RASH Bogotá // Razor Bois // (Heath Ledger)

Stumbled upon this video about Red & Anarchist SkinHeads in Bogotá, Colombia, and thought I may as well post it here. Or: Encontré a este vídeo del Rojo y Anarquista Skinheads en Bogotá, Colombia, y pensé que sería una buena idea ponerla aquí. Last November, Carlos, a RASH, was stabbed to death by a neo-Nazi (and Spanish soldier) in Madrid. They’re a weird mob — Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and er, anarchy — but one of the few, it seems, dedicated to limiting the damage the far right has been doing to skinhead culture.

Oh yeah, and Moscow’s finest the Razor Bois gotta new vid too… “If you’re a racist, sexist or any other kind of fascist shithead, don’t add us. If you’re a friend of nazis or go to their gigs or play with their bands – don’t add us! Our label called “BOYCOTT THE FENCEWALKERS” – does it ring any bell?” Also, support Alem Assefa if you can.

    “22-year-old Alem was attacked on the eve of Hitler’s birthday. The young man’s appearance is unusual: dreadlocks and dark skin tones, which he inherited from his Ethiopian father. He was born in Moscow, where he later attended a boarding school, and has a Russian passport. That fateful night Alem and his friend Kirill were returning home from work. While they were waiting for a train at Borovitskaya station, two men in their mid-twenties rushed at them and started to hit them on the head. Kirill immediately lost consciousness, but when he came to he saw one of the attackers literally jumping on Alem’s head. All that he managed to whisper was “Why?” One of the men shouted that Alem was “black”…”

And in honour of Heath Ledger, here’s Zach Galifianakis interviewing an actor:

See also : Jan Kučera – Další oběť neonacistů (Czech antifa murdered by neo-Nazi) | 16 year-old antifa stabbed to death in Madrid (November 12, 2007) | Neo-Nazis attack environmental protest camp in Siberia; murder one, wound others (July 21, 2007) | “White Terror” (July 19, 2006) | RIP Dan and Spit (July 5, 2006)

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