Good Night Mr.Campbell

Good Night White Pride

You pick on the weak
You’re only strong in groups
Can’t do shit on your own
You pick on those who are few
Right winged scum
You have no place in our scene
Right winged scum
We’ll teach you what skinhead really means

You’re the sickness of our generation
You’ve infested almost every nation
You’re the plague of our society
You’re our most hated enemy

Listen what we have to say: Good night white pride
Only what we have to say: Good night white pride

Good night, good night, good night, good night white pride
Good night, good night, good night, good night white pride

Peter Campbell writes:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Asher & @ndy Show

Asher & Andy get all tuff and stuff …

From @ndy’s Blog ‘Slackbastard’:

    Asher Jul 17th, 2006 at 11:50 am

    I have a patch and a badge with that design on them

    @ndy Jul 17th, 2006 at 11:26 pm

    I wonder how the bonehead in question feels about his being immortalised in this fashion? Will other boneheads want to join him? And so set about striking their heads repeatedly against blackfellas’ boots? Stranger things have happened!

Although the subject matter is not funny at all and merely demonstrates yet again how ruthless and violent these Fight Dem Back Criminals really are when they can get away with it, there IS an amusing aspect to this. Anyone who has seen a photograph of Asher Goldman would be distinctly unimpressed with his “tough guy” credentials and probably, like me, genuinely [mistake] him for a very dirty and scruffy girl.

Well, while it may not strike Peter as particularly amusing, it is, at least, ironic.

As previously suggested, I doubt that the bonehead in question was expecting to have his posturing as a representative of a (homocidal) racial supremacy questioned in such a thorough fashion, especially by such a deeply skeptical member of the public. However, for an image of the outcome of their disagreement — presumably, one centred on the subject of the victim’s genuine fitness to constitute, alongside his comrades, a political elite, and to exercise a ruthless and deeply racist form of authoritarian rule over the masses… like, on account of his white skin… to then be used in an anti-fascist propaganda campaign…

Anyway, what’s wrong with scruffy girls?!?

@ndy is another gutless little worm who will do anything to avoid doing his own dirty work. His brother, and anyone else for that matter, will apparently suffice as a “champion” to fight his battles by proxy. Typical jelly backed Lefty tactics really. Darp does precisely the same thing. You can see them now, can’t you? Running over to a bunch of vicious Blacks and pointing out a lone White Nationalist. “Smash the Fash!” they’ll squeal, like the school girls they are.

My own dirty work? But Peter, I wash dishes!

[And what’s this thing you’ve got with “girls”?]

Seriously though: I can only assume that your reference to my “brother” is a result of something Ben Weerheym claimed on his now deleted blog ‘Leftywatch’. To cut a long story short: any and all information regarding my “brother” was provided to Ben by aketus, posing as ‘cricket guy 88’ (or something similar). The story aketus relayed to Ben revolved around my having a non-existent brother, who was described as being both an ex-bikie, an ex-con, and as having a great deal of love for his family. Anyway, the ‘evidence’ for this “brother” was to be based on the non-existent minutes taken at a non-existent meeting of a non-existent group, the ‘Geelong Anarchist Group’… or ‘GAG’ for short.

Get it?

Ben didn’t. Well, not until it was pointed out to him. By aketus.

I assume Ben is yet to inform you of this prank? Was aketus wrong when he wrote that “Everyone on both sides of this game except you knows [Leftywatch is] all made up”? Or are you content to trade on the lies told to you by anti-racists?

In any case, I never threaten individuals with violence. What’s the point? Despite your hero Hitler’s utter contempt for the intellectual capacities of the masses, I believe that most people prefer less, not more, bullshit in their media diet.

As for “vicious blacks”… is there really any other kind, Peter? You, for one, don’t appear to think so. Nor do the racists who belong to Blood & Honour.

A random example from Russia :

But what unites them above all is a hatred of foreigners, in particular of anyone with dark features hailing from the Caucusus region of southern Russia or from Asia or Africa. The views of Semyon Tokmakov, a convicted [bonehead] who brutally attacked a black US Marine in Moscow seven years ago and still espouses [bonehead] rhetoric, is typical. “Why have they [foreigners] all come here?” he told Associated Press. “They bring nothing but drugs and Aids [and] every day they harass and steal our women.”

Nor do [boneheads] make any distinction between children and adults or the young and the old. In St Petersburg, a crucible of [bonehead] activity, a nine-year-old Tajik girl was murdered last year and her case was no exception. Hurshida Sultanova was stabbed to death in front of her father by a group of about 10 [boneheads]. She was knifed 11 times. When asked whether he felt sorry for the murdered Tajik girl, Tokmakov did not bat an eyelid. “When you kill cockroaches you don’t feel sorry for them, do you?”

In recent years, experts say, the [boneheads’] methods have become far more brutal. “They now use screw drivers and knives and increasingly their attacks end in murder,” Sergey Belikov, a specialist in [boneheads], told the weekly Argumenty i fakty publication. “Earlier, there was an unspoken rule to leave children and the old alone. That has been abandoned. The first wave of [boneheads] [in the early 1990s] could be called simple hooligans. Today’s generation are professional killers.”

Another example chosen almost at random, this time from the United States: Jacob D. Robida.

Oh, and is this funny?

IR: Once you had amassed enough evidence to prosecute, how did you arrest your suspects?

GERMAN: These groups tend to revere their martyrs and they talk about martyrdom all the time, about how “if anybody ever tries to arrest me, it’s going to be to the death” and “I’m not going to be taken alive,” that kind of stuff.

So, as we were preparing for the arrest, we tried to create a situation where we could control the environment. Instructional classes were kind of a normal thing for them. This was an activity they were constantly involved in, trying to learn police techniques so that they could combat them. So we decided I would teach them how to pick out of handcuffs with a lock pick set. That way, we would get everyone to put handcuffs on themselves. It worked perfectly. I had a bunch of lock pick sets and I just said, “Hey, this is something I taught myself to do and I can teach you how to do it, too.” So everybody grabbed a set of handcuffs and put them on.

Now go away.

You’re a boring, racist fool.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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