That’s Melbourne!

Huh. Apparently, according to the Australia Jewish News, there’s been a spate of vandalism in Jewish Melbourne:

Spate of vandalism in Jewish Melbourne
Naomi Levin
January 18, 2007

MELBOURNE’S Jewish community was preyed on last weekend with a synagogue, two eateries and a local phone box all targeted by vandals. Caulfield Hebrew Congregation (CHC), one of Melbourne’s largest and most prominent synagogues, and Caulfield North’s kosher Park Grill Restaurant were daubed with swastikas. In addition, Glick’s Bakery in Balaclava’s Carlisle Street suffered thousands of dollars of damage when its two shopfronts were partially smashed in a rock attack. A phone box on Bambra Road in Caulfield was also spray-painted with a swastika. A spokesperson from Victoria Police said it was too early to link the attacks and said there was no evidence at the moment to suggest the Glicks vandalism was racially motivated. The spokesperson said local police were investigating…

Curiously, a month earlier (December), everyone’s favourite local bonehead Patrick O’Sullivan declared on everyone’s favourite race hate site that:


Needless to say, the relevant thread on Stormfront was — after the inevitable degeneration into accusation and counter-accusation that any conversation involving the Reverend entails — soon closed, and has since been deleted.

Patrick is known for two things (or maybe even three). The first is his status as a Reverend in various incarnations of ‘Creationism’, a tiny, weird-arse cult for white supremacists. Currently, Patrick belongs to the sect known as The Creativity Movement (nee World Church of the Creator (WCOTC)), whose slogan is “Mobilizing Nature’s Finest Since 1973”. The ‘Church’ was established by a bloke called Ben Klassen, on the sneaky-clever grounds that if you wanted to establish a white supremacist organisation, why not go for tax-exempt status? It didn’t work, Klassen committed suicide in 1993, the man who assumed his place (as Pontifex Maximus) Matt Hale, sits in jail (Register Number: 15177-424, Release Date: 12-06-2037, Location: Florence ADMAX USP) and his most dedicated follower in Melbourne is a barely literate ex-prisoner named Patrick.

(Oh, there’s also been a number of subsequent splits in the Church.)

Which brings me, of course, to the second fact about the Right Reverend.

In 2002, O’Sullivan was sentenced to two years and nine months’ jail for intentionally causing injury and intentionally causing serious injury. His jailing, as well as his release, were both announced on SF; the first in September 2002, the second in February 2004:

Just a short note to say that I was released from J.O.G prison this week. The J.O.G maggots didn[‘]t break me and Creativity here in Australia continues foreward [sic].

    Above : A rare photograph of the man many white supremacists believe is the elusive head of JOG. (Or possibly ZOG.)

Rahowa! Anyway, here’s what was reported at the time of O’Sullivan’s sentencing:

White supremacist guilty of knifing
Jeremy Kelly
Herald Sun
August 16, 2002

A white supremacist, who recently vowed nothing could stop him, was behind bars last night after being convicted of stabbing a man who challenged his views. Patrick John O’Sullivan, Victorian leader of the World Church of the Creator, was found guilty by a County Court jury of bashing and stabbing a man. O’Sullivan, 31, claims to have been ordained as a reverend by the church’s US affiliates, but the jury yesterday proved to be an even higher power when it found him guilty of two serious assault charges. The court heard he was chanting “white power” with a group of people at a Fitzroy house-warming in May 1999. Another guest at the party started talking to O’Sullivan about his white supremacist views. They then started to debate whether O’Sullivan could be considered a Nazi because he did not have German blood. The jury found he then either butted or punched the victim in the head before stabbing him in the abdomen. The victim received a 5cm-deep wound. O’Sullivan, unemployed, of North Melbourne, had pleaded not guilty to intentionally causing serious injury and intentionally causing injury. He told the Sunday Herald Sun his group did not condone violence, but “there’s no stopping us”. The four-day trial was before Judge Bill White, who is expected to sentence O’Sullivan today.

The third thing about the Reverend worth noting is that he used to drink at The Tote, but is now only welcome at pubs like The Birmy. His relations with other white supremacists and neo-Nazis remains fairly tenuous, however, and especially in terms of the relationship between the Reverend and his handful of teenage followers and other highly Creative people such as Brother Michael (WCOTC Queensland) and the Reverend Col Campbell 3rd, Komandant WCOTR, both leaders (and likely sole members) of rival sects.

Finally, Creativity sites seem to come and go as often as its practioners go into and out of jail, but Creative people may currently be found in Australia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, UK, Ukraine, USA and doubtless other countries as well; in fact, in almost any country in which there’s a sizable contingent of boneheads.

Here’s a sample:

    WCOTC Australia: Queensland (Brother Michael) :
    “Should we not be pushing our own agenda and even, to a point, agreeing with the blacks of Australia in calling it “Invasion Day” but with the proviso that we should finish off the invasion good and proper?”
    Church of the Rahowa :
    [Members Only]
    The Creativity Alliance (Reverend Doctor Thomas Darwin, B.S. Ph.D.) :
    “Let us never forget Ben Klassen’s admiration of Queen Isabella of Spain, a highly intelligent woman who courageously and cleverly masterminded military expeditions and set the moral and racial tone of Spain by expelling the perfidious Jews and mongrel hordes.”
    The Creativity Movement :
    “Join us in our fight my White Brothers and Sisters in saving our race. Let us make 2007 be a year in infamy to the Jews mud’s [sic] and white traitors.”
    White Racial Patriots :
    “We have a lot to live up to, as today’s White Racial Patriots!” ~ Commander Jeff Schoep/NSM (“America’s Nazi Party”)
    “Multiculturalist television propaganda is rampant in fictional television shows, largely as an American phenomena, but aired on Australian television stations. Such propaganda is usually expressed in one of several identifiable ways: 1. Anti-White propaganda, whereby White racial patriots are portrayed as rednecks, stupid, and/or violent; whereas Black racial patriots are portrayed as determined, clever, and/or righteous.” ~ Andrew Patterson, European People’s Anti-Defamation Organisation

Anyone wishing to join with the Reverend on his righteous Crusade, on the other hand, can reach him via:

Alternatively, interested readers may consider applying the principles of Creativity to their role-playing pursuits:

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17 Responses to That’s Melbourne!

  1. KinkyBoy says:

    [As I indicated previously: write a blog and I’ll provide a link.]

  2. Chris says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan is a knob head!

  3. I am a right winger myself and I must agree with you guys that Patrick Sullivan is a fucking idiot. He is an alcoholic and was once seen sculling a vodka cruiser HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. @ndy says:

    Chris and Creativity hahahaha: apart from being a little dimwitted and having a conviction for stabbing a nutzi comrade at a party — what have you got against the Reverend?

  5. "Tony" says:

    Q. Why can I not post anymore? — Tony Whitemore

    [A. Because your posts are tedious, serve no useful purpose, and you’ve already posted several hundred comments; over a period of several years. I’m simply tired of reading you. There are millions of other blogs and millions of other forums on which you can express your views; I suggest you avail yourself of these millions of other opportunities and stop wasting your time on my blog. — Andy Slackbastard]

  6. dj says:

    But Andy, what are you doing for the White Man?

  7. @ndy says:

    Good point dj. As for this White Man, tonight, I’m going to the footy.

    Go Pies!

  8. renegade says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan is a hard headed person, but he is a genuine activits [sic] and long term Creator, while those fags at CA are nothing but liers [sic] and decievers [sic]. They make up phony names and advertise them as true.

  9. Is that the best that Reverend Ratprick and his stab happy minions can do? Even the Reds outshine you Ratty! Try a little harder next time and wipe the urine from your face.

  10. Rev.Patrick.TCM says:

    Who posted that previous load of drivel? Now Andy was it you again? Seriously that is sad.

  11. Dr. Cam says:

    Is it true that you were once seen sculling a vodka cruiser, Partytrick?

  12. Rev.Patrick-TCM says:

    Is it true that you went into a panic when your phone number find discovered and you would not get on the phone Cam? You’re pathetic.

  13. anon says:

    Seen some of the creativity movement[‘]s handiwork down endeavor hills way. Way to go nutters.

  14. dave says:

    gotta admit , got involved years ago , despite pat’s persona (every ones different) i reack the creativity movements not too bad , atleast they get out there and get known , i dont hear to much bout all the other groups … to busy being armchair warriors i guess … and besides , its all hearsay … not defending him by any means … i pat can do that himself … but thats all i got for now … oh and for anyone who asks “why did i leave” well … lets just say “conflicting interests” … in lamens term … my heart werent in it

  15. Carl says:

    You let one immigrant in, you let them all in. Way to [sic] many cultures in Australia now. The Government should put a stop to them all!! Our Government waist [sic] to [sic] much money on them. Should [sic] worry about our white Australians rather then [sic] some cockroaches who arrive in [sic] by boat!!

  16. Uschi says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan is hated by all but a few in the White Nationalist community first and foremost due to him being a long-standing informant for the police, he informed on several prominent skinheads in the early ’90s as a way of attempting to remove them from the scene, and secondly in the early 2000s he was in a relationship with a brown-skinned Maltese woman named Jane, he further had a kid with this Jane, the kid is named John after his middle name. Patrick is the antithesis of everything he believes he stands for.

  17. donal says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan is the last true leader of any of you uneducated, brainless wankers. You are all failures and losers.

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