A Good Fascist

Mick ‘Belsen’ Sanderson : 1964 — 2006. Founder of a weird-arse mob from the UK called Wolf’s Hook White Brotherhood — which formed as a tiny splinter group from the BNP in 2004 — and, it seems, yet another neo-Nazi stabbed to death by one of his erstwhile comrades.

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  1. Mick Reyfield says:

    I don’t mind activism – but this is another good reason not to get involved in cults.

    – Rey

  2. Alan warnock says:

    Mick belsen sanderson is and was my uncle he was a honest and loyal man who lived by respect love honor he was a family man and had a real good heart he was more of a dad to me than a uncle he stood for what he beleived [sic] in how many people do that today no one the white race today is a minority take a look around and think you might just realize the white race is now a minority stand proud of who you are !!!

  3. @ndy says:

    Maybe. He was also a neo-Nazi.


    Worksop man remanded in murder case
    Worksop Guardian
    November 29, 2006

    A Worksop man has appeared in court this morning charged with the murder of Michael John Sanderson [above, third from left] on Sunday.

    John Pakulski [above, and second from right, top], 54, of Carlton Road, went before Retford Magistrates Court at around 10.40am this morning.

    He will now appear before Nottingham Crown Court on 7th March 2007, he has been remanded in custody until then.

    Pakulski was wearing a white t-shirt and sporting a goatee beard and short cropped hair.

    He spoke only to confirm his name, address and date of birth.

    It emerged yesterday that victim Mr Sanderson had been a member of extreme right-wing group ‘Wolf’s Hook’, but police say his membership of this group is not a factor in the murder investigation.

    A 37-year-old woman who was yesterday being interviewed by police in connection with the incident has been released without charge.

    The 42-year-old, from Cotgrave in Nottingham, was found stabbed on Turner Drive in Worksop just after 3am on Sunday 26th November. He was taken to Bassetlaw Hospital but died later from his injuries.

    A post-mortem carried out on Sunday revealed that Mr Sanderson died from a single stab wound.

    He was a member of the ‘Wolf’s Hook White Brotherhood’ group, who preach the ‘preservation of white racial purity’, police say.

    The Wolf’s Hook White Brotherhood was formed in Great Britain in 2004 by ex British National Party activists and have members in numerous parts of Great Britain and a ‘large presence’ in Germany.


    Worksop man with racist links gets six years for manslaughter
    Helen Mullins
    Worksop Guardian
    September 10, 2007

    WORKSOP man John Pakulski has been sentenced to six years in prison after admitting killing his friend at a party organised for members of the racist group Wolf’s Hook.

    Pakulski, 55, stabbed Michael Sanderson with a kitchen knife on 26th November last year, after he found his partner Catherine Parker-Brown, 37, ‘in a state of undress’ with friend Sanderson.

    Pakulski denied the charge of murder at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday but admitted manslaughter due to provocation.

    On the night of Saturday 25th November, security guard Sanderson, 42, of Cotgrave in Nottingham, travelled to Pakulski and Parker-Brown’s house on Carlton Road for the party, organised on the Wolf’s Hook website – a ‘white brotherhood’ movement.

    The group went to The Frog and Nightgown pub in Worksop, leaving their children at the couple’s home with a babysitter.

    Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, said the group later returned from the pub in high spirits and images were recorded on a mobile phone showing people, including Sanderson and Pakulski, singing and dancing.

    When Pakulski went upstairs in the early hours of Sunday morning, most people had left the house.

    But he found the bathroom door was locked and realised that Sanderson and Parker-Brown were together inside.

    He kicked the door open and found his girlfriend naked from the waist down with his friend. Pakulski threw beer over Sanderson, who responded by pushing him in the bath. Pakulski jumped out of the bath and hit Sanderson over the head with an empty beer can.

    Sanderson was left lying on the landing floor and Pakulski went downstairs to get a knife. When Sanderson got up and followed Pakulski downstairs, he stabbed him in the chest.

    “His reaction in the bathroom was a total lack of self control and violence, which continued downstairs with the stabbing,” said Mr Joyce.

    But David Lederman, defending, said the attack was not pre-meditated and was ‘a classic case of provocation’.

    “He lost control, he was scared. This was not a terrible beating, this was one wound,” said Mr Lederman.

    “This is a classic case of provocation by reason of infidelity. He reacted in that way because of the spontaneous circumstances of that night. In normal circumstances, this crime would never have been committed.”

    One of Pakulski’s children said that after the attack, he came upstairs, told them he loved them and that he may never see them again.

    He screamed at Parker-Brown ‘look at what you’ve caused’ and hit her before fleeing to his son’s house to change his clothes.

    Pakulski then travelled to Stockport, where he visited some friends. He confided to them what had happened, but said that Sanderson had fallen onto the knife.

    Suspicious, the friends called the police and he was arrested.

    A post-mortem revealed Sanderson received 59 injuries and there were stab wounds to his left arm consistent with defence injuries, indicating that Sanderson had tried to fight off Pakulski and grasp the weapon.

    After he was stabbed, Sanderson managed to stagger around 100 yards to Turner Drive, where he was found at just after 3am.

    He was taken to Bassetlaw Hospital where he died from a single stab wound to the chest. The knife penetrated his left lung and an artery.

    Parker-Brown also stood before the court charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice for hiding the murder weapon. She admitted the charge and will be sentenced next month.

    Judge Michael Pert QC concluded that Pakulski had been provoked and had temporarily lost self-control.

    “That provocation was such that a reasonable or sober man facing this might have done the same,” he said.

    The court heard Pakulski had a previous conviction dating back to 1993 when he served six months in prison for stabbing his then common-law wife in the back of the neck.

    Pakulski is expected to serve half of the six-year sentence and the 285 days he has already served in prison will be taken into account – which means Pakulski could be released in two years.


    Killer’s child condemns dad
    Worksop Guardian
    September 14, 2007

    ONE of John Pakulski’s children has told The Guardian that they never want to see their dad again after the stabbing.

    The child – who does not wish to be named or identified – said their dad deserved life for stabbing his friend in a jealous attack.

    “I never want to see the man again – I think it is disgusting that he pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.”

    “Michael had children that he loved and was needed to look after them. He also had grandchildren. He should have been given life for what he has done to that family – he took a life so that would have been justice.”

    Pakulski’s child does not intend to write to him or visit him during his time in prison.

    They also added that they were disgusted to hear about Pakulski and partner Parker-Brown’s affectionate exchanges in the dock while Sanderson’s family looked on.

    “If she is the cause of all this, how could they sit there and kiss each other? All they were doing is rubbing their noses in it at court. I think it’s disgusting.”

    Pakulski’s family member remembered that he was nothing but kind and caring before the incident in November last year.

    “He was very loving towards me and was a gentle man. I cannot believe he would do anything like this. It has come completely out of the blue.”

    The person – who is one of eight children and did not want identifying in any way – added that they knew little about their father’s involvement in the extreme right-wing group Wolf’s Hook.

    “I knew my dad was involved in something, but I do not really know much about what he was into. I have absolutely nothing to do with that group, I think it is disgusting – it repulses me.”

    “I have cut myself off from him now. I just want to try and forget what he has done. I never want to see him again.”

  4. pakulskinhead says:

    That’ll be called John Pakulski junior, then.

    A [***** *****], living with Arab boyfriend [***** *****] in Plymouth.

    If he’s split off from his family, why keep the name, why go to the trial.

    You can’t leave your background behind by [*********] an [**** ***], John!

    You’re still just the same muck.

  5. Paul Justo says:

    “He kicked the door open and found his girlfriend naked from the waist down with his friend. Pakulski threw beer over Sanderson, who responded by pushing him in the bath. Pakulski jumped out of the bath and hit Sanderson over the head with an empty beer can.

    Sanderson was left lying on the landing floor and Pakulski went downstairs to get a knife. When Sanderson got up and followed Pakulski downstairs, he stabbed him in the chest.”

    Have a look at the picture, the boofhead on the extreme right (!) is drinking a 500ml can of Fosters – no wonder he went off his fookin rocker. Mate, no one in Oz drinks that shite, plus the cans are made of the lowest grade of aluminium. If you want to cleave in the skull of your fellow bonehead get a Darwin Stubbie.

  6. richard bohacz says:

    and i was in wolfshook in nottingham i was in jail at ranby with PAKULSKI HE RAN AROUND F WING cryin to S.Os sayin they put him here to get to me the shit bag has done this b4 this was never talked about in this case he grassed on the brotherhood and we all got pulled in thanks to john pakulski dirty grassin man he is … he lives in lincoln now in nottinghamshire and his mrs s rt slg sh ws skn t sck nd fck th lds fr beer and now john is lookin over his back due to grassin up ppl

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