with which I feel the greatest affinity and for which reason I describe myself as being one of its advocates. My advice is that you begin to familiarise yourself with the history of anarchism as a social movement. One of the pre-eminent examples of the wide-scale implementation of anarchist ideas was that which occurred in Spain for a brief period in the 1930s.

    In Barcelona, industry and commerce were largely collectivized, and a wave of collectivization spread through rural areas, as well as towns and villages, in Aragon, Castile, and the Levante, and to a lesser but still significant extent in many parts of Catalonia, Asturias, Estremadura, and Andalusia. Military power was exercised by defense committees; social and economic organization took many forms, following in main outlines the program of the Saragossa Congress of the anarchist CNT (Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo) in May 1936. The revolution was “apolitical,” in the sense that its organs of power and administration remained separate from the central Republican government and, even after several anarchist leaders entered the government in the autumn of 1936, continued to function fairly independently until the revolution was finally crushed between the fascist and Communist-led Republican forces. The success of collectivization of industry and commerce in Barcelona impressed even highly unsympathetic observers such as Franz Borkenau. The scale of rural collectivization is indicated by these data from anarchist sources: in Aragon, 450 collectives with 500,000 members; in the Levante, 900 collectives accounting for about half the agricultural production and 70 percent of marketing in this, the richest agricultural region of Spain; in Castile, 300 collectives with about 100,000 members. In Catalonia, the bourgeois government headed by Luis Companys retained nominal authority, but real power was in the hands of the anarchist-dominated committees.

    From what you’re inferring, you appear to believe that ‘anarchy’ gives you licence to commit murder — of myself, in particular — and that, in the absence of some repressive force such as the police, individuals will naturally go on violent rampages.

    This says more about yourself and your own conception of humanity than it does anarchism.

    Q. “Could I just do what ever I wanted without any consequence?”

    A. Can you now?

  8. Jim QLD says:

    Sorry @ndy nice try. No mate I live by the law of the land lucky for you. The Anarchism you have described above sounds more like Communism. So which one is it. Didn’t the evil Fash win that one any way? I don’t know about you but the only Anarchism I have ever known I learnt from listening to the Sex Pistols when I was a young Punk Rocker in the 70’s. I figure they had a better following than you will ever have.

    But we all grow up? Obvious you missed that.

    “From what you’re inferring, you appear to believe that ‘anarchy’ gives you licence to commit murder.” No not at all. From what I read on this site it seems that many of the contributors here under current Australian Law would have no problem at all killing or murdering anyone you decide is a Fascist or a Nazi. That would be illegal don’t you know.

  9. Jim QLD says:

    Maybe you should become a National Anarchist? Seems they are more open to change and willing to progress with time. Better than being locked into a doomed ideology like you prescribe to. Hell even National Socialists have expanded on the original concept. Not that you would know. We all understand that you have no concept at all when it comes to your perceived enemy. You just keep your head in the sand and hang on to outdated BS.

  10. @ndy says:

    “We all understand that you have no concept at all when it comes to your perceived enemy.”

    Hmmm. Dunno ’bout that one Jim. I think there’s a handful of ex-Stormfront moderators who might disagree with you on that.

  11. Jim QLD says:

    Like I said no idea. Mate if you think that[‘]s who you are dealing with you are far from the mark.

  12. @ndy says:

    You prefer wholemeal?

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