Skinhead Attitude

‘Mainstream’ (read: corporate/state-controlled) media frequently confuse skinheads with boneheads. “Bonehead” is a derogatory term used by Traditional and other Skins to denote any Skinhead who holds to racist or White Power beliefs, as well as those Neo-Nazis who have adopted the Skinhead “look” in an attempt to hijack the movement. The documentary film Skinhead Attitude is one of the few to take this distinction seriously (although the filmmaker’s use of the analogy of Cain & Abel is deeply problematic). In any case, I highly recommend this film, as it at least provides authentic skins a voice. (Oh, it also features a very sexy French skin called Karole as our ‘guide’… sigh.)

«To be a Skinhead, you must love your Doc Martens. You must love Ska-music. You must have the right attitude, the right attitude from the heart AND the brain. You must like football. You must like to dance harder than anybody else, of any subculture. And most of all, you need to be antiracist.»
Buster Bloodvessel – BAD MANNERS

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