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The word ‘mathaba’ apparently means ‘centre’; ‘Al Mathaba’ was the name given to Libya’s spy network. is also the name of an ‘independent news agency’, based in the UK. Just recently, the ‘news agency’ published an interview, ‘Doing the New Right thing by people’, with a local fascist, Welf Herfurth. Although the article fails to mention it, Herfurth is one of the handful of regular contributors to the site. It does inform the reader, however, that “This interview was [originally] published by Destiny magazine, a leading Australian nationalist magazine”, published by the fascist Australian Protectionist Party, a recent (September 2007) split from the Australia First Party, led by Doctor James Saleam.

Obtaining details of the origins and purposes of the site has proven to be a little difficult. Alexa states that the address for the ‘Mathaba News Network’ is BCM Mathaba, 27 Old Gloucester St, London, England WC1N 3XX, UK, the location of a number of other businesses and groups of one sort or another. It also states that the site has been online since October 19, 1999; it was apparently designed by GreenNet, which describes it as “a Pan African and Alternative News portal”, and which is also designated as being the African Mathaba Network. According to another source:

At Mathaba we provide an example that people can be united in their goals while maintaining healthy differences of culture, nationality and opinion. We encourage the search for alternative solutions to realize human rights and freedom, and evolve those ideas into concrete living works that benefit our world…


In addition to Herfurth, among the other regular contributors to Mathaba are:

    Sahib Mustaqim Bleher (UK);
    Walter M. Brasch (USA);
    Harris Brio (USA);
    Karen Dabrowska (UK);
    Deborah Gabriel (UK);
    Flávio Gonçalves (Portugal);
    Diana Lee (USA);
    Stephen Lendman (USA);
    Nicola Nasser (Isratine);
    Kuumba Chi Nia (USA);
    Ardeshir Ommani (USA);
    Tony Ryan (Australia) and;
    Satya Sagar (India).

Brio is “a non follower of the Holocoustian faith” according to one blog comment, while Karen Dabrowska is the author of a travel guide to Iraq(!). Deborah Gabriel is a journalist, the author of a book called Layers of Blackness: Colourism in the African Diaspora (2007), and a Pan-Africanist.

Flávio Gonçalves, on the other hand, is another member of the New Right, and like Herfurth maintains a blog. Kuumba Chi Nia is a sometime member of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, a Pan-Africanist micro-sect established by Ghanian politician (Prime Minister and President) Kwame Nkrumah (1909–1972), allegedly described as the ‘Lenin of Africa’ by CLR James. Ardeshir Ommani is a co-founder of the American-Iranian Friendship Committee, and has written extensively on Iran/US relations.

Tony Ryan is the other Australian, in addition to Herfurth, who contributes to; at one point, Ryan was a member of something called ‘Australia Independent’s Alliance’, apparently a creature closing resembling the ‘Save Australia Alliance’, one of right-wing maverick Tony Pitt’s innumerable political projects. On the site of Israel Shamir, Satya Sagar is described as ‘our friend’. Preliminary investigation would seem to suggest that what unites the regular contributors to Mathaba is anti-Semitism and/or some form of anti-US imperialism.

Or perhaps not.

Sahib Mustaqim Bleher is an interesting bloke; he refers to the Holocult on his blog, and doesn’t appear to be particularly well-disposed towards Jews or their presumably exaggerated claims to persecution by the Nazis. A German-born Muslim convert, Bleher lives in England, and until recently was General Secretary of The Islamic Party of Britain, when in June 2003 the Party suspended its activities. The Islamic Party was founded by Bleher and another convert, David Musa Pidcock, in the wake of the Rushdie affair of 1989.

Both The Party and Bleher get a mention in the February 2007 edition of Searchlight in an article by Gerry Gable about Troy Southgate’s “New Right Group”:

…Not only did [the audience at a New Right meeting] listen dutifully to [Michele] Renouf’s usual ranting but, with only a slight ripple of resentment, they sat through another anti-Jewish tirade from Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, the German-born convert to Islam who is now the general secretary of the Islamic Party of Britain. He supported Renouf’s views of Jews, saying that Muslims were not the root of the world’s problems, Jews were.

Bleher, who describes himself as a “flying Imam” has his own blog in which he describes the Holocaust as the Holocult and the recent Holocaust denial conference in Iran as “the most important milestone in their [the Iranians’] history since the Islamic Revolution under Khomeini”…

A Good Muslim, (like Dazza the Good Christian), neither Bleher nor his Party like homosexuality much either:

Question Forum : Islamic View On Homosexuality (March 9, 2002)

Would an Islamic nation in Britain tolerate homosexuality? By tolerate I mean allow people to live their lives this way without state interference. Christianity does not tolerate homosexuality but it is not punishable by death. Would an Islamic state therefore ‘condemn to death’ Britain’s 6.6 million homosexuals?

To start with, the figure of 6.6 million (or more than 10% of the population) sounds propagandistic. Whilst few dare speak out against the practice of homosexuality due to the pressure exerted by gay rights groups and echoed in the media, the majority of the population do not regard it as an acceptable way of life. Islam condemns and outlaws homosexuality. As far as Islamic law is concerned, the rules are that the state does not interfere in the privacy of people’s homes, but it would need to safeguard public decency by preventing any public advocacy for homosexuality. Such activity would come under the heading of public incitement. The death penalty the questioner mentions only applies to a public display of lewdness witnessed by several people.

The best account of the bizarro current represented by Herfurth, Gonçalves and chief national anarchist ideologue Troy Southgate remains that of Graham D. Macklin, ‘Co-opting the counter culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction’, Patterns of Prejudice, Vol.39, No.3, 2005 [PDF]. Also of relevance is Alan Wolfe, ‘A Fascist Philosopher Helps Us Understand Contemporary Politcs’, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 2, 2004 [PDF]. More generally, Kevin Coogan’s Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International (Autonomedia, New York, 1999) remains the definitive account of the post-war fascist politics which inform Southgate and others in their wanderings in the political wilderness. In Australia, the tendency’s enormous weakness is perhaps best symbolised by the involvement of individuals such as Darrin Hodges, aka the Anglo-Australian National Community Council.

Although Southgate’s impact on left-wing counter-cultural concerns has been completely negligible, this case study of the NRF’s wanton intellectual cannibalism shows that groupuscular fascism poses a clear danger, particularly for ecological subcultures whose values are profoundly different from the ecological agenda mooted by the far right. The increasing ability of groupuscules like the NRF to absorb and mirror left-wing and environmental causes, effortlessly refracting their concerns about globalization and liberal democracy through their own antisemitic and racist framework, creates a dangerous conflation between ecology and anti-immigration as a way of restoring the ‘organic balance’ of nature. If this article is anything to go by, then anarchist, ecological and global justice movements need to remain on their guard in order to ensure that the revolution will not be national-Bolshevized.

See also : APEC : New Reich / “National Anarchists” (September 8, 2007) | APEC : Neo-Nazis (September 14, 2007) | All Heil the New Reich* (September 18, 2007) | Anarchist statement on the New Right (October 21, 2007) | “Pathetic Australian anarchist statement on the New Reich” (January 16, 2008)

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15 Responses to Media Alert Transmission Hub Advanced Broadcast Application // Mathaba.Net // What The Fuck

  1. Darrin Hodges says:

    APP is fascist? Where does it say that?

  2. @ndy says:

    “[F]ascism is best defined as a revolutionary form of nationalism, one that sets out to be a political, social and ethical revolution, welding the ‘people’ into a dynamic national community under new elites infused with heroic values. The core myth that inspires this project is that only a populist, trans-class movement of purifying, cathartic national rebirth (palingenesis) can stem the tide of decadence.”

    “[Fascism is] a genuinely revolutionary, trans-class form of anti-liberal, and in the last analysis, anti-conservative nationalism. As such it is an ideology deeply bound up with modernization and modernity, one which has assumed a considerable variety of external forms to adapt itself to the particular historical and national context in which it appears, and has drawn from a wide range of cultural and intellectual currents, both left and right, anti-modern and pro-modern, to articulate itself as a body of ideas, slogans, and doctrine. In the inter-war period it manifested itself primarily in the form of an elite-led “armed party” which attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to generate a populist mass movement through a liturgical style of politics and a programme of radical policies which promised to overcome a threat posed by international socialism, to end the degeneration affecting the nation under liberalism, and to bring about a radical renewal of its social, political and cultural life as part of what was widely imagined to be the new era being inaugurated in Western civilization. The core mobilizing myth of fascism which conditions its ideology, propaganda, style of politics and actions is the vision of the nation’s imminent rebirth from decadence.”

    “Fascism is a political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultra-nationalism.”

    The word “palingenetic” refers to notions of rebirth.

    ~ Roger Griffin

    See also : Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An exegesis, by David Neiwert, August 30, 2003

  3. That’s a nice copy’n’paste @ndy, it’s good to see you make use of the mouse skills they taught you in university, but can you demonstrate how the APP is “fascist”?

  4. Changeling says:

    Thanks for this info, @ndy. It represents another piece(s) for the research jigsaw puzzle I’m putting together (and will probably never finish!). 🙂

    Btw – you may be interested in this free online (not quite completed) book about the origins of antisemitism and why the ruling elite promote and sponsor it far more than they do any other form of xenophobia.

  5. johndormer says:

    The origin of anti-semitism is Jewish, both in the sense that Jews need self-victimology to bind the tribe in diaspora and in the sense that Jewish ethnocentric aggression invites a response – often heavy – from the host.

    The alternative view we are told everyday we must accept is that Europeans harbour some dark and irrational hatred of otherness. This is a slur and a blood libel and, in fact, the reverse is manifestly the case. No people on earth are less ethnocentric and more given to individualism than Europeans. Indibidualism, btw, is one of the principal causes of the current demographic crisis in the West (both in terms of an ageing European population and race replacement).

    To understand nationalism is difficult for political virgins, because it does not exist on the conventional left-right spectrum. It is outside it. The ultimate value of nationalism is the promotion of ethnic interest. The ultimate value of the liberal zeitgeist is the unfettered will. Self-evidently a value inimical to ethnic interest and actually at war with it cannot serve as a metric for it.

    Neither is nationalism fascism. One early 20th Century Italian philosophy given form by post-war German anti-communists does not empty the world of all forms of nationalism. At its heart, nationalism is concurrence in Nature’s sole purpose of continuity. The extremes of palingenesis are, in my view, a response to the ravages of liberalism upon the collective body. Sans liberalism and sans ravages, palingenetic politics would, over time, modulate into something more akin to or recognisable as traditionalism or conservatism.

    I should add that Judaism, more particularly Talmudism, and both the Marxisms are nationalist forms for Jews. They are not understood as such, of course, and are blindly accorded free rein by Europeans. The cycle is unending, unless one party wins. In that regard, let it be said, the Jewish drive for open borders and the cosmopolitanisation of the West is an end-game. Europeans must find the will to live, which means that liberalism must be dispatched. What will become of Jewry if that happens I do not know. One hopes for clemency.

  6. vents says:

    fucks sake, when did the tin foil hat brigade join forces with the klan? after we ‘dispatch’ liberalism can you lot all mass suicide too? cheers

  7. @ndy says:

    Scary thing is, john probably thinks he makes enormous sense.


  8. johndormer says:

    Don’t be lightweights. Don’t attempt to delegitimise opposite arguments without actually engaging with them. That is nothing better than prejudice and bigotry. Let’s see what intelligence lurks beneath your bonnet.

  9. vents says:

    I have seen this argument played out too many times and I really don’t care anymore, the vast majority of people think you’re mental. I know you realise this, and try to rationalise your own bizarre hangups by interpreting history however the fuck you want and using reductionist bullshit biology. You can’t demarcate everyone into categories based on their ethnicity or geography. They are your own subjective experiences and thoughts, and that doesn’t mean they have a basis in reality, you are just on a different planet. For example, “we are told everyday we must accept is that Europeans harbour some dark and irrational hatred of otherness.” – wtf noone except you is buying this shit dude, no person who has a grasp of reality is buying this. Anyway, whatever, good luck taking down ZOG – the source of all human misery is some jewish bankers in a velvet coated dungeon.

    slicing, im nice like rice and beans!!

  10. johndormer says:

    “The vast majority of people” are highly dissatisfied, but have been kept well away from a proper public debate as to why.

    In other words, the self-calming claim of leftists that “no one agrees with the racists!” is underpinned by coercion, by demonisation of opposing opinions, by isolating those opinions from the media, etc. The left is simply a successfully coercive mindset – nothing more.

    For example, you have absolutely nothing positive to say in justification of your own beliefs. Even now, when I invite intellectual engagement, you offer not a single substantive thought, but many put-downs. Apparently, you have “seen this argument played out too many times”. You are tired of not being able to win, perhaps.

    Incidentally, if you want to take down ZOG, you cease abstracting goods from its social and economic system. You cease to buy into the endless upswing of material progress. You home-school your kids. You leave the cities. You build self-sufficient communities. Maybe you gather in as like-minded people in one state a la the NH Free State Project, and look to secede.

    In brief, you stop playing the power elite’s game. Not easy, of course. But it might become necessary for some of us sooner than we think.

  11. Tony Ryan says:

    John Dormer,

    Amongst this huddle of sniggering second year dropouts and incompetent academics, or whatever it is that your myopic critics are, it comes as something of a shock to encounter a genuine intellect.

    Just as a matter of record, your comments nestle quite neatly into anthropologically measured patterns of history and behavior; not that I’m an anthropologist, but I do pick about on the deepest coalface, so to speak.

    If you get the time, I would greatly appreciate a conversation.

    My pet subject, by the way, is genuine democracy… not the ‘let’s elect another corrupt politician to do our thinking for us’ variety, but informed electoral consensus to shape the direction and thrust of policy. Or ‘right wing anti-semitism’ as your critics would probably describe it.

    Tony Ryan

  12. @ndy says:

    Tea and cucumber sandwiches all ’round.

  13. lumpen says:

    Alcoa stocks have been steadily rising. Just thought I’d mention it.

  14. djview says:

    Democracy is good, but it needs, in most jurisdictions, the addition of ‘citizens’ initiated referenda’. Democracy has become ‘broken’ due to the rise of ‘party politics’ and its subservience to the vested interests of various power centres.

  15. Phil says:

    We all know the masses are fickle and stupid, the sooner we all deal with this harsh truth the better.

    John, Tony, it seems [the] number of rational minds are growing.

    A genuine democracy if possible would truly be something wonderful, I’ve started thinking something along the lines of each voting according to his fields of expertise, but I’ve only just begun.

    If a leader could be assuredly honest and reasonable always, no one would ever have reason to doubt such a leader.

    However, a group of ACTUALLY elected people would work too in a smaller group.

    Just like last time and every other time, the power is in the hands of the very masses I insulted earlier, yes I am a part of this mass.

    We need to cultivate the individual through a system that works towards the country’s greater good, the way to do this is with 2 key values that are being lost:


    With reason we will defeat you, and with honour we will not pity you.

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