“regret, remorse, guilt and shame”?

Despite being forced to scribble a message of “regret, remorse, guilt and shame” in order to avoid a custodial sentence, since pleading guilty on August 3, 2004 to nine counts of wilful damage (and receiving a sentence of six months and one day, suspended for 12 months), Ben Weerheym‘s subsequent activities would seem to suggest that he’s anything but remorseful. First, let’s rewind…

Angry van Tongeren arrested
The West Australian
August 7, 2004
Luke Morfesse

…a series of racist graffiti attacks… on Thursday saw Daniel Tyrone Klavins and Frank James Lemin jailed and a third man, Benjamin Weerheym given a suspended sentence.

The police investigation into the ANM-inspired race hate crimes is also understood to have uncovered a plot to kill a former key member of the group, [‘Nazi Supergrass’] Russell Dean Willey.

Yesterday, Weerheym released a handwritten statement saying that he felt “regret, remorse, guilt and shame” over the matter. But he refused to answer any questions, including claims that until recently he was using the name Thor Hammered to post racist material on a racist website.

According to an article by Paige Taylor in The Australian (August 7, 2004):

Under the pseudonym Thor Hammered, Weerheym has posted more than 800 messages, ranting against Asians, Jews and Muslims. He has urged others to blow up a Perth nightclub owned by Asians.

“The more the white youth of Australia stand up and show them their true feelings towards the invaders THE BETTER!!” he wrote in March [2003].

Weerheym also wrote: “After a recent trip east by the key members of the ANM/ANWU, it has become apparent we are the most effective, organised, active and above all premier nationalist/pro-white organisation in Australia.”

When Weerheym was confronted about his pseudonym — which was tracked to his email address and his telephone number — he refused to answer any questions about it or his involvement with the ANM.

Now let’s fast-forward…

May 12, 2005
TV’s relentless assault on the European world
“I used to enjoy watching [t]elevision” moans Ben. Unfortunately, both for Ben and legions of other Christian ladies, the Pink Mafia — no doubt acting under the command of the capo di tutti capi Peter Tatchell — has turned our once pristine screens into a virtual Sodom & Gomorrah. “[T]o any thinking person homosexual sex acts are unhyg[i]enic and repugnant”: Doctor Weerheym prescribes abstinence.

May 20, 2005
Zionism and Terrorism

…I live in Australia and some like to say that we (Europeans) took this land that didn’t belong to us also, if the British didn’t then another more advanced race/civilization would have settled here and cultivated the virgin soil and built infrastructures. It is quite obvious that the Australian Aborigine being a cut off, less evolved and nomadic people would not have ever done this. The same could be said about New Zealand and the Maori.

This would probably qualify as ‘historical revisionism’ were it not for the fact that Weerheym knows nothing about history. Quite what it’s got to do with ‘Zionism’ and ‘terrorism’ I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s simply an argument that ‘might makes right’?

Yes, I think it is.

May 30, 2005
Please come back and help us, you evil oppressive white devils! is the title; triumphalism the tone: “I actually knew this was going to happen from the get go”.

Genius or madman?

I was watching the [Jewish-] controlled media on television [sic] the other night and a story about the plight of the Negros [sic] of Zimbabwe came on. I pretty much knew where the story was going to be headed and was not surprised once I had listen[ed] to what was said. Here[‘]s the run down put in simple form…

Negros kick out the evil and oppressive (of course) white devils, destroy most infrastructure, seize farms from skilled, disciplined White farmers and redistribute it to their undisciplined and unskilled brothers and sisters, murder and rape white men, women and children, economy diminishes greatly, mass poverty and civil unrest ensues, put hand out for aid, call the western world “racist” because we supposedly do not give enough aid to them, drive the country into the ground then realise that it was a mistake to kick out the evil white devils, ask them to come back and clean up the mess.

A fascinating thesis Ben.

I was wat[c]hing a documentary on the AIDS epidemic of Africa a while back and to give you an idea of what kind of intellect we are dealing with here, I will tell you a well know[n] ideology that many Negros of Africa go by…

‘I have contracted AIDS from the [unhygienic] lifestyle that that [sic] I have, I don’t use condoms when I have vast amounts of sexual intercourse with one of the many prostitutes that inhabit my country who, dare I say it, haven’t bathed in days. What do I do to cure me of this AIDS? I rape the youngest virgin child I can, quite often babies to cure myself.’

Fairly straight forward…

…case of racial vilification.

September 02, 2005
Rapes, Murder, Looting, Blacks and Hurricane Katrina
While the US Government’s viciously inept handling of the natural and social disaster that was Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath ensured a great deal further suffering for the (former) residents of New Orleans — especially blacks (and the poor generally) — according to Weerheym: “The massive amounts [sic] of rape[s], bashings, looting and molestation being undertaken by the massive amount [sic] of Negros [sic] is what is really what [sic] the problem here.”

Got that? “Massive amounts” of blacks, not government negligence, is the problem.

September 11, 2005
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Darpism Or how to be an effective Genocidal Anti-White Sociopath
Or Ben the anti-Semite strikes again: “These methods are time honoured and proven, having been practiced successfully by the Chosenites for millennia, and should be trusted by all Darpists.”

Yes Ben, it’s all the Jews…

September 14, 2005
15 homosexual ‘families’ to foster children

If gays were supposed to have children, men would be able to fall pregnant, not just this but men would be able to fall pregnant by ejaculating into each other[‘]s anus’. It’s quite a disgusting thought but this is the kind of thing that goes on in their world. Women on the other hand. If Dykes [sic] were able to fall pregnant, they would be able to impregnate each other with [their] tongues. Nature does not recognise the aberration that is homosexuality and nature[‘]s lore is something that should be paid more attention to in the world if we are to keep any sense or sens[i]bility. Once again I apologise for my crassness.

And once again your apology — along with your bigotry, ignorance and sheer stupidity — is rejected.

September 23, 2005
jews and pornography

Why is it that there seems to be an outstanding amount [sic] of people that happen to be jewish widely represented throughout the seedy underbelly of the pornography industry… Why is it that so many promoters and peddlers of pornography happen to be jewish? Why do they obviously have such an interest in seeing women defiled and degraded?

Why why why? Could it have something to do with the essential nature of Der ewige Jude? Anti-Semites like Ben appear to think so.

November 08, 2005
islamic terrorists in austalia and islamic riots in france

Alot [sic] has been going on these past few days, still continuing riots by ethnics [sic] in France and now ironically, one day after the new “[t]error” legislation has been rushed through Federal Parliament, a load of [terrorist] scum bag [sic] Muslims have been rounded up.

Funnily enough, well, not really that funny, there has been no mention what-so-ever of these Islamic bastards or the rioting in France by Islamic Negros and Arabs on Mathew “Darp” Henderson[‘]s ‘Fightdemback!’ website. Hmmm, wonder why… to [sic] close to home perhaps…

Well, either that, or perhaps the “Islamic bastards” in question are deemed innocent ’til proven guilty. Unlike, say, Ben the not-terribly-successful getaway driver, who, when not lying to the court about his previous involvement in the ANM, plead guilty to nine counts of wilful damage.

December 04, 2005
black AIDS carrier infects foolish white women
Dating advice from a net-Nazi? Hell, why not!

A word to the wise ladies – if you sleep with black refugees you have a much higher chance of contracting the deadly AIDS virus. AIDS has, not surprisingly, spread like wild fire [sic] throughout Africa[‘]s prim[i]tive Negro [sic] population and they are the proof [sic].

File Under: Racial Vilification.

February 13, 2006
The Comical Double Standards
“What’s permissable for some, isn’t for others”… “the supposed Holocaust of the Jews during WWII.”

Fuckin’ hilarious. File Under: Holocaust denial. And just one week later…

February 20, 2006
[More Holocaust denial…]

A prominent Iranian newspaper opened a competition Monday seeking cartoons about the supposed Holocaust of the Jews during WWII in what it called a test of whether the West would be as supportive of freedom of expression over Nazi genocide as it was with caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

And finally…

March 7, 2006
Brisbane: HIV Positive Sudanese Man Charged
Attributed to ‘PAD’, and accompanied by an image of a black man’s face with the title ‘You Gonna Get Raped’, this latest entry of Weerheym’s actually featured in a recent article. Weerheym’s (further) dating advice to prospective partners of ‘Negros’?

Take heed of this vital lesson Aussies (Aborigines and men and women of European lineage), if you have ‘relations’ with [a] Negro/African, you stand a very much higher chance of contracting not only AIDS but other potentially fatal diseases such [as] Hep[a]tit[i]s A, B and C, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes.

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