Fascist wankers in Spain mourn hijo de puta Franco

Fascists gather to pay homage to Franco
Paul Hamilos in Valle de los Caídos
Guardian Unlimited
November 19, 2007

With their stiff-armed salutes, and cries of “Viva España!”, Spain’s fascists gathered this weekend to pay homage to General Franco outside the tomb of the late dictator for what may be the last time.

Well-to-do ladies
came dressed in fur coats to keep out the bitter cold, young men and women wore the blue shirts of the Falangist party, while others were more recognisable as modern neo-nazis, with shaven heads and scarves wrapped tight around their faces.

But all were united by more than simple veneration of General Franco: they share an all-consuming hatred of the socialist government of José Luiz Rodríguez Zapatero, which last month passed a law that will ban political rallies outside the imposing mausoleum in which Franco is buried.

The controversial historical memory law was the brainchild of Zapatero, whose own grandfather was killed by Franco’s forces, and is an attempt to recognise the republican victims of the civil war and dictatorship. The law, which will come into force once it passes through the upper house, will see the remaining Francoist symbols removed from Spain’s public buildings and the depoliticisation of the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen), Europe’s largest fascist religious monument.

Chants of “Reds no, Reds no!” and “Zapatero – you son of a bitch!” rang out across the valley as banners bearing the Cross of St James, known as Matamoros (Moorslayer),* and pre-democratic Spanish flags were unfurled. But the largest cheers were reserved for Carmen Franco Polo, daughter of the late dictator, whose arrival and departure were greeted with sustained cries of “Franco! Franco! Franco!”…

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4 Responses to Fascist wankers in Spain mourn hijo de puta Franco

  1. Ultimate Hater says:

    I read somewhere claiming that 20K people showed up to give the dead mother fucker props… what’s with that?

    Also what the fuck is going on ETA you let the ball slip on this occasion. Blow up innocent people as a catalyst for Marxist revolution no problem but car bomb a fascist rally and it’s all too busy with prior engagements and work commitments, arseholes.

  2. @ndy says:

    You may have read that here, inre to a demo in 1982 which 20,000 fascists attended…

    Dunno what the ETA are up to, but I understand that the Basque region/national territory is generally hostile to the likes of the Falange.

  3. Yes I loved that protest. I was their with other Stalinist League comrades. We even had spies in the anarchist blocks including the new right one.

    Oh Darrin, we know all about you. Your on our KGB files.

  4. @ndy says:

    “My fellow comrades,

    I would like to announce that I will no longer take part in political activity [including posting on slackbastard]. I have resigned as General Secretary and Chief Kommissar of the Stalinist League. I have also given up membership of the Stalinist League, Socialist Alliance, Australian Labour Party and the Australian Workers’ Union [e]ffective as of now.

    I was active in politics for over five years. Five years [too] many. I must move on… for I must find myself. I must gain life experi[e]nce. At 15, I am of no age to be in politics.

    Good bye my comrades. I will miss you. I give you my good luck.

    Comrad[e]ly regards…”

    Come back later Peter.

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