APEC : Notional Anarchists

    BONUS! Nichola X from Stormfront, Newcastle branch Australia First Party; partner to Rhys McLean, Stormfront Moderator and amateur neo-Nazi.

The first photo is of Darrin Hodges, Internet filth-monger, aka the “Anglo-Australian National Community Council”. Note that the blonde Übermensch with the faux-hawk in the fourth photo has very noticeable facial scarring. These and following photos taken @ anti-APEC protests, New Reich contingent, Sydney, September, 2007. See also : Anarchist statement on the New Right | All Heil the New Reich* | APEC : New Reich / “National Anarchists”

…oh yeah. There’s this one too. This keen young amateur photographer was spotted outside of Football Federation Victoria a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, he wasn’t keen on discussion, preferring to leave speculation regarding his resemblance to one of the fellows above to another time and place.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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35 Responses to APEC : Notional Anarchists

  1. vents says:

    She even has the Adolf hair cut going on.

  2. Lumpen says:

    The dude second from the top looks like the Butterball cenobite.

    I wonder where Darrin got his corduroy face mask from? (I’m guessing dad’s old slacks and mum’s sewing scissors.)

  3. Liam says:

    “Her Hitler hair-do is making me ill” – Thom Yorke on the National Anarchists.

  4. Jim QLD says:

    Well Andy you have out done yourself with your latest antics re Nichola. How tuff you must feel publishing this woman’s photo. What exactly do you think you have achieved?
    What next a picture of our parent’s [sic] maybe?

    Once again you have shown all how petty and juvenile you people are. I think it[‘]s time you got a tap on the shoulder. Just to remind you that if you wish to play the game you better be prepared to pay the consequences. I shall see to it personally.

    Funny how tuff you all are behind the PC screen. Oh the good times you must have working away with anonymity. What brave anarchists you lot are, to [sic] scared to front any of us unless you have the Hated Police to protect you. I pray you succeed with your Anarchist cause. This will remove all protection you currently have. And justice will be swift. In your case I hope it’s a bit slow.

  5. Sharp Shooter says:

    @ndy, ever heard of a Barrett Sniper Rifle… I hear it’s pretty good for Red Shooting!

  6. vents says:

    Andy when they threaten you on the Internet is the time you have to shit your pants. Ready? …go!

  7. @ndy says:


    I’ve been sitting on that one for a while, actually. Along with a number of others, which may or may not be published, at some point in the future.

    Obviously, I didn’t take the photo of Nichola. In fact, the source is your own ‘movement’, as is so much of the information about it. That’s because your circles are jam-packed with anti-Semitic freaks, Hitler fetishists and White Power paranoiacs of all different shapes and sizes; ego-driven, largely illiterate, and full-to-bursting with paranoid phantasies and bitter sectarian rivalries. And no, I don’t feel “tuff”, at least no “tuffer” than when I publish the photo of any other neo-Nazi, for whom “the Jew” is the proper subject of extermination. And no, I’m not interested in your parents Jim — I just feel sorry for them.

    The point of publishing the photos of the neo-Nazis masquerading as anarchists is pretty obvious I would think. And I agree with you on this point at least: “What brave national anarchists you lot are, [too] scared to front any of us unless you have the Hated Police to protect you”.

    You rant and rave on your blog all the time Jim, carrying on with all sorts of nonsense. You’re a deadset wanker, with kangaroos loose in the top paddock. How else to explain the fact that you draw an equivalence between the ANZACs and the Nazis? Is there a special page in the CWA Cookbook with a recipe for Jim’s Fruitcake?

  8. You can’t go red shoting because Andy is a fake. He is simply a made up figure made up by the evil internatioanl nerd-gothic-capitalist conspiricy headed by the evil Mr Watt.

  9. @ndy says:

    “My fellow comrades,

    I would like to announce that I will no longer take part in political activity [including posting on slackbastard]. I have resigned as General Secretary and Chief Kommissar of the Stalinist League. I have also given up membership of the Stalinist League, Socialist Alliance, Australian Labour Party and the Australian Workers’ Union [e]ffective as of now.

    I was active in politics for over five years. Five years [too] many. I must move on… for I must find myself. I must gain life experi[e]nce. At 15, I am of no age to be in politics.

    Good bye my comrades. I will miss you. I give you my good luck.

    Comrad[e]ly regards…”

    Come back later Peter.

  10. Sharp Shooter says:

    I’ll miss you Pete.

    @ndy, I’ll happily meet you one on one, any place you like, public or not, whether it be for a chat or something more sinister of your choosing. If interested, reply here and I will contact you personally from there.

    With your interests (good or bad) at heart…

    Sharp Shooter.

  11. Ultimate Hater says:

    Jim is that your girlfriend? She is a [blankety blank].

  12. Mick Reyfield says:

    Maybe Darrin has taken a S.H.A.R.P turn from right to left.

  13. @ndy says:

    Ultimate: Nichola is Rhys McLean’s partner. Rhys is the Moderator of Scumfront Down Under. The pair are from Newcastle, and are members of the Newcastle branch of Dr Jim Saleam’s faction of the Australia First Party.

    “Jim” is Jim Perren, a 40-something neo-Nazi who enjoys attending ANZAC commemorations, as well as shooting kangaroos. He posts on Shitfront as 303SLE and lives in Queensland. He is also active in the Toowoomba branch of the AF.

  14. Jim QLD says:

    I’ve been sitting on that one for a while, actually. Along with a number of others, which may or may not be published, at some point in the future.

    Andy you are not alone on that. I have plenty also. But [I] never thought I would be forced to publish them. Until now. Unlike you I found most of them on the net. So indeed I am not breaking any privacy laws by publishing them.

    Obviously, I didn’t take the photo of Nichola. In fact, the source is your own ‘movement’, as is so much of the information about it.

    David Innes was never one of us. If you think that people such as him are whom you are dealing with now you are sadly mistaken.

    That’s because your circles are jam-packed with anti-Semitic freaks, Hitler fetishists and White Power paranoiacs of all different shapes and sizes; ego-driven, largely illiterate…

    “Anti-Semitic freaks”[.] Just a quick look around on lefty forums … will find plenty of “anti-Semitic freaks”. Maybe you will publish their photos? Zionism is no friend of Anarchism Andy.

    “Largely [i]lliterate”. I find that rather funny[.] [In j]ust a couple of minutes at Rev Left[,] FDB and here one can conclude that if it c[a]me to a spelling bee the FASH no doubt will win.

    …and full-to-bursting with paranoid phantasies and bitter sectarian rivalries. And no, I don’t feel “tuff”, at least no “tuffer” than when I publish the photo of any other neo-Nazi, for whom “the Jew” is the proper subject of extermination. And no, I’m not interested in your parents Jim — I just feel sorry for them.

    Andy I don’t feel sorry for you. You and your friends walk blindly through life with no idea of truth and justice. You claim to fight capitalism yet you are the tools capitalism uses to silence all debate. You guys are the useful idiots.

    I have no problem with a meeting with you or any other of your Anarchist mates. Hell I have gone out of my way to meet you. But you are a cunning little commie. Unlike Henderson you Andy hide under a rock. You are so petrified of us that you spend your day looking over your shoulder. Hammering away in your office like a demented demon searching for damming [sic] evidence about the fash. To[o] bad you have to source it all from overseas. Or is it that you are trying to push us hard enough here that when one of your victims seeks retribution you can be a [m]artyr?

    Andy you are nothing in the real world[.] [Y]ou exist only on the net. You can[‘]t even go [to] your own demos for fear of being seen.

    You published a hard[-]working Aussie mother[‘]s image on the net[.] [Y]ou have crossed the line. This is now a different battle you have opened up.

  15. vents says:

    Jim, I think she threw her political hat in the ring when she joined Stormfront. As far as I’m concerned the gloves were off at that point.

  16. Adam says:

    oh where oh where to begin…


    first sharp shooter: “@ndy, ever heard of a Barrett Sniper Rifle… I hear it’s pretty good for Red Shooting!” you’re a fuckwit who plays too many games and watches too many movies and clearly has no idea about guns being practical for a task, sheer moving of a rifle around is a nuisance, not to mention the issues and insane cost of buying one in oz… i mean really you’re a fucktard. grow a brain.


    peter: ha. see ya shit heel.


    jim qld: ok too much bullshit to waste my time wading through it all, but here is a little overview.

    re anti-semitism on the left. yeah it exists the same as it does everywhere, and it’s an issue mostly taken up by uninformed tossers … and yeah, zionism is the opposite of anarchism. it’s actually the exact same thing as what you believe, just with little hats (and i haven’t ever heard and would be surprised to hear from andy in the future anything in praise of israel).

    re privacy laws about pictures … it ain’t illegal, it’s easily coverable under the covering of news, as let’s face it, nazis sell papers and get ratings. it is of public interest, and you can publish images of people in the public interest and it’s not like the photo was taken secretly — she is posing ffs.

    calling andy a coward — don’t know him well enough to comment on him personally, but i can say it’s not like there are fash campaigning stalls on street corners with boneheads selling copies of the “anti-socialist worker” (CEC comes close though).

    and as far as anarchists being the tools of capitalism, it’s a brave/idiotic statement from someone who proposes a system that is just capitalism with even more corporate co-operation and more social control.

    as far as the rest of your crap jim, let’s just say i got better shit to do. i think you’re a twat, your opinions are bollox, and anytime you feel like licking my arse go for it.

  17. Dr. Cam says:

    Oh deary! Jimmy is vewwy vewwy angwy! The fiwastohm of wetwibution is upon you, Andy!

  18. @ndy says:


    I’m not a lawyer. I don’t know if you’ve broken any laws, or will do by publishing some photos. Time will tell.

    David Innes was “one of you”. He and Emma were the faces of Stormfront in Australia for many years. Among other things, they organised monthly BBQs at their home in Perth, which the current Moderator, Rhys, attended. These BBQs, like their general involvement in SF, took place over a number of years. Thus while Emma was Moderator, David also had a radio show on SF. He also established and maintained a ‘White Nationalist’ website. Further, he established and maintained, briefly, a website for the New Reich. He and his brother Paul were also responsible for importing from the US and distributing SF and other racist propaganda, both locally and nationally. He was a sincere racist (“breedist at best”), if not a very articulate one.

    Of course, what happened was that David and Emma were victims of their own success. They attracted enemies: people such as yourself, and people such as Dr James Saleam. It was their fellow racists who threatened them with violence should they attend the Sydney Forum this year, not I. The rest is history.

    As for accusations of anti-Semitism on the Left: leaving aside the fact that I consider myself an anarchist, I no more tolerate it there than I do on the right. As you well know, I raised the issue of a Palestinian solidarity activist speaking at this year’s Sydney Forum directly with the person concerned, and precisely on the basis that “left-wing causes” should not lend themselves to co-option by the radical right.

    She agreed.

    Beyond that, you’ll find no evidence of support for ‘Zionism’ on this blog, and the few references to Israel and Palestine I have made are in relation to, for example, struggles by anarchists (and others) within Israel against its structures. Further, if you knew the first thing about either anarchism or Zionism, you’d know that from the late nineteenth century onwards these ideologies have co-existed within the global Jewish population. Naturally, I draw inspiration from folks like Alexander Berkman, not Theodor Herzl. And as an anarchist, I am logically opposed to the existence of all states, not just the Israeli one.

    In terms of English-language proficiency, I’m more than happy for readers to make up their own minds with regards the extent of my own, whether as it’s exercised here or on the FDB! forum. You’ll also notice that I don’t post on RevLeft, never have, and never will, for reasons which I’ve already explained.

    I’ve no desire to meet you. I’m not petrified. I take precautions.

    And you’re still a wanker.

  19. Jim QLD says:

    Once again Andy your grasp and understanding of the Australian White Nationalist scene is very lacking. The sheer amount of inaccuracies is astounding. But you just keep thinking you got it all wrapped up.

    What deal did you make with David Innes to come up with that BS? SF is a forum you twat, not a political movement. You need to get out more.

    So when will you start naming and shaming the Racist Left? How about you spend some time lurking at FDB and Rev Left instead of SF and ANN?

    I can now see why you and your other comrades on the left are so concerned about the NA people. You have lost the momentum needed to recruit. Why? With the advent of the Internet the truth is coming out. Your masters can no longer control what is read and what is written.

    Such a shinning example of Anarchism you are. Using the state to silence their critics and protect them. I think you will find Andy that many would think that you are the wanker if not a total hypocrite.

  20. Dr. Cam says:

    Well said, Jim. The perspective of drug fucked Queensland-based psychotics has been under-represented on @ndy’s blog so far.

  21. @ndy says:


    Regarding the sheer number (not amount) of inaccuracies in my depiction of what you refer to as the Australian White Nationalist “scene”:

    1) I’m well aware of the fact that Scumfront is an Internet forum, and not a movement; I’ve written about it extensively. Nevertheless, it forms a part of a movement; a global movement of white racists, one for which SFDU is a local expression, alongside of other forums such as ANN and a number of other, similar, but now-defunct forums.

    2) Thanks for the advice on my online reading habits, but as Cartman might say: “Whatever! I do what I want!”

    3) Your speculation regarding the reasons for my concern over the recent emergence of the New Reich are — not unexpectedly — veering off, rather crazily, into the territory for which your blog, not mine, is the most appropriate forum. The facts are these:

    A small number of local anarchist groups issued a statement after the New Reich’s appearance at the Sydney APEC Forum. This spells out exactly what our position is. The intention of the statement is to dispel any confusion regarding the political complexion of the New Reich and the associated doctrine of ‘national anarchism’, such as was initially expressed on the part of some who attended the rally.

    As for the left in general, if anywhere I belong to the libertarian left. This explains why it’s possible for a Leninist such as Norm Dixon to declare that I’m “a rightwinger posing as an anarchist”, simply on the basis of what I read as a rather irreverent, but nevertheless largely accurate, assessment of the electoral campaigns of a number of far left groupings.

    With regards the Internet, it’s been around for quite a while now Jim, even if you’ve only availed yourself of it quite recently. I first accessed the net around 1994 or 1995. Being an ignoramus, you’re unaware of the fact that anarchists were in fact one of the first political tendencies to embrace the use of this technology: you can read about it in standard texts on the subject. Further, contra your assertion that the net somehow constitutes an obstacle to the development of an anarchist movement, it’s far more often argued — with a great deal of validity, I believe — that it’s one of the reasons anarchism — as both a political ideology and a social movement — has recently experienced one of its periodic resurgences. Finally, the structure of the net itself, while developed within the context of the US nuclear missile system, mirrors that of anarchist social planning in the sense that it utilises a myriad of peer-to-peer networks to convey information.

    Lastly, you claim that I am using the state to silence my critics. This is complete and utter nonsense: I even allow my critics to publish their retarded outpourings on my blog.

    Yours is just the latest “shinning” example.

  22. Lumpen says:

    Can of worms, eh?

    I’m not convinced of the necessity to republish photos of the fash at the moment (surely a link would be enough?), but I think it is very amusing to point out how willing they are to dob each other in.

    As any prole worth their salt would know, the snitch is only second to the scab. Even if you chucked out the racist nonsense, this is reason enough to despise Nazis with the core of your being; because they think scabbing and snitching are the vestiges of power and actually strive for it.

    The reason why your threats of sniper rifles and so on are dismissed, though serious, is because you have nothing to back it up. There’s always someone covered in swastikas with ‘white power’ written across their forehead willing to dob you in to the Mighty Muds (note to self: suggest this as the name of the next anarchist soccer team). ALWAYS. Hell, it’s not even worth hiding anymore. The racists even assume that to be the case when they want to do something as simple as plug in an amplifier at a scout hall.

    So take your indignation and piss off. Your mates dobbed you in, yet-a-fuckin’-gain, and this is another opportunity to point out attempts by the next wannabe führer at using the doctrine of competing interests. It’s a consequence of organising on the basis of a total fantasy.

  23. @ndy says:

    Note: the 11 photos published above are from a number of different sources; as far as I can tell, most have not been published anywhere else. They’re drawn from a larger collection, portions of which may or may not be published in future.

  24. Lumpen says:

    (BTW, I was just talking about the re-posted photos, such as that of Nichola ‘Needs to be sheltered from her own politics because a baby fell out her vagina’ X. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.)

  25. @ndy says:

    Ah. Sorry. Gotcha… a glitch in the Melbourne/Sydney Matrix!

  26. Jim QLD says:

    Well Cam once again you prove to the world your debating skills are equivalent to [those of] a 5 year old. Typical of FDB. Andy I appreciate the opportunity to respond. I will be the first to admit that I know nothing of the Anarchist movement in Australia[n] history. In fact I would not give a toss about you guys if idiots like Campbell Smith didn’t continually slander me.

    But you Andy have also crossed the line now. I would like to stay and chat but every time I come here I have to spend over an hour removing Trojans from my hard drive.

  27. @ndy says:


    Cam is not an anarchist.

    The anarchist movement in Australia dates to the late nineteenth century, but by the early twentieth was largely eclipsed within the labour movement by social democratic and Communist tendencies, especially following the formation of the (Federal) ALP (1901) and the Bolshevik coup of 1917. Some of its strongest expressions have been within migrant communities: Italian and Spanish in particular. The anarchist movement in Australia, and across the globe, has played a key role in combating fascism and totalitarian movements and governments of all kinds, from the Bolshevik regime to those of Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco. All these regimes had a much keener understanding and appreciation of the nature of their enemy than do contemporary neo-Nazis and assorted other fascists, who lump the anarchists in with a range of leftist ideologies and groupings.

  28. Dr. Cam says:

    Ironically, although I am not an anarchist, I do date back to the 19th century.

    Jim, if you didn’t surf scat sites at the same time, you probably wouldn’t pick up so many virii. Don’t deny it – you know we know.

  29. dj says:

    Good to see Jim has his comp fully locked down. Let me give you a clue, cause you obviously can’t buy one. If you have trojans and other malware infesting your hard drive they ain’t coming from this site.

    I’m really not sure how you can slander a neo-nazi – say you’re looking a little bit beige?

  30. @ndy says:

    Some might find these slanderous…

    tubby fascist

    nichola from newcastle

    [Images courtesy of Lumpen.]

  31. Adam says:

    Andy that’s really irresponsible of you and lumpen … i might have to change sides on this one … i love sugar and flour

  32. @ndy says:

    But not white power?


  33. Lumpen says:

    Thanks for dobbing me in, ya bastard! (It’s only funny if you post one of them!)

    Am I the only one who thinks that Nazis carbs=hilarious? Luckily I’m devastatingly muscular and therefore beyond any critique.

    And Cam, I think you’re being unfair to poor old Jim. Catching him watching 2girls1cup is at least about emetophilia as it is scat play. Let he who hasn’t touched themselves while watching a Roman shower cast the first stone.

    Jim finds poo to be sexy. And if inferring that someone has an unconventional sexuality and are therefore an object of ridicule is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    PS Whatever you do, never look at 2girls1cup. It makes Goatse look like the Crazy Frog video. I feel ill just thinking about it (sorry Jim, not ill enough to put on a show).

  34. @ndy says:

    No really… DON’T. It’s REALLY fucking GROSS.


  35. Lumpen says:

    Sorry. I mean that. In an all-white nation, that would never happen except for a small, cordoned-off area between Hitler’s bellybutton and chin.

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