Ready, aim, fire!

Gee whiz, that didn’t take long.

Antifa is taking aim, says local neo-Nazi Welf Herfurth (National-Anarchist-Online, March 29, 2007):

“Well, I can live with it! It’s the typical antifa smear. A lot of the stuff is wrong, some is right, and you have the usual smear. I wish they would debate on logical terms.”

Bathtub full of power tools!

    One more thing I forgot to add: Udo Voigt wasn’t the last of Herfurth’s kameraden to be denied entry to Australia. In 2005, Sydney Forum organisers invited another neo-Nazi to lecture Australians on politics. His name was Gerd Finkenwirth; it was his job to talk to all them foreigners about NPD.

Some turkey named Flávio Gonçalves replies: “OMG, you go to [bonehead] gigs?”

Herr Herfurth, again: “Why not? I have a lot of good friends who are [boneheads]. They might not be [the] flavor of the month, but I can say that there are a hell of a lot of good people in there.”

Turkey, again: “Went to a couple, I no longer do that sort of thing. It’s only fun when you drink lots of beer. But I also went to a couple of Antifa concerts… it’s a funny story actually how that come about, me along with the SHARP and RASH crowd… I’ll tell it someday.”

Troy Southgate: “Oooh, I’m really scared now.”

No, just stupid.

As ever.

And speaking of the numerous “good people” who are boneheads:

‘Bonehead pair admit racist attack on teens’
Nelson Mail
March 28, 2007

Two men who police say are [boneheads] are being held in custody after admitting a racially-motivated attack on three Asian students in Nelson [New Zealand / Aotearoa].

Following the March 17 attack, 28-year-old Harry Shannon Dennis McCormack told police he did not like Asians and decided to stop outside the Nelson store where the assault happened because he wanted to hurt the students. Daniel Bryan Kitto, 20, told police he joined in the assault because he was trying to prove something to his mates, a court heard on Monday.

McCormack, a painter, and Kitto, a labourer, each admitted a charge of assault with intent to injure and two counts of assault when they appeared in the Nelson District Court.

Both Nelson men were convicted and remanded in custody until May 1 for sentencing…

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer said on the afternoon of March 17 Kitto and McCormack were in a car with three other people when they saw the three Asian victims, aged between 14 and 16, in Buxton Square.

The men yelled abuse and racial taunts at the Asians, telling them to “go home”, Mr Stringer said.

The Asian trio walked along Waimea Rd and sat outside the Night Owl store, when Kitto and McCormack came upon them again.

McCormack, who was driving the vehicle, stopped and got out, and as he approached the Asians somebody from the vehicle was heard to say “we’ve been looking for you”, Mr Stringer said…

Earlier last year:

Bonehead fights for life after jail attack
Emily Watt and Tim Hume
Sunday Star Times
June 4, 2006

A [bonehead] prisoner was last night on life support in Christchurch Hospital after being beaten up by Mongrel Mob members the day after being transferred from another jail.

The 33-year-old suffered a fractured skull after an apparent hit by the gang members at Christchurch Men’s Prison on Friday morning.

He had been transferred from Dunedin Prison the day before.

Police would not name the man, but said he had been serving a three-year sentence since 2004.

Prison sources said he was hit over the head with a blunt instrument in his cell about 9am. He was then rolled off the balcony on to a concrete floor. Witnesses believed he must have been unconscious when he was pushed off the balcony, as he landed on his head. At hospital he was given head and spinal x-rays and was last night in a serious but stable condition.

Prison sources speculated the attack must have been over an existing issue because the man had spent only one night in prison.

They said the man was affiliated with white supremacists.

And a week ago, another bonehead, James Burmeister, died. Burmeister had links to the now-defunct Church of the Creator (1973–1996) — which, after a court case, became the World Church of the Creator, until 2002, when it became known as the Creativity Movement — as well as the National Alliance (according to one source).

National Alliance was led by a good fascist named Dr. William Pierce (1933–2002). Upon his death, the NA disintegrated, and produced a splinter group, National Vanguard. Last week, on March 23, 2007, NV claimed it had been forced to close because of unspecified actions by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The reality, however, is a little different: “In the latest disaster to hit the American radical right, Kevin Alfred Strom, the founder of [NV] and a major neo-Nazi leader for nearly 20 years, has been arrested and charged with child pornography and witness tampering.”


But that’s not all

In Australia, the WCOTC was led by Melbourne resident and former National Action member Patrick O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan himself is no stranger to prison, having been convicted in August 2002 of stabbing a fellow bonehead at a party in Fitzroy in May 1999. In September 2006, the leader of O’Sullivan’s ‘Church’ — previous leaders having been imprisoned for various other crimes — also went to jail:

White Supremacist Sentenced for Sexual Assault in Michigan
September 25, 2006

Joel Nathan DuFresne, 28, of Northern Michigan, a “reverend” in the racist and anti-Semitic Creativity Movement, was sentenced to a prison term of 50 to 75 years for first degree criminal sexual conduct on September 22, 2006. He was also sentenced to a second term of 25 to 50 years for third degree criminal sexual conduct. DuFresne was convicted of these charges on August 18.

The first degree charge includes injury to the victim, who is in this case DuFresne’s former girlfriend and the mother of his son. In a statement to the court DuFresne declared, “If I would have known how this was going to turn out, I would have shot her.”

But back to Burmeister.

Oddly, Burmeister’s death wasn’t at the hands of one of his erstwhile comrades. In this case — a rare example — the bonehead died of ‘natural causes’, in a US prison.

Why was he in prison?

Bonehead killer dies in federal prison
Paul Woolverton
The Fayetteville Observer
March 22, 2007

…[James] Burmeister, 31, shot to death… Michael James and James’ friend, Jackie Burden, during a [bonehead] initiation ritual in Fayetteville in December 1995.

Burmeister and another soldier were sentenced to life in prison for the murders. A third soldier involved was freed after he testified against the other two.

The murders brought the national spotlight to an ugly side of Fayetteville and Fort Bragg and prompted the Army to investigate the presence of racists, extremists, gangs and other such groups in its ranks…

[Read the July, 2006 SPLC Intelligence Project on the recruitment of neo-Nazis and other racist/fascist ‘extremists’ by the US Armed Forces here.]

In 1995, 20-year-old James Norman Burmeister II of Thompson, Pa., was a private in the 82nd Airborne Division [“All the Way!”] and involved with white supremacists. He and others had previously gone to black neighborhoods in Fayetteville to attack and harass black residents.

Shortly after midnight on Dec. 7, he and two other white soldiers — Spc. Randy Lee Meadows and Pvt. Malcolm Wright — went into a poor, mostly black neighborhood near downtown Fayetteville to kill someone. The venture was part of a [bonehead] initiation rite, prosecutors said…

The soldiers saw James and Burden walking on Hall Street, a dirt road off Campbell Avenue. While Meadows waited in the car nearby, Burmeister and Wright approached James and Burden.

Meadows heard six shots.

One grazed James’ forehead. Another hit him on the left side of his head, killing him instantly.

Burden, reaching for a small pocketknife in her pocket, tried to run. She got 10 feet before a bullet in her back knocked her down.

Burmeister shot her three more times: once on each side of her head and once on the top of her head.

All of the head shots were within 2 feet of the victims, investigators said.

Burmeister, Wright and Meadows were arrested over the next several days.

In 1997, juries found Burmeister and Wright guilty of first-degree murder. Burmeister’s jury deadlocked 11-1 on whether to sentence him to death. By law, he automatically received a life sentence. Wright’s jury voted for life. Neither man had any chance for parole…

In 1999, Burmeister was moved from the state to the federal prison system to protect him from retaliation for the murders. State officials said his reputation as a racist made him a target…

These are the kind of people Gary invites to The Birmy (with the support of a handful of local ‘punks’). One bonehead who won’t be able to make it is from Santiago in Chile:

Neo-Nazi Death Brings Chile’s Street Wars Back Into Focus
The Santiago Times
March 20, 2007

Marcos Briones, a 25-year-old neo-Nazi, was beaten to death March 10 by a group of Colo-Colo soccer fans who were awaiting public transportation at Santiago’s Plaza Italia, a transit hub that connects the rich Santiago boroughs with their poorer neighbors.

Local resident Héctor Escudero said he was woken by screams but thought they were nothing out of the ordinary – drunk soccer fans traditionally congregate in the plaza on game nights.

But the commotion went on for more than 40 minutes. Escudero went to his window and began filming the scene. “There was a person on the ground and another person was trying to protect him. The soccer fans were beating him with metal bars and bats,” said Escudero. “They were outnumbered, and the attackers started to hit with more intensity. The police were close, but they didn’t do anything.”

Police and medical teams intervened only after the soccer hooligans dispersed, but not before loud cries of “Heil Hitler!” were exchanged…

Weird scenes.

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    Flávio Gonçalves is the Portuguese “National-Anarchist movement.” Him and his dog.


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