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    Hey, right-wing racist! On November 24, do you know who to vote for?

Leaving aside the crackpot followers of Lyndon LaRouche (as well as a few cranks within the major parties), other candidates in this year’s Federal Election on the (far) right include:

1) The Wicked Witch from Ipswich

Pauline Dancin’ Hanson is running for a Queensland Senate seat this year, yet another attempt to Unite Australia under her flatulent banner. She apparently has some chance of succeeding (although her running-mate, David Saville, has none), thanks in part to Family First (and for which thanks is ultimately due to a handful of hacks in the Victorian ALP), but most likely won’t be using the Upper House to moan about Muslims anytime soon. And to prove it’s not all about her status as the Mother of the Nation, Pauline’s Party is also standing two losing candidates in NSW: Brian Burston and John Carter. Of course, pitted against the ex-convict and her associates in the race for the racist vote is:

2) One Nation (WA)

As might be surmised from the name, One Nation WA is the West Australian-based rump of Pauline’s previous party, One Nation. It’s fielding dozens of losing candidates this election, including my old favourite, Sue Bateman: a former Stormfront regular, in an attempt to throw a spanner in ZOG’s works, Sue is standing for the seat of Fremantle. Sue will be battling for last place with a range of other, ah, ‘interesting’ personalities: Paul Ellison of the CEC; Andriette Du Pleiss of the (right-wing Christian fundamentalist) Family First; Sam Wainwright of perennial losers the Socialist Alliance, and Bill Heggers of the (right-wing Christian fundamentalist) Christian Democratic Party. Note that, in 2004, of eight candidates, SA came last, CEC 7th, the Democrats 6th, the CDP 5th and One Nation 4th.

While most of One Nation’s candidates are running in WA (fifteen in the House of Representatives), they also have candidates in NSW (nine), Queensland (seven), South Australia (three) and even a lone Senate candidate in Victoria, Llewellyn John Groves. I guess there just ain’t enough country in Victoria. Unlike, say, NSW:

One Nation targets rural vote
October 28, 2007

One Nation is targeting rural and regional areas in the launch of its New South Wales election campaign in Tamworth. The NSW president of One Nation, Jim Cassidy, says nine candidates are standing for the lower house and three for the Senate. He says the party is expecting a positive response from rural voters. “Because they’ve had no infrastructure put into their area at all, over the last 25 years,” he said. “They’ve had no forward planning, there’s been no water reconstruction, no roads, no rail, no anything.”

Note that this is the same Jim Cassidy who was once at pains to distance himself and his party from “white supremacists”: “Since February [2006], Dr Saleam has been asked not to attend meetings of the NSW branch of One Nation. Jim Cassidy, One Nation state president, said this was because of Dr Saleam’s past connections to “white supremacist” organisations. “We’re not interested in going down that road and never have been,” he said”, the bullshit artist. For just a few months later, The Two Jims were happily reunited, sharing a platform together at the 2006 Sydney Forum. And again, in 2007.

And speaking of rural racists:

3) Graeme Campbell

is part of a Senate ticket in WA, one also starring John Fisher, Russell Graham, and Geoff Gibson.

Despite being much-revered among local white racists, Graeme’s career since getting the arse from Parliament in 1998 hasn’t been too flash. Unfortunately for him, Campbell, from the old school of Labor, established his own ‘White Nationalist’ party, the Australia First Party, in 1996 — just as the red-haired fish ‘n’ chip shop owner’s meteor was rising, on a wave of media-fuelled popular hysteria, over an imminent outbreak of Yellow Fever. And while corporate media continues to entertain the Dancin’ Hanson, Graeme has been left feeling a bit flat-footed. Thus the Party he started soon came under the control of (another) convicted criminal, this time Dr James Saleam. Most recently, the Party has split into three. From Campbell’s abandonment of the mewling infant to now, the titular head of the Party, Diane Teasdale, is standing in the electorate of Murray. Saleam, in the meantime, in addition to putting the finishing touches on his appeal, is preparing to contest the NSW council elections.

Finally, an honourable mention to Joe Bryant, an old mate of Saleam’s, and one of the losing candidates in Werriwa.

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