Dr Helen Caldicott addresses far right @ Inverell Forum

Oh dear.

The Forum that was considered too kooky and racist even for Pauline Hanson (see below) is apparently considered a thoroughly worthwhile event by others. Thus it is that Helen Caldicott, known as an anti-nuclear activist, has this weekend lent her name to the Inverell Forum — along with the Sydney Forum, one of the two main annual gatherings of the far right in Australia.

Other speakers at this year’s Forum, in addition to the usual assortment of conspiracy theorists, opponents of Big Gub’mint, and advocates of alternative medical practices, included Greg Clancy — who denounced the multicultural menace — and an anxious Anglo-Saxon named Andrew Fraser (who also spoke at the 2006 Forum).

Oddly enough, last year’s Inverell Forum was to feature Pauline Hanson, but she withdrew after being informed she was to share a platform with a neo-Nazi, Welf Herfurth. Herfurth spoke on the subject of the German NPD, of which he was once a member. (Herfurth also spoke at the 2003 Forum on the same topic.)

This year, the political organisation for which Herfurth is the local fueher, the New Right/National Anarchists, held a stall at the Forum.

In 2007, Herfurth was joined by Richard Krege, another Holocaust denialist, who spoke of his experience (in the company of Frederick Toben, currently the subject of legal proceedings) at the infamous conference in Tehran on the subject of the Holocaust. Krege, an engineer, maintains that only 5,000 people died at the death camp at Treblinka, of disease, rather than the 800,000 historians estimate.

In 2006, in addition to Fraser, the Inverell Forum featured convicted criminal Dr James Saleam, who spoke in praise of what he and his white supremacist party, Australia First, terms the ‘Cronulla uprising’.

Still, Caldicott is also going to Sydney to address the 911TruthNow conference, where on March 14 she’ll be speaking on the subject of the use of depleted uranium in weapons, in the Middle East in particular, where millions have served as unwilling guinea pigs in US military experiments. Speaking of which, last year’s Sydney Forum featured a Palestinian speaker, Rihab Charida. She spoke on the subject of Palestine. However, she notes that:

I was not asked to speak at this event by the organisers. Three days prior to the event, a friend who was scheduled to speak asked if I could replace him, as he had other commitments. Stupidly, I agreed without investigating who the Sydney Forum was organised by and for. Therefore, I prepared my talk as a standard presentation about Palestine and went to deliver it with no understanding of the purpose of the Forum…

[Tomislav Sunic’s] talk had my friends and myself feeling sick. We realised that we were surrounded by fascists and rednecks. Even then, I didn’t click that the entire event was held for white supremacists. I thought that maybe this was a forum attracting different people (right leaning), including rednecks. Obviously, I now realise it is a forum organised exclusively by and for white supremacists.

To all but the most naive, the function of inviting speakers such as Helen Caldicott and Rihab Charida to address such events as the Inverell and Sydney Forums is to lend them an air of credibility, and to allow their organisers to claim that such events go ‘beyond left and right’ and aren’t the gatherings of the rural and urban-based far right, composed of the kinds of audiences who remark — in reference to Rihab — that ‘She would have been of much better use as a mud flap for my car’. That, and the remnants of an older generation of right-wing letter-writers, precisely the kind who found a home in One Nation.

Tim Blair (Culture wars over, say leftists, The Daily Telegraph, February 23, 2008):

Dr Helen Caldicott enjoyed mainstream media respect from about the mid-’80s until it became obvious her nuclear devastation fantasies were never going to come true, some time around, oh, 1989. Thereafter she’s largely been limited to the ABC and similarly inclined outlets.

Lately things have become even worse. Next month lefty Helen – one of our new cultural overlords, remember – is listed to speak at a Sydney meeting of the global 9/11 truth movement, which holds that the events of September 11 2001 were somehow faked or the result of a conspiracy led by the US Government.

In the universe of modern crazy, your truthers are at the top of the list. Where normal people see footage of massive jets piling into the World Trade Centre towers, truthers see all manner of clues hinting at unmanned aircraft, substitute flights (where did the passengers go?) and controlled demolition.

Even noted engineering and physics scholars are sometimes drawn in by truther theories on building collapse. Willie Nelson, for example.

So Caldicott, if not actually signing on to the truther fable – and we’re yet to see her speech; she may well do – is at least prepared to lend this group whatever credibility she has left after warning us for decades that all nuclear plants are as unreliable and prone to Aeroflot-style commie bungling as Chernobyl. It’d be sad, except for the fact that Caldicott is possibly the only person on earth whose support might detract from the truther cause.

Get used to it, people. The war is over. We now live in a Helmichael Caldinig country. Say sorry to your atomic duck.

Hanson will share stage with Holocaust denier
Greg Roberts
The Australian
February 15, 2007

ONE Nation founder Pauline Hanson plans to share a platform with a prominent denier of the Holocaust and a well-known neo-Nazi activist.

Ms Hanson will be a special guest next month at the Inverell Forum, an annual talkfest in the NSW country town that has long been associated with right-wing extremist groups.

Ms Hanson announced in December that she hoped to resurrect her political career by standing as a candidate in this year’s federal election.

She will share the Inverell platform with Richard Krege, an Air Services Australia engineer who recently attended the Holocaust Conference in Tehran. The Iranian government-sponsored conference attempted to disprove the accepted historic fact that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

Mr Krege is regarded by fellow Holocaust deniers as an expert on the notorious Treblinka concentration camp, in Poland. Although 800,000 Jews and others died there, he claims just 5000 perished of disease and none were killed.

The Inverell Forum website said the gathering would discuss the “current Zionist propaganda campaign designed to condition the public to accept the inevitable first attack on Iran”.

Ms Hanson will also share the platform with Welf Herfurth, a long-time activist with Germany’s neo-nazi National Democratic Party before he moved to Sydney.

Mr Herfurth will address the forum on “what other nationalists outside Germany can learn from the NPD’s practical approach to politics and creating a parallel society”.

Other speakers at the forum include James Cook University academic Bob Carter, a leading global warming sceptic.

Ms Hanson could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The forum will hear how “recent events in Australia have galvanised her once more into taking up the cudgel for patriotic Australia”.

Ms Hanson served a term in federal parliament when she was elected as the MP for Oxley in 1996.

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4 Responses to Dr Helen Caldicott addresses far right @ Inverell Forum

  1. weez says:

    What IS Caldicott thinking?

    Blair could be right, perhaps she’s sick of being a respected commentator for the ABC et al.

    I wonder if Dr Linus Pauling would have nominated any of the other speakers on the Inverell slate for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Or maybe good-girl Sandy just feels a need to get sewn into some black satin bad-girl pants to get the attention she craves… but it’s only for one scene at the end of the flick, so it’s cool.

    or is it?

  2. Just Curious says:

    C’mon Andy – no serious self respecting anarchist would write off the 9/11 truthers as you call them as conspiracy nuts, nor would they write off uranium depletion as an over-reaction.

    You’re just mad a lefty didn’t hold the party line… “No platform”.

  3. @ndy says:


    Leaving aside the question of what any self-respecting anarchist may or may not think of 9/11, my reference to ‘conspiracy theorists’ — as well as being somewhat flippant — was actually intended to refer to a much broader group of people. Nor do I wish to be misconstrued as writing off issues to do with the uses of depleted uranium, which are quite serious. That said, I’m unaware of Caldicott’s position as a lefty, let alone her having any kind of commitment to or interest in what you term ‘no platform’, or any form of anti-fascist or anti-racist politics at all, for that matter. From what I understand, Caldicott has one main concern, and that is issues to do with nuclear weapons and nuclear power, and everything else proceeds from that.

  4. Changeling says:

    I’m in 2 minds about associating with “right wingers”. Yes – some of them are highly authoritarian haters and outright fascists. However, I’ve found an increasing number of “right wingers” (well – that’s how the left and corporate media label them, anyway) are actually very open-minded. For example, I’ve had a reasonable amount of success in explaining to many of them that Holocaust denial and “Jewish conspiracy” theories are poisons originating from the very Establishment they’ve woken up to. I think misinformed people deserve the opportunity to be educated before they are judged – if they even should be judged at all.

    Just Curious says “C’mon Andy – no serious self respecting anarchist would write off the 9/11 truthers as you call them as conspiracy nuts…”

    As someone who thought something smelled weird about the 9/11 attacks on the day they happened, and had his suspicions confirmed…and reconfirmed…and reconfirmed…and [you get the picture] in the weeks, months and years afterwards as more and more credible evidence emerged – and not only regarding 9/11, but the so-called “New World Order” as well – I now find myself increasingly distancing myself from the 9/11 Truth Movement (or as some of us call it, the 9/11 Bowel Movement).


    Because much of the 9/11 TM and “Truthers” (which, in a nutshell, refers to those who realise Humanity is in the grip of a Globalist Criminal Syndicate and ostensibly seek to expose and destroy it) generally often *are* “conspiracy nuts”. That is, they are far more interested in being *entertained* by conspiracy theories than in researching conspiracy facts – that is, engaging in agenda and coincidence analysis.

    The way many of them have a little giggle among themselves about the “brainwashed sheeple” while simultaneously following some Conspiracy Guru pied piper would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

    One can see this dynamic in motion behind the attitude embedded in most of the comments on my video “The Zeitgeist Movie. Truth Exposure? Or PSYOPs-Gust?” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rehY7gik8K4 – being told to “wake up!” by yet another tedious supporter of Reaganite and Vatican frontman, Ron Paul, was an amusing surrealist diversion for me! 🙂

    Having said all that, it is more than disturbing that so many anarchists and leftists – that is, people who are generally sceptical of anything coming from the mouth of the US Establishment – have bought the absurdist 9/11 ONYA (Osama and Nineteen Young Arabs) conspiracy theory hook, line and sinker. I suspect that for many anarchists, the idea that a small number of “rebels” (albeit ones whose tactics and agendas no anarchist could possibly support) could inflict such damage on the World’s greatest superpower, is very appealing. I also suspect that that is the case for many “leftists” – particularly since much of the so-called “left” has a frankly racist (albeit of the xenophilic not xenophobic variety) fetish about “brown skinned 3rd world movements”.

    Also, many anarchists shy away from looking at “conspiracy theories” due to the fact that many of them do indeed originate from authoritarian haters. I think the cure for this problem is to look at “conspiracy research” as *intelligence analysis of the class enemy* – or something like that. We are dealing with a highly sophisticated Criminal Syndicate who are employing strategies and tactics that many of their ostensible opponents don’t even seem to want to know about. Then we wonder why we’re repeatedly getting our asses kicked?

    Anyway, some links for those wishing to do further research:

    One of the best 9/11 Truth sites

    “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth”

    Feel free to give “Loose Change” and other disinfo riddled “documentaries” a miss.

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