APEC : New Reich / “National Anarchists”


Word on the streets of Sydney is that the New Reich (‘New Right’) has gathered together a mob and is distributing fascist propaganda under the guise of ‘national anarchism’. Under the watchful gaze of ex-NPD and ex-ONP member Welf Herfurth (a German businessman who relocated to Sydney in 1987), the group is present at the APEC summit demonstrations, where it is distributing (or attempting to distribute) anti-anarchist propaganda.


More details later. In the meantime, a garbled account is available via:

APEC protesters confront police / Arrests, injuries during APEC march / Blah blah blah
Ean Higgins [and Dan Box and Godwin knows who else]
The Australian
September 08, 2007

PROTESTERS at APEC gathered in pouring rain and police were bracing for expected violence by dissident groups today.

The protesters gathered outside Sydney’s Town Hall station this morning.

As they prepared to march, police formed a solid line three deep to block off George Street.

Behind them, four police buses blocked George, their wheels covered with steel grates.

Police started forming lines confronting the [Notional Anarchist] group.

A police officer told his men, “This is the trouble here, these are the ones who are violent.”

There were about 30 of the [Notional Anarchists], who described themselves as the New Right, all dressed in black hooded jackets. Some of the group wore dark sunglasses and all had bandanas around their faces…

The silly wankers didn’t take part in the march, apparently, preferring to scurry off home early. News reports also suggest that one of the wallies may have been arrested; then again, news reports also claimed Sydney would be on fire by this stage.

In other news, as predicted, in addition to luxury accommodation, meals, inner Sydney and a police state, the 21 heads of state have been given Driza-Bones and Akubras in which to have their $105,000 holiday snaps taken:

World leaders to receive Driza-Bones
September 8, 2007

Sydney’s official APEC outfit has been revealed – tailor-made, knee-length Driza-Bone coats made of the original brown material and spiced up with a contrasting colour for each of the 21 world leaders.

The leaders are about to walk out on to the steps of the Opera House for their official photograph in the national costume, chosen by Prime Minister John Howard and his wife Janette.

The so-called “silly shirt” is the highlight of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ meeting, with host nations over the years choosing outfits from batik shirts to silk coats to wear in the official photograph.

Most pundits had expected Mr and Mrs Howard to choose a Driza-Bone – the iconic Australian stockman’s attire – for the outfit.

Each leader has been given a choice of contrast colours for their coat from the range of slate blue, mustard yellow, red ochre and eucalyptus green.

The jackets have the APEC logo embroidered on them and each leader will also be given an Akubra felt hat.

The leaders’ lunch was held at the prestigious Guillaume at Bennelong restaurant.*

They dined on an entree of barramundi with endives, mushrooms, pearl of vegetables, yabbies and scallops, followed by roasted saddle of lamb with field mushrooms, kipfler potatoes, confit of tomato and thyme jus.

Lunch was to end with a selection of Australian fruit and cheese.

*Review from the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2007
Guillaume at Bennelong
Three-hat restaurant
Good Wine list

“Surrender to the world-class view, to an iconic masterpiece from a Danish legend and to legendary food from a French master. Guillaume Brahimi delivers a decadent, Dionysian experience that makes this site a modern wonder for reasons culinary as well as architectural. A recent make-over has made it all the more spectacular. Feasting under the Opera House’s cavernous concrete ribs can feel surreal and perhaps the food can be a little too rib-stickingly rich, but this is true fine-dining theatre. Roasted marron wrapped in proscuitto with risotto, veal jus and truffle is comfort food for kings. Kangaroo Island chicken breast is breathtakingly moist beneath a crisp skin, with duck foie gras ravioli. Whole books could be written about the huge wagyu beef rib eye for two, cooked on the bone and served with field mushrooms and merlot sauce – plus that wonderfully, wickedly rich Paris mash. Superb service under Craig Hemmings and sommelier Stuart Halliday high wires between expert and charming. Grand Marnier souffle with chocolate sorbet is a symphonic finale.”

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  1. Western Values says:

    If one defines it, as I and other anarchists do (that is, as a classless, non-hierarchical society), then human beings have been living in a state of anarchy for the majority of our existence as a species on this planet. Thus it’s estimated that while modern humans emerged c. 100,000 years ago, modern civilization / the state and class society (or some form thereof) arose only about 10,000 years ago. In terms of the modern anarchist movement however, it emerged only c. 150 years ago, in Europe, in the middle of the nineteenth century.

    Most people consider civilisation to be of a benefit to humanity. You know, like took us out of the dirt and allowed us to reach for the stars, or at least the moon. Raised life expectancy from like 27 to 80. Allowed us to live lives working with our minds rather than hunting down sabre tooth tigers.

    You, on the other hand, seem to think this is a backwards step from living in caves. Hey, at least we were all equal then.

    Since then, the most successful anarchist projects are generally regarded as being in Spain after the Spanish Revolution of 1936

    Needless to say this was quickly overthrown by one of the longest serving dictators of our time (who I might add harboured famous Nazis… oooh… ahhh). Your movement seems pathetically powerless to achieve anything.

    in parts of Russia (and other parts of Eastern Europe) following the Russian Revolution of 1917

    Ditto this one. Do you consider the commies to be part of your movement? I mean, at least they lasted a few decades and had lots of bombs, before collapsing pathetically.

    and at other times and in other places too numerous to mention here, but which any basic textbook on anarchism will alert the interested reader to.

    Did any of them last longer than 5 minutes or achieve anything? And how come they’re only in anarchist ‘textbooks’ (do you cunts believe in textbooks?) and not, well, history books? Are they not worthy of being recorded in human history?

    For someone who you claim to be ‘nothing’, who exists unhampered by philosophical reflection or “a value system”, I certainly seem to exercise your imagination and massage your spleen quite a lot, don’t I? Which, in turn, suggests to me that you’re a big fat fibber, and you actually care quite a lot what others think, especially in regards to your intellect — which, for a fascist, is passable, but, for a human being, fairly average.

    Mate, you’ve had a drunken swing but you’ve missed hopelessly.

    Your movement is so sad that even the socialist left have moved beyond you.

    Eat cock and die, you are all fags. No really, you are all cock eating fags.

  2. @ndy says:

    So… no Christmas card this year then?

  3. Karl Marx and that ither [sic] guy explained the diffrence [sic] between bourgeoisie private [pottery?] and the fruits of labour in the Communist Manifesto. Go fuck your self Nazis. Slackbastard, you know that the League is out to get you.

  4. Lumpen says:

    Did any of them last longer than 5 minutes or achieve anything?

    Well, we haven’t come close to a Thousand Year Reich but the fascists have set the bar impossibly high. I suppose we could try reach the dizzying heights of poisoning our intellectually-disabled girlfriend before eating a bullet, or swinging (or being swung) from a meat hook, but I guess we just don’t have what it takes.

    Then again, maybe it’s not fair to compare ourselves to the stunning victories of the old fascists. Maybe, one day, anarchists will be able to achieve the glory that comes with having crap tattoos, goose-stepping to Skrewdriver, throwing salutes to Jim Saleam and all while dodging the ZOG satellite. Hell, we can’t even manage to be ax-wielding prison rapists. I suppose anarchists can dare to dream.

    If you’re trying to get all intellectual, it should be “cock-eating fags”. “Cock eating fags” would be either a chicken eating sticks or a penis eating a homosexual. I expect to see that written properly on your next banner.

  5. Did you know that Hitler use to get his girl friend to shit on his face? He did it for sexual high. I heard that off a SBS television programme.

  6. Spat says:

    What an honour to be in the presence of the great General Secretary of the Communist Party of Warwick, Comrade Peter “My dad is giving me hell over being a red” Watson himself. You tell ’em tiger.

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